Fix Image Rotation


Fix Image Rotation plugin fixes image orientation based on EXIF data. Fixes the mis-oriented images clicked via mobile phones.

Functionally it filters all uploads and if EXIF->Orientation is set to a number greater than 1, then the image is re-saved with a new orientation before the image is processed by WordPress.

Special Thanks to

Shashwat Mittal for meta data restoration of rotated images.
Mark Jaquith for making the fix image rotation class more useful.
@tealborder for adding required library notice in plugins menu.
@broberson for finding and fixing and issue with the plugin.
Benedikt for multiple contributions towards betterment of the plugin.


To contribute to the plugin fork the GitHub Repo, make changes and send pull requests.

Icon Attribution

Icons made by Picol is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Captures d’écran

  • Adding images of different orientations without this plugin.
  • Adding images of different orientations with this plugin.


  1. Add the plugin’s directory in the WordPress’ plugin directory.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Enjoy your cup of coffee while the plugin takes care of the images.


How it works?

When an image is clicked by a camera or a phone, it stores some additional information about the image. One such information is Orientation. This plugin makes use of the Orientation value stored by the camera/phone and rotates or flips the image based on that.

Where’s the settings page?

This plugin works out of the box and does not require any settings.

Can I contribute to the plugin?

Yes you can. As mentioned in the description, just fork the GitHub Repo, make changes and send pull requests.
You can even contribute by adding banner images and logos for the plugin. If you are familiar with GitHub, then fork the above repo and add the images in a folder named assets, and send pull request; else you can submit URLs to the images as support request.


mai 26, 2019
I was about to give up on woo commerce until I found your plugin. Even though it said not compatible with my version of WP, it worked. Now I'm having worries that this plugin may not continue to work after awhile because there have been no updates on this project. My suggestion is continue to maintain the plugin, hit 10k + users and give grandfather clause to those that got it earlier and charge a little like 2.99 a year or something for the plugin. Thanks,
avril 4, 2019
Thank you so much. I'm a professional photographer. Mainly wanted to say that I was having problems importing files from my PC after converting files in Photoshop. So this isn't just a problem affecting phone imports. I had no idea why it was happening and don't have the problem when importing to anything except WordPress. This plugin fixed the issue 100%. Thanks again.
janvier 22, 2019
Neither the developer of the plugin I was having issues with nor my hosting provider could help with this issue... I was almost ready to give up until I found this plugin. Installed, activated, tested, it worked -> I'm happy. THANK YOU!
août 12, 2018
This plugin magically rotated my photos to the correct orientation. I uploaded photos from my phone and my Lumix camera. Without the plugin, some of the photos were on their sides depending on how I had my camera or my phone turned. I re-uploaded the same photos after installing the plugin, and the plugin correctly identified the photos which needed turning, and turned them properly. Before the plugin, I couldn't even tell very easily which photos would need rotating because they were correctly oriented on the computer, and only showing up sideways on upon upload -- without the plugin. There are no settings for this plugin. It just does whatever it is supposed to do. Note that the plugin works upon upload and does not correct photos uploaded before the plugin was installed. I see some people discussing the loss of EXIF data. There is probably a way to preserve EXIF data while using this plugin, but I wasn't uploading that data anyway. It's a huge relief that I do not have to tediously individually turn each photo as needed. Bravo!
août 10, 2018
Great plugin, quickly fixed all my issues with exif orientation data. 10/10
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  • Remove extra rows below plugin details.
  • Add admin notice if exif extension not loaded or exif_read_data function does not exist or is disabled.


  • Adds « PHP EXIF MODULE LOADED » and « EXIF_READ_DATA CALLABLE » below plugin details.
  • Prevent undefined function call to wp_read_image_metadata in rare cases.
  • Handle file endings with uppercase as well.
  • Some performance patches.
  • WordPress Coding Standards compatibility.


  • Moved hooks registrations outside constructor.


  • Updates correct orientation of fixed images in WordPress metadata of the image.


  • Fix for PNG files being sent for orientation correction while PNG files don’t even have EXIF data.
  • Fix for Restoration of meta data when GD Library is being used.
  • Testing with WordPress 4.8.1 and fixing some related issues.


  • Initial Release