BuddyPress for LearnDash


Want your learners to interact with each other? BuddyPress for LearnDash turns your course driven website into a social education platform, creating a seamless bridge between BuddyPress and LearnDash.

Groupes BuddyPress

Easily tie any LearnDash Course to a BuddyPress Group.

  • Course participants automatically get added as members to the group
  • Group becomes private to course participants and invited members
  • Course Lessons become visible at the group
  • Course activity gets streamed into the group feed (optional)
  • Forum gets added to the group (if bbPress is enabled)
  • Course featured image becomes group avatar (if no group avatar has been set)

BuddyPress Activity

Activity is one of the core features of BuddyPress, allowing users to interact with each other in real-time. When a course is tied to a group, course actions are optionally added to the group’s activity stream. Group admins can determine which actions to allow in their group, including:

  • User starts a course
  • User completes a course
  • User creates a lesson
  • User completes a lesson
  • User passes a quiz
  • User comments on single lesson page

Membres BuddyPress

  • Your members can view their Active and Completed courses in their profiles.
  • Leaders and Students get added as filterable tabs in your Members directory.
  • All LearnDash user links redirect to member profiles (instead of author pages).

Forums bbPress

If bbPress is enabled, a forum will be tied to every “course group” automatically, using the same name as the course for the forum title. Group members can then discuss the course in one central location.

Extend LearnDash with ‘Social Learner’

BuddyPress for LearnDash is built by the experienced developers at BuddyBoss who also offer a premium social learning solution called Social Learner.

Captures d’écran

  • Course Group - Associate LearnDash courses with BuddyPress groups.
  • Course Group Settings - Add a course to a BuddyPress group and configure its activity actions.


Before Installing

  1. Make sure you have LearnDash installed and activated.
  2. Make sure you have BuddyPress installed and activated.

Depuis votre tableau de bord WordPress

  1. Allez à ‘Extensions > Ajouter nouvelles’
  2. Search for ‘BuddyPress for LearnDash’
  3. Activate BuddyPress for LearnDash from your Plugins page.

Sur WordPress.org

  1. Download BuddyPress for LearnDash.
  2. Upload the ‘buddypress-learndash’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, etc…)
  3. Activate BuddyPress for LearnDash from your Plugins page.


  1. Enable ‘User Groups’ at ‘Settings > BuddyPress > Components’
  2. Enable Forums for Groups by downloading bbPress.
  3. Visit ‘Settings > BP for LearnDash’ and select your desired options.


Does it come with the LearnDash plugin?

No, it does not. You will need to purchase LearnDash separately.

Where can I find documentation and tutorials?

For help setting up and configuring any BuddyBoss plugin please refer to our tutorials.

Does this plugin require BuddyPress?

Yes, it requires BuddyPress to work.

Will it work with my theme?

Yes, BuddyPress for LearnDash should work with any theme, and will adopt your BuddyPress styling along with CSS from the LearnDash plugin. It may require some styling to make it match perfectly, depending on your theme.

Does it come with a language translation file?

Yes. Want to translate BuddyPress for LearnDash into your own language? We’ll be happy to add your translation into the plugin 🙂

Where can I request customizations?

For BuddyPress customizations, submit your request at BuddyBoss.


Nice idea, but buddyboss support not good

I’ve had this plugin for around a year. It works well for the intended purpose of forming a « glue » between Learndash and Buddypress. It does have some limitations:
– It « takes over » any BuddyPress group once you’ve associated it with a Learndash Course, no longer allowing the BP group to be customized (e.g. privacy settings, cover photo, etc)
– It forces you to have one and only one « admin » for the BP Group, which is automatically set to the course instructor. If you try to set permissions for someone else to also have privileges, it just resets them to a standard user. This makes the ability to have multiple people running/moderating a group almost impossible.
– It just isn’t very flexible, as the above examples illustrate.

For those reasons I’d give it 3.5 stars. But the real reason for the two stars is support.

I’ve had many times going round and round with Buddyboss support when things didn’t work right. Last year, there was a period of time where my entire web server would get frozen up by the plugin whenever an administrative change was made to the course/site. It took over 45 days of going back and forth with Buddyboss support to convince them it was a BUG. They finally fixed it, after LOTS of wasted time on my team’s part.

