Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type


Buddypress required! (v2.5 at least)

This plugin add more fields type to Buddypress extension: Xprofile. The fields type added are:

  • Birthdate.
  • Email.
  • Web.
  • Datepicker.
  • Custom post type selector.
  • Custom post type multiselector.
  • Checkbox acceptance.
  • Image.
  • File.
  • Colorpicker.
  • Decimal number.
  • Number within min/max values.
  • Custom taxonomy selector.
  • Custom taxonomy multiselector.
  • Range input (slider)
  • Select2 javascript plugin for select boxes.

Works with BP Profile Search. Available on Github. If you need more fields type, you are free to add them yourself or request me at miguel@donmik.com. Follow me: donmik.com or @kimnod


  1. Upload the plugin to your ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory
  2. Activez l’extension
  3. Go to Users > Profile Fields
  4. Create or Edit a field (default buddypress field Name don’t allow changing type, it will not work here).
  5. In Field Type select, you can see new field’s type.
  6. For select2, you can see a new box below submit button only with selectbox, multiselectbox,
    custom post type selector, custom post type multiselector, custom taxonomy selector and
    custom taxonomy multiselector.
  7. Profitez !


Great plugin, awesome if you have lots of choices in a Buddypress field

I’m working on a membership site that wanted a profile field (languages) with over 7,000 choices. First I tried adding them as a normal Buddypress select field (using a function to import all the items). It worked, but it took two or three minutes to load a single profile page.

Found this plugin, added Languages as a custom taxonomy, and now it’s good to go! Profile pages load instantly and they get to use their 7,000+ item drop-down list 🙂

plugin is good

I have upload this plugin but but i cant update my profile using when i use custom filed can u piz slove this

Very good and provides a lot of opportunity

This plugin provides a lot of opportunities for you to create any type of community you need or want.

Huge thanks to donmik for integrating the select2 compatibility after reaching out (shout out to Sven as well). Very excited to have that!

The select2 (and maybe soon a repeater field) make a huge difference when building communities that require more fields and variables than your typical profile.

This developer has done a great job at giving others what they need to create their projects. Many, many thanks!!!! I am very appreciative.

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