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Author hReview


Add hReview and AggregateRating support based on schema.org, which help you increase search traffic by making SERP results more eye-catching. This plugin supports only the editorial ratings submission (editor/author rating), this means customers and site visitors are not involved in the rating or review process, this means rating reflects only the author’s opinion. This plugin is written by Hesham Zebida.

Premium Support
There is also a premium version of the plugin that gives you more features, templates and control over your reviews.

More Advanced Plugins
Looking for more functionality? We recommend the all new WPRichSnippets plugin, more schema.org types plus awesome add-on plugins that extends the WPRichSnippets plugin functionality. View the plugin documentation pages and Showcase Gallery.

View WPRichSnippets Live Demo.

Why You Should Implement Rich Snippets

According to Google, rich snippets « extract and show more useful information from web pages than the preview text that you are used to seeing. » Significantly, Google is using structured data open standards such as microformats and RDFa to power the rich snippets feature. Google is is inviting publishers to mark up their HTML. Webmasters can find more detailed information about Google rich snippets here.

Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool

After installing the plugin, and once you publish your first review on your blog, use Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool to check your markup and make sure that Google can extract the structured data from your review. The plugin should validate in the Testing Tool.

Spam Reporting For Google Rich Snippets

Abusing search engines in not a good practice, especially if this can hurt others, some webmasters fake or fabricate reviews in a try to get more traffic to their sites. You can easily report them to Google. If you see any spam reviews fill this form to report it to Google.

Captures d’écran

  • Settings page

  • Meta box

  • Post list

  • Recent reviews widget

  • Rating box in single post

  • Mini rating box after single post

  • Google Rich Snippets in search results.

  • Google Structured Data Testing Tool.


  1. Upload author-hreview directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Author hReview plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    3- Configure the plugin by going to the Author hReview menu that appears in your admin menu


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload author-hreview directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Author hReview plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    3- Configure the plugin by going to the Author hReview menu that appears in your admin menu
What Author hReview plugin does?

Markup up posts for editor/author reviews and star rating based on schema.org, increase search traffic by making SERP results more eye-catching. This plugin supports only the editorial ratings submission (author rating).

Is it going to work with my WordPress Theme?

It should work with any WordPress theme, however if you have trouble in the layout or the way the rating box or recent reviews widget are showing, let us know and we will help you fix the display.

Is there any documentation for this plugin?

Yes, here is a link to the plugin documentation.

Do you have a FAQ page?

You’ll find more on the FAQ on AuthorhReview.com.


4 décembre 2017
Hello Everyone, If I could give this plugin 0 stars I would. Despite the fact that I purchased the Premium version of the Author hReview the support is basically nonexistent. So I can’t imagine what type of support you are going to get if you just install their free version. The first question I asked took 6-DAYS for a response and when they did respond they didn’t even answer my question thoroughly. The developer is the one handling support (or should I say « not handling support ») his name is Hesham Zebida. In my opinion, the plugin is overpriced and there seem to be several BUGS that I haven’t been able to address because I can’t get the « Support » to answer my ticket. I sent a follow-up email based on the incomplete response from the first support ticket. I waited 6 MORE DAYS before I sent a follow-up email to see why I had not heard back from anyone. It’s been 3 DAYS since I sent that follow up email and I still have not received an answer. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLUGIN! Buyer Beware! If anyone has questions or is considering purchasing the premium plugin please feel free to follow up with me if you want me to elaborate on my experience. Best Regards, Mike PS: I use about a dozen premium plugins including Yoast SEO Premium, PixelYourSite Premium, WPform Premium, etc.. that I pay for and this is the only time I’ve ever received this poor level of support.
17 juillet 2017
I didnt expect much from this plug in, but it has excelent tools and i love everyone of them. C:
3 septembre 2016
I am using this plugin on my blog. I just had to edit the plugin in order to work on WordPress pages instead of posts. It is great in terms of schema and functionality.
3 septembre 2016 1 réponse
I use this plugin over the one that came with my theme since it is clean and works. Author was very responsive to getting code updated for a small issue I was having. 5 Stars!
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Release Date: Oct 17th, 2017

  • Fixed errors caused by deprecated function ereg_replace in PHP 7.
  • Pumped tested up to WordPress version to 4.8.2, and modified readme.txt file.

Release Date: May 20th, 2016

  • Fixed review author name was miss displayed.

Release Date: May 20th, 2016

  • Fixed review author name was not showing on AMP plugin pages.

Release Date: May 18th, 2016

  • Fixed a couple of typos in the plugin description.
  • Pumped WordPress version.
  • Added new screenshots.
  • Modifies readme.txt file.

Release Date: May 26th, 2015

  • Fixed a summary paragraphs.
  • Modifies readme.txt file.

Release Date: February 23d, 2015

  • Fixed a markup error showing in the new updated Google Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • Fixed a notice in the front-end when the Box is called.
  • Added display plugin version to settings page.

  • Fixed version info

  • Solve markup issue.

  • Bug fixes

  • Complete recoding for the settings page.
  • Fixed issues with rating box.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with review meta box.
  • Enhanced plugin security.


  • Complete recoding for product review and template.
  • Fixed broken links, layout and compatibility issues with other.
  • add option to hide rating box.
  • remove the mini rating box from options, no longer exists.

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Random / Rotating Ads V2 plugin.


  • Fixed compatibility issues with other plugins.
  • Fixed button style to solve compatibility issues with themes.
  • Other CSS fixes.

  • Fixed a duplicate function name.
  • Fixes to CSS styles.

  • Minor fix.

  • fixed notice in post list.
  • modification to settings page.
  • fixed issues with mini rating box.
  • fixed a missing itemprop author (Google+ sharing issue solved).

  • fixed notice in wpnonce


  • fixed issues with CSS styles.
  • added more conditions for the rating box.
  • added mini rating box option.
  • changed the order of review elements on the rating box.
  • fixed head meta, added support for description.
  • added rel nofollow to links
  • fixed notice when disable rating stars on home page settings
  • fixed notice in widget


  • added a rating box below post.
  • added price field.
  • added version field.


  • added a widget to display recent reviews.
  • added option to display rating stars on home page.


fixed a few bugs was causing notices.


  • added option for rating box size.
  • added option for rating box alignment.


first release