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Delicious Recipes is the best free WordPress recipe plugin that is flexible and very easy to use. It is a feature-rich plugin that creates and displays recipes from your WordPress Dashboard.

In addition, Delicious Recipes is SEO optimized and schema-friendly. Therefore, this makes it a lot easier for search engines to rank your recipes higher and social networks to display information about your recipes accordingly.

The plugin includes lots of essential features like recipe image and video galleries, unlimited recipe creation, nutrition charts, detailed text instructions, printable recipe options, an advanced and powerful search, and many more.

The plugin also includes a User Dashboard which allows your readers to register on your website and browse your recipes. Your readers can even add your recipes to their favorites list.

In addition, your readers can also rate your recipes which will eventually boost your recipes ranking.

Delicious Recipes includes a Recipe Index page that lists all your recipes, making it easier for your readers to browse your published recipes. In addition, it also includes page templates for recipes courses, cooking

Delicious Recipes uses the powerful WordPress REST API from WordPress core to create and manage recipes. The user interface is built using advanced WordPress development patterns using React JS and full compatibility with the new Gutenberg Editor.

Themes Compatible with Delicious Recipes Plugin

Key Features of Delicious Recipes WordPress Plugin

  • Onboarding Process – Upon the activation of the plugin, a detailed walkthrough is given during the onboarding process to customize the essential settings of the plugin quickly.

  • Unlimited Recipes – You can create unlimited professional-looking recipes for your extensive recipes website needs.

  • SEO-Friendly – It is Google Structured Data optimized and supports schema, which helps your recipes rank better and higher on search engines.

  • Beautiful Recipe Card – It has a clean and beautiful recipe card to elegantly display your recipes.

  • Advanced Search – The plugin includes an advanced search option that allows your readers to filter and find the recipes easily.

  • Pinterest Rich Pins Support – With the Schema markup, your recipes will appear on Pinterest as Rich Recipe Pins.

  • Recipe Archive Layouts – It has an amazing List and Grid layout available for displaying your recipes.

  • Évaluation avec étoiles – Vos lecteurs peuvent évaluer vos recettes et partager leurs précieux retours.

  • 6 Customizable Widgets – It has highly customizable and easy-to-use recipe widgets like Featured Recipes, Recipe Tags, Recipe Category, Popular Recipes, Recent Recipes and Recipe Keys.

  • User Dashboard – Your readers can easily register on your website, browse your recipes and add recipes to their favorites list.

  • Customizable Email Templates – You can customize different email templates sent to your readers on registration and password reset.

  • Custom Recipe Units – You can also add your custom units to predefined units for ingredients.

  • Custom Icons – You can easily upload custom icons for your recipe keys, courses, cooking methods and recipe tags.

  • Customize Colors – It allows you to customize the appearance of your recipes by choosing the colors of your choice.

  • Permalink Settings – You can easily change the permalinks to customize the URL structure as per your preference.

  • Surprise Me Feature – You can add this feature to your menu or through shortcode on posts and pages, which will load random recipes for your readers on click. It helps to improve user engagement on your site further.

  • Social Sharing – You can easily configure social sharing for Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Author Profile – You can display your information on each of your recipes along with your social media profiles.

  • Customizable Print Page – The plugin offers the flexibility to customize the appearance of your recipe print page. You can enable or disable the displayed information on the print page.

  • Nutrition Chart – You can display your recipes’ nutrition values and customize different settings related to them.

  • Image Gallery & Lightbox – You can add multiple images of your recipes to inspire your readers.

  • Video Gallery – If you have a step by step instruction video, you can also create a video gallery to make it easier for your readers to follow along.

  • Clean Interface – It has a clean and minimal user interface, making it easier for everyone to navigate and publish recipes.

9 Gutenberg Recipe Blocks

The WordPress recipe plugin includes 9 Gutenberg Recipe Blocks that offer you the flexibility to create and share your recipes. The blocks included are:

  • Dynamic Recipe Card – Using this block, you can add your recipes information within posts and pages by filling in the required information.

