Frontend Admin by DynamiApps


Add and edit posts, pages, users, terms, ACF fields and more all from the frontend.

(Previously called ACF Frontend)

This awesome plugin allows you to easily display frontend admin forms on your site so your clients can easily edit content by themselves from the frontend. You can create awesome forms with our form builder to allow users to save custom meta data to pages, posts, users, and more. Then use our Gutenberg block or shortcode to easily display these forms for your users.

Alors, que peut faire cette extension pour vous ?

Fonctionnalités GRATUITES

  1. No Coding Required
    Give the end user the best content managment experience without having to know code. It’s all ready to go right here.

  2. Display Post Data
    Use [frontend_admin field=field_key] to display any field value effortlessly

  3. Modifier les articles
    Permettez à vos utilisateurs/utilisatrices de modifier les articles depuis l’interface publique sans avoir à accéder au tableau de bord de WordPress.

  4. Ajouter des publications
    Permettez à vos utilisateurs et utilisatrices de publier de nouvelles publications depuis l’interface publique en utilisant le formulaire « Nouvelle publication ».

  5. Supprimer des publications
    Permettez à vos utilisateurs et utilisatrices de supprimer ou de mettre à la corbeille des publications depuis l’interface publique en utilisant le formulaire « Mettre à la corbeille »

  6. Modifier le compte
    Permettez aux utilisateurs/utilisatrices de modifier leur compte facilement depuis l’interface publique.

  7. Formulaire d’ajout des comptes
    Permettez aux utilisateurs/utilisatrices de s’inscrire sur votre site grâce à un formulaire d’inscription intégré ! Vous pouvez même masquer le tableau de bord de WordPress à ces nouveaux utilisateurs/utilisatrices.

  8. Masquer l’interface d’administration
    Choisissez les utilisateurs/utilisatrices qui ont accès à l’interface d’administration de WordPress.

  9. Configurer les droits
    Choisissez qui voit votre formulaire en fonction du rôle du compte ou de comptes spécifiques.

  10. Fenêtre surgissante
    Affichez le formulaire dans une fenêtre surgissante qui s’ouvre en cliquant sur un bouton, afin qu’il ne prenne pas de place sur vos pages.

Fonctionnalités PRO

  1. Modifier les options globales
    Si vous avez des données globales – comme des données d’en-tête et de pied de page – vous pouvez créer une page d’options à l’aide d’ACF et laisser vos utilisateurs les modifier depuis l’interface publique.

  2. Limiter les envois
    Empêchez tous les utilisateurs/utilisatrices ou certain⋅e⋅s d’entre eux de soumettre le formulaire plus d’un certain nombre de fois.

  3. Envoyer des e-mails
    Définissez les e-mails à envoyer et mappez les données du formulaire ACF à afficher dans les champs de l’e-mail tels qu’adresse e-mail, adresse de l’expéditeur, sujet et message.

  4. Onglet Style
    Utilisez Elementor pour styliser le formulaire ainsi que les boutons.

  5. Formulaires à étapes multiples
    Rendez vos formulaires plus attrayants en ajoutant plusieurs étapes.

  6. Stripe et Paypal
    Acceptez les paiements via Stripe ou Paypal lors de l’envoi du formulaire.

  7. Intégration de WooCommerce
    Ajoutez facilement des produits WooCommerce à partir de l’interface publique.

Achetez votre copie ici sur le site officiel : site de Frontend Admin

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Consultez notre autre extension, qui vous permet de faire des requêtes dynamique sur vos publications plus facilement :
Requêtes de publications avancées pour Elementor


Enable Users To Add Content From The Front End Without Logging Into WordPress Using Frontend Admin

WordPress Frontend Edits and Updates Using Frontend Admin

Installating Frontend Admin

Comment créer un formulaire pour l’envoi de données depuis l’interface publique ?


Cette extension fournit 20 blocs.

