Cette extension n’a pas été testée avec plus de trois mises à jour majeures de WordPress. Elle peut ne plus être maintenue ou supportée et peut avoir des problèmes de compatibilité lorsqu’elle est utilisée avec des versions de WordPress plus récentes.

Geo Masala


  • ## Deprecated
  • This project is no longer active and not recommended for use.
  • It works with WordPress version < 5.0 and the gutenberg plugin. But it doesn’t work with any current version!
  • It is left here for reference

Highly customizable Map Block for Gutenberg, based on Leaflet

  • Customize the Map and its Features directly from within the Gutenberg Block
  • Draw and edit Features. Markers, Lines, Polygons …
  • Customize Feature-Appearance. Icon/Shadow, Color, Opacity, Class-Names …
  • A Wysiwyg Editor to Edit the Popup-Content. Use Images/Videos/Audios inside the Popup-Content
  • Customize the Map itself. Dimensions, Baselayers, Controls …
  • Map Features are shareable and can be used between users and posts (depending on Features settings)

Geo Masala on GitHub.
It’s open-source, free as freedom, free of cost and it will remain free.

How to use

Edit any Post with gutenberg and add a ‘Geo Masala Map’ block, save post and done. Your post will display a map.

  • Draw some Features or select some from the Feature-Panel.
    • The default Status for a new Feature is draft, only published ones are displayed in frontend.
    • To get Features from other posts/users, open Feature-Panel and adjust the Filters.
  • Edit the Feature, change status, icon or color, change the popup content and title.
  • Open the Map Settings Panel and customize the controls.
  • Change the Feature sharing settings for a single Feature, and reuse the Feature in other Posts

The Gutenberg Editor Plugin is required for WordPress versions prior to 5.0, see requirements

What is a Feature?

The term « Feature » is used in the cartographic context. A representation of a real-world object on a map (feature|Definition – Esri Support GIS Dictionary).
Within this plugin, a Feature can represent a simple location (Marker), a way/route/track (Polyline) or an Area (Polygon/Rectangle).
A couple of properties are stored with the Feature, eg. appereance and popup-content data.

How does the Plugin work?

A Feature is saved as a post type, and not saved to the Block!

  • The Plugin registered a new custom-post-type ‘geom_feature’. Each geom_feature is used to store a single cartographic Feature, formatted in geoJSON. The cartographic Feature and other data (appearance, popup-content …) are stored as post-meta.
  • The geom_feature is registered without wordpress ui (List table and editing screen) or appearance in admin-navigation or admin-bar.
  • When editing any post with gutenberg, the ‘Geo Masala Map’ block displays a leaflet map and some settings-panels beneath it. All crud actions (create, read, update, delete) for geom_feature(s) are handled within the editor block using the wp rest api and its backbone client. All geom_feature crud actions are saved immediately (Some ui elements have reset/save buttons).
  • default post_status for geom_feature(s) is ‘draft’.
  • The Features-Panel lists geom_features. Features on Map are highlighted. If a Feature gets removed from map, the geom_feature is still saved and available to use.
  • Therefor a Feature created by one post can be used in another post as well (depending on the individual feature settings). All changes made to a geom_feature are saved immediately and will effect all posts where the Feature is displayed.
  • All attributes related to the map (and not to its features) are stored as block attributes.

In Development

The Plugin is in early development (and needs a sponsor to go on).
Some ui will change and more options will be added.

Coming soon hopefully:

  • wiki and tutorials
  • Possibility to draw routes on a map.
  • Import for gpx/geoJSON/kml
  • Method to add altitude and slope values for features
  • Elevation profile for line/routes
  • Color line/routes by z value or slope

Known issues:

  • Currently there is a maximum for hundred Features, will be changed in future.
  • Feature Sharing: The popover control controls if the Feature appears in a Feature-Pool. If it is already in use somwhere, it will still be used, but just not displayed in Feature-Panel.


I’m hungry, cycling around the world and Geo-Masala is coded while sitting wet in a tent during Monsoon somwhere in south himalaya. I appreaciate any kind of donation or sponsorship.

Thanks for beautiful ressoucres

Captures d’écran

  • Block Overview
  • Edit Popup Content
  • Edit Feature appearance (Marker)
  • Edit Feature appearance (Line, Polygone …)



  • JavaScript needs to be enabled
  • The Gutenberg Editor Plugin is required for WordPress versions prior to 5.0
  • It works on php version 5.6. For older php versions, edit the dependency php_version on line 34 in ./geo-masala.php and test it. Report me your tests, I really appreciate.

Upload and install this Plugin the same way you’d install any other plugin.


5 novembre 2018
Started to play around with this whilst getting ready to design a new site when wordpress 5 is realised. I’m populating the map and it seems to work well. It would be good to be able to have a shortcode so the map could be used on different pages if needed, without loosing the data.
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– fixed an error. Removed all calls to wp.utils

– compatible with Gutenberg v3.7.0 and WordPress v4.9.8;

– compatible with Gutenberg v3.6.2 and WordPress v4.9.8
– fix: lazy load script on frontend. only if el .wp-block-geom-map exist;
– tweak: enqueue frontend asset-entry-scripts on all sites, and lazy load large scripts. before enqueue only if global post has block, so failed on archive pages;

– Fixed error on archive pages;
– Read the commit massages for further details;

– compatible with wp 4.9.8 and gb 3.4.0;
– Added use of post_status for geom_features ( ‘publish’, ‘draft’ and ‘trash’ );
– restructuring blockUi;
– ui: merged FeatureListPanel and its Feature Pool into one component FeatureList;

– compatible with gutenberg 3.3.0;
– lazyloading scripts using load-js on frontend and admin;
– New style for block panels;
– Read the commit massages for further details;

– Use Images/Videos/Audios inside the Popup-Content;
– Read the commit massages for further details;

– Dynamic PopupOptions, MapOptions, MapDimensions;
– Edit Appearance for Polyline inherited Features, most https://leafletjs.com/reference-1.3.0.html#polyline-option now accessable;
– fixed: choose icon and shadow;
– Read the commit massages for further details;

– fix: geomData.api.root was still hardcoded;

– copmatible with gb 3.2.0 and wp 4.9.7;
– fix: Plugin ensures function exist;
– fix: use geomData.api enstead of wpApiSettings;
– fix: removed Backbone.Memento from frontend;

Edit Popup, WysiwygControl works
Added Plugin assets
Updates grunt environment. Integrated updates from generator-pluginboilerplate 1.2.0


edited readme.

first stable version.
edited readme.
removed ‘beautiful-dnd’ and using ‘react-virtualized’ instead.

added custom_post_type geom_feature and started block geom/map
block not finished