Cette extension n’a pas été testée avec plus de trois mises à jour majeures de WordPress. Elle peut ne plus être maintenue ou supportée et peut avoir des problèmes de compatibilité lorsqu’elle est utilisée avec des versions de WordPress plus récentes.

Filogy Invoice


Create wonderful financial documents like orders, invoices, delivery notes for your customers right in your WooCommerce webstore.
Create your own invoice! You can customize the look and feel of your invoices easily right in the WordPress Customizer.
You don’t have to edit any html code or css templates to change the look and feel of your invoices or other documents.
Colors, font sizes, borders, backgrounds, margins and other attributes of different parts of invoice content can be easily design in the live WordpPress Customizer. Change any attribute, and you will see the result instantly.
You can use beautiful pre-built skins as a base, and change them to fit your needs, or you can design your document from stretch.

The orders, invoices and delivery notes can be printed or made available on-line for your customers in PDF or HTML format.


  • Create PDF or HTML orders, invoices or delivery notes
  • Print or Download these financial documents from the well known WooCommerce Order editor page
  • Make invoices available on-line for your customers in My Account page of your site (display or download)
  • Customize financial documents using the easy to use live WordPress Customizer page, without using any CSS or HTML code
  • Choose wonderful predefined skins
  • Boxed or full size document design
  • ‘My Colors’ feature: change color palette, and see the result instantly
  • Sequential order, delivery note and invoice numbers
  • Customizable sequential number format to fit your needs (set your desired numbering prefixes, post fixes, padding characters, year based numbering)
  • Make branded invoices using your own logo or background images
  • Custom skins: you can save and use unlimited number of skins or skin versions
  • Draft, not validated invoice as Pro-forma invoice
  • Your personal Setup Jedi will help you to make default settings

Pro Version

  • More design settings: more font sizes, font styles, document size and orientation, text decoration, transformation or align
  • Custom Fonts (Google Fonts)
  • Custom css in Customizer, instant result
  • More beautiful predefined Skins
  • Skin Export/Import function
  • Different notes on printed order, invoice or delivery note

More information, documentation

Pro version Plugin Page: http://webshoplogic.com/

Author website: http://webshoplogic.com/


Captures d’écran

  • On-line Invoice Customizer
  • My Colors – instant color palette
  • Customizer Menu
  • Print Order, Invoice or Delivery Note on Order Edit Page
  • Your personal Setup Jedi
  • Make documents available for your customers on My Account page


  1. Upload the plugin to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Enable plugin


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  • New: Enable loading from cron


  • Modify setting of technical user creation role.
  • Fix: customizer problems – Not all menu items (sections was displayed because of two array_merge problems. – Fix color palette item selector field display problem
  • Refine: a css refinement of customizer menu
  • Code styling
  • Fix: modify message css classes – without it the red and green lines and boxes does not displayed, just the normal message texts.


  • Update the « Tested up » tags.


  • Fix PHP notes, adust the plugin for the new WC version:
  • refinement of static function definitions
  • refinement: save_errors handling
  • refinement: phisical_paper_size parameter passing
  • adjustment: admin css settings (setup Jedi, journal entry table) for new WC version
  • fix: modify included part of plugin parts for ajax actions
  • fix: checking of memory limitation (unlimited -1)
  • new: switch for show or hide suppressed errors
  • fix: check dependencies is necessary in case of ajax calls too


  • Fix minor errors in doc customizer
  • Fix: options of select fields does not shown in doc customizer
  • Fix: Call to undefined function wsl_log() –> Remark wsl_log lines