  • Color Field Displays a color field.
  • Number Field Displays a number field.
  • Datetime Field Displays a datetime field.
  • Checkbox Field Displays a checkbox field.
  • Frontend Form Displays a form that allows users to edit and add content from the frontend.
  • Form Step Groups content into steps.
  • Frontend Admin Submissions Display frontend submissions so that site admins can update content from the frontend.
  • Post Title Field Displays a post title field.
  • Select Field Displays a select field.
  • Email Field Displays a email field.
  • Featured Image Field Displays a featured image field.
  • Time Field Displays a time field.
  • Fields Select Displays ACF fields and field groups.
  • Date Field Displays a date field.
  • URL Field Displays a url field.
  • Range Field Displays a range field.
  • Password Field Displays a password field.
  • Textarea Displays a textarea.
  • Frontend Admin Form Display a frontend admin form so that your users can update content from the frontend.
  • Text Field Displays a text field.


  1. Make sure both Advanced Custom Fields is installed and activated.
  2. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/acf-frontend-form-elements directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. Create a form under Frontend Admin > forms.
  5. Choose the desired form type.
  6. Configure the fields permisions, display, and other settings as you please.
  7. Copy and paste the shortcode on any page. You can also use our Gutenberg block.
  8. You should now see a form on the frontend for editing a post, adding a post, editing or adding a user, and more.


Puis-je envoyer des e-mails via ce formulaire ?

Vous pouvez utiliser un crochet d’action pour envoyer des e-mails lorsque ce formulaire est enregistré : frontend_admin/save_post

En achetant notre version pro, vous pourrez configurer depuis les réglages du formulaire sans aucun code. Vous pourrez envoyer un nombre illimité d’e-mails lors de l’envoi du formulaire.

Puis-je laisser les utilisateurs/utilisatrices définir les catégories d’articles via ce formulaire ?

Oui, il suffit d’ajouter un champ de taxonomie et de définir le type de taxonomie comme étant la catégorie.


5 juin 2024 1 réponse
Although it can sometimes be tough to implement, this is a great plugin and the author response fast to issues.
17 mai 2024
This plugin has been fantastic for setting up the « admin » area of a SaaS app I built using WordPress. It’s thorough, deep, and support has been very responsive with knowledge, suggestions, and bug fixes.
7 mai 2024
This plugin has an important feature that limits the number of posts by user which allowed me to limit to a single post, so user is limited to ONE profile page. This feature was working with version 3.0.39. After an update (which was over a year ago) it stopped working – allowing user to create unlimited profiles which is a BIG issue now. I notified support who was quick to respond but the issue was not resolved. Some time in the past year it was fixed and then in March the issue returned. I again notified support and immediately received a positive response to address it. They said they identified the issue and it would be fixed in next update – that was March, it’s now May 🙁 I followed up and have yet to get a reply. DynamiApps, please address this issue. You have a great product but this feature needs to work.
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3.21.7 – 13-06-2024

  • Fixed product delete button not working when together with « acf form » widget
  • Fixed acf nested fields not validating
  • Added ability to add shortcodes to emails and to the message field

3.21.6 – 09-06-2024

  • Fixed delete button not working

3.21.5 – 07-06-2024

  • Fixed success message always showing in « fixed » position
  • Fixed form validation not calling acf/validate_save_post hook
  • Fixed email verification feature to allow non logged in users to post content by verifying email address
  • Added fea_emails db table for handling verified emails

3.21.4 – 05-06-2024

  • Added option to add any string to the file input allowed attribute

3.21.3 – 03-06-2024

  • Fixed new posts not being creating upon submission approval
  • Fixed delete button missing dependencies when displayed alone
  • Fixed file field not accepting mp4

3.21.1 – 31-05-2024

  • Fixed submission approval not working
  • Added extra context to forms so that success messages will only show based on context if displayed in loop
  • Added option to click enter to go to the next field

3.21.0 – 28-05-2024

  • Added ajax submit feature to free version
  • Improved delete button html
  • Added logic to check if post exists before attempting to render edit post form and delete button
  • Added logic to check if user exists before attempting to render edit user form and delete button
  • Added option to customize redirect based on which submit button is triggered

