CLPTE prerequired actions

CLPTE prerequired actions

WordPress Devs who wish to have CLPTE access to your products (themes, plugins) here are the guidelines to provide to your French translators.

In order to assure the best possible quality for all translations (and therefore for the products you so dearly worked on), we have established a few rules your French team members should follow:

  1. We follow the WordPress meta handbook for translations recommendations. Your translators should speak French.
  2. They should follow these steps:


  • We strive at perfection: we aim at having the best possible localization for all products in the WP ecosystem. And that requires that all translations are done in the best possible way.
  • It helps us create a community of French translators that know each other, and that can support each other when needed.
  • We think globally, and aim at consistency.
  • It streamlines and optimizes the process, reducing the amount of «unproper» translations and, by default, the time spent on rejecting and revising translations. (Thus allowing more time to be devoted to the actual localizing).

We do feel you can understand that these rules are meant to give both teams a stronger platform, an healthier ecosystem to work on together and the best possible localization for your product(s).

We hope everything is clear. If not, you can always catch us on Slack to discuss this further. Happy coding!

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