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👓 Create Stunning Websites Visually

Live Composer page builder is complete and feature-reach website builder for WordPress. In our page builder, you get most of the features for free paying only for Woo-Commerce support and advanced integrations (ACF, CPT, Mega Menus). Create stunning custom page designs in real-time. Drag & drop front-end editing is a perfectly intuitive way to create and customize great looking websites.

Do it yourself with easy content editing in real-time. Save your money on expensive coding and customization services. No tech skills needed to create professional websites in our page builder. Live Composer is a great tool for web designers, digital marketing specialists, WordPress theme developers and freelance consultants. Learn our page builder once and cut your website building time with every next project. Create an exceptional landing page, portfolio or fully featured pro website for your client.

🏆 Over 50,000 Site Owners Chose Live Composer page builder

You can trust our plugin. 100% open source page builder backed by the experienced team of web developers. Our page builder on the market for more than 2 years. All the major bugs already fixed and new updates released regularly. Every day our developers work on code improvements and new features. With a purchase of any premium extension you also getting access to our exceptional one-to-one support.

📙 Our Page Builder comes with an [extensive documentation](, but you don’t need it

Site design customization or page layout changes shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. Our page builder is easy to use without reading any documentation. You’ll be building beautiful custom WordPress site designs in no time. Create multi-media rich pages with very little effort: add new sections, rearrange columns, and add media from the same screen. It’s a perfect solution for ALL users. No technical skills required.

⏳ Create Custom Page Layouts in Minutes

Live Composer page builder is a simple but very powerful WordPress site builder. Customize every little detail on your website or build stunning custom pages from scratch.

🎯 Well Integrated With WordPress

Our page builder works with works with any standard compliant WordPress theme. It’s fully compatible with other plugins like Yoast WP SEO or contact form builders. We also have a marketplace with free and premium themes created especially for Live Composer.

♻ No Code Left Behind When the Plugin Deactivated

Unlike other page builders, Live Composer doesn’t leave behind the horrible amount of shortcodes when the plugin deactivated. It’s not a commitment to a single plugin. We don’t lock you. It’s easy to start using any other page builder without a need to remove all the custom shortcodes before implementing a new solution.

⭐ 100% Open Source Page Builder

Previously a premium plugin, Live Composer page builder is now a free fully functional plugin. Actively developed by professional web developers it has a bright future for years to come.

🙈 No Coding Skills Required

Anyone can build pro website with Live Composer page builder. No coding or technical skills required. Our site builder will generate all the code for you.

🌀 Export/Import Sections, Layouts or while Pages

Export any page section or the whole page. Reuse layout or page design you created.

📱 Mobile Responsive Page Builder

It’s easy to create responsive websites in our page builder. You can customize the responsive presentation of any page element to make it looks perfect on all mobile devices, ensuring your site is mobile-ready.

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  • Page builder in editing mode


Install and Activate our page builder from your WordPress admin as any other plugin


How to I activate the page builder on a page?

When you visit a page you’ll see a green « activate editor » button in the bottom right corner, click that and the page will reload with page builder ready to use.

Why is the « activate editor » button missing from the homepage

In most of the cases, this is because the homepage is not a real WordPress page, it’s custom content generated by the theme’s index.php. Publish a new page and set it as the homepage ( WP Admin > Settings > Reading > Front Page ). Now you can use page builder on the homepage too.


too many menus

once installed it addded so many new menus on the left side, it made me sick, just can't hold so many menus there, unistalled it.

UI and Workflow are terrible

It's to complicated to use and style elements, if you compare it with Elementor. The Program is not bad at all, but i need twice as much Time as with other Pagebuilders. The User Interface should be completly redesigned. Thats my major problem with live composer and the reason why i don't use ist for customer websites. If that would change, i would use live composer with happiness. All i can do for now, is to wait for der future changes and to hope for a redesign of the UI.
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1.4.4 – May 23rd 2019

  • 🕷 Bug: WordPress automatically create a page when defining the image title in LC.
  • 🆕 New text shortcode: [dslc_bloghome] – Outputs the blog index page URL ( home_url() ).
  • 🆕 New text shortcode: [dslc_archive_heading] – Heading for the archive pages.
  • 🆕 New text shortcode: [nextpost_url] and [prevpost_url] – Output an URL to the next previous post the same way as next post link works.
  • 🆕 New text shortcode: [dslc_postpagination] – Outputs single post pagination.

1.4.3 – May 9th 2019

  • WordPress 5.1 is not compatible with older PHP versions anymore. If you have issues after updating WordPress or our plugin, please ask your hosting to upgrade PHP version or do it yourself via the control panel.
  • Issue #979: Fix php notices related to presets functionality.
  • Issue #984: Add « Edit In Live Composer » button into Gutenberg UI.
  • Issue #985: Improve Yoast compatibility with LC when using Gutenberg.
  • Issue #986: Recover automatic testing engine.

1.4.1 – January 10th 2019

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #969: Module “Blog” is not filtering posts by category
  • Issue #965: Italics not working in WP Editor
  • Issue #972: Fixed bug with value in the module


  • Issue #966: Delete Advertising Bar

1.4 – December 11th 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #956: Meta module comment URL doesn’t link to the page comments
  • Issue #948: Multiple CSS issues on RTL
  • Issue #394: I can’t drag and drop modules when I use a Load Page Design
  • Issue #445: RTL issue
  • Issue #248: LC editing mode is broken on archive pages without page id


  • Issue #947: Improvement for the Navigation module disable option
  • Issue #805: Plus and minus expanding icons for accordion module
  • Issue #739: Posts ordering by author
  • Issue #730: Add the category to the blog module meta
  • Issue #356: Keep the footer at the bottom of the page when there is no content
  • Issue #333: Add ‘Enable/Disable Custom CSS’ for all modules
  • Issue #955: Add lists style on the Info Box content
  • Issue #954: Add tags on the blog meta
  • Issue #958: Make the coment form GDPR Compliance
  • Issue #698: Galleries grid button
  • Issue #590: Gallery elements button
  • Issue #505: Improve parallax
  • Issue #482: Change pagination text
  • Issue #348: Make sure all the modules with images has alt tags option


  • Issue #405: Add template for « Not Found » on search results
  • Issue #373: Add possibility to create template for a particular taxonomy term
  • Issue #951: Add new filter for module image
  • Issue #920: Add filters to override default module outputs
  • Issue #599: Add opacity control for modle text
  • Issue #500: Add second orderby for module blog
  • Issue #407: Add possibility to filter posts by tag for module blog
  • Issue #387: Add caption for module gallery slider
  • Issue #384: Add preloader for template loading

1.3.18 – August 24th 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #935: Sticky row does not work with a smooth scrolling plugin.
  • Issue #942: The problematic Woo Product module is removed since we have a full Woocommerce integration extension.


  • Issue #721: Allow the Excerpts to have formatting tags.
  • Issue #945: Added separator thickness option on custom posts module for responsive devices.
  • Issue #942: Improvements for Tab and Accordion modules to allow third-party plugins shortcodes usage.
  • Issue #875: Improvements for images on responsive devices.


  • Issue #944: Added the Lightbox option for all custom posts listing modules.
  • Issue #865: Added an option to set the default row vertical paddings.

1.3.17 – August 3th 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #885: Live Composer code Import and Export.
  • Issue #901: Cache not flushing on ajax save action.


  • Issue #938: Activation process ( Live Composer Woocommerce Integration ).
  • Issue #916: Margins styles for buttons on the Post module.
  • Improved the Blog module flexibility for ACF integration


  • Issue #882: Option to delete the presets from modules.

1.3.16 – July 6th 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #926: The left position of the Activation editor button
  • Issue #925: Video background issue according to the new autoplay policy
  • Issue #922: The « Load more » button label from pagination cannot be translated
  • Issue #912: The container columns option overlap issue
  • Issue #929: Testimonial avatar issue, a problem with custom posts borders


  • Issue #930: Added ALT and TITLE attributes for images from Infobox modules
  • Issue #841: Image Link field from Image module can use now subdomain paths
  • Issue #744: The testimonials are removed from Post module to avoid the confusion. The Testimonials need to be used with the dedicated module
  • Issue #913: New header should be Default if it’s the only header


  • Issue #833: Connection between projects and other custom posts (staff and partners)
  • Issue #829: Added comments count in the « Blog module » meta

1.3.15 – May 1th 2018


  • Issue #908: Add the sticky feature to the rows.


  • Grouping the row settings

1.3.14 – April 12th 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #902: Deactivate LC cache if popular caching plugins are active
  • Issue #903: Improved section icons

1.3.13 – March 22nd 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #902: Fixing bug introduced in the previous version. (Temporary disables detection of the other caching plugins).

1.3.12 – March 21st 2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #863: Cache not resetting properly preventing for the page to update
  • Issue #895: The section icons cannot be selected when there is no padding set
  • Issue #714: WordPress SEO by Yoast don’t read the « Info box module »


  • Issue #890: WooCommerce out of stock products
  • Issue #889: Improve the module ‘Title’ for WooCommerce
  • Issue #845: Deactivate LC cache if popular caching plugins are active

1.3.11 – February 9th 2018

In this update we improve compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin and our premium WooCommerce Integration. Added a possibility to create your custom SVG icons, and improved design controls for many default modules. Default caching engine works better as well.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #877: The category archive listing issue with the very first post ( Custom Post Type )
  • Issue #873: Show/Hide Dependency
  • Issue #860: A string from the Comment module cannot be translated
  • Issue #852: Module Testimonials: Option ‘Row Separator’ don’t work
  • Issue #740: Broken select control in SLIDER module
  • Issue #850: Broken shortcodes in the posts preview.
  • Issue #847: Yoast Open Graph tags do not show on the posts powered by custom templates.
  • Issue #846: Missing color transparency control for the text shadow block in the Text module.
  • Issue #844: Broken cache engine when premium extensions enabled.
  • Issue #840: Improve compatibility with our premium WooCommerce Integration.