3.20.16 – 24-05-2024

  • Added SQLlite support

3.20.15 – 23-05-2024

  • Fixed Post to Edit field loading form as modal within modal
  • Fixed Post to Edit field adding new posts to posts instead of CPT

3.20.14 – 22-05-2024

  • Optimized file uploads speed
  • Improved uploads progress bar
  • Added warnings when uploads exceed server upload limits
  • Added option to either add validation warning or client-side resize the images
  • Added « local avatar » option directly inside of image fields, simplifying the process of creating a local avatar field

3.20.12 – 17-05-2024

  • Fixed modal window in form builder
  • Fixed verifiy emails
  • Added email verified success message

3.20.11 – 15-05-2024

  • Fixed url query not working in Elementor built forms
  • Added duplicate post « copy title » option
  • Added duplicate post « copy date » option
  • Added « new post status » option for duplicate post

3.20.9 – 15-05-2024

  • Fixed approval forms not working
  • Fixed relationship field within repeater or group not using the correct form or field groups for inner forms
  • Fixed date picker fields display error

3.20.8 – 11-05-2024

  • Fixed WP library not working
  • Fixed post_to_edit showing form « post » on initial load

3.20.7 – 10-05-2024

  • Fixed delete button not working
  • Fixed File field not opening WP media library

3.20.5 – 08-05-2024

  • Fixed show in modal not working in Admin Forms
  • Fixed field shortcodes not updating data

3.20.4 – 07-05-2024

  • Fixed missing block editor field

3.20.3 – 07-05-2024

  • Fixed « Upload Images » field mobile display
  • Fixed ios upload file error
  • Added Elementor « Images Field » widget
  • Fixed Nested forms basic upload not working
  • Added inline edit to fields widgets
  • Fixed date field shortcodes so that they display based on the return format

3.20.1 – 03-05-2024

  • Fixed Paypal not working
  • Change « form » hidden field from serialzed json to a form id

3.19.7 – 22-04-2024

  • Fixed post status in Elementor widget
  • Fixed update message in Elemntor widget

3.19.6 – 18-04-2024

  • Fixed Elementor widget permissions issues with logged out users
  • Fixed Elementor widget modal button showing up if permissions test failed
  • Fixed descrypt and encrypt functions
  • Fixed user custom fields not working in Elementor widgets

3.19.4 – 18-04-2024

  • Fixed post to edit field not loading post on initial load
  • Fixed iphone image upload issue
  • Fixed modal button icon

3.19.3 – 17-04-2024

  • Fixed product stock fields not showing
  • Fixed modal button not working in Elementor widgets
  • Added permissions controls to new nested form widgets

3.19.2 – 15-04-2024

  • Added new Elementor Frontend Form widgets: « Nested New post form » and « Nested Edit post form »
  • Added new Elemntor widgets: « Text Field », « Textarea Field », « Number Field »,
  • Added new Elementor post managment widgets: « Post Title », « Post Excerpt », « Featured Image », and « Post Content
  • Changed loader icon css class from ‘acf-loading’ to ‘fea-loader’
  • Fixed Elementor widgets not loading properly in Elementor panel and search
  • Added helpful tutorials in readme and plugin settings page

3.18.17 – 30-03-2024

  • Fixed dynamic tags not showing
  • Fixed dynamic tags not loading value in Edit Forms

3.18.16 – 29-03-2024

  • Fixed email adress settings not saving
  • Fixed verify email redirection issue

3.18.14 – 22-03-2024

  • Fixed Product forms not loading and updating data
  • Added success message below modal when form is loaded in modal
  • Fixed missing required setting for WP core fields

3.18.13 – 18-03-2024

  • Added Related Terms setting that allows to show terms as buttons
  • Added option to customize validation error message and default « required field » message
  • Moved validation to seperate PHP class

3.18.12 – 14-03-2024

  • Fixed « implode » error on edit post form
  • Added post type check to « post to edit » field

