Central Color Palette


This plugin allows you to manage a site-wide central color palette for an uniform look’n’feel. The palette of the new block editor and the Theme Customizer are supported, as well as the classic editor. You can define this central color palette through the settings menu. All plugins that make use of WordPress’ color picker can benefit from this plugin as well.

Also this plugin replaces the color picker for choosing a text or background color found inside the classic editor with a bigger and customizable color grid.

For an easy migration between WordPress installations you can export and import your palette settings and colors.

Prise en charge de thèmes/extensions
Central Color Palette prend en charges ces extensions et thèmes :

Documentation de l’API

Central Color Palette offers some methods, so have a look at the Documentation de l’API.

Politique de confidentialité

Cette extension ne collecte ou n’utilise aucune donnée privée.

Captures d’écran

  • L’éditeur de palette de couleurs
  • Le nouvel éditeur de bloc est pris en charge
  • Personnaliser la palette de l’outil de personnalisation du thème
  • Legacy support for the classic editor


Cette extension devrait fonctionner avec une installation standard de WordPress.

Recherche d’extension WordPress

  1. Goto your WordPress and open Plugins > Add New
  2. Recherche pour Central Color Palette
  3. Click install and activate the plugin

Dépôt des extensions WordPress

  1. Goto wordpress.org/plugins/kt-tinymce-color-grid and download the zip
  2. Goto your WordPress. You can upload a plugin via /wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Installation manuelle

  1. Goto wordpress.org/plugins/kt-tinymce-color-grid and download the zip
  2. Upload the directory found inside the zip archive to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


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12 novembre 2019
Thank you Daniel for creating this amazing plugin. The brand new CSS variable totally rocks! Just so easy to have colour management on one place.
19 juin 2019
Hay temas que no vienen con colores estándar. Este plugin soluciona esto.
2 juin 2019
Central Color Palette is going to save me hundreds, nay, thousands of mouse clicks! On one of my three WordPress sites, there is very much copying & pasting of images from page to page, and my favourite colour for titling always disappeared & had to be reinstated on each page. No longer! If anyone with the same problem reads this, Central Color Palette is definitely 'The Best Thing Out', as my old grandfather used to say. 8^) Many thanks indeed, Bixanorak.
13 mai 2019
I wish I had learned of this plugin before. Works really well, clear explanations. I work with colors a lot, in my texts, and although I use shortcuts for my brand colors, that is still a lot more work than just clicking one of the 5 colors I need. Thank you so much.
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  • Added support for Advanced Custom Fields
  • Added support for Mega Max Menu
  • Added option for global CSS variables
  • Added export type for CSS variables
  • Added color types
  • Updated CSS to match WP 5.3


Added support for FontPress


  • Added « Clear Color » cell to the picker of the classic editor when only using the palette
  • Fixed unset variable warning when saving an empty palette (thanks to @cadiz)
  • Fixed syntax error for older PHP versions


Classic Editor: Added an option to add a missing « Clear Color » cell to the picker when only using the palette


  • Elementor: Fixes broken alpha channel
  • Elementor: Adds color names as mouse-over
  • Fixes bug which can cause a fatal error on page loads without a WP_Screen instance


  • Gutenberg: Fixed overwritten color classes on front-end (thanks to @t0b1hh)
  • Elementor: Fixed palette size and row display for many colors (thanks to @stevewoody82)


Fixed broken palette upload/import


Fixed broken download for JSON and Backup formats


Fixed bug: new palette color are not save due to logic error


  • Added support for Hestia Theme
  • Added public method to manually set the central palette (suggested by @mrhasbean)
  • Fixed bug in color sanitation method


  • Fixed incompatibility with Elementor Pro
  • Added support for Neve Theme


  • Fixed broken Import
  • Fixed JavaScript bug


  • Added Gutenberg/block editor support
  • Transparency channel is now always visible inside the palette editor
  • Transparency can now be toggled individually for those integrations that use it
  • Colors can be deactivated to hide them inside the block editor but retain their assignment on a block level
  • Imports try to reuse existing colors to reduce chaos inside the block editor
  • Added more export formats
  • Added JSON import


Customizer palette breaks into rows of 8 colors


Fixed faulty output on palette save (thanks to @cavalierlife)


Fixed unstable integration with Elementor (thanks to @eplanet)


  • Fixed dynamic styles interfering with other parts of TinyMCE (thanks to @jb2386)
  • Added credits to changelog of all those who contributed
  • Added GDPR notice to readme



Fixed a bug where opacity values are displayed instead of color names



  • Added support for OceanWP
  • Fixed alpha picker for Chrome
  • Removed palette import, it’s to buggy.



  • Fixed fatal error when updating from an older version than 1.6 (thanks to @flixflix)
  • Removed dependancy on farbtastic; now the color picker ships self-contained


Corrected some palette import bugs


Fixed fatal error due to missing wp_is_mobile on network installations of WordPress (thanks to @kzeni)


  • Import third party palettes
  • Automatic color names thanks to Chirag Mehta’s Name that Color and @flixflix
  • Improved backup


  • All settings and the palette can now be exported and imported (suggested by @sigersmit)
  • Added new grid type: only central palette for TinyMCE (suggested by @jhned)
  • Added CSS for right-to-left locales


  • Fixes JavaSript bug (thanks to @hrohh)
  • Fixes conflict with Poedit (thanks to @hrohh)


Corrected typos and some translation strings


  • Theme Customizer support added (thanks to @kzeni)
  • Color grid is now adjustable in type and size


Fixed hidden colors after defining more than 13 colors (thanks to @wlashack)


  • Useability improvements
  • Faster grid generation by using pre-calculated colors
  • Namespaced CSS IDs and HTML form variables to avoid name collisions
  • Fixed CSS errors


Added clean uninstall routine


  • Fixed possible JavaScript error
  • Reduced overhead
  • Removed language files; now handled by GlotPress


Update for WordPress 4.4


  • Repaired headers already send error
  • Preparation for GlotPress


Fixed a broken script


  • Improved settings page
  • Improved accessibility
  • Fixed security leaks
  • Fixed translation bugs


Changed HTML to conform with WordPress 4.3


Added support for custom persistent colors (thanks to @cash3p)


Fixes an error when using more than one TinyMCE


  • Stylesheet gets enqueued only on pages with a TinyMCE
  • Reduced overhead


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