  • Issue #868: Module Testimonials: Add Logo and Icon
  • Issue #867: Add arrows on the sides for modules ( post based )
  • Some editing iterface elements polished also removed unwated Google font calls.
  • Issue #839: Add filter for display module options (useful for 3-rd party developers).
  • Issue #838: Add action hooks for css-generation.php (useful for 3-rd party developers).
  • Issue #799: Removed direct access to the footer/header templates.


  • Issue #871: Add the ability to add icon SVG
  • Issue #859: New options for modules

1.3.9 – November 27th 2017

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #836: Fixed: PHP 7.1 Compatibility


  • This update mainly has inner code changes to make it possible to extend Live Composer functionality with module packs. This update is required for latest versions of Extensions Pack and WooCommerce Integration plugins to work properly. – November 16th 2017

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #834: Fixed: Broken color picker in WordPress 4.9
  • Issue #784: Fixed: The search archive listing issue with the very first post
  • Issue #830: Fixed: Header position description is not quite accurate


Issue #825: Improve function ‘dslc_get_archive_template_by_pt’

1.3.7 – October 4th 2017

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #804: Fixed: Link is not correct on LC WordPress
  • Issue #797: Fixed: The filter buttons should not be visible on mobile
  • Issue #787: Fixed: The sticky/fixed header option is not working properly
  • Issue #784: Fixed: The category archive listing issue with the very first post

Thanks to the next contributors for helping with this update:

1.3.6 – September 19th 2017

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #800: Fixed: Archives listing template is broken
  • Issue #796: Fixed: WPML – Translate Header and Footer
  • Issue #795: Fixed: Module ‘Comments Form’ – Rename shortcode

1.3.5 – September 8th 2017

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #722: Fixed notice of module ‘Image’
  • Issue #776: Fixed issue on templates import
  • Issue #777: Fixed blog comments


  • Issue #788: Added filter for WPML
  • Issue #788: Added new icon for module ‘Social Element’

Thanks to the next contributors for helping with this update:

1.3.4 – August 13th 2017

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #760: Fixed NAVIGATION module subnav styling settings
  • Issue #762: Fixed Header/Footer Editing Functionality
  • Issue #763: Add option for developers to filter controls with on/off toggle
  • Issue #764: Fixed issue with height ( Footer )

  • You can download any previous version here

  • If something isn’t working as expected, please try to disable cache first and report a problem.You can disable the Live Composer caching feature from WP Admin > Live Composer > Settings > Performance > HTML/CSS caching.

1.3.3 – August 9th 2017

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes the broken div wrappers in header/footers introduced in the previous version
  • Fixes a JS error that appears in the Menu Pro (no outerHide function)
  • Issue #753: Fixes a bug of pagination when the LC caching is active
  • Issue #754: Fixes a bug with the active menu style when the LC caching is active
  • Issue #755: Fixes the broken google map when the LC caching is active
  • Issue #756: Fixes a bug in builder.frontend.main.js
  • Issue #757: Fixes a bug with the header/footer editing overlay

Information about cache:

If have problems with the cache, you can disable the Live Composer caching feature from WP Admin > Live Composer > Settings > Performance > HTML/CSS caching. – July 25th 2017


  • Live Composer now comes with a simple object-based cache. It will use 2-5 times fewer server resources. Pages will load 3-5 times faster. You can clear cache or disable it completely in WP Admin > Live Composer > Performance > HTML/CSS caching.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #720: Social icons do not space out from center


  • Code optimization for faster loading times and better performance.
  • Issue #725: Added « Edit in Live Composer » buttons (posts list + editing screen)
  • Issue #722: Module ‘Image’ Show message to the site admins only.
  • Issue #717: Removed the ordering criteria which don’t belong to the module
  • Issue #709: Added ‘Enable/Disable’ custom CSS for the module Shortcode
  • Improved function dslc_icons_current_set
  • Improved builder.main.css
  • Module InfoBox – Improved the controls for the icon ( Tablet and Phone )
  • Removed unwanted console.log form js code

Thanks to the next contributors for helping with this update:

1.3.1 – May 31th 2017


  • Module Comments Form: Fixed Notice
  • Added new filters for developers to insert custom HTML before and after any header or footer.
  • Added new filters for developers to insert custom HTML before and after content.
  • Improve function lc_welcome
  • Improve function dslc_code_migration

1.3 – April 25th 2017


  • Issue #639: New filter added for the developers to adjust display of the composer panels
  • Issue #684: Improved filter allowing to insert custom code before and after any module or section.
  • Issue #680: Text module: Added margin-bottom (paragraph) for Tablets and Phones
  • Issue #673: Improved ‘help’ control for modules and sections
  • Issue #576: Improved the comments form
  • Issue #435: Simplified settings for the template posts
  • Issue #404: When editing any template LC, it will send you back to the original post when closed
  • Issue #302: Image Module: ALT and TITLE attributes now synchronize with the ones set in WP Media library

1.2.9 – April 12th 2017

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #648: Module Tabs: Shortcodes are getting converted to html
  • Issue #677: Fixed SyntaxError: JSON.parse
  • Issue #674: Fixed bug SEO tab in the plugin settings

Thanks to the next contributors for helping with this update:

1.2.8 – April 11th 2017

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #659: « Show on » feature is missing from the BLOG module
  • Issue #646: SHORTCODE module not displaying styling options in some cases
  • Issue #623: Issue with INFOBOX module in IE11


  • Issue #638: New SEO tab in the plugin settings to check how much it will cost to promote website in Google for particular keywords (you can hide this tab if you have/had any of our premium extensions installed).
  • Issue #545: Added Arabic, Thai and all other non-English languages available in Google Fonts directory.
  • Issue #650: Developers now can add info popup for controls in the section settings


  • Issue #595: Module presets: Added an option to refresh modules with design presets only after the page reload. It can be useful if you have too many modules with the same preset on the page. See WP Admin > Live Composer > Settings > Performance panel.
  • Issue #528: Show submenu dropdown when editing SUBNAV in navigation module
  • Issue #661: Improve filters for developers to insert custom HTML before and after any module or section.
  • Add BG Image Size option to Text Module

Thanks to the next contributors for helping with this update:

1.2.7 – March 27th 2017

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #645: Fixed bug in THE CONTENT and HTML modules (can’t open Functionality tab)
  • Issue #640: Broken border color = active control in the navigation module
  • Issue #628: Clicking on the download button now downloads a file instead of opening it in the new tab.
  • Issue #598: Border controls are broken for active items in the Posts Grid > Filters
  • Issue #555: Woo Products Carousel showing part of the previous image


  • Issue #642: Added a new filters for developers to insert custom HTML before and after any module or section.


  • Issue #626: Possibility to hide promo messages panel in the Live Composer.

Thanks to the next contributors for helping with this update:

1.2.6 – March 14th 2017

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #630: Custom setting panels in WP Admin now render properly settings for extensions (used by developers who create extensions for Live Composer)
  • Issue #591: Module presets: Heading URL should not be copied in style presets between modules.
  • Issue #584: Module presets: Problem with styling presets and default values (Social Links Module + Presets)
  • Issue #621: Module Gallery slider: The « Display the pictures from » feature are limited to few options.

Thanks to the next contributors for helping with this update:

1.2.5 – February 28th 2017


  • Added unique ID for every section. In the future updates it will help to improve the plugin performance.
  • Extension developers now have possibility to create description for the plugin setting panels
  • Added notice in the standard WP Editor to warn users to not make changes in the back-end.
  • New Shortcode module.


  • Added more margin options to the CONTENT module.
  • Issue #589: Minor optimization in the code generation functions
  • Issue #577: Improved editor messages: added PHP class
  • Issue #604: Improve function the_edit_template_link and button ‘Disable Editor’

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #587: Fixed a broken link in the Live Composer configuration notice.
  • Issue #583: Fixed broken comment form placeholders.
  • Issue #581: Inline editor – the wrong button hovers colors in some themes.
  • Issue #579: Image tab doesn’t hide in the Info Box module settings.
  • Issue #578: Settings group wrapper doesn’t hide in the responsive tab.
  • Issue #574: Infobox > Icon > Margin Right setting doesn’t working
  • Issue #573: HTML element > insert – textarea = broken module
  • Fixed the notice that appears when LC installed but settings never saved.
  • Updated Meta module to ignore private taxonomies (compatibility with Yoast WP Pro).
  • Make ‘std’ option in custom setting panel work as expected (needed for CPT extension to work properly).

