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View and Use Every Size of Your Images

When you upload an image to your WordPress site, WordPress auto-generates lots of sizes of it. However, there aren’t many good ways to see and use those sizes:

  • The Media Attachment page in « Media » doesn’t list anything about the different image sizes, or the permalinks to use them.
  • « Add Media » in the post editor doesn’t always show you all the sizes that exist (such as sizes intended for featured images).
  • There’s no easy way to simply copy a custom-sized image’s permalink.

Until now! Display All Image Sizes displays information about every size of every image: name, dimensions, and permalink.

How to Use

Just install and activate the plugin, and you’ll see a list of all sizes of each image in both the « Add Media » pop-up modal, and in each image’s individual page in « Media. » (See Screenshots.)

Anything else?

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Image credit for banner: woodleywonderworks

Captures d’écran

  • Sizes on the "Insert Media" pop-up modal.

  • Sizes on "Attachment Details" in Media.

  • Sizes on "Edit Attachment."


Install Display All Image Sizes through « Add Plugin » or your favorite method, and activate it. It’ll work by default, and it doesn’t register any options pages.


Installation Instructions

Install Display All Image Sizes through « Add Plugin » or your favorite method, and activate it. It’ll work by default, and it doesn’t register any options pages.

Got a Question?

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It doesn’t work at all

I installed and activated the plugin and it didn’t add the images sizes in the media library, even when opening the options top-tab, there was no field related to images sizes to tick.

Very good! Can be even better

This plugin is very helpful and valuable. If developer adds a button that would allow to do one-click copying of the URL into clipboard this will become a hell of indispensable plugin for people who tinker a lot with images. Please consider.


Expecially useful (essential?) during development of a project which involves trying out various themes, each of which typically creates its own image sizes. It’s a perfect companion to Regenerate Thumbnails. Thank you for this plugin.

PS: Oh yeah, I love how skinny it is.


Does what it should, clean and unobstrusive. Thanks!!

And bonus points for the header image 🙂

Just perfect !

I managed to identify the name of an image’ size added by a plugin which i found and removed !


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1.1.6 (05.04.2017)

Removed extraneous argument from calls to get_intermediate_image_sizes()

1.1.5 (02.10.2017)

Changed syntax that broke sites running PHP < 5.4

1.1.4 (02.01.2017)

Added all sizes directly to « Attachment Display Settings » dialog

1.1.3 (11.08.2015)

Styling cleanup

1.1.2 (11.08.2015)

Fixed serious bug (incomplete array checking) causing plugin to freeze media library in some cases; added no-JS message

1.1.1 (10.08.2015)

  • …and then updated readme file with new version

1.1.0 (10.08.2015)

  • Changed image list to a dropdown

1.0.6 (02.06.2015)

  • Fixed screenshot MIME types and one readme tweak

1.0.5 (30.05.2015)

  • Banner filename typo :\

1.0.4 (30.05.2015)

  • Added banner image to Assets

1.0.3 (29.05.2015)

  • Screenshots to Assets

1.0.2 (29.05.2015)

  • readme.txt improvements

1.0.1 (27.05.2015)

  • Initial commit