3DPrint Lite


If you have a 3D printer and wish to charge for model printing this plugin is for you.

How it works:

Site administrator configures printers, materials and pricing in the admin. Customers upload their models, choose printer and material, see the estimated price, input their email address and comments and press the « Request a Quote » button.
The admin receives the request notification by email and sends the quotes through the Price Request Manager or discards the quote requests.

Fonctionnalités :

  • Supported file types: STL (bin, ascii), OBJ (+.mtl), ZIP.
  • Configurable printers, filaments and coatings.
  • Build tray shape (rectangle, circle).
  • Material/coating shininess (plastic, wood, metal).
  • Transparent and glowing materials.
  • Customizable pricing: can be configured to charge per model weight, filament volume or bounding box volume.
  • Large file upload support (upload chunking).
  • Model scaling.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Filament price calculator.
  • Email notification.
  • Email templates.
  • Price request manager.
  • Translation ready.
  • Responsive layout.

Demo: http://www.wp3dprinting.com/3d-print-lite-demo/

Premium version of the plugin has all features of the lite version plus:

  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Laser cutting support.
  • Bulk Upload Mode.
  • Form Builder (NinjaForms integration)
  • File Manager
  • Extra file type supported: STP, IGS, DXF
  • Image printing: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP files get converted to STL.
  • Can arrange multiple STL models from a ZIP file.
  • Model scaling (can scale axis independently).
  • Extra layout options.
  • Model repair & optimization (auto rotation for optimized 3D printing process)
  • Manual model rotation.
  • Infill calculation.
  • Per hour pricing.
  • Support material calculation.
  • Ability to add predefined models to products.
  • Email template manager.
  • Discount system.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Custom attributes with configurable price.
  • Ability to assign different printers and materials to different products.
  • Free support.
  • New cool features to come.

Captures d’écran

  • Frontend


  • Make sure you have WordPress installed properly (wp-content/uploads/ directory should be writable).
  • Copy 3dprint-lite folder to wp-content/plugins.
  • Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu within the WordPress admin.
  • On the settings page configure the main settings, printers and materials.
  • Create a new page, give it a name and paste shortcode [3dprint-lite] into the page body.
  • Click « Publish » button.
  • Terminé !


Does the plugin offer WooCommerce integration?

Only the premium version – http://www.wp3dprinting.com/

How is the printing price calculated?

Generally the formula is: printing price = printer cost + material cost . Printer and material cost are calculated depending on the settings on the 3D Printing page. The cost can be calculated through filament volume, weight or bounding box.

Does the plugin check models for printability?

The current version only checks if the model is larger than the selected printer size.

How do I set up different price rates for different amounts of material and volume?

For example you want to charge 0.5$ for < 200cm3, 0.4$ for >200cm3, 0.3$ for >400cm3. Instead of regular numeric price enter this formula: 0:0.5;200:0.4;400:0.3

The price and amount are delimted by « : » symbol and price-amount pairs are delimited by « ; ». This works on printer, material and coating prices.

How do I translate the plugin?

The easiest way is to use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/

E-mail function does not work, what should I do?

Use Easy WP SMTP plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-wp-smtp/


24 août 2021
Vast but necessary amount of options/settings to make/choose 3D-printing uploader works perfectly fine with WooCommerce Easy adjustments with CSS Active, helpful and fast support comes always a simple solution "3DPrint" (by Sergey Burkov) is inevitable for the ones, who'd like to launch their shop as soon as possible.
18 juin 2021
The power behind this plugin is the automated cura slicer. Lots and lots of options, would recommend for sure!
1 juin 2021
Para el futuro y para el presente, este es un complemento que creo que no debería faltar en una pagina de impresión 3D, es perfecto y casi necesario.
6 juillet 2020
Hi, I have tried your plugin but for FDM printers (and SLA) your plugin calculates 100% infill. Usually FDM models are printed with 10-20% infill an SLA models are printed hollowed out. So prices are calculated completely wrong. My Prusa Slices calculcates very precisely that 3D print model with 20% of infill will weigh 150g with 3D Print Lite plugin calculates 1722 grams! Both use 1.24 g/cm3 as material density. We need more granular and precise calculation. Plugin should have option to choose infill density and then calculate more precise material usage. Until that happens it is not usable.
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New layout « Dropdown New »