  • Recipe Details – This block allows you to add the information related to the recipes, such as difficulty level, recipe time, servings, calories, best seasons and so on.

  • Recipe Ingredients – With this block, you can add all ingredients required for preparing the recipes.

  • Recipe Instructions – Using this block, you can provide step-by-step instructions to prepare the recipes.

  • Recipe Nutrition – With this block, you can add the nutrition information of the recipes you are sharing.

  • Recipe Buttons – This block includes Jump to Recipes, Jump to Video and Print Recipe buttons making it easier for your readers to navigate.

  • Handpicked Recipes – This block allows you to select the published recipes and display them on your posts or pages. You can even create your custom list of recipes using this block to share it with your readers.

  • Recipes by Taxonomy – You can select the taxonomy and display the recipes published using this block. You can use this block to create your Recipe Index page as well.

  • Recipe Card – This block allows you to embed your published recipes within posts or pages.

Delicious Recipes Pro Features

  • Front End Recipe Submission – It enables recipe submission on your site to make it easier for your readers to submit recipes.

  • Analytics Dashboard – This feature helps you analyze the stats of every published, pending and submitted recipe in terms of total likes and ratings.

  • Promote Equipment You Use – The Pro version allows you to list different equipment you use to create your recipe on the recipe card. In addition, you can add affiliate links and promote the affiliate products to increase your website’s revenue.

  • Floating Recipe Bar – It adds a sticky bar on your recipe post, including some essential features like Focused Reading mode, timer, social sharing, etc.

  • Advanced Rating System – With the Pro version, your readers can easily rate your recipes or ask questions. It also allows your readers to upload images while leaving the rating.

👉 Upgrade to Delicious Recipes Pro

Captures d’écran

  • Bloc de fiche recette
  • User Dashboard - Favorites
  • Réglages - Réglages généraux
  • Réglages - Détails de la recette
  • Réglages - Apparence
  • Réglages - Partage sur les réseaux sociaux
  • Réglages - Nutrition
  • Recettes - Informations sur la recette
  • Recettes - Ingrédients
  • Instructions des recettes
  • Recettes - Galerie


Cette extension fournit 9 blocs.

  • Delicious Recipes - Best WordPress Recipe Plugin
  • Delicious Recipes - Best WordPress Recipe Plugin
  • Delicious Recipes - Best WordPress Recipe Plugin
  • Delicious Recipes - Best WordPress Recipe Plugin
  • Delicious Recipes - Best WordPress Recipe Plugin
  • Delicious Recipes - Best WordPress Recipe Plugin
  • Delicious Recipes - Best WordPress Recipe Plugin
  • Delicious Recipes - Best WordPress Recipe Plugin
  • Delicious Recipes - Best WordPress Recipe Plugin


Téléverser dans le tableau de bord de WordPress

  1. Cliquez sur « Ajouter » dans le tableau de bord des extensions
  2. Rendez-vous dans la zone « Téléverser »
  3. Sélectionnez depuis votre ordinateur
  4. Cliquez sur « Installer maintenant »
  5. Activez l’extension dans le tableau de bord des extensions

Utilisant FTP

  1. Téléchargez
  2. Extrayez le répertoire delicious-recipes vers votre ordinateur
  3. Téléversez le répertoire delicious-recipes dans le répertoire /wp-content/plugins/
  4. Activez l’extension dans le tableau de bord des extensions


Is Delicious Recipes plugin SEO and Schema Friendly?

Yes, Delicious Recipes plugin is crafted keeping better SEO practices in mind. It’s SEO-ready and Scheme-friendly design helps you outrank your competitors and land on higher search engine spots.

Will readers be able to rate the recipes and share their feedback?

Yes, your readers can easily read, share, and even rate all of your recipes. To further promote user engagement, this plugin also lets viewers leave their feedback on your recipes.