3.18.11 – 13-03-2024

  • Added default of « any » to new « Limit Post Type » setting

3.18.10 – 13-03-2024

  • Fixed Webhooks to send json encoded data
  • Added a filter to webhooks to manipulate the data being sent
  • Added two options to « Post to Edit » setting: « User’s First Post » and « User’s Latest Post »
  • Added Url Query option to « Post to Edit » field
  • Added « Limit Post Type » setting to edit post form so that the form won’t attempt to edit a post that doesn’t have the chosen post type

3.18.9 – 07-03-2024

  • Fixed current user edit form not loading data

3.18.8 – 28-02-2024

  • Fixed Upload Files field and made public
  • Reverted submission records to hold all data due to the change ruining code snippets that use the submission record.
    (In the future, we will add this kind of change as an experiment)

3.18.7 – 20-02-2024

  • Fixed Submissions not displaying new objects’ values

3.18.6 – 18-02-2024

  • New pro feature: countries and cities select fields
  • Tweeked submission records to only hold updated or new data.
    If you need to access existing data inside of a code snippet, use WordPress functions like get_post_field
  • Fixed Try Pro message not disappearing when clicked

3.18.5 – 09-02-2024

  • New feature: indications of edits within submissions
  • New feature: « Post to Edit » field updates browser state when changed

3.18.4 – 19-01-2024

  • Added validation to file uploads
  • Fixed frontend block editor field not loading

3.18.3 – 06-12-2023

  • Fixed emails not being verified when link clicked
  • Fixed submit limits error
  • Added default list of allowed files types to basic uploader

3.18.2 – 20-08-2023

  • Fixed uploaded images not showing

3.18.0 – 17-08-2023

  • Fixed bug with frontend block editor
  • Fixed issue with invisble image uploads when admin approval is required
  • Fixed issue with « Add and Edit Posts » in relationship field

3.17.2 – 11-07-2023

  • Fixed delete buttons not redirecting properly
  • Fixed Elementor widget « ACF Fields » showing red button

3.17.1 – 30-06-2023

  • Fixed assets url error

3.17.0 – 29-06-2023

  • Added PDF generator for submissions
  • Fixed signature not showing

3.16.11 – 08-06-2023

  • Added pdf logic to core plugin

3.16.10 – 02-06-2023

  • Fixed payments not submitting form when « submit form » checked

3.16.9 – 12-05-2023

  • Fixed issue with payments plugin

3.16.7 – 05-05-2023

  • Fixed file name error

3.16.6 – 03-05-2023

  • Fixed non sanitized data
  • Fixed attributes field
  • Fixed variations field not showing

3.16.5 – 28-04-2023

  • Fixed Signature field error
  • Fixed issue with ACF fields select in Elemntor widgets

3.16.3 – 24-04-2023

  • Fixed inability to edit fields when using ACF free version

3.16.2 – 23-04-2023

  • Fixed multi steps not showing
  • Fixed ACF fields not updating and rendering values in Elementor Widgets
  • Fixed Delete Buttons

3.16.1 – 10-04-2023

  • Added compatibility for ACF version 6.1
  • Fixed errors with fields generated by Elementor widget

3.15.3 – 28-02-2023

  • Fixed license key error
  • Added missing block editor field build

3.15.2 – 27-02-2023

  • Added block editor field type
  • Added block editor appearance type in Post Content and Product Description field types
  • Fixed parse tags issue in Elementor widgets

3.15.1 – 27-02-2023

  • Fixed File field not showing non-image files
  • Fixed form submissions not showing forms created with Elementor
  • Fixed file based fields not working in repeater
  • Fixed form settings stripping out <[ and ]>
  • Fixed pdf and zip uploads
  • Fixed custom directories not working if nested
  • Added feature that saves files in fea-submissions folder until form is submitted
  • Added feature that hides attachments until form is submitted

3.14.0 – 09-02-2023

  • Added option to save images in custom directories
  • Added option to secure custom directories

3.13.13 – 03-02-2023

  • Fixed conflict when using multiple « ACF Fields » in forms
  • Added field group shortcode: [frontend_admin group=63c4475ttytr edit=false]

