Advanced Crossword


Advanced Crossword lets you have the most customizable crossword, and also allows the player to adjust cell size/color/text.
Not limited to 15×15 grid, it can have different sizes, and is responsive to all devices (mobile/tablet/desktop)
With templates to cusomize the menu, changing icons and more.
It will let you customize the crossword to your needs.
Now you can customize who has access to play the crossword, either Anonymous users or logged in users.
It lets you add access to different pages of the crossword plugin, so you can delegate work to other individuals in your company.

For support or suggestions please email me at:
More information at [ https//]

Video tutorial on how to set up Advanced Crossword

Free Version

  1. Create custom crossword
  2. Place the crossword with shortcode anywhere on the website
  3. 15×15 cells crossword
  4. Custom blank cells anywhere on the grid
  5. Restrict user input to only letters
  6. Custom restrict user input (javascript regex)
  7. Toggle show/hide clues
  8. Skip filled in cells
  9. Display instructions on how to play the crossword
  10. Button to change directions for clues horizonta / vertical
  11. Space / Enter / Double click can change direction for clues
  12. Responsive crossword for mobile / tablet / desktop
  13. Responosive text size for mobile / tablet / desktop

Premium Version

  1. All features from free version
  2. Custom grid size
  3. Custom number of columns
  4. Custom number of rows
  5. Custom date / time when to reveal the cell / clue / all crossword
  6. Change each label in the crossword from menu to crossword
  7. Custom sizes for devices: mobile / tablet / desktop
  8. Custom info about crossword
  9. Timer for the crossword – can be paused
  10. Allow user to save settings for next crossword
  11. The user can save the crossword progress
  12. Allow the user to customize colors / sizes
  13. Allow user to print current state of the puzzle / or save to PDF
  14. Allow user to print empty puzzle / or save to PDF
  15. Report issue by email (custom email at your choice)
  16. Custom company logo attached to printed puzzle
  17. Custom company name attached to printed puzzle
  18. Templates to customize the menu / grid / show puzzle buttons

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1.Upload the plugin from wordpress repository
2.Activate it
3.Go to Advanced Crossword and start creating your Crosswords


What is Advanced Crossword

Advanced Crossword was designed to let you have full control of created crosswords. From designing the grid sizes to answers and clues, you have full control of the crosswords created.
It’s highly customizable and offers the players lots of options to adjust like colors / text size / print / background color / blank cell colors


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= 2024-07-21
* Tested with WordPress version 6.6

= 2024-02-01
* Added User Access tab
* Added User Access rule to Anonymous Users
* Added User Access rule to Crossword – Only Anonymous
* Added Page Releases and How To
* Added Feedback form on uninstall


  • Added multiple languages
  • Fixed loading custom templae from the template directory


  • First draft *