Does Delicious Recipes plugin work with any theme?

The Delicious Recipes WordPress plugin is compatible with most of the themes and WordPress version 5.1 or higher. However, the plugin may not render the same look as the compatible WordPress themes.

Therefore, we recommend using compatible themes to make sure the plugin works smoothly without any issues.

Is the Delicious Recipes plugin compatible with Gutenberg?

Yes, the Delicious Recipes plugin is fully compatible with Gutenberg. We have packed 9 Gutenberg blocks that make adding recipes a breeze.

Can I translate Delicious Recipes plugin into another language?

Delicious Recipes is a translation-ready plugin and supports localization. Thus, you can easily translate your recipes into any other language with a few clicks.

Will readers be able to print recipes easily?

Yes, readers will be able to print recipes easily. We have added a beautiful Print template to this plugin. It lets your viewers easily print out a hard copy of your recipes and even customize the template as they see fit.

Can I request a feature?

Yes, you can provide us with your valuable feedback for the Delicious Recipes plugin. You can easily submit your feature request here.


1 février 2023 1 réponse
I installed this and purchased pro solely for the ability to submit recipes on the front end. That simply never worked. Further, the Pro version constantly showed as needing an update, from 2.0.0 to 2.0.0. Finally, {their support} on the support team decided to add pages related to another plugin without permission. If this works for you, great, but I cannot recommend it. AND she added and activated a theme. I would avoid them at all costs, and if you need support you're probably better finding another plugin.
1 janvier 2023 1 réponse
In my experience, the current version (as of this review) of Delicious Recipes drops all the measurement units from recipes it migrates from WP Recipe Maker. This is important to me, because WP Recipe Maker provides a Json recipe import feature that allows me to migrate very large collections of recipes in one go. Delicious Recipes does not provide a Json import tool.
27 juin 2022
I like the Delicious Recipes plugin because it can be customized for yourself. Frequent updates, new features appear. Also, many thanks to the developers for their prompt support. I received answers to all the questions during the day.
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1.4.9 – 10th January 2023

Enhancement: RTL compatibility is improved.
Enhancement: Some of the part of recipe card is refined and removed unnecessary CSS.
Fixes: Minor design refinement and bug fixes.

1.4.8 – 22nd December, 2022

  • New Feature: Added compatibility with Rating without comments feature.
  • Enhancement: Improved Recipe card design
  • Fixes: Minor design fixes and refinement

1.4.7 – 21st November, 2022

  • New Feature: Added an option to adjust recipe servings based on scale and increment.
  • Enhancement: Recipe ingredients quantity can now be displayed in fractions.
  • Fixes: Minor design fixes and refinement

1.4.6 – 9th November 2022

  • Fixes: Site health warning issue is fixed

1.4.5 – 3rd November 2022

  • Fixes: Missing autoload file

1.4.4 – 2nd November 2022

  • New Feature – Added an option to enable/disable default session system.
  • New Feature – Search bar in Favorites Section.
  • New Feature – Added an option to add missing nutritional elements.
  • Enhancement – Feature to open the print preview in a new tab.
  • Enhancement – Set review stars as 5 star ratings by default.
  • Fixes – Like button in the floating bar not working is fixed.
  • Fixes – Undefined index issue is fixed.
  • Fixes – Search page pagination issue in homepage is fixed.
  • Fixes – Fixed the JS error thrown in console and minor UI refinements.

1.4.3 – 26th August 2022

  • Fixes – Activation pages and role creation issue fixes.
  • Fixes – Color Picker issue fixes.
  • Fixes – Minor fixes.

1.4.2 – 7th July 2022

  • Fixes – DR Free loading priority changes for Pro activation.
  • Corrections – Corrections de problème de mise en page.
  • Fixes – Minor fixes.