Code cleanup

Code cleanup

Code cleanup

Code cleanup

Security fixes

Renamed window.wp.hooks to window.wp.event_manager, please adjust your JS hooks accordingly

WordPress 5.8

Can be used together with the paid version

New option in general settings: Auto Scale
WC compatibility fix

« Load On » setting in the admin.
Added the shortcode field for copying on the settings page

Preserve HTML checkbox in Email Templates

Option to change the order of printer and material selection in Settings -> Product Viewer
Backend: [weight] shortcode in e-mail to client template
DB primary key bugfix
Ajax loader image centering bugfix


Bugfix: Incomplete price request list
Bugfix: Wrong quantity in price request e-mail

New admin area
Moved printers, coatings, materials and price requests to DB tables
Added quantity field
Loading Image is configurable
Better line break handling in e-mail templates
Multiple bugfixes and layout adjustments
WordPress 5.6 tested

WordPress 5.5 tested

Shows error code on failed upload


Printers, materials and coatings have new fields: description and photo.
Description and photo are displayed in a tooltip on the frontend.

Mail From field bugfix
Minor bugfixes (PHP notices)


Email templates
Minor bugfixes

Fixed obj models on mobile browsers

Use MeshLambertMaterial instead of MeshPhongMaterial on mobile devices


Updated Three.js to the latest version (r101)
Automatically select a fitting compatible printer if a model is too large
Mobile view bugfix

Email quotes bugfix

JS bugfix

Readme.txt update

Materials and printers can charge per removed material volume (bounding box volume material volume)
Minimum scale set to 0.01%
Initial file chunk size matches max_upload_size

Résolution de bugs

Email quotes bugfix


Extra price fields

Inch conversion fix



Résolution de bugs

« Request price » bugfix


Switched to three.js library

File chunk size is configurable

Printers have full color option

Printers have minimum model side option

Auto rotation option

Show shadow option

Ground mirror option

Materials and coatings have shininess/transparency/glow options

Some bugfixes





Email is configurable.

A few bugfixes

Price bugfix.


Added scaling feature.

Fixed remove request.

CSS fix.


Drag and Drop feature.

« Show printer box » and « show grid » options.

CSS adjustments.


Added layout templates for printers, materials and coatings (check settings page).

Admin area bugfix.

Backend improvement: accordion tabs, clone and remove buttons.

Frontend css adjustments.

Some bugfixes and security updates.


Printers, materials and coatings can have a fixed price.

Model stats configuration.

Minimum price/starting price option.

CSS and JS versioning.

Minor bugfixes.


bug fixes


Minor js fix.


Cookie lifetime is configurable.

Fixed install script.


Materials can be assigned to coatings.

Can be loaded everywhere.

Uppercase extension fix.

Added gzip instructions to .htaccess

Fixed zip archives with utf8 files inside.

File size is checked for extracted files.

Added uninstall script.

Minor css fix.


Materials can be assigned to printers.

Can hide model stats.

If a printer/plane color is empty they get invisible.


Renamed Filament to Material, enabled Density field for non-filament materials.

Now its possible to set different price rates for different amounts of material/volume (see FAQ).

Fixed uploading of files with utf8 names.

Printers, materials and coatings are translatable now.

Button color is configurable.

Canvas stats and printer/material/coating boxes can be hidden.

Minor layout fixes.


Zip file support. Models can be upload in a zip archive (one model per archive).

Obj models with .mtl files and textures can be uploaded in a zip archive.

Better obj file support.

Added a housekeeping feature.

Minor layout fix.


A bugfix


Résolution de bugs


A bugfix


Added coating material

Added price formatting options

Some bugfixes and layout adjustments


Uploader fix


Minor layout fix


Minor layout fix


  • Version initiale.