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Sport league manager for your league, sport tournament, team and club

Complex solution to build your sports web site. Developed since 2009 JoomSport offers the features essential for any sports site – sport league standings, fixtures, sport teams with description, match history, statistic and photos, players with their profiles, photos and personal achievements, matches with score and game details, and finally all this put into well-structured seasons and leagues.

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Fonctions principales

  • Robust structure – allows you to create different types of Leagues with chronologically organized Seasons that consist of one or several MatchDays with Matches inside.
  • Single and Team competitions mode that allows you to run both single players and teams sport league
  • Responsive and professionally designed pages based on bootstrap framework
  • Team and Player profiles with comprehensive statistic
  • Round robin and knockout (pro edition) matchdays used in football, hockey and other sports leagues or tournaments
  • Venue page with maps and description
  • Extra fields that allows you adding more sport data
  • Persons to add information about team coaches, sport game referees and other personnel involved (pro edition)
  • Team and player moderation (pro edition)
  • Match / Schedule generator (pro edition)
  • Flexible CSV data import (pro edition)
  • Integration with Football live scores API to import public soccer leagues data (pro edition)
  • Integration with Mobile App service
  • and a lot of others…
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Nous proposons une édition commerciale entièrement fonctionnelle qui apporte un grand nombre de suppléments et qui fournit à notre équipe de développement les investissements nécessaires pour lui permettre une amélioration significative des fonctionnalités du produit. Rendez-vous sur la Démo Pro Edition ou achetez dans notre boutique.

Sports JoomSport known to be used for

  • European Football, Soccer (e.g. Champions league, FIFA World Cup, English Premier league, Bundesliga, La Liga)
  • Ice Hockey and Field Hockey(e.g. NHL, KHL, AHL)
  • Volleyball (e.g. FIVB)
  • Rugby
  • American Football (e.g. AFL, NFL)
  • Basketball (e.g. NBA)
  • Futsal (known as indoor Football)
  • Fléchettes
  • Hand-ball
  • Billard
  • Snooker
  • Table Tennis, Ping-Pong
  • Tennis (e.g. US Open, ATP World Tour)
  • Water-polo
  • Jeux eSport (Counter Strike, Wow, Fifa, Dota)
  • Échecs
  • Lawn bawls
  • Softball
  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Martial arts (Karate, Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, etc.)
  • any other sport where there is a match/game between two participants…

Plan détaillé des fonctionnalités

We have huge number of sport features planned and we listen to our customers – just take a look at our features feedback portal


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Our Global Goal

We are changing the sport industry by creating comprehensive software infrastructure for sport league management

Captures d’écran

  • Season standings (football, soccer sport)
  • Matches schedule (football, soccer sport)
  • Match view. Main (ice hockey)
  • Match view. Box score (ice hockey)
  • Team view. Main (soccer)
  • Team view. Roster (football, soccer)
  • Team view. Player Stats (football, soccer)
  • Team view. Overview (soccer)
  • Season players list (soccer)
  • Knockout tournament, brackets (pro version, soccer)
  • Single Player view (chess)
  • Team Player view. Statistic (pro version, football)
  • Venue page (American football)
  • Widgets (Soccer, American football)
  • Plugin settings
  • Modification de la saison
  • Modification du match
  • Modification du match à élimination directe (version pro)