1.2.4 – February 14th 2017

Bug fixes:

1.2.3 – February 4th 2017

Bug fixes:

1.2.2 – January 26th 2017

Bug fixes:

1.2.1 – January 19th 2017

Bug fixes:

1.2 – December 21st 2016

New features:

Bug fixes:

Thanks to the next contributors for helping with this update:

1.1.4 – September 12th 2016


  • Issue #253: Added animations for the ICON module.
  • Add Instagram as a social option to STAFF module. Thank you Mario Zigliotto.
  • Issue #261: Shadows for posts in the BLOG and POSTS module

Bug fixes:

  • JS Bug: TypeError: a.html(…) is undefined
  • Issue #198: [JS] Inline Editor do not disappear on module CONFIRM click ( Firefox )
  • Issue #207: [JS] Cick on module (in the modules list) freezes the Live Composer
  • Issue #223: Link to editing archive listing template is broken.
  • Issue #224: Posts Module showing error when Media post type selected.
  • Issue #225: WooCommerce Module – settings broken for the title and price position.
  • Issue #226: Galleries Module – Styling -> Count -> Position is not work.
  • Issue #228: Grids of posts with masonry grid will not refresh the grid properly on options change.
  • Issue #232: Broken Resize Height Control
  • Issue #233: Module Downloads – Main -> Location contol is broken
  • Issue #240: [JS] tinyMCE multiple instances
  • Issue #246: [JS Bug] – Cannot read property ‘init’ of undefined
  • Issue #249: [JS] Copy/Paste does not work in-line. Thank you Luke Perrie.
  • Issue #260: Chevrons doubling up in Navigation Module. Thank you Luke Perrie.
  • Issue #262: The LC templates are listed on WordPress search listing
  • Issue #276: Posts and Blog module filtering bug
  • Issue #279: Module Image – Box shadow ( Inner ) does not work
  • Infobox inline-editor in « content »:

Thanks to the next contributors for helping with this update:

1.1.3 – August 19th 2016

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #174: Click « Edit template » in WP Admin on CPT listing is broken
  • Problem with border settings control. If set to ‘none none none none’ it will break.
  • Issue #186: Version 1.1+ problem with post archive templates, post styling is missing
  • Issue #182: Make sure disabled modules (WP Admin > Live Composer > Settings > Feature Control) do not show in list of the modules available for drag and drop.
  • Issue #170: Load Templates section is not scrollable anymore
  • Issue #178: TinyMCE inline link popup has a wrong position.
  • Issue #172: Element Titles cannot be changed in Safari on Mac
  • Issue #208: Responsive settings do not work for THE CONTENT module
  • Issue #203: Responsive line-height settings do not work in HTML module
  • Issue #196: Uncaught Error – cannot call methods on sortable prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘option’
  • Issue #202: Inline Editor – Bold, Italic text styling do not apply in some themes.
  • Issue #193: Navigation Module – Chevron not showing when enabled in navigation module
  • Issue #276: Post Filters – « All » button instead showing all the posts, is hiding them at all

  • Presets: Fixed presets auto-reload on module options change. (Thank you Paul!)

  • Presets: Removed Infobox > Image and Infobox > Image Url form synchronization. (Thank you Paul!)
  • Post Grids: Wrong post title centering over thumbnail. (Thank you Jacob!)

For developers:

  • New filter added ‘dslc_filter_modules’. Use it to enable/disable/sort/rename registered modules.
  • Removed dslc_sort_alphabetically function.

Other changes:

  • Completely removed ‘Modules Listing Order’ setting from WP Admin > Live Composer > Settings
  • Issue #181: Fixed headers cover working area while editing page. From now Fixed / Absolute headers will looks like a regular header in editing more. If you want to see it fixed as on production, please click on « Hide Editor » button.
  • Changed limit for border width value (from 10 to 1000)

1.1.2 – August 17th 2016

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #169 + #166: Drag & Drop broken due to JS error (Uncaught TypeError: a.addEventListener is not a function…)

1.1.1 – August 17th 2016

Bug fixes:

  • Infobox Title Editing is broken #162
  • Icon selection control is broken #159
  • Modules Row Edit Menu Disappears after moving. #158
  • WP Admin Bar is not visible even when LC is not in active mode #155
  • Cannot open « WP Editor » for Accordion or Tabs modules #153

1.1 – August 16th 2016

See latest changes in details with animated gifs and videos


  • Inline text editing using TinyMCE
  • New toggle next to each styling control in module settings
  • Added JS Error reporting feature
  • Added Custom Class option for all the modules
  • Added box-shadow option for the image modules
  • Added possibility to change label text (“All”) on post categories filter


  • Better responsive design code based on media queries
  • Faster duplication for modules, module areas and rows (no AJAX requests)
  • Faster width change action for modules and module areas (no AJAX requests)
  • Empty module containers adds much faster on the page (no AJAX requests)
  • Changed drag and drop library for better performance (still in beta)
  • Improved browser performance thanks to better memory usage
  • Automatic soft permalinks flush on 404 error pages

Changes in UI:

  • New ‘invisible’ slider for number-based controls
  • Click on any module to open settings panel
  • New responsive preview
  • Updated look for the modules panel
  • You can now scroll module panels with mouse wheel (removed custom scrolling)
  • Moved Templates and Header/Footers menu items under Appearance section
  • Removed Archives and Search settings in favor of template post settings
  • Improved post options panel for templates
  • New feature: dependency for options (show hide controls conditionally)
  • Module areas are grey from now for better color coding
  • Settings panel loading effect added
  • Removed Yoast WP meta-boxes for Header/Footer and Template CPT
  • Improved checkboxes in post options by making labels clickable
  • Changed control type for all the FONT WEIGHT controls
  • Added descriptive titles for action icons on module/container/row
  • Better preview for post thumbnails
  • Better current module/container width highlighting
  • Improved hover states for most of the UI elements
  • Text selection disabled for UI elements
  • Migrate all the UI animations and effects to pure-CSS when possible
  • Semi-transparent module area borders

Changes in code:

  • Editing moved into iframe inside WP admin
  • We use grunt to run automatic tasks like JS/CSS files compression
  • Reorganized all the JS and CSS files for better structure and automatic minimization
  • New global object ‘LiveComposer’ in JS with the next structure:
  • LiveComposer
  • Builder
  • Elements
  • UI
  • Actions
  • Flags
  • PreviewAreaDocument
  • PreviewAreaWindow
  • Helpers
  • Production
  • Utils
  • Destroy controls when not used, cleared number of DOM nodes dramatically
  • Restricted access to the page with ?dslc=active
    in URL
  • On-flight JS debugging
  • Started to change code according to WP Code Styling standards
  • Improved module settings sanitization
  • Removed all the browser-depended styles
  • Clean automatically illegal characters in the sidebar name fields
  • Prevent direct access to any of php files in the plugin
  • Completely reworked modal window functions
  • Log version updates in database
  • New API for extension developers to create setting panels in Live Composer
  • New filter for ROW controls: dslc_filter_row_options
  • Deleted a few JS plugins we don’t use
  • Removed JS script for elements centering (in favor of flexbox )
  • Removed dslc_init_square JS function

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed image styling bug
  • Sidebar content disappear when reserve LC settings
  • Option “Don’t link to the single post” wasn’t working for Partners, Staff and Downloads modules
  • Live Composer now work with custom fonts that require quotes in a name to work properly – May 22nd 2016

  • Bug Fixed: Responsive navigation do not display – May 21st 2016

  • Bug Fixed: A few font display issues introduced in the previous release – May 21st 2016

  • Module Options: New Max-Width setting in the IMAGE module added.
  • Code Improvements: New Live Composer automatically deacitvate Lite and Previous generation of the plugin.
  • Code Improvements: When save process fails, errors are more informative now.
  • Code Improvements: Removed all the custom fonts from Module defaults.
  • Bug Fixed: Fixed problems when styling options do not apply after.
  • Bug Fixed: Fixed infinite loop when full content displayed on posts archive listing. – May 14th 2016

  • Module Options: HTML/SHORTCODE module now has an Error-Proof mode. Use it when the complex shortcode or JS code break the Live Composer page editing functionality.
  • Code Improvements: Removed anonimous php functions to bring back support for php 5.3 and below.
  • Code Improvements: Updated page builder translation strigns.
  • Bug Fixed: Border-radius not working when border-width set to 0.

1.0.8 – May 11th 2016

  • Module Options: Added ‘Nofollow’ option for the BUTTON and INFOBOX modules.
  • Module Options: New icon selection modal
  • Module Options: Removed confusing « Query Alter » tab. Created a simpler « Archive/Search Listing » control instead.
  • WordPress Admin: Show notice when W3 Total Cache plugin configs are wrong (can break Live Compose functionality)
  • WordPress Admin: Removed « Edit Template » button from header/footer editing screen and meta boxes.
  • WordPress Admin: Redesigned and improved plugin settings panel
  • WordPress Admin: Show notice if wrong settings detected in WP Admin > General
  • WordPress Admin: Overlay WP editor with LC Page Builder tab ONLY if there is LC content detected AND there is no content in the standard editor
  • Code: CSS generation optimization. After this change, we get ~30% shorter CSS code.
  • Code: Better content export into the dslc_content_for_search custom field. Now content fully recreate plain HTML output of the LC page. From now modules need to set attribute data-exportable-content for the peace that has searchable/exportable content inside.
  • Code: Improved code styling according to WordPress standards
  • Code: Removed DS_LIVE_COMPOSER_LOAD_MINIFIED constant. Developers, please use standard WP constant SCRIPT_DEBUG that can be declared in the wp-config file.
  • Code: Do not output empty Google font calls (when font set to an empty string in the editor)
  • Code: Added possibility for theme developers to output CSS for non-standard custom post types
  • Code: Make Welcome screen on activation optional for the theme developers. Use dslc_show_welcome_screen filter to disable it.
  • Code: Add ‘dslc_archive_template_cpt’ filter to give the theme developers an option to show their own custom posts types in the templates dropdown.
  • Code: Fix a broken reply to comment JS functionality due to the absence of a proper comment id in the html output.
  • Code: Fixed infinite loop in categories/tags feed output
  • Code: Fix broken styling for DSLC_TP_Content modules in templates
  • Code: Animations moved outside of media queries to it work in IE10 and IE11
  • Code: Fix a bug with posts listing on is_date() archive pages

1.0.7 – March 5th 2016

While we are working on major JavaScript optimizations our designer prepared a minor plugin update with a few UI improvements.