  • Document settings page / Seller user saving: If we found an existing user by name or email give an error message Before it we set the user that we found, but it is strange for the user, that he start to record a new user, and get an existing without notification.
  • Remove deprecated screen_icon() function
  • Fix saving of pseudo docs in Filogy Invoice Save pseudo document buttons had not got any effect, because during save we have examined normal doc types beside of pseudo doc types
  • Fix Filogy free version broblems, and setup Jedi refinements Add a function that set_post_types_global variables for admin notices, Setup Jedi settings function calls, documenter (class-filo-documents), Sequence settings check, Filogy constructor Load framework-mini in the very beginning of filogy constructor. Merge pseudo doc types for sequence_settings (called from setup Jedi Call check of Seller data in free version. Create an independently callable set_post_types_globals function. Cleare the cached data about if all settings are ok, after saving settings
  • Fix Warning: Use of undefined constant self – assumed ‘self’ (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) Change self to ‘self’
  • Post types has to be registered before construct metaboxes (because metabox logic uses post type information). Registering post types is moved before including metabox class. 
  • Memory limit Warning (using a metabox) moved after registering post types.
  • Fix: Change ((‘More se -> __(‘More se
  • Add memory limit warning functions
  • Fix handling of none existing finadoc objet problem when adding new purchase document (case doc metabox).
  • Make faster: file_get_contents
  • Fix Customizer problem after optimalization
  • Fix: get_doc_financial_data() to return pseudo doc type titles not always the Order title.
  • Fix: loading filogy-framework-mini – after optimalization of loading
  • Remark wsl_log before loading core (am)
  • Fix optimalization problems, depricated WC functions, eliminate _ceation_date order meta field
  • Eliminate depricated get_product_from_item function, remove wsl_log-s before loading core.
  • Optimalization package 2. +
  • Synchronize wsl-core-functions.php from filo_framework
  • Optimalization package
  • OPTIM: change of plugin load and activation process 1.
  • OPTIM: Optimalization, normalize set_doc_status, set_open_qtys, calculate_doc_open_amount and set_case_status function callings.
  • Change filo-admin css, remove 1px place from the beginning of back arrow on document map.
  • Modify: comment out large logs
  • Modify: comment out large logs – repair commit without other modifications
  • Fix: always create _it_product_variation_id meta record of inventory transaction, otherwise filogy inventory report does not find the it row.
  • Fix: save proper post title for FILO financial documents (doc type name)
  • Fix: billing address fields of original finadoc and user meta are deleted during copying one finadoc to another. (settings.js was enqueued in case of finadoc pages)
  • Modify: remove external_document_number filed for purchase orders
  • Fix: a document customizer problem
  • Fix: Seller selection on settings page was displayed on the financial document pages unnecessarily. This was eliminated now.
  • Fix: Do not show blank state page for filogy documents, except for shop order, because it is designed for empty shop order list and not for other finadocs.


  • Fix minor errors


  • Modify edit lists to fit WC 3.3.3
  • Modify Financial document editor to fit WC 3.3.3
  • Adapt Finadoc editor to new WC 3.3.3 (Mainly Java script replacement)
  • Fix, approve: edit list table problems 
  • Fix searching and sorting problems 
  • Add /#if statements
  • Case list modification to fit Filogy to the changed Order Edit List in WC 3.3.3 
  • New: class-filo-admin-list-table-case.php Cancelled (old): class-filo-admin-case-list-table.php
  • Move finadoc edit list functions to framework / search_label search_custom_fields
  • Fit Filogy to the changed Order Edit List in WC 3.3.3 
  • New: class-filo-admin-post-types.php that class-filo-admin-list-table-finadocs.php Cancelled (old): class-filo-admin-finadoc-list-table.php
  • add_role( ‘seller’ ) resulted « Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page. » error.
  • Add Create or Modify Seller data label to Document settings page.
  • Advanced seller user data handling on document settings page.
  • Modify license upgrade url to https
  • Fix: in printed documents apply ‘VAT ID’ and ‘VAT ID (domestic)’ labels for seller if one of them exists (modify templates)
  • Modify wsl_remove_filter functions, made two functions: – wsl_remove_filter_function_like – remove by function name – wsl_remove_all_filters_tag_like – remove by tag name
  • Fix: Prevent sending order e-mails when other document type (none order) is created in copy_document function
  • Simple code formatting.
  • Fix: In doc_financial_data / document_type_name and short_name returns the subtype name if the current document has a subtype, instead of the main type name (e.g. Sales Credit Memo and not Sales Invoice)


  • Fix: Prevent sending order e-mails when other document type (none order) is created in copy_document function
  • Fix: in printed documents apply ‘VAT ID’ and ‘VAT ID (domestic)’ labels for seller if one of them exists (modify templates)
  • Modify VAT exemption handling to fit to WC3


  • New feature: Live Customizer


  • First version