3.13.12 – 02-02-2023

  • Fixed date picker not showing previous dates

3.13.11 – 31-01-2023

  • Fixed issue in Woo price field
  • Fixed Elementor deprecated functions
  • Fixed issue with Frontend settings form

3.13.10 – 30-01-2023

  • Fixed Wysiwyg bug in modal window
  • Fixed relationship field add/edit nested forms
  • Fixed escaped strings in step tabs
  • Fixed bug in import tool

3.13.9 – 25-01-2023

  • Added filter for form settings tabs
  • Fixed submission data unslashed

3.13.8 – 23-01-2023

  • Fixed submission view page
  • Fixed unslashed form data
  • Fixed list items missing label options

3.13.7 – 22-01-2023

  • Fixed broken layouts in Elementor widgets
  • Fixed missing dynamic data dropdown
  • Fixed missing Display Mode setting in edit field UI
  • Updated Freemius SDK in Freemius version of Frontend Admin to 2.5.3

3.13.6 – 17-01-2023

  • Fixed email validation issue
  • Fixed file field not uploading with basic upload
  • Fixed tabs to steps feature
  • Added better genrated usernames when no username field is in the form
  • Added setting to allow users to edit their username

3.13.7 – 16-01-2023

  • Fixed Product to Edit field
  • Fixed missing license tab in pro
  • Fixed user fields not loading values
  • Fixed missing step tabs

3.13.3 – 15-01-2023

  • Added frontend_admin/form/after_submit hook
  • Fixed simple Date field and simple Time field displays
  • Fixed form showing in modal even in backend submission page
  • Fixed error when submitting forms with no uploads

3.13.2 – 12-01-2023

  • Fixed error with current_screen function
  • Fixed js error when adding fields to forms
  • Fixed no permission to access submissions

3.13.1 – 11-01-2023

  • Adjusted the forms UI to match the new ACF field groups UI
  • Fixed nonce errors
  • Fixed Elementor widgets
  • Fixed clash with WP media library in block editor
  • Fixed forms and submissions blocks not loading form list

3.12.3 – 29-12-2022

  • Fixed errors
  • Added new php hooks

3.12.2 – 29-12-2022

  • Fixed missing plugin page

3.11.4 – 22-12-2022

  • Fixed error in edit button widget

3.11.3 – 20-12-2022

  • Added action hook after field render
  • Added actions error logging
  • Moved modal window to body

3.11.2 – 16-12-2022

  • Fixed Featured Image field appearing as File field
  • Added option to view submissions with url query ?submissions=1 ?submission={submission_id}
  • Fixed error with ACF location rules

3.11.1 – 14-12-2022

  • Added signature field
  • Added js-free time input field
  • Added js-free date input field
  • Added js-free datetime input field
  • Added « add post » option to post object field
  • Fixed submissions shortcode copy button
  • Restyled Submissions list
  • Added resize function to file uploads that automatically resizes large images
  • Added validations and escapes

3.10.3 – 05-12-2022

  • Fixed issue with new post action

3.10.2 – 04-12-2022

  • Fixed issue with Webhooks action
  • Fixed all_fields shortcode in emails
  • Fixed form using basic uploader on submissions page
  • Fixed missing New Post Form and Edit Post Form widgets in Elementor legacy version
  • Fixed conflict when free version and pro version are both activated
  • Added post argument to form shortcode

3.10.0 – 28-11-2022

  • Created Freemius-free pro version. If you want to switch, reach out to support

3.9.23 – 24-11-2022

  • Fixed add item button error

3.9.22 – 23-11-2022

  • Fixed form builder tabs not working

3.9.21 – 22-11-2022

  • Fixed field type settings not loading
  • Added option to display repeater shortcodes in rows
  • Added no value option for shortcode
  • Fixed Wysiwyg field display issues

3.9.20 – 20-11-2022

  • Fixed display of « ACF Fields » type in shortcodes
  • Added wrapper attributes to shortcode display

3.9.19 – 19-11-2022

  • Added option to show message when shortcode returns no value.
  • Fixed acf fields not saving when admin approval is Required
  • Made inline edit open fields in modal popup for faster initial loading of page
  • Fixed edit=false not working in new shortcode