To make sure new page builder users understand how to edit pages in Live Composer we added a few helpful buttons and Page Builder tab on page editing screen.

Custom Post Types now also has a link that open selected template for editing in Live Composer.
Page listing in WordPress admin panel now also has a link to activate Live Composer.

New Getting Started Screen

In the new Live Composer page builder update, we changed the location of the Welcome Screen. Now it’s called Getting Started and located in plugin settings. We decided to make this screen always accessible as it has important information on where to find Live Composer documentation and how to get our one-to-one email support.

We also working hard on improving our email list. We are going to send regular updates on the plugin development process and new releases. The new welcome screen includes email subscription form and our social badges.

No More Tutorials by Default

Tutorials is a great feature but mostly used by theme developers to introduce users to the Live Composer layout builder. We decided to disable this feature by default to improve settings panel and not confuse new page builder users from

If you need this feature back, just add the next line into your theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter( ‘dslc_tutorials’, ‘__return_true’ );

What We are Working On

  • Our developers work hard to improve interface speed and stability. They rewrite some functions on pure JS and optimize code to make it use fewer browser resources and work faster.
  • Our designer is working on UI redesign to make layout builder more native to WordPress users. We also want to improve the structure of the module options panel soon.
  • Support: We also changed the way support works. Forum closed for new postings. All the new support request are served via one to one email conversations.
  • Marketing and PR were neglected for a long time. Now we have experience and resources to give the front-end editor attention it deserves.
  • Community: we are going to invest our time into creating a strong community of users and developers around this plugin. First of all, we will promote and grow our Facebook Group. It will be used by theme users like you to share success stories, web site designs, find new clients, ask questions.
  • Brand: we hired an amazing Japanese illustrator to design a new mascot for our drag and drop website builder. We want to be more friendly and open to the users and not look too serious. Creating websites is a great fun!
  • Marketplace: this is one of the most important aspects for a long time success of our plugin. Our developers work on new powerful extensions and landing pages integrations. We are also working on amazing opportunities for 3-rd party developers, to make it easy for them to develop and sell their extensions on our website. Keep tuned, we will make you rich 🙂

Join Our New [Facebook Group] (

It’s a great experience for us to support you via our new one-to-one support channel. We learn a lot on how you use visual composer for your business. To share your experience with our drag and drop plugin and learn about other users creations we created a new Facebook Group for Live Composer. Please, join us and other site creators to share your latest project or get a quick advice on website building. For those of you who want to get notifications about important plugin updates, we have [Facebook Page] ( and [Twitter profile] ( – December 15th 2015

Check out the blog post about 1.0.7 release – December 15th 2015

This is a small update that fixes the issue with pagination not working in WordPress 4.4.

Check out the blog post about release

1.0.6 – November 24th 2015

Yoast SEO v3 Compatibility

Version 3.0 of Yoast SEO came with a lot of changes and one of them was they completely rewrote the way the keyword analysis is handled. Our front end website builder is now compatible with that new keyword analysis system.

Aside of the compatibility we’ve improved the data website builder generates for the purpose of Yoast SEO analysis, it will now include HTML elements instead of just plain text, so when Yoast checks for headings, images it will find them.

However, for your existing website builder created pages you will need to activate the editor and our landing page builder will then regenerate that content and show the « Publish Changes » button, press it.

Notification Module – Show Again After

Until now the notification module was quite simple, the user can close it but it would show up again when page reloaded. Now you can set it on a timer, you can set the amount of days that will take after the visitors closes it to be shown the notification again.

Jetpack’s Photon Compatibility

Jetpack has a feature called Photon which makes the images be stored on Jetpack’s server instead of your own server, making things a bit faster and saving up on your bandwidth.

But it was not compatible with our layout builder since the image resizing functionality in visual composer needed the images to be on the same server in order to resize them. Now, front end site builder will use Photon’s functions to handle the display of resized images.

Improvements in frontend layout builder code

  • Button Module – Now supports opening videos ( youtube and vimeo ) in a lightbox
  • Blog/Posts Modules – Option to ignore sticky posts
  • Text/HTML/Content Modules – Box shadow options added for buttons
  • Clicking an image ( if lightbox activated ) in a gallery will now open that image instead of the first one in the gallery
  • Info Box Module – Letter spacing option added for title
  • Button Module – Letter spacing option added
  • Image Module – Negative bottom margin now possible
  • Widgets Module – Margin Left option added


  • Staff Social Module was broken
  • Issue with blockquote align option in HTML/Text/Content modules
  • Issue with masonry layout breaking
  • Issue with navigation module showing above lightbox
  • Issue with social shares count being incorrect
  • Issue with border radius on thumbnail in all posts related site builder modules
  • Issue with content of a post type being displayed on the archives of the post type

Check out the blog post about 1.0.6 release

1.0.5 – November 2nd 2015

This is a small update that fixes the issue with pagination not working in WordPress 4.4.

Check out the blog post about 1.0.5 release

1.0.4 – October 19th 2015

Text Shadow

A new option type has been added to front end website builder, it’s text shadow. it’s been added to several modules ( Text, Content, HTML, Title, Meta, Excerpt, Icon ) and we’ll keep adding it to more modules in upcoming releases.

New Feature – « Currently Editing »

When editing a row or a module, above the options ( left side ) will be a little bar with the text « Currently Editing: Blog Module » so you know which module are you editing. Also, clicking that bar will scroll the browser to the module you are editing and the border around it will flash to point out which one is it.

New Feature – « Load More » Pagination

If you want AJAX powered pagination ( click « load more » and more posts show up ), now you can have that, just set the « Pagination Type » option to « Load More ». This is available for all the posts related page builder modules.

New Elements – Social Sharing in Blog Module

If you’d like to put social sharing links in your blog posts listing now you can, you can enable it under Styling > Post Elements, you’ll see « Social » in there.

New Feature – Icon Sets

Icon sets is a new feature which allows developers to implement new icons that will be available in drag-and-drop visual editor. For each icon option in top right the current set being used is shown and clicking on it allows you to change the set being used.

New Shortcode – Category Description

If you are using layout builder to power the archives/category pages and want to display the category description, now you can, simply add a text module and add the [dslc_category_description] shortcode to output it.

Improvements in drag-and-drop page editor code
* Info Box Module – Option to add an image just below the icon. This is useful if you want to use an image instead of an icon. ( thanks to Aman )
* Blog and Posts Modules – Option to turn off author/date in the meta independently
* All posts related modules – Option to change thumbnail align
* All posts related modules – Option to change align ( left/center/right ) on thumbnail
* Several animations in the editor have been switched over from JS to CSS

* The placeholder text on Info Box module was wrong and confusing
* The avatar shortcode was echoing instead of returning
* Parallax functionality was affecting horizontal position of BG image

For Developers

New landing page cretor Modules Option Type – Text Shadow

To use this option in your own modules simply set the type of the option to text_shadow. If you are applying a default value to the option then use the usual order of parameters « horizontal vertical blur color ».

New Function – dslc_get_social_count()

it’s used to get the amount of shares the current post/page has on twitter, facebook and pinterest. It returns an array with keys « fb », « twitter », « pinterest ».

It accepts 2 parameters, first is the post ID ( in case you want to get social shares of a specific post/page instead of the current one ) and the second one is cache time in milliseconds ( how long until it should recheck again for the shares count, defaults to 3600 seconds, which is of course 1 hour ).

New Filters – Custom Post Type and Taxonomy Arguments

All the arguments for post types and taxonomies now have filters so you can alter them. This was asked by a developer so he can change the labels ( « Projects », « Add Project » ) to something else that suits his theme better, but you can also change other arguments with this.

Here’s the list of filters: dslc_projects_cpt_args, dslc_projects_cats_args, dslc_downloads_cpt_args, dslc_downloads_cats_args, dslc_downloads_tags_args, dslc_galleries_cpt_args, dslc_galleries_cats_args, dslc_partners_cpt_args, dslc_partners_cats_args, dslc_staff_cpt_args, dslc_staff_cats_args, dslc_testimonials_cpt_args, dslc_testimonials_cats_args

For the list of arguments you can check the source code or check the register_post_type() and register_taxonomy().

Check out the blog post about 1.0.4 release

1.0.3 – October 2nd 2015

This is an unscheduled update, the next scheduled regular update is still planned for October 15th. The purpose of this update is to make our frontend page editor compatible with WordPress language packs, more info on language packs can be found at

The text domain for visual composer used to be ds_string but for the language packs feature to work it has to be the same as the plugin’s folder name which is live-composer-page-builder. So in this update all the textual strings have the text domain changed ( about 8500 strings ) and some other fixes related to the translation capabilities have been made.

If you have your own translation of our frontend page editor the file name is something like dslc_string-sr_RS which will no longer work, change it to live-composer-page-builder-sr_RS ( the sr_RS part depends on the language code ).