1.4.1 – 6th July 2022

  • Enhancement – Cookies filter priority changes.
  • Fixes – Updated wrong argument count for update_option() in class-wp-session.
  • Fixes – Search Page JS issue fixes.
  • Corrections – Corrections de problème de mise en page.
  • Fixes – Minor fixes.

1.4.0 – 5th July 2022

  • Enhancement – Print Page scripts loading enchancement.
  • Enhancement – Ingredients quantity increment decrement enhancements.
  • Corrections – Corrections de problème de mise en page.
  • Fixes – Minor fixes.

1.3.9 – 17th May 2022

  • Fixes – Resolved blank Settings Page issue.
  • Fixes – Resolved conflict with WPForms plugin.
  • Fixes – Minor fixes.

1.3.8 – 11th May 2022

  • New Feature – Shortcode [dr_recipe_archives] support added for recipe listings with num_posts, carousel, layout, taxonomy, and terms parameters.
  • New Feature – Archive Pagination – Supports numbered or infinite pagination for taxonomy and search pages.
  • Enhancement – Admin menu splitted into two sections – Recipes and Delicious Recipes.
  • Enhancement – Ingredients quantity decimal count rounded to 2 decimal places.
  • Fixes – Ingredients quantity counter increment/decrement fix while print is disabled.
  • Fixes – Videos not playing in Instructions section fix.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.3.7 – 21st April 2022

  • Fixes – Videos not playing in lightGallery fix.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.3.6 – 11th April 2022

  • New Feature – Recipe FAQs – Add FAQs for Recipe with FAQ schema support.
  • New Feature – Recipe Badge – Assign a badge to a recipe with search compatibility.
  • New Feature – Card Layouts – Two new card layouts added in Recipe Single and Recipe Card Block.
  • New Feature – Recipe Count – Displays submitted recipes count and list per registered user in Users table.
  • New Feature – Affiliate Link – Add affiliate link to your recipe.
  • Enhancement – Filter added for Recipe Session and Cookies.
  • Enhancement – Replaced Magnific Popup with lightGallery.
  • Enhancement – Posts per page enhancement in Handpicked Recipes Block.
  • Fixes – ‘Recipe Card not found’ issue resolved in Recipe Card Block.
  • Fixes – Profile Image upload issue fixes.
  • Fixes – Responsive design issue fixes.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.3.5 – 15th March 2022

  • Enhancement – Security issue fixes.
  • Enhancement – Turkish translations added in the plugin.
  • Enhancement – Color Picker enhancement.
  • Fixes – Equipment shortcode copy button issue fixes.
  • Fixes – String translation support added for placeholder texts.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.3.4 – 24th December 2021

  • Enhancement – Description metadata enhancements.
  • Enhancement – Calories added for nutrition metadata.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.3.3 – 25th November 2021

  • Enhancement – Improved the UX for User Dashboard Menu in mobile devices.
  • Enhancement – Improved the display of Review in the meta.
  • Fixes – Conflict resolved with WooCommerce Review plugin.
  • Fixes – Fixed the Dynamic Recipe Card Block issue.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.3.2 – 31st August 2021

  • New Feature – Recipe keys and Recipe tags filter added for Recipe Search.
  • Enhancement – Ingredient and Instruction section sorting enhancements.
  • Fixes – Enable/Disable FontAwesome Icons JS configurations added.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.3.1 – 23rd August 2021

  • Fixes – Compatibility fixes for Delicious Recipes Pro.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.3.0 – 23rd August 2021

  • Fixes – Compatibility update for new features.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.2.4 – 9th August 2021

  • Fixes – Permalink settings update issue resolved.
  • Fixes – H1 tags changed to H2 on registration forms for SEO purposes.
  • Fixes – Vimeo thumbnail and video play issue resolved.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.2.3 – 28th July 2021

  • Enhancement – WordPress 5.8 compatibility updates.
  • Enhancement – Deprecated filter and unsupported attributes resolved.
  • Fixes – Sidebar missing in Search page resolved.
  • Fixes – Recipe search overriding posts search resolved.
  • Fixes – User Dashboard form displayed on print page fixed.
  • Fixes – rel nofollow noopener added for social links.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.2.2 – 3rd June 2021