3.9.16 – 14-11-2022

  • Fixed issue with image based fields using basic uploader

3.9.14 – 13-11-2022

  • Fixed nonce error when updating image through editable field shortcode
  • Fixed duplicate image in gallery field when using basic upload
  • Fixed field shortcode showing data twice

3.9.12 – 10-11-2022

  • Fixed « add step » and « acf fields » buttons not working
  • Added shortcodes to display any field with option to edit on the fly

3.9.11 – 06-11-2022

  • Fixed relationship field Add and Edit Posts not working
  • Added option to limit editing to post author in relationship field
  • Fixed email dynamic options not disappering when clicking outsude of setting

3.9.10 – 01-11-2022

  • Fixed Verify Emails in Submission Requirements
  • Removed « Frontend Admin » from toolbar

3.9.9 – 27-10-2022

  • Fixed ACF fields not showing in submissions

3.9.8 – 25-10-2022

  • Fixed Product Attributes fields
  • Fixed Product Images field
  • Fixed wp_kses() missing parameter

3.9.7 – 23-10-2022

  • Removed Oxygen Element due to conflicts with latest Oxygen updates and lack of dev documentation. Add forms using shortcodes
  • Updated code to meet WordPress PHP standards

3.9.6 – 19-10-2022

  • Added default value to featured image field
  • Fixed modal window conflict with YITH
  • Fixed nested forms in relationship field

3.9.5 – 03-10-2022

  • Fixed featured image not opening media library
  • Added List Items
  • Added support for basic input inside List Item fields

3.9.4 – 02-10-2022

  • Fixed custom fields not saving to post

3.9.3 – 30-09-2022

  • Fixed file uploads not saving sizes
  • Reduced submissions table « fields » column data intake
  • Added options to save progress button
  • Save progress now button saves current step

3.9.2 – 28-09-2022

  • Fixed multi step forms showing all steps
  • Fixed basic upload file limits

3.9.1 – 25-09-2022

  • Fixed file fields not loading values in submissions when using basic upload

3.9.1 – 23-09-2022

  • Added support for ACF 6
  • Updated Gutenberg blocks to use block.json, useSelect, and useDispatch
  • Added ACF Fields button to form
  • Added validation for uploads when using basic upload
  • Added Save Progress button field

3.9.1 – 13-09-2022

  • Fixed « Add Step » button not working
  • Fixed delete button redirect
  • Fixed redirect url properties repeating
  • Fixed recaptcha field not working in free version
  • Added option to disable default submit button in forms

3.8.3 – 08-09-2022

  • Added option to make tab fields appear as steps on frontend
  • Added legacy elementor setting under plugin settings
  • Added Custom Choices field type
  • Fixed « No page reload » not reloading form
  • Fixed success message always showing at top of current page instead of above the form
  • Fixed recapthca validation API request

3.8.2 – 30-08-2022

  • Added fields exclude feature to ACF Fields field type
  • Removed Freemius dependancy from free version
  • Removed Freemius from Payments addon

3.7.17 – 28-08-2022

  • Added option to remove admin bar node
  • Fixed relationship field rtl css issue
  • Fixed undefined ‘fea’ js error

3.7.16 – 17-08-2022

  • Fixed forms saving submissions even if set not to
  • Fixed conflict with One Click Modal

3.7.14 – 08-08-2022

  • Fixed recaptcha not working with instances on one page

3.7.13 – 04-08-2022

  • Changed email headers to array
  • Added Mailchimp email, first name, and last name fields for use without user form
  • Allowed custom fields to save to submission only

3.7.12 – 02-08-2022

  • Fixed mailchimp ‘merge_fields’ error
  • Fixed shortcodes conflict with objects
  • Fixed bcc emails sending as seperate emails

3.7.11 – 27-07-2022

  • Placed « form type » select directly in form builder page

3.7.10 – 20-07-2022

  • Fixed Woo attributes not saving properly
  • Optimized Mailchimp action
  • Changed functions prefix from « acf_frontend » to « feadmin »
  • Fixed Elementor submit button alignment