Check out the blog post about 1.0.3 release

1.0.2 – September 30th 2015

Check out the blog post about 1.0.2 release

1.0.1 – September 15th 2015

Check out the blog post about 1.0.1 release

1.0 – September 10th 2015

  • RE-RELEASE (July 30th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in landing page generator code

  • Info Box Module – Responsive options added for wrapper
  • New shortcode to display the avatar of the current user: [dslc_user_avatar] Accepts size parameter ( ex. [dslc_user_avatar size=200] will be 200px avatar )


  • Issue with row actions ( save/cancel ) still visible if you click to edit a module while a row is being edited
  • The « Orientation » option in all posts visual composer modules was broken
  • ID of the comments div in the comments module was wrong so WordPress generated URLs with #comments did not jump to comments
  • Issue with layout builder modules not showing in Internet Explorer when an opacity related animation is applied
  • Options not shown in an « edge case » scenario when there’s only one option

1.2.4 (July 23rd, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Save Draft

A lot of our front end website builder users click the « Publish Changes » button often to make sure if something unexpected happens they don’t lose the content they created. But when working on a live page ( visitors have access to it ) that’s not something you’d want to do, you want to publish only when the page is finished.

That’s where drafts come in. On the right of the « Publish Changes » button is a new button called « Save Draft ». Clicking that will save your changes but not publish them ( not visible to visitors ).

This is also useful if you’re working on a page but got to stop for some reason. You save the changes as a draft and you can then safely disable the visual editor. When you enable it again the changes will still be there.

Improvements in drag-and-drop page builder code

  • Various site editor modules – Letter spacing options added to various modules ( text, navigation, widgets… ), more will be added in upcoming versions
  • Comment Form Module – Javascript validation for required inputs
  • Social module – Optional labels added for the social elements ( + the needed styling options )
  • Galleries module – Button element to go to gallery single page added ( + the needed styling options )
  • Info box module – Options added for wrapper giving more flexibility
  • Widgets Module – Options for inner title giving more flexibility
  • All modules – Minimum Height option added
  • Gallery Slider module – Lightbox functionality
  • Gallery and Gallery Slider modules – Added title for images in the lightbox
  • Gallery Slider and Project Slider modules – Option to change border radius on « circle » navigation
  • Social Module – Added padding options
  • Information added for « Widget Module » and « Navigation Module » in Live Composer front-end editor settings panel
  • Show error when duplicated items for « Widgets Module » and « Navigation Module » settings entered in Live Composer layout builder settings panel
  • Meta module – Option to hide/show avatar
  • New Shortcode – Icon shortcode added. [dslc_icon id= »ICON_ID »] ( IDs can be found at )
  • All posts related modules – Setting « Excerpt Length » to 0 now shows whole excerpt and does not strip HTML
  • Icon Module – Margin bottom option added


  • Issue with some of the animations ( Styling > Animations > On Load Animation ) flickering
  • Blog Module – Issue with margin bottom option ( under « General » ) not applying
  • Issue with undefined function in older versions of WordPress ( prior to 4.0 )
  • Issue with module width selectors going 1 per row instead of 2 per row
  • Issue with CSS generation when page/post not using default header/footer
  • All posts related modules – Non-published ( draft ) posts shown while in visual editor mode


1.2.3 (July 7th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Bigger Changes

  • Builder Performance/Speed

Those who experienced slow response while building ( changing tabs, loading module options… ) should see a significant improvement in response time. The 5000+ lines of code that powers the page building process has been refactored, a lot of it improved and some of it rewritten.
* Module Width

Front end site builder modules are no longer limited to 100% width of the modules area. Front-end modules now have the same width options as module areas do, allowing more flexibily in creating layouts. The interface is the same as for module areas, just click the icon and set the width.

Improvements in front end page builder code

  • Text Module – Added responsive options for lists
  • Text Module – Added responsive text align options for several elements
  • Content Module – Added responsive text align and margin bottom options for headings
  • Content/Text Modules – Added responsive options for blockquotes
  • Social Module – Added RSS option
  • Info Box Module – Added option to change icon color on hover
  • Rows and areas will no longer take up any space if modules inside are hidden by the responsive « show on » option
  • Gallery Slider Module – Lightbox functionality added
  • Hovering over a module will show the name of that module in a tooltip ( only works when in editor mode )
  • Color pallete in the colorpicker now available for rows as well
  • Galleries Module – Option to set a custom URL to go to instead of the single gallery post
  • The « X » in top right of the colorpicker has been removed due to causing confusion ( it’s to clear the value, not to close the colorpicker )
  • For developers using our frontend page builder – Function to check if the shown page is in editor mode, dslc_is_editor_active()
  • For developers using our landing page builder – The « General » tab is no longer required. If there are no options under that tab it won’t show up.
  • For developers using page editor – Live Composer page templates can now be separated into different sections, no longer limited to « Theme »


  • Info Box Module – Issue with spacing showing between 2 buttons even when set to 0
  • Error with module sorting when server runs on 5.2.x version of PHP
  • Navigation Module – Issue with hamburger icon displaying on phones even when the responsiveness is disabled
  • Conflict with queries made by themes and other plugins for post queries by author causing only 1 post to show
  • All Posts Related Modules – Issue with slashes in « heading » when quotes are used
  • Issue with colorpicker’s « revert to default » not working
  • Issue with website page builder modules being added to header/footer sections when they are not being edited
  • Testimonials Module – Issue with some characters being cut off due to line height
  • Issue with increased blockquote’s bottom spacing due to margin on the paragraph inside

1.2.2 (May 27th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in landing page generator code

  • Thumbnail Module – Now available for pages as well
  • Colorpicker options will now display the last 12 colors you used, making it easier to reuse colors ( so you don’t have to copy/paste color codes )
  • Comment Form – Option to change the text strings ( « Leave Comment », « Name », « Email »… ). By default they’re empty and fall back to localized text strings, for backwards compatibility.
  • Content Module – H1 font size and line height options for tablet and phones
  • Navigation Module – Align and margin top options added for tablet and phone.
  • Social Module – Margin top option added
  • For developers using page builder: « dslc_content_width » filter added to change the page editor’s content visual width. When filtering return a full CSS value ( like 1200px ), not just a number.
  • For developers using page builder: « dslc_row_class » filter added to define additional classes for the rows ( .dslc-modules-section ). Example usage:
  • For developers using page builder: The « Post Options Framework » now has a « date » option type available.


  • Issue with row overlay not being displayed when « BG IMAGE – USE FEATURED » is enabled.
  • Issue with text changes not saving due to module settings not yet being loaded when clicking confirm ( when doing it fast ). Now when clicking « Edit Content » to edit text, the « confirm » and « cancel » actions will be disabled until module settings are loaded.
  • Issue with author queries displaying only 1 post
  • Issue with the responsive preview ( when editing responsive options on a module ) not going back to regular view when confirming changes while responsive tab is active
  • Issue with broken carousel layout on phones
  • Social Module – Issue with the height of the container being taller than the icons inside
  • Issue with an invalid Google Fonts call when none of the page builder modules on a page use a Google font

1.2.1 (April 29th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in visual composer page editor code

  • Rows – Decreased the amount of inline CSS on rows. Inline CSS will be added only for non-default option values.
  • Rows – Option to choose on which devices a row is visible/hidden ( desktop, tablet, phone )
  • Content Module – Options for horizontal and vertical padding added for all the headings
  • Image Module – Option to manually set the URL of the image
  • The « activate editor » button will no longer show when website viewed via WordPress Customize feature.
  • For developers using visual page builder. The body element now has 2 additional classes. When the page has visual composer content it gets « dslc-page-has-content » and when the page has header or footer powered by frontend layout builder it gets « dslc-page-has-hf » )
  • For developers using drag-and-drop page builder. Checkbox option type now available for rows.


  • Modules Listing – The « single » category modules displayed under all the filters
  • On hover animation options showing on all modules instead only on posts related modules
  • Posts Module – « Undefined variable » notice on taxonomy
  • RTL – Fixing the floating of columns
  • Tutorial Ch.3 – On lower display resolutions gets stuck at the beggining due to « BLOG » module in the listing being out of view
  • Tutorial Ch.3 – When drag-and-drop page editor is translated to a different language it gets stuck on the step when making styling changes
  • « Undefined index » notice on existing rows when a new row option is added

1.2 (April 9th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in front end page builder code

  • All Modules – Animation duration option added
  • Row – Numeric options can now be a field instead of a slider
  • Content Module – Improved placeholder text when creating a post template
  • Button Module – Option to set custom classes to the anchor
  • When non visual composer content is returned it will be wrapped with 2 divs ( #dslc-theme-content and #dslc-theme-content-inner ). For theme developers to style the content part if they use Live Composer visual builder for header and footer as well.