  • Enhancement – Search Recipe simple factor filters enhancements.
  • Enhancement – Instructions and Ingredients section titles added on Print screen.
  • Fixes – Handpicked Recipes block initial load and draft recipe issue resolved.
  • Fixes – Smooth scroll conflict with Woocommerce resolved.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.2.1 – 27th May 2021

  • Enhancement – Updated Wishlists to Favorites.
  • Enhancement – Email header image enhancements.
  • Fixes – Authenticated arbitrary file upload vulnerability fixes.
  • Fixes – Recipe Print page JS library optimizations.
  • Fixes – Escaping and sanitizing data.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

Major Update Release

1.2.0 – 24th May 2021

  • New Feature – User Dashboard – Add a user dashboard to your website, where users can sign up, browse recipes, add to their favorites.
  • New Feature – Favorites – Create a personalized list with your favorite recipes.
  • New Feature – Email Templates – Customizable email templates for new user created and reset password.
  • Enhancement – Enable/disable Pinit Button settings added.
  • Fixes – Reordering description and ingredients position in the Print page template.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.1.8 – 19th April 2021

  • Enhancement – Print page excluded from Google Search, ‘noindex’ meta tag added.
  • Enhancement – WP Rocket and Avada Lazy load disabled on Print page.
  • Enhancement – Intl extension check added, to resolve fatal error on Recipe pages.
  • Enhancement – Search form modification for multilangual search compatibility.
  • Enhancement – SEO Meta description support added for single recipe pages.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.1.7 – 6th April 2021

  • Nouvelle fonctionnalité – Réglages ajoutés – Activer/désactiver l’image mise en avant de la recette.
  • Nouvelle fonctionnalité – Réglages ajoutés – Activer/désactiver le recadrage automatique d’une image mise en avant dans une recette unique, une archive et des pages de recherche.
  • Amélioration – Tri des mots avec accents.
  • Amélioration – Fichier WPML config mis à jour.
  • Corrections – Calcul du temps dans la fiche de recette dynamique et bloc de détails de recette corrigés.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.1.6 – 16th March 2021

  • Amélioration – Support de modification de texte ajouté en mode éditeur de texte.
  • Amélioration – Ajout de la prise en charge d’un permalien d’étiquette de recette.
  • Amélioration – Amélioration de la recherche « recettes par ingrédient ».
  • Amélioration – Freemius 2.4.2 mis à jour.
  • Amélioration – Fichier WPML config mis à jour avec les chaines manquantes.
  • Corrections – Conflit avec Elementor résolu.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’un problème d’obsolescence de jQuery.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’un problème de design de la recette.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.1.5 – 8th March 2021

  • Amélioration – Test de compatibilité WordPress 5.7.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.1.4 – 8th March 2021

  • New Feature – Recipe Onboarding screen added for new installation.
  • Nouvelle fonctionnalité – Page de nouveautés ajoutée avec des informations utiles et des liens de support.
  • Amélioration – Test de compatibilité WordPress 5.7.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.1.3 – 25th February 2021

  • Corrections – Ajout du fichier WPML config.
  • Corrections – Corrections du problème lié au bloc de recettes par taxonomie.
  • Corrections – Corrections du problème de téléversement des icônes personnalisées de petite taille.
  • Corrections – Prise en charge des vidéos embarquées et codes courts ajoutée pour les instructions et la description.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.1.2 – 12th February 2021

Nouvelles fonctionnalités
* Icônes personnalisées – Une fonctionnalité pour téléverser des icônes personnalisées pour les taxonomies.
* Unités personnalisées – Une fonctionnalité pour ajouter des unités de quantités personnalisées pour les ingrédients.
* Marquer comme terminé – Une fonctionnalité pour marquer vos étapes d’instructions comme terminées.