3.7.9 – 14-07-2022

  • Fixed delete button not redirecting properly
  • Fixed success message not showing at top of page

3.7.8 – 06-07-2022

  • Added Mailchimp Status field to allow user to choose whether or not to sign up to mailing list
  • Fixed post to edit not showing « new post » option if no posts are found in the query
  • Fixed neccesary scripts not enqueued if admin is not logged in
  • Removed deprecated « documents » folder

3.7.7 – 30-06-2022

  • Fixed admin css not loading in min file
  • Fixed Save Custom Fields to option not saving to correctly in legacy Elemntor widgets

3.7.6 – 28-06-2022

  • Fixed plugin icon svg issue
  • Fixed modal button calling create form modal

3.7.5 – 27-06-2022

  • Fixed dynamic value shortcodes
  • Fixed delete button redirect broken

3.7.4 – 26-06-2022

  • Added solution for cache plugin breaking acf js object
  • Changed plugin name from ACF Frontend to Frontend Admin
  • Added presets to form builder:
    Delete Post Button
    Post Status Button
    Delete Product Button
    Product Status Button
  • Added Favicon field

3.7.0 – 15-06-2022

  • Added option to choose Frontend Form in Elementor widgets
  • Lite deprecated all Elementor widgets for new users except for Frontend Form (if you are already using these widgets, they will continue to function)
  • Added assets for form builder

3.6.6 – 15-06-2022

  • Fixed issue with multi step product forms
  • Tweeked multi step forms to allow fields before steps that will show always
  • Fixed step tabs to only show when fields show
  • Fixed issue with multiple « ACF Fields » instances in one form

3.6.4 – 10-06-2022

  • Moved form builder section tabs to the side of form settings
  • Added User Website field type

3.6.3 – 09-06-2022

  • Added Frontend Submissions Gutenberg block
  • Fixed Gutenberg block not loading form options
  • Fixed dynamic options in url query option not being generated properly
  • Added « Save Form Submissions » on form level

3.6.1 – 07-06-2022

  • Added Mailchimp integration
  • Deprecated URL parameters setting in actions tab. Parameters can be placed directly in the url
  • Fixed taxonomy field to show « add new » button under field instead of transparent icon

3.5.9 – 01-06-2022

  • Fixed ACF Fields in multi step showing

3.5.8 – 31-05-2022

  • Fixed post author permissions error in modal window
  • Fixed post_to_edit current user filter not working
  • Fixed ACF Fields always showing full width

3.5.7 – 30-05-2022

  • Added « Post to Edit » field type to allow users to easily choose which post to edit with a dropdown
  • Added « Product to Edit » field type to allow users to easily choose which product to edit with a dropdown
  • Added option to change the « frontend-dashboard » slug
  • Fixed url query post not loading field values

3.5.6 – 26-05-2022

  • Fixed User email field not updating when edited
  • Fixed username editing logs user out

3.5.5 – 25-05-2022

  • Fixed submissions shortcode not showing new submissions

3.5.4 – 25-05-2022

  • Fixed edit form links not showing in admin bar in certain themes
  • Fixed shortcodes using form keys not working
  • Added preview button to form edit page

3.5.3 – 24-05-2022

  • Added Frontend Admin edit posts to admin toolbar
  • Added public preview for forms removing the need to create a dedicated page
  • Fixed Elementor modal window styles not working due to recent change to the css classes
  • Added link to form in submissions table
  • Fixed user field values not being loaded when using url query

3.5.2 – 18-05-2022

  • Fixed hidden modal button
  • Fixed default value not including shortcodes on submit
  • Added Frontend Admin quick access to admin toolbar

3.5.1 – 16-05-2022

  • Fixed ACF Fields not saving in admin form builder
  • Fixed « confirm password » field not hiding initially in multi step form

3.5.0 – 15-05-2022

  • Added submissions shortcode to forms: [frontend_admin submissions= »{form id} »]
  • Removed bulk add fields option in form builder