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Did Prestashop Display – Show Prestashop products in your WordPress

Cette extension n’a pas été testée avec plus de trois mises à jour majeures de WordPress. Elle peut ne plus être maintenue ou supportée et peut avoir des problèmes de compatibilité lorsqu’elle est utilisée avec des versions de WordPress plus récentes.

Did Prestashop Display – Show Prestashop products in your WordPress


Did Prestashop Display and sun plugin for WordPress, with which you can show Prestashop products in your WordPress.

Generate dynamic banners and links, with which you can create CTAs in Wordpreess. Ideal for Marketing campaigns, Top list or CTA. etc.

The implementation is through Shortcodes so it is compatible with all those Page Builders that accept Shortcode.

With the FREE version you will have the main functionality. In the PRO version, some features are expanded that will help you maintain your list of alerts, edit HTML, etc.
In addition, the templates are extensible and adaptable through HTML or CSS.

Did Prestashop Display main features

#1 Generate dynamic Banners / links with simple Shortcodes

Power your CTAs with the data of your products in Prestashop directly in WordPress.
With the Shortcodes you will have the link to the products as well as updated data (Prices, discounts and image).

#2 Automated link control.

Did Prestashop Display has a system that changed the CTA link when the product is out of stock. With this we avoid directing our traffic towards a destination without the possibility of sale.

This part is generated automatically as soon as the product has stock again, the direct link to the product is generated.

Towards where the traffic directs, when there is no stock ?

FREE version:
– When there is no stock, the product does not exist or is deactivated: Redirects to the Prestashop home page.

PRO version:
– If the product is out of stock: Redirect to the product category.
– If the Product is not found or is deactivated: redirect to the Prestashop Home.

In the PRO version, incidents are monitored in a list.

#3 Editable banner / link view

The result can be edited.

In the FREE version: Through CSS

In the PRO version: Using CSS and template extension to edit the HTML.

#4 Connect with different Prestashop (PRO Version)

It is possible to obtain products from different Prestashops.
Simply in the Shortcode you must indicate which prestashop source each product belongs to.

#5 « Default » values of the configurable Shortcodes (PRO Version).

With the PRO version you can customize the default values to be able to use your Shortcodes more comfortably.

#6 Alerts for Sold Out / Deactivated Products / 404 (PRO Version).

In the PRO version, lists of those products that are out of stock, deactivated or eliminated are generated.

#7 Trackable links (PRO Version).

Ability to track outbound links. To help you improve your web analytics.

Use of external libraries


The Bootstrap library is used to display graphic elements in both the backoffice and the forntend.
Minimized versions are used, which are also in a friendly format for verification.

In the initial version of the plugin version 4.5.0 is being used.

More information at: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.5/getting-started/introduction/

Captures d’écran

  • Did Prestashop Display. Show Prestashop products in your WordPress.
  • Wordpress plugin to connect to Prestashop. Generation of banners and dynamic links with ectados from your Presatshop directly in your Wordpress. Power up your Marketing campaigns.
  • **Banner in Wordpress. ** Dynamically updated data (Price, stick, image and discounts).
  • Simple implementation with Shortcodes. Create your CTAs using simple Shortcodes.
  • Alerts for links with incidents on links (PRO Version) When your product does not have stock, it either does not exist or is deactivated. The plugin generates an alternative link to avoid losing traffic. As well as a notification so that you are notified of the inconsistencies of your Shortcodes.
  • Edit the results. In the FREE version you can edit the results using CSS. In the PRO version you will be able to extend the templates to edit the HTML / PHP and adapt the salinity of the banners / links 100%.
  • Show products from different Prestashops. With the PRO version you can get products from several different Prestashop.
  • « Default » values of the configurable Shortcodes. With the PRO version you can customize the default values to be able to use your Shortcodes more comfortably.


Installation through the WordPress Dashboard

  1. Login to your WordPress admin.
  2. Click on the plugins tab.
  3. Click the Add New button.
  4. Search for « Did Prestashop Display ».
  5. Look for our plugin, click « Install Now » and then « Activate ».
  6. Once installed and you will be able to enjoy the FREE functionalities without limits. In order to purchase the PRO versions, you will find links in the Did Prestashop Display menu..


What happens when a product does not exist or is out of stock?

When some display / link returns an unwanted value. It is solved with the following outputs …

FREE Version

  • The product has no stock, The product is not active or The product does not exist: A link to the home page of the source Prestashop is created.

PRO version
* The product has no stock: A link is created to the main category of the source Prestashop.
* The product is not active: A link is created to the main category of the source Prestashop.
* The product does not exist: A link to the home page of the source Prestashop is created.

How are languages managed?

By default it will always show the product in the default language of WordPress.
When doing the connectivity test in Configuration, the active and inactive languages of the source Prestashop are detected.
In the event that you cannot find the WordPress language, it does not exist or is not active in the source Prestashop, Did Prestashop Display will show the language with the lowest id.

On how many websites can i use my PRO license?

FREE version: Unlimited

PRO Version:
The number of websites that you can use Did Prestashop Display, will depend on the type of license.
we have packs ranging from 1 websites to 10 websites.


11 octobre 2020
I have multistore Prestashop 1.6, and the newest version of Wordpress installed. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages, and finally – this works like a charm, and is perfect. I will surely purchase the pro-version just to show support. Even though the free version is all that I need. Easy to set up the webservice in prestashop backoffice, and easy to use the shortcodes. Remember to look in the Documentation in your wordpress-menu after you have installed the plugin. to be able to add correct shortcodes for your currency-symbols and texts and such. Very nice work by the developer, and my guess is that this plugin will get a lot of 5 star reviews once it’s picked up by the prestashop community. Thank you developer!
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  • Fix bug in Fuction Uncaught.


  • Fix bug in Activation plugin.


  • Minor changes to the readme.txt file.


  • Fix info links PRO versions.


  • Adding Images


  • Initial release