  • Amélioration – Prise en charge de la compatibilité WPML ajoutée.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’un problème lié au repliage de l’éditeur classique.
  • Corrections – Prise en charge des décimales ajoutée pour les valeurs nutritionnelles.
  • Corrections – Corrections de problème de mise en page.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.1.1 – 3rd February 2021

  • Corrections – Améliorations Schema des informations nutritionnelles.
  • Corrections – Améliorations des traductions.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’unités de mesure des ingrédients pour les épingles Pinterest.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.1.0 – 26th January 2021

  • New Feature – Gutenberg bs – Recipe Nutrition and Recipe Buttons blocks added.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.0.9 – 12th January 2021

  • Corrections – Corrections orthographiques et mises à jour de chaînes.
  • Correctif – Correctifs mineurs du design.

Major Update Release

1.0.8 – 11th January 2021

  • Nouvelle fonctionnalité – Blocs Gutenberg – Ajouts des blocs Fiche Recette Dynamique, Ingrédients de la Recette, Instructions de la Recette et Détails de la Recette.
  • Nouvelle fonctionnalité – Prise en charge des données structurées ajoutée pour le bloc de fiche recette dynamique.
  • Nouvelle fonctionnalité – Ajout du support d’impression de la recette pour le bloc de fiche recette dynamique.
  • Améliorations – Améliorations du SVG et du Design.
  • Amélioration – Compatibilité ajoutée pour WordPress 5.6 et PHP 8.
  • Corrections – Améliorations des widgets et traductions.
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.0.7 – 15th December 2020

  • Corrections – Amélioration du bloc de recette par taxonomie
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.0.6 – 4th December 2020

  • New Feature – ‘Surprise Me’ shortcode and nav menu link added.
  • Amélioration – Ajout de l’intégration Freemius
  • Amélioration – Amélioration de la capacité de réponse du design MAC
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures

1.0.5 – 24th November 2020

  • Amélioration – Support de traduction pour les chaines de meilleure saison et niveau de difficulté
  • Corrections – Problème résolu avec l’éditeur classique
  • Corrections – Corrections d’erreurs mineures
  • Corrections – Corrections mineures de la capacité de réponse du design

1.0.4 – 23rd October 2020

  • Nouvelle fonctionnalité – Import de recettes – Prise en charge de WP Recipe Maker ajoutée.
  • Amélioration – Support de traduction pour chaînes d’administration JS.
  • Amélioration – Ajout d’un nouveau rôle d’éditeur/éditrice de recette.
  • Correctif – Correctifs mineurs du design.

1.0.3 – 16th October 2020

  • Nouvelle fonctionnalité – Blocs Gutenberg – Bloc Fiche Recette ajouté.
  • Amélioration – Support pour la traduction de chaînes d’administration ajouté.
  • Enhancement – Added support for popup gallery even when recipe featured image is not set.
  • Corrections – Problème d’affichage des informations nutritionnelles résolu.
  • Correctif – Correctifs mineurs du design.

1.0.2 – 14th October 2020

  • Amélioration – Compatibilité ajoutée pour le thème Blossom Recipe, Blossom Recipe Pro.
  • Correctif – Corrections typographiques pour les pages prises en charge par l’extension.
  • Corrections – Problème de visualisation privée de recette corrigé.
  • Correctif – Correctifs mineurs du design.

1.0.1 – 13th October 2020

  • Nouvelle fonctionnalité – Importation de recettes – Prise en charge de Blossom Recipe Maker ajoutée.
  • Nouvelle fonctionnalité – Blocs Gutenberg – Recettes Sélectionnées et Recettes par taxonomie ajoutées.
  • Correctif – Problème de prévisualisation du brouillon de la recette résolu.
  • Correctif – Correctifs mineurs du design.

  • Version initiale.

1.0.0 – 2nd October 2020

  • Version initiale.