  • Posts Module – Category filters not showing categories
  • Navigation Module – Spacing between nav items even when spacing set to 0
  • Layout issue with masonry on phones
  • Slight issue with the appearance of the close button for lightbox
  • « Are you sure » prompt ( when clicking to edit a module while already editing one ) not showing when clicking « Edit Content »
  • Issue with numeric options causing page jump under specific circustances
  • Button height issue due to theme CSS
  • Issue with layout due to animations in Internet Explorer ( temporarily disabled for IE )

1.1.9 (March 21st, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • A new easier to use text align options ( no longer a « select » element )
  • When styling changed on a module with a preset the page builder modules with that preset on that page will reload and apply the new style ( page refresh no longer needed )
  • Option to choose numeric options ( WordPress admin > Live Composer > Other ) to be a regular input instead of a slider ( allowing values bigger than the ones with slider )
  • Navigation module now changes to a « hamburger » menu on tablets and phones. If responsiveness set to disabled it will remain a regular menu.
  • All the custom post types ( projects, galleries… ) now support comments ( comments and comment form module )
  • Staff Module – Font style option added ( normal, italic )


  • Issue with styling of the « Edit Content » influenced by the chosen font for « Content »
  • Issue with responsive preview width when other theme/plugin calls windows resize trigger on ajax complete
  • Issue with small height of the « Text » version of the WYSIWYG editor
  • Navigation Module – Hover border color not working

1.1.8 (March 10th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in drag and drop layout builder code

  • The WYSYWIG editor ( text editor ) now remembers which type ( visual, text ) you are using and keeps it active
  • Button Module – Option to choose if the icon is shown on the left or the right side ( + margin left option for icon )
  • Footer position options ( relative, fixed, absolute ) for themes compatible with the header/footer Live Composer layout builder feature
  • Sidebar/Menu settings in WordPress admin > Live Composer will now confirm the item on enter key instead of making a new line


  • Issue with offset option ( all posts module ) braking pagination ( show same posts on all pages )
  • Blog module avatar streched on some themes
  • Posts modules with pagination disabled still get paginated when a different module has pagination
  • Tabs module margin bottom option affects line height

1.1.7 (February 28th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in drag-and-drop visual composer code

  • Info Box Module – Option to set a link for the title
  • Info Box Module – Every elements has it’s own align options now
  • Products Module – Option to enable/disable showing out of stock products
  • Icon Module – Option to align ( left, center, right ) the icon
  • Navigation Module – Better display of submenus when there’s not enough room on the right side


  • Close icon missing on icon option tooltip
  • Issue with columns breaking in downloads module under specific circumstances
  • Issue when trying to use a non-Live Composer defined font family in font options
  • Comments module showing pending comments

1.1.6 (February 21st, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in frontend page editor code

  • 404 page can now be built with drag-and-drop page generator ( the page can be set in WordPress admin > Live Composer > Archives & Search )
  • Yoast SEO plugin page analysis now takes front end site builder content into account
  • Option to choose header « position » ( relative, absolute, fixed )
  • Image Module – URL option now accepts shortcodes
  • Gallery Slider and Projects Slider Modules – ALT attribute on images
  • Widgets Module – Text transform option for title
  • New Shortcode – [dslc_site_url] ( outputs the homepage URL )
  • For developers using page builder. Filter to alter the array of post types that work using « post templates » ( dslc_post_templates_post_types )
  • For developers using page builder. Filters for before_title and after_title in page editor website generated sidebars ( dslc_sidebar_before_title and dslc_sidebar_after_title )


  • 404 page on author archives pagination when regular WordPress query thinks there’s no more pages
  • Fatal error when a page has a module that no longer exists
  • Issue with carousel not adjusting when switching from portrait to landscape and vice versa on mobile devices
  • Automatic row adding not working when there’s Live Composer drag-and-drop created header/footer on the page
  • Issue with localization of « All » in filters for all posts builder modules

1.1.5 (February 12th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • FREE front end website builder ADD-ON – Adds 47 additional animations ( for Styling > Animation > On Load Animation ), available on

Improvements in landing page builder code

  • Option to choose whether Functionality or Styling is the default options section ( WordPress Admin > Live Composer > Other )
  • Option to enable/disable permalinks prepend ( if supplied ) for Live Composer builder custom post types ( WordPress admin > Live Composer > Slugs )
  • Ensuring that non-LC post queries that aren’t properly handled do not make issues with our visual composer ( activate editor button taking to wrong page )
  • Reset query in all posts related modules replaced with reset post data, which is a better choice for the WordPress_Query calls
  • Added a filter for altering the animation options ( the ones in Styling > Animation > On Load Animation ) so developers using page builder can create custom animations ( filter name: dslc_animation_options )


  • Issue with the position of module helper during drag in latest version of Firefox
  • Tag archive showing all posts instead of only the ones associated with the tag
  • Several issues with theme CSS influencing builder CSS

1.1.4 (January 27th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in drag and drop page builder code

  • Widgets Module – Text align options for title and content
  • Info Box Module – Content now supports shortcodes
  • Navigation Module – Chevron icon for top level items with subnavigation
  • Current width ( in the page builder modules area width changer ) now has an active state ( different color )
  • Visible items in carousels now get a class « dslc-carousel-item-visible » ( requested by a developer )


  • Search functionality broken when there are other plugins altering the search query
  • Minor issue with colorpicker display in row options
  • 404 error in console when font family default altered to empty

1.1.3 (January 27th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in frontend page builder code

  • Added 40 new icons ( Font Awesome 4.3 )
  • Accordion Module – Option to hide/show based on device ( desktop, tablet, phone )
  • Tabs Module – More styling options for content area ( h1 – h6, links, lists, blockquotes… )
  • Title Module – Now displays search term when on a search page
  • Option to choose where dynamic CSS goes ( end of or end of )


  • Issue with slider/carousel animations not working properly on Chrome
  • Issue with google fonts on https ( SSL ) websites
  • Issue with non-google fonts being called with google fonts ( 404 error )
  • Issue with tabs module content styling not applied ( overwritten by theme CSS )
  • Issue when using quotes in accordion module title

1.1.2 (January 19th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in drag-and-drop page editor code

  • Content Module – New styling options for inputs and buttons
  • Content Module – Additional styling options for wrapper ( BG image options ), headings ( BG styling options and margins ) and paragraph ( margin bottom )
  • Option to choose « Disabled » for header and footer functionality of Live Composer website builder
  • All Posts Modules ( 9 ) – Option to set separator thickness
  • Accordion Module – Line height option added for the title
  • Projects Module – Font style option for category
  • Navigation Module – Added text transform options
  • Notification Module – Added link color option
  • Button Module – Added option for the onclick event ( requested by page builder users for Google Analytics Event Tracking )
  • Developers can now build custom option types


  • Styling options not applied on posts for header and footer
  • Issue with accordion module actions display ( in bulding mode )
  • Blockquote typography options not applied for blockquote in Text/HTML/Content modules
  • Icon from info box module was included in styling presets

1.1.1 (January 13th, 2015) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in frontend page editor code

  • Option to change the slug on testimonials and testimonials categories
  • Accordion Module – Ability to reorder the items
  • Progress Bar Module – Animation now starts when the module is visible ( in vieWordPressort ) instead of starting on page load
  • HTML Module – Added more styling options ( lists and blockquote )
  • Social Module – Behance option added
  • Image Module – Option to force image to 100% added
  • Text, HTML and Content Modules – Font Style ( normal, italic ) option added to content and all headings


  • Button Module – Problem when using quotes
  • Text Module – Custom CSS applied when the default was programatically changed to disabled by default
  • Row Options – Background overlay opacity option was only going to 0.9 ( instead of 1 )
  • Notification Module – Issue with typography options not applied in some specific cases

Starters/Blank Theme

With the free starters/blank theme you can build the header/footer with Live Composer visual editor as well. It’s kind of a bigger feature so if you have any suggestions or thoughts please let us know on the forum.

If you’re familiar with Live Composer drag-and-drop builder there’s just a few things you need to know to get started:
* You can manage headers and footers in WordPress admin > Header/Footer
* You can set a default header and footer which will be used accross the website.
* If you want a non-default header or footer on a page you can set a specific one in the top right corner of the page edit screen.

1.1 (December 29th, 2014) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

New/Improvements in drag and drop layout builder code

  • NEW MODULE – Navigation
  • NEW MODULE – Project Images Slider
  • NEW FEATURE – Search results page can now be created with drag and drop visual builder
  • Removed the « prepends » for title module when on an archive page


  • Conflict between BG image attachment and BG image size options for rows.
  • When selected option inputs had a white BG and white text on themes that force specific BG on active inputs
  • All Posts Modules – Title not clickable between lines

1.0.9 (December 22nd, 2014) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

New/Improvements in front end site builder code

  • All Modules – Option to hide a module based on device ( desktop, tablet, phone ). The options are located at the beggining of Functionality options for each module.
  • Title Module – When used for archive pages it will show the current category/author
  • All Posts Modules – Option to set autoplay speed for carousel
  • All Posts Modules – Option to enable/disable stopping autoplay of carousel on hover
  • All Posts Modules – Speeding up queries by eliminating SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS when pagination disabled


  • Issue with AJAX requests when admin is SSL ( HTTPS ) and front is HTTP
  • Issue with themes that load their own jQuery instead of the one WordPress supplied ( not supposed to be done but some themes do it )
  • Image Module – Issue when using quotes in the caption
  • All Posts Modules – Issue with pagination active state on homepage ( always shows 1st page as active )
  • Responsive classes not applied properly when switching from responsive options to regular options

1.0.8 (December 15th, 2014) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in front-end website builder code

  • Downloads Module – Outside files ( not hosted on the server ) can be set as the downloadable file now
  • Downloads Module – When a file is not supplied the button will not show
  • Testimonials Module – Shortcodes now enabled for the testimonial content
  • Option to disable the HTML ( Text ) mode for the content editor ( WordPress admin > Live Composer > Other )
  • HTML Module – Added margin bottom option for paragraphs


  • Custom Post Types still active when a module has been disabled with dslc_hook_unregister_modules
  • Issue with « placeholder content » overwriting content generated by 3rd party plugins
  • Author archive page showing both category and author archive pages
  • Issue with parallax BG image on tablets ( now falls back to non-parallax )
  • Issue with shortcodes inside of tab and accordion module content.
  • HTML Module – Content styling overwritten by theme’s CSS in some cases

1.0.7 (December 8th, 2014) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • Searchable content – One of the most requested features by page builder users was for WordPress search to check the content of Live Composer generated landing pages. For better search performance and better results the « searchable content » is generated separately from the regular page editor content code and includes only relevant content. Because of that you’ll need to resave your old front-end site editor pages for this to take effect ( just visit the page in Live Composer visual editor mode, the « Publish Changes » will show up, click it ).

