Akismet Anti-spam: Spam Protection


La meilleure protection anti-spam pour bloquer les indésirables des commentaires et des formulaires de contact. La solution anti-spam la plus fiable pour WordPress et WooCommerce.

Akismet vérifie vos commentaires et soumissions de formulaires de contact par rapport à notre base de données mondiale d’indésirables pour empêcher votre site de publier du contenu malveillant. Vous pouvez examiner les commentaires indésirable qu’il capture sur l’écran d’administration « Commentaires » de votre blog.

Les fonctionnalités principales d’Akismet permettent de :

  • Vérifier automatiquement tous les commentaires et filtrer ceux qui ressemblent à des indésirables.
  • Avoir un historique de chaque commentaire. Vous pouvez donc voir facilement quels commentaires ont été traités par Akismet et ceux considérés comme indésirables par le modérateur.
  • Afficher dans le corps du commentaire les URL pour indiquer les liens cachés ou malicieux.
  • Aux modérateurs et modératrices de voir le nombre de commentaires approuvés pour chaque compte.
  • Une fonctionnalité qui bloque les pires indésirables, pour économiser de l’espace disque et accélérer votre site.

PS : vous serez invité à obtenir une clé API Akismet.com pour l’utiliser, une fois activée. Les clés sont gratuites pour les blogs personnels ; des abonnements payants sont disponibles pour les entreprises et les sites commerciaux.


Téléversez l’extension Akismet sur votre blog, activez-le, puis saisissez votre clé API Akismet.com.

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23 juillet 2024
Akismet is the absolute best protection against spam that is « out there. » We wouldn’t run a site without it! The support is exceptional and the plugin runs flawlessly, stable, minimal and seamless updates (very low maintenance on our side,) and without conflict or bloat. The multi-site license is also very affordable, and well-worth the cost. Cheers to the devs for a great job!
21 mai 2024
Quality antispam with fast, friendly and helpful support team. It’s saving our project coordinators a headache – before having Akismet, we’d been receiving waves of spam from all our project websites. Thank you for your kindness towards nonprofits like us!
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Release Date – 10 July 2024

  • Make setup step clearer for new users.
  • Remove the stats section from the configuration page if the site has been revoked from the key.
  • Skip the Akismet comment check when the comment matches something in the disallowed list.
  • Prompt users on legacy plans to contact Akismet support for upgrades.


Release Date – 21 March 2024

  • Improve the empty state shown to new users when no spam has been caught yet.
  • Update the message shown to users without a current subscription.
  • Add foundations for future webhook support.


Release Date – 17 January 2024

  • Make the plugin more resilient when asset files are missing (as seen in WordPress Playground).
  • Add a link to the ‘Account overview’ page on akismet.com.
  • Fix a minor error that occurs when another plugin removes all comment actions from the dashboard.
  • Add the akismet_request_args filter to allow request args in Akismet API requests to be filtered.
  • Fix a bug that causes some contact forms to include unnecessary data in the comment_content parameter.


Release Date – 14 September 2023

  • Improve display of user notices.
  • Add stylesheets for RTL languages.
  • Remove initial disabled state from ‘Save changes’ button.
  • Improve accessibility of API key entry form.
  • Add new filter hooks for Fluent Forms.
  • Fix issue with PHP 8.1 compatibility.


Release Date – 21 June 2023

  • Visual refresh of Akismet stats.
  • Improve PHP 8.1 compatibility.
  • Improve appearance of plugin to match updated stats.
  • Change minimum supported PHP version to 5.6 to match WordPress.
  • Drop IE11 support and update minimum WordPress version to 5.8 (where IE11 support was removed from WP Core).


Release Date – 20 March 2023

  • Removed unnecessary limit notices from admin page.
  • Improved spam detection by including post taxonomies in the comment-check call.
  • Removed API keys from stats iframes to avoid possible inadvertent exposure.


Release Date – 1 December 2022

  • Improved compatibility with themes that hide or show UI elements based on mouse movements.
  • Increased security of API keys by sending them in request bodies instead of subdomains.


Release Date – 28 September 2022

  • Added an empty state for the Statistics section on the admin page.
  • Fixed a bug that broke some admin page links when Jetpack plugins are active.
  • Marked some event listeners as passive to improve performance in newer browsers.
  • Disabled interaction observation on forms that post to other domains.


Date de sortie – 26 juillet 2022

  • Added a new feature to catch spammers by observing how they interact with the page.


Date de sortie – 11 juillet 2022

  • Fixed a bug that added unnecessary comment history entries after comment rechecks.
  • Added a notice that displays when WP-Cron is disabled and might be affecting comment rechecks.


Date de sortie – 10 mai 2017

  • Improved translator instructions for comment history.
  • Bumped the « Tested up to » tag to WP 6.0.


Date de sortie – 25 avril 2016

  • Improved compatibility with Fluent Forms
  • Fixed missing translation domains
  • Updated stats URL.
  • Improved accessibility of elements on the config page.


Release Date – 24 January 2022

  • Improved compatibility with Formidable Forms
  • Fixed a bug that could cause issues when multiple contact forms appear on one page.
  • Updated delete_comment and deleted_comment actions to pass two arguments to match WordPress core since 4.9.0.
  • Added a filter that allows comment types to be excluded when counting users’ approved comments.


Release Date – 1 October 2021

  • Fixed a bug causing AMP validation to fail on certain pages with forms.


Date de publication – 24 septembre 2015

  • Added links to additional information on API usage notifications.
  • Reduced the number of network requests required for a comment page when running Akismet.
  • Improved compatibility with the most popular contact form plugins.
  • Improved API usage buttons for clarity on what upgrade is needed.

Pour les anciennes entrées du journal des modifications, veuillez consulter le fichier changelog.txt supplémentaire livré avec l’extension.