Worse still, I recently purchased another plugin of theirs. It is not working as advertised (it is supposed to send email through Sendgrid, and it won’t even connect). After going back and forth with the support rep, this is the message I got today:

« We are not able to debug without having sendgrid access, it will suggest to check with sendgrid support once. »

This is AFTER I gave them full admin access to my site to figure out what’s going wrong. Now they’re pointing the blame at Sendgrid, and asking me to get Sendgrid to debug their plugin for them. *ironic voice* Sendgrid support will I’m sure be receptive to me asking for support on a plugin they didn’t develop. *ironic voice off*

Maybe they’ll eventually figure out why their plugin isn’t working, or maybe I’ll have to get a refund – but either way, it’s a big waste of time going back and forth with a developer who doesn’t quite have their act together, and wants the customer (and other vendors) to figure out THEIR bugs.

So they’re down to two stars for wasting so much of mine and my team’s time.

Not as shown in screnshots and description

The settings page only shows three options unlike the screenshots displayed in plugin description.

They should have mentioned it correctly.

Buddypress Learndash
General Settings
Visibility Display Profile > Course content publicly
User Roles Convert subscribers to user role Student
Convert group leaders to user role Group Leader

Love the concept with some caveats

I love that this plugin exists. Thanks Buddyboss for making it.

But the main downside for me is that it automatically turns any group you associate a course with to private, with no options to change it back to public, which severely this plugins usability for me.

Also had some technical issues with it (seems to be a recurring theme for Buddyboss & me).


wow Nice theme. this theme also use on my websites. trigr.in. this websites works for Students.
just like as Online test Series. Exams syllabus. all competitive exams study material and more

New update solves all but one issue

Hi BuddyBoss team,

(scroll down for updated review)

The plugin has great potential but it needs to be better integrated with LearnDash. For the next update I would recommend to:

1. Include ‘Course Excerpt’ from LearnDash as ‘Group Info’ if no Group Info has previously been entered.
2. Include ‘Course By’ from LearnDash along with ‘Group Admins (or Group Leaders?)’.
3. Include ‘Course Progress’ from LearnDash as optional info in Group.

As of version 1.0.5 the following is no longer supported:
* Course Lessons become visible at the group

— Update 3/4/2016 —

Thanks for the recent update! It works well along with Boss for LearnDash 1.0.6 (http://www.buddyboss.com/product/social-learner-learndash/)

There is only One thing I would change – and that is to still have the link to ‘Course’ (i.e. Course Home) from the BuddyPress Group Tab Menu. The normal ‘Home’ (i.e. Group Activity) button should still be in the BuddyPress Group Tab Menu.

As it is now I would give it 4 out of 5 stars! 🙂

Best regards,

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Contributeurs & développeurs

« BuddyPress for LearnDash » est un logiciel libre. Les personnes suivantes ont contribué à cette extension.




  • Fix – LearnDash v2.3 compatibility
  • Fix – Multisite fixes
  • Fix – Whole network crashes when activating BP LearnDash on main site
  • Fix – Students are not getting added into the course buddypress group while doing course mass enrollment
  • Fix – Members removal from a related BuddyPress Course Group happens after a course is updated or changed
  • Fix – Hidden groups are not displaying in group meta box on course edit page
  • Fix – Statistic column added under Profile > My Courses


  • Fix – Hidden groups are not displaying in group meta box on course edit page
  • Fix – Students are not added into the course-group while doing course mass enrollment
  • Fix – Can not upgrade user’s group role to Administrator
  • Fix – Member removal from a related course-group happens after a course is updated or changed
  • Fix – Multisites issues
  • Fix – PHP7 compatibility
  • Fix – PHP errors


  • Fix – Infinite loop on saving course with attached course
  • Fix – Problem with WordPress 4.4.2/4.5 – admin panel
  • Fix – Gateway timeout problem


  • Fix – Group/forum registration not working while manually adding student to course
  • Fix – Moved button under quizzes, instead of under lessons
  • Fix – LearnDash custom labels compatibility
  • Fix – Check if BuddyPress is installed and activated
  • Fix – Check if LearnDash is installed and activated
  • Fix – Course group experiences
  • Fix – PHP warning


  • Fix – Duplicate forum getting created when updating course
  • Fix – Group/forum registration not working with group enrollment
  • Fix – BP Reorder Tabs compatibility


  • Fix – Create forum only if checked
  • Fix – Add group activity if comment posted on topics
  • Fix – Hide lessons and topics from users if they don’t have access to the parent course
  • Fix – Correctly turn off course group activities according to settings
  • Fix – When on Course Group Forum, the Course page should go back to the course, but not the group
  • Fix – Changed no course found message string
  • Fix – Made the courses tab in a group always point to single course page


  • Added missing translation strings


  • Fixed content missing in single course if no group is attached
  • Removed course discussion button for non-students


  • Topics and Lessons now link back to Course group
  • Added filter for Course page title
  • Added Course expand/collapse links


  • Updated readme


  • Initial public release