1.0.6 (October 29th, 2014) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

This update was mostly performance related. We will keep improving performance in upcoming updates as well.

Improvements in drag-and-drop page builder code ( builder perfomance )

  • Improvement in the speed of displaying module options on bigger pages. Tested on a huge front-end page ( 70 modules with non-default settings ) it was taking 7 seconds to display options after clicking to edit a module. Same action takes 2 seconds now. The speed will vary from installation to installation due to server, theme and other plugins but an improvement should be visible to everyone.
  • Speed of displaying options on builder modules related to posts ( blog, projects, galleries… ) is improved in general, irrelevant of the size of the page.

New/Improvements in frontend page editor code ( page load performance )

  • JavaScript and CSS files are now minified for a faster page load.
  • Added options ( WordPress admin > Live Composer > Performance ) to choose which subsets ( latin, cyrillic… ) for the fonts should be loaded. Make sure you set that to what you need, disabling what you do not need will improve the page load speed.
  • All fonts now load with one single call instead of one call per font.
  • Tutorial CSS and JavaScript files now load only when needed.
  • The admin now loads CSS and JS for the plugin options and post options framework only when needed.
  • Two jQuery plugins are removed, elementQuery and getEmPixels.

New/Improvements in landing page generator code ( general )

  • Author Archive – You can now set a page to serve as an author archive page.
  • Projects Module – Option to choose whether links should open in the same tab or a new tab.

Bugs ( general )

  • Issue with presets feature including functionality options instead of only styling options
  • Issue with rows having an empty ID parameter when no ID supplied in the options resulting in W3C validation errors. (October 6th, 2014) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in drag-and-drop layout builder code

  • All 8 posts modules + Title module – Text Transform ( none, uppercase, lowercase, capitalize ) option added to the title element
  • All 8 posts modules – Carousel slide speed options added ( separate for arrows and circles )
  • Info Box module – Secondary button is now available for « aside » layout as well
  • Text module and HTML module – Added styling options for button form element
  • HTML module – Styling options for inputs added
  • Disabled animations on mobile
  • Code and file cleanup ( removing unnecesery code and files )


  • Info Box – Responsive font size and line height weren’t working properly on some setups
  • Content Module – Paragraphs not affected by styling options on some setups
  • Carousel not initiating on row import
  • On some themes the width selection for columns had broken layout (September 23rd, 2014) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • NEW MODULE – Icon

Improvements in Live Composer page builder code

  • Projects Module – Option to choose wheter to link projects to the project page, landing page or a custom URL ( the URL can be set in the admin, when adding/editing a project )
  • Category operator option added ( IN, NOT IN, AND ) for 8 modules ( blog, downloads, galleries, partners, projects, staff, testimonials, woocommerce )
  • Force browsers to reload the JavaScript and CSS files when Live Composer editor version changes ( browser caching )
  • Social Module – Align option
  • Info Box – Added margin bottom option for the icon


  • Issue with the custom post types and custom widgets not showing in the front-end builder admin for some page builder users
  • The « alter defaults » feature was not working for responsive options
  • Info Box – Margin bottom option for content was not working in some cases (September 11th, 2014) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in Live Composer page builder code

  • Font Awesome updated ( 40 new icons )
  • Text and Content Modules – Blockquote Options ( 16 styling options )
  • Testimonials Module – Added BG image options ( image, repeat, attachment, position )
  • All Posts Modules – Thumbnails now have the ALT attribute
  • Slug Settings – Notification at the top explaining that a visit to the permalinks page is required after altering the slugs
  • Tutorials – Disabled « automatic row » on tutorials to avoid confusion.
  • Cleaning up the code ( 16 files affected )


  • If there was more than one row with a BG video the videos did not start
  • Row parameters were not cleaned up for each row resulting in a larger Live Composer front-end editor generated data
  • Info Box Module – Button tabs showing when buttons are disabled
  • Issue with dropping a module while another module is still being loaded.
  • Tutorials – « Tooltips » position was off when the admin bar is enabled. (September 3rd, 2014) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • Images not showing up on builder modules with presets applied to it.
  • Couple issues with video background feature on rows
  • Removing images in row options not working properly
  • « Use featured image » option for background on rows not clearing the image when choosing disabled after already being enabled (August 30th, 2014) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in Live Composer page builder code

  • Image options will use ID instead of URL from now on
  • Rows – Added option to use the post/page featured image as a background
  • Rows – Added margin bottom option
  • Title Module – Now available for pages as well
  • Separator Module – Added more styling options
  • Button Module – Added more styling options
  • Info Box Module – Margin options added for 2nd button ( for separation between buttons )
  • Staff Module – Email option added to the « social » area
  • Content Module – Added styling options for lists
  • Accordion and Tabs Module – Shortcodes now work inside of them
  • Automatic element centering improved
  • Removed stellar data from the code


  • Columns broken when row duplicated
  • Downloads Module – Tag links broken
  • Info Box Module – Typography options not working when there are paragraphs
  • Info Box Module – Layout broken in specific scenarios
  • HTML and Content Modules – Issues with disabled/enabled CSS
  • Text Module – Responsive font size and line height not working when there are paragraphs
  • Issue with background images on phones
  • Rows – Horizontal margin option not working properly – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in Live Composer page builder code

  • Blog Module – Button can now be aligned ( left, center, right ) irrelevant of the alignment of the main area
  • Blog Module – Responsive options to change vertical and horizontal padding on the wrapper added
  • Option tooltips ( help text ) now have a (x) in top right for closing them.
  • Widgets Module – Help text ( tooltip ) added explaining where to register sidebars
  • Some minor code improvements


  • Excerpt Module – Styling options not working properly
  • Issue with dropping visual builder modules not working inside of a duplicated row
  • Downloads and Partners Module – Links not pointing to the single post page
  • Downloads and Partners Module – Wrong labels on « Link » option
  • Info Box Module – Button not going away when the URL option is empty – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Improvements in frontend page editor code

  • Button Module – Option to set the button to full width
  • Info Box Module – Secondary button ( with it’s own styling options ) added
  • Text Module – Background Image options added ( image, repeat, attachment, position )
  • Partners Module – Option to turn off linking to a single partner page
  • Download Module – Option to turn off linking to a single download page
  • Text Module – OL and UL now have separate list type options
  • All the categories renamed to contain the post type ( Categories -> Projects Categories ) for easier management on pages like the Menus
  • Removed MediaElement JS and CSS, it now uses the one that come with WordPress.
  • Automatically add a row in Live Composer visual editor mode if there’s no site builder content


  • Using a textarea in the WYSIWYG editor ( text module, accordion, table ) broke the page
  • Issue with styling presets including some functionaity options
  • Issue with our frontend builder powered category archives not working in some cases

= For Developers using front-end page builder=

Ability for theme authors to override the drag-and-drop dashboard updates feature until they test their theme with the latest version.

define( ‘THEME_LC_VER’, ‘’ );

If you set that in your theme’s functions.php, when our website builder is released it won’t show up until you change it to ( or greater ).

1.0.5 – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

Bigger Changes

  • Archive Creation
    Front-end Page Builder is expanding it’s influence, you can now create archive ( ex. category ) pages with it as well. In WordPress Admin > Live Composer > Archive Setting you can set which page should be used as the archive page. All the posts modules will automatically show the correct category when used on an archive page.
  • Styling Presets
    Best way to explain it is with an example. Let’s say you use the text module with the same styling on multiple pages and you decide to change the styling. You’d need to change each of those text modules separately, which takes more time than it should. Not anymore, you can now apply presets to modules and then changes to one of those modules will automatically apply to all the other ones that uses that preset. You will find the presets options in each module under Styling > Presets.
  • Size of LC visual editor generated data
    The size of the data generated by front end page Page Builder ( all the info about builder modules on a page ) has been drastically reduced, up to 95% from what it used to be.
  • Translation Compatibility
    Live Composer layout builder wasn’t fully translatable ( to be honest most of it wasn’t translatable ), but that’s fixed now, you can properly translate it to your language. Much of the code had to be changed in order to achieve this but it’s worth it.