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27 novembre 2019
I bought this plugin 2 years ago and started working with its creators. I also paid a lot of money for preparing the extension of this plugin. Unfortunately, when I get to know the plugin better, I have more and more problems. The custom extension that I ordered did not meet my requirements, although my mistake was that I did not check it well after receiving (I just trusted that they would make a good product). Unfortunately, the developer does not know what optimization, efficient operation or UX is. And justifying the mistakes that "it was not in the specification" is ridiculous. I do not recommend using this company's services. As for the plug-in itself ... It looks advanced, but it's not a pleasure to use it. Lack of proper grouping of rounds for seasons, problems with responsiveness, a lot of unnecessary and ugly code (the extension prepared for me contained as many as 16 additional js / css files!) - these are only some of the problems. So if you want to use it for fun and do not ask questions, do not expect frequent updates (I had 2 in 2 years I guess) and you want to pay a lot of money for poor support, use this plugin. I regret that I lost time and money on this product whose price is not adequate to quality. An amateur plugin, unless you invest a lot of time and money to rewrite it.
20 novembre 2019
I asked the developers at JoomSport to create a customized version of their plugin, and they did a fantastic job! The product is just as desired, and the devs were very attentive to every detail I described. The end result was an awesome plugin with even more functionality than the standard JoomSport app. Great work, and great product!
10 janvier 2019
Great, thanks for this plugin
20 décembre 2018
Joomsport is an amazing and powerful plugin I every used. I have been using it since 2015 on Joomla and on 2018 I have shifted to WordPress. They also provided me a custom software with a fair price and delivered timely with the agreed specifications. The support is tireless and very kind. If your website is a sport league website, I strongly recommend you to install Joomsport.
15 novembre 2018
I using it on 2 Websites and it is great. The Support is very fast.
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Nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • Related stats, e.g. assists
  • Live status with special display on match widgets, Shortcodes and season fixtures
  • Live updates of the match page score without page reload for live matches
  • Integration with updates system from [Statorium Data API service] ( « Statorium soccer live scores API »). Pro version.
  • Import ability of the new default fields from [Statorium Data API service] ( « Statorium soccer live scores API »). Pro version.
  • New default fields for player (short name, home country name)
  • New default fields for team (short name, Middle size name)
  • New system field « Player number » that connected to season and team
  • New option to display player names all over the front pages
  • Flexibility to show different Team names in Shortcodes
  • Flexibility to show different Player names in Shortcodes
  • Flexibility to show different Team names in Widgets
  • Flexibility to show different Player names in Widgets
  • Ability to add match time in 45+3 format
  • The new way to display own gloas inside the player events block
  • Add default image to Player post

Changes applied:

  • Integrated themes CSS
  • Remove column names if icon exists for player stats tab in player profile and on season player list
  • Roster image CSS improvement
  • CSv examples integrated (Pro version)
  • Show system player number next to the team name on player profile

Corrections de bugs :

  • Custom status to display on matches page
  • player events are not displayed on Match FE if minute is not specified
  • Deleted match is counted into Played matches for Player


Nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • Delete players and teams in bulk

Changes applied:

  • Scroll matches CSS
  • Integrated themes CSS
  • Roster image CSS improvement

Corrections de bugs :

  • Security vulnearbilities fixed. Update is highly recommended!
  • Played match stat counting for Substitutes


Nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • Playoff matchday – matches that are not counted towards standings

Changes applied:

  • Standings displayed without matches added
  • Standings CSS
  • Roster CSS
  • Integrated themes CSS

Corrections de bugs :

  • CSV import tool – extra fields import
  • Error on match page edit


Nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • Integration with soccer data API provider (Pro)

Changes applied:

  • Performance improvement for number of pages
  • The new Bonus points format
  • Roster CSS
  • Integrated themes CSS
  • Responsive CSS

Corrections de bugs :

  • Manual points on Match page didn’t work
  • Error on match page edit


Corrections de bugs :

  • Error on match page edit


version overview

Changes applied:

  • Significant performance improvement for all major pages
  • Player stats widget added to standard edition
  • SEO improvements
  • Styling improvements
  • Mobile styles improved

Corrections de bugs :

  • Delete matchday now will recount tables
  • Knockout 7 and 77 score issue (Pro)
  • Team overview – all matches are Away
  • Moderator without team can edit any match (Pro)
  • Using the selectors to enter a zero score messes the fixture up
  • Search on Calendar is not working for Mobiles
  • Matches order incorrect on Calendar once generated by Match gen (Pro)
  • Remove Team column from Player stats page for singles


version overview

Changes applied:

  • New icons set
  • Knockout redesign (Pro)
  • Player list ordering option
  • Countable events stats added to player list
  • Added Team column to player list
  • Shortened name for Rank column on standings
  • Logo for standings widget
  • Improved design of all matches shortcodes and widgets
  • Group by matchday on Calendar mobile view
  • Improved design for Calendar mobile view
  • Improved active tabs view in FireFox
  • Minor CSS improvements

Corrections de bugs :

