Cette extension a été supprimée le 16 décembre 2018 et n’est plus disponible au téléchargement. Raison : Demande de l’auteur.


Time to move to the fork

There's a fork of this plugin, called Slick Google Map, which removes the reminders added by the current maintainer encouraging you to convert to a premium service. Thank goodness for open source and the GPL!

it is comprehensive but it lacks one thing

Easy to use, extremely configurable and makes any google map look great on your website. You can check out my website to see how I am using it. If there was two features I would love added to it, they would be: 1. The ability to add your own customized routes to the maps. 2. If Google hasn't got a correct location for an address (this is normal in Ireland because the guys who built this country decided that addresses aren't really important), and so you need to use long/lat coordinates, that you could create a custom address so that when someone mouses over the map, they don't see the long/lat coordinates but the actual address of the location.
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