Improvements in drag-and-drop page builder code

  • Button Module – Option to disable icon
  • Button Module – Options to change the position ( left, center, right ) separately for tablet and phone
  • Widgets Module – Styling options for lists
  • Text Module – Responsive options for h1 element
  • Text Module – Styling options for lists
  • Info Box Module – Link target option
  • Progress Bar Module – Animation speed option
  • All Posts Modules – Exclude current post ( if on a post page )
  • All Posts Modules – Options to include and exclude posts by ID
  • Accordion Module – Option to choose which item is active by default ( can also be set to 0 so all are closed )
  • Modals ( like the modal that asks if you’re sure you want to disable front-end layout builder ) – Keyboard shortcuts ( confirm on enter, cancel on escape )
  • Modules scroller now scrolls 2 modules at a time
  • Comments and Comment Form Modules are now available for pages
  • Colorpicker – Styling Improvements
  • Thumbnail Module – Option to set the width and height for the thumbnail to be resized to
  • Comment Form – Link styling options


  • Comment Form Module – Layout issue with comment replies on phone
  • Meta Module – Comments link not linking to the comments
  • Meta Module – Color option not working
  • Blog Module – Issue with separator when there’s a sticky post
  • Issue with the modules scroller getting stuck on a post when builder modules are filtered
  • Issue with inline styling in the editor
  • Issue with the function that checks if a module is active
  • Prev/Next pagination option not working properly
  • Issue with columns not getting correct size on module row duplication
  • Cyrillic fonts not working properly – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • Sometimes when editing text ( the WYSIWYG ) the current content does not show in the editor
  • Meta Module – Class issue
  • Tabs & Accordion Modules – Backspace not working when editing titles
  • Product Module – Altering defaults does not work

Improvements in website builder code

  • All Post Modules – Do not show any of the thumbnail elements if post does not have a thumbnail
  • All Post Modules – Newer/Older ( Prev/Next ) pagination option added
  • Image Module – Options to resize the image’s height and width
  • 71 new icons ( Font Awesome 4.1 )
  • Staff Module – Option to enable/disable linking to the single staff member page
  • Separator – Thickness option
  • Load the fonts that are needed for frontend builder visual mode only when layout builder is active – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • Password protected front-end Builder pages didn’t show the password prompt
  • Error when a module that no longer exists is on a page
  • Error when a styling option is added in functionality section
  • Meta Module – All cateogies/tags were shown instead only the ones that are attached to the post.
  • Infobox Module – Title slashes issue

Improvements in landing page builder code

  • Single Post Module now available when templating system disabled
  • Removed fadeIn/fadeOut animations on module/area/row hover for a more smoother experience ( fading slowed things down )
  • Contributors added as a possible option for access control
  • No calling of WebFont when the font is a regular one
  • All Modules – Justify added as text align option
  • Text Module – Content styling changes now affect paragraphs as well
  • Text Module – Margin bottom option for paragraphs
  • Blog Module – Additional class added for blog posts regarding their format, blog-post-format-THEFORMAT
  • Meta Module – The categories/tags now link to their archive page – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • Next tutorial link ( at the end of a tutorial ) not working
  • CSS issues with comments module
  • Testimonials slug wrong
  • Single download page returns 404
  • Gallery Slider Module – Default animation type wrong
  • Gallery Slider Module – Width sligtly bigger than container
  • Gallery Slider Module – Border Radius not affecting image
  • Testimonials Module – Layout issue when author set on right side
  • Meta Module – The spacing option ( between the meta sections ) affects each category ( and tag ) making too much spacing
  • WYSIWYG Editor – Some actions broken ( WordPress 3.9 related )
  • Accordion and Tabs content editing broken

Improvements in drag and drop visual editor code

  • Do shortcode on [dslc_custom_field] shortcode output
  • Thumbnail Module – Bottom margin option – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • WordPress classes on non-singular pages ( archive, search, homepage ) overwritten by front end site editor and in some cases an error shown.
  • Columns break when a post doesn’t have a thumbnail.
  • Module options tabs don’t get hidden on save/cancel ( specific scenario only )
  • The WYSIWYG editor shows processed shortcodes ( instead of a call it turns into the HTML output ) – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • Issue with text not being editable in some modules ( button, notification… )
  • Templates not showing in admin

1.0.4 – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • Issue with Comments Form module
  • Instagram duplicated in Social Module
  • Conflict with another drag and drop feature from a theme
  • Bug when changing the builder modules filter when the modules listing is scrolled
  • Page scrolls to top when changing vertical padding on a row
  • Issue with parallax feature on long pages
  • Product price CSS issue
  • Carousel item spacing not correct
  • Icons not being properly centered
  • Error messages on 404 page
  • Issue with content not being properly returned when no Live Composer webite builder content added ( on some themes )
  • Backspace key ( when not in an input ) going back to previous page
  • Products Module – When title and categories disabled the whole main area disapears
  • Issue with Text module styling options not being properly applied
  • On some themes media modal ( adding an image ) goes behind some elements
  • In Chrome the module helper ( blue square when dragging a module from the list ) position issue
  • Templates list scroller not working
  • If content editor modules has padding the masonry does not calculate properly and brakes the layout
  • Issue with the !important option for CSS
  • Issue with parallax on mobile ( now switched to regular BG when on mobile )
  • Meta Module – Styling issues
  • Google fonts not working properly on https
  • Default state of colorpickers in row options not correct

Improvements in front end page editor code

  • Allow DISQUS to take over the Comments module
  • Possibility to set « max width » in percentages
  • Allow theme/plugin developers to alter which post type will use the « post templates » system and which one will behave normally ( like a page )
  • Option to put thumbnail aside of content ( like in blog module ) for all posts modules
  • Ask for confirmation when deleting a row, area or a module
  • Use WordPress WYSIWYG editor for Text module
  • Option to show full content instead of excerpts in all posts modules
  • Enable HTML editing for tabs and accordion contents
  • Widget Module – Styling options for lists
  • Text and HTML modules – Styling for H1
  • All Posts Modules – Option to disable row separator
  • All Posts Modules – Do not output the main area when all the main area elements are disabled
  • All Posts Modules – Option to set width for the thumbnail to be resized to
  • All Posts Modules – Call shortcode on excerpt output
  • All Posts Modules – .dslc-post-no-thumb class on .dslc-post element when the post does not have a thumbnail
  • Blog Module – Avatar added
  • Meta Module – Avatar added
  • Switch tabs to regular content with headings on mobile


  • « In VieWordPressort » animations for visual composer modules
  • Option to turn off columns spacing in a row
  • Access Control
  • Interactive Tutorials ( like on the demo ) accessible on any installation
  • Option to set custom classes and IDs for rows
  • All Posts Module – Option to put the main area inside of the thumbnail animation options position options
  • Row Export/Import
  • The Excerpt – New Module
  • For Developers – Generation of code needed for altering module defaults

1.0.3 – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • Numerous notices in the Live Composer visual editor backend builder settings.
  • Blog Module – General styling options weren’t affecting anything.
  • Issue with the column layout braking in some cases.
  • Issue with a specific popular theme that made the layout ( width ) options not show on click.

Improvements in frontend page editor code

  • Product Thumbnail now links to the LC landing page generator post
  • Colorpicker replaced with a better one ( accepts alpha/transparency )
  • Text Module – More styling options for the headings (h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 ) like bg, padding, border…


  • Live Composer website builder Dashboard updates system integrated. ( known as « Automatic Updates » ).
  • Translation Ready
  • Feature Control ( ability to enable/disable page builder modules )
  • Posts Module – Displays posts from any post type registered ( plugins can be used to create custom post types )
  • Option to force !important on CSS rules made by Drag and Drop Page Builder ( in case the theme’s CSS overwrites LC website builder CSS )

1.0.2 – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • When the columns do not amount to 12/12 ( 10/12 + 4/12 ), the columns in the next rows were broken.
  • Page content ( from WYSIWYG editor ) was showing when you activate the Live Composer front end editor mode on a page without website builder website content.
  • Input height on save and load template popups
  • The carousel was forced to 4 columns on <1199px, 3 on <980px and 2 on <768px ( owlCarousel plugin defaults )
  • On some WordPress themes the post title options ( 6 website builder modules ) weren’t affecting the post title.
  • RTL ( right-to-left content orientation ) fixes.
  • In some themes the row controls weren’t positioned properly.

Improvements in Drag and Drop layout builder code

  • On some themes the visual composer content was not showing, the whole logic behind figuring out if it should show or not is rewritten.
  • Staff Module. New option added to choose whether the social links open in a new tab or not ( Functionality ? Other ).
  • Galleries Module. Option to show the gallery lightbox on thumbnail/title click ( Functionality ? Other ).


  • Shortcode for outputing a custom field value. [dslc_custom_field id= »FIELD_ID » post_id= »POST_ID »]. Use the post_id parameter only if you want to output the custom field value of a specific post/page, leave empty for dynamic.
  • Possibility to programmatically change the default option values of existing visual composer modules. Main purpose is to let theme developers that want to use visual composer in their theme set the defaults to fit their design. More info will be in a dev tutorial.
  • The will have « dslc-page » class if the currently shown post/page has website builder powered content. Main purpose is so Drag and Drop Visual Composer users can easily target the content wrapper of the theme and make it full-width only for landing page creator without affecting the regular pages powered by the theme.

1.0.1 – released on CodeCanyon before moving to


  • The drag and drop helper element had an offset bug in Chrome v32 based on how far the page was scrolled.
  • Setting row vertical padding to 0px was defaulting to 50px.
  • Height of the select input field was short in Safari.
  • Issue where a module already added on a page was not getting the default value of a newly introduced option.
  • Website builder options were not showing in the WordPress admin.
  • Had issue with another plugin that was hooking into get posts filter and using some WordPress variables that weren’t ready at the point when our drag and drop front end editor used get_posts function.
  • Fatal Error with themes that had Aqua Resizer script but no conditional to check if it was already defined.
  • Om some themes, the CSS from the theme was influencing the height of the module/row option form fields.
  • For some themes the content of landing page composer wasn’t showing, the logic behind figuring out when it should show is improved now.
  • The add to cart and details links didn’t have correct links in the products module.

Improvements in visual landing page composer code

  • All posts modules now have a new option, offset to set how many posts to skip. Good for building a magazine layout.
  • Product Module – Options to change the « Add to cart » and « Details » text.


  • HTML builder module. Use it for custom HTML and for calling shortcodes ( most importantly for the shortcodes, since the text module was parsing them imediately which made it imposible to edit the shortcode after that ).
  • Content builder module. Output the page’s content ( from the WYSIWYG editor ).

1.0 – released on CodeCanyon before moving to

  • Initial release