  • CRITICAL HOTFIX (Pro) – WordPress 4.9.2 compatibility – Knockout delete function clears all season matches.
  • https links in link type extra field are not working
  • Removed inline CSS from matches widget
  • Group by in roster is not working when field is not displayed on player list
  • Removed non-functional registration button on season layout
  • Current form custom name is not applied
  • Custom shortened names are not applied for standings shortcodes and widgets

3.0 – 3.0.1

version overview

Nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • Persons (Referees, coaches, etc.)(Pro)
  • Display persons in roaster (Pro)
  • Ability to change slug (Pro)
  • Date extra field type for age, birthdays, etc.
  • Color legend
  • Default season columns
  • Date range filter for matches shortcode and widget
  • Improved design of ranking colors
  • Optional season hierarchy
  • Display winner in knockout tree

Corrections de bugs :

  • Empty season when no played matches
  • CSS styles adjustments
  • Enable search for players and venues
  • Display box score from deleted match
  • Season container fixes
  • Empty raw for players statistic in STD version
  • Box score is not displayed if not grouped by extra field
  • Master Slider plugin compatibility
  • HOTFIX – Compatibility with WordPress 4.9 – Matchdays saving.


version overview

Nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • Flexible CSV data import (pro edition)
  • Team Roster with group by ability
  • Player list shortcode
  • Matchday shortcode
  • Berger algorithm for Match Generator (Pro)
  • Extra field display in player list
  • Player stats shortcode moved to ST edition
  • Seconds for player events. Welcome Hockey!
  • Emblem for standings shortcode
  • Redeveloped shortened names for standings
  • Add columns to Squad list
  • Ranking colors for standings shortcode

Corrections de bugs :

  • Knockout match statuses issues
  • CSS styles adjustments
  • Box score and statistics views and blocs fixes
  • Matches widget and shortcode issues
  • Demo data errors
  • Season bonus points were not applying

2.0 – 2.0.2

version overview

Nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • ST/PRO features pack review
  • Box score statistic (Pro)
  • Redesigned player events statistic (Pro)
  • Demo data wizard
  • Shortened responsive names for standings
  • Add columns to Calendar
  • Menus renaming and design
  • Match generator (Pro edition)
  • Ideas collecting widget added
  • Redesigned player/match events edit
  • Other minor improvements

Corrections de bugs :

  • CSS styles adjustments
  • Stage results filled for one side
  • Update link for pro ver.
  • Matches widget logic
  • 2.0.1 Regression bug – create season fix
  • JavaScript menu error in admin interface. If the new menu design loads ok on your site there is no need to update to 2.0.1 from 2.0.0

1.3.0 – 1.3.1

version overview

Nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • Basic moderation options – create sport teams or players, assign to season, create or edit matches (pro version)
  • Match date added on matchday quick creation page
  • Season Groups moved to Standard edition

Corrections de bugs :

  • Missing menu in localized versions
  • Language strings
  • Date format
  • Ranking with equal points
  • Highlighting teams limitation
  • Language strings corrections
  • Default venue picture
  • Venue order in lists
  • Deleted matches don’t count in standings
  • Display stages with 0 score
  • Team page – logo CSS changes
  • Calendar pagination
  • Do not show standings table for knockout matches

1.2.1 – 1.2.3

version overview

Nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • Improved translations
  • Disconnected team inside the match when changing match status
  • Hierarchical seasons
  • Use match results inside the groups from previous season
  • Complex matches in Knockout

Corrections de bugs :

  • Bug qui connecte le joueur à l’équipe dans la saison sélectionnée
  • CSS styles adjustments

1.0 – 1.1.0

Nouvelles fonctionnalités :

  • Insert logos in standings shortcode
  • Inverser l’ordre pour les matchs à domicile/à l’extérieur
  • Compatibilité avec l’extension Yoast SEO
  • CSS styles adjustments
  • Ajouter la possibilité de regrouper par jour de match dans les matchs en code court
  • Compatibilité de traduction
  • Compatiblité avec les tournois à élimination directe de la version Pro

Corrections de bugs :

  • Season creation Error
  • Current form for last 5 matches
  • Classer les événements du joueur selon la minute de but
  • Do not show bonus points and manual points in knockout
  • Masquer les joueurs retirés de la saison
  • Season errors
  • PHP version error