Accounting for WooCommerce


Définissez des codes généraux pour chaque type d’information comptable : produits, taxes, frais d’expédition, modes de paiement, livre comptable, comptabilité analytique.

You can export your orders in a CSV file, filtered by date and status, set columns and separators so every common Accounting Software.
At this time, tested on : CIEL, Cogilog, EBP Accounting, GNUcash

With the PRO addon, you will be able to set accounting number and analytic code for each item of: products, taxes, shipping fees and payment methods.

Try out this plugin on our demo site to see how it works.

Features in free version

  • Define global codes (account number and analytic) for each type of data: products, taxes, shipping fees, payment methods, customers
  • Define which order status you want to export
  • Export accounting in CSV file
  • Custom date format
  • Custom separator
  • Custom decimal separator

Features added by PRO addon

All free version features plus:

  • Define accounting number and analytic code for each item of: products, taxes, shipping fees and payment methods
  • Define accounting number for each customers
  • Support invoice number from WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
  • Mark orders as exported

Moreover, you can add the bank slips generated by Bank Slip for WooCommerce (free) in your exports with the Bank Reconcilation addon.

This plugin is a fork from WooCommerce Book-keeper with a huge refactor by NOUS Ouvert Utile et Simple.

Captures d’écran

  • Page de réglages
  • Page d’export


  1. Téléversez l’extension dans le répertoire /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activez l’extension depuis le menu « Extensions » de WordPress.
  3. Vous pouvez modifier les réglages par défaut dans WooCommerce » Réglages » Comptabilité


Quels logiciels de comptabilité sont actuellement supportés ?

Accounting for WooCommerce exporte des fichiers CSV configurables, ainsi n’importe quel logiciel de comptabilité standard pour les lires.

À ce jour, les exportations on été testés avec Cogilog et Gnucash.


30 mars 2021
Permet d'exporter facilement vers le logiciel de comptabilité. La configuration est simple et permet d'indiquer les code comptables comme les codes de compta analytique, très pratique !
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  • Fix missing product lines


  • Fix columns sorting on product line with no coupon


  • Add hooks
  • Add « rounding precision » export option
  • Use domain name in CSV filename
  • Skip taxes for small numbers (1E-5 syntax)
  • More consistent settings page layout


Fix country code in refund export
Add hooks


  • Fix export refunds
  • export-refunds.php code clean up


  • Autofix column order bad structure


  • Rename filter woocommerce_accounting:export:order_output_deliv_line. Pass shipping option
  • Optimize algorythm by moving get_option outside the loop. Improve performances
  • Use default customer account if chosen
  • Earlier load of textdomain


  • Add comments to functions
  • Small UI improvements


  • Refactor column mapping manager: merge column names and order.
  • Tab style exports
  • More obvious export setting toggler
  • Default to hide refund export settings


  • Use formatted date for packing slip
  • Fix missing icons in datepicker


  • Fix column mapping regression
  • Expend filters possibilities
  • Fix var type for PHP8


  • Add option for coupon column
  • Fix PHP warnings
  • Better layout in export page
  • Add missing translatable strings


  • Manage WooCommerce activated on network


  • Use message notice instead of JS alert in case of empty result
  • Factorize get orders params in export

New hooks:
– woocommerce_accounting:export_form:before_submit action hook
– woocommerce_accounting:export:get_orders_args filter hook


  • Fix default settings tab name
  • More consistent wording
  • Rearrange export page layout.
  • Update pot file
  • Remove useless po/mo files


  • Add hook to export filename
  • Fix PHP syntax


  • Do not export taxes having amount equal to zero
  • Fix lost preference for « tab » separator


  • Move welcome message from setting tab to help tab.


  • Initial release