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MANGOPAY is a payment solution which allows marketplaces to process third-party payments and collect their commissions in a secure and compliant environment. Our wordpress plugins enable an easy and fast integration to create a marketplace from start to finish and process payments.
Plugged to WC Vendors and WooCommerce’s plugins, the MANGOPAY WooCommerce plugin gives the ability to marketplaces hosted on WordPress to accept worldwide credit/debit card payments. It enables the management of vendors’ commissions within the wordpress interface, including payouts, transfers, and platform fees collection.

Some key features include:

  • Multi-currency support
  • Handle international and local payment methods
  • Seamlessly escrow and split funds between users
  • Safeguard transactions with our fraud prevention tools and built-in anti-fraud engine
  • White-label payment page
  • PCI DSS, DSP2 and AML4 compliant

For more information please visit MANGOPAY.COM

Plugin usage

The MANGOPAY plugin simply connects your WordPress with MANGOPAY’s API. The payment workflow is as follows:

  • Step 1 : Vendors sign-up to the marketplace. An associated user is created in MANGOPAY’s environment.
  • Step 2 : Vendors complete their profile with the right verification documents. The documents are verified by MANGOPAY’s compliance team.
  • Step 3 : Products are assigned to vendors.
  • Step 4 : An order is placed. E-money is stored in the buyer’s e-wallet.
  • Step 5 : Vendors mark each product as dispatched.
  • Step 6 : The marketplace operator marks the order as completed. Funds are now transferred from the buyer’s e-wallet to the vendor’s e-wallet. Marketplace commissions are collected here.
  • Step 7 : The marketplace operator initiates the vendor payout. Funds are paid from the vendor’s e-wallet to his bank account.

Captures d’écran

  • Accept CB, Visa or Mastercards as a WooCommerce checkout payment option
  • Easily manage client and vendor payment transactions from within the WordPress, WooCommerce and WC-Vendors admin screens
  • Simple settings screen and comprehensive status an health-check dashboard all from within de WP admin



  • WordPress website.
  • WooCommerce plugin. Allows you to turn your own WordPress platform into a full featured e-commerce solution.
  • WC Vendors plugin. Allows you to turn your woocommerce-enabled shop into a multi-vendor marketplace.
  • MANGOPAY Account. You must have a MANGOPAY live sandbox or production account.


Before starting, make sure your WordPress environment meets the requirements listed above. To install the MANGOPAY Woocommerce plugin:

  • Go to your WordPress admin plugin section.
  • Add new plugin. MANGOPAY WooCommerce.
  • Install the plugin (automatic plugin installation is fully supported).
  • Activate the plugin.
  • From the main left menu choose “MANGOPAY”. It will lead you to the settings page.
  • Enter your ClientId/API key. Save this info.
  • Verify your configuration under the “MANGOPAY status”. The various checks should all be in green for your setup to function correctly.

Mise à jour

Automatic updates should work as normal; as always, backup your website before proceeding with the installation.


How much does it cost to use the MANGOPAY as a payment solution?

Please consult the MANGOPAY pricing page:

What are the available payment methods?

MANGOPAY supports local and international methods of payment.
* Credit and debit card payments: CB, VISA, MASTERCARD, Maestro, Diner’s Club
* Direct debits: BACS, SEPA Direct Debit
* Direct transfers: Bankwire, Ibanisation
* Web and mobile payments: Klarna Pay Now (Sofort), Giropay, PayLib, Przelewy24, iDeal, Bancontact/Mister Cash

What currencies does MANGOPAY support?

MANGOPAY Plugin can support the following currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, NOK, PLN, SEK, DKK, CAD, ZAR.

Do you have an exhaustive documentation?

We have an exhaustive FAQ with a lot of answered question around MANGOPAY here

How can I display PayPal from the vendor shop settings page?

See here on the WC Vendors site

Can I use a more complicated commission structure?

Probably, yes! Have a look here on the WC Vendors site

Will the plugin work with my theme?

Yes! The MANGOPAY plugin is entirely independent of the theme

Do I have to use WC Vendors and Woocommerce?

For the time being, yes – but we will possibly make the plugin compatible with other payment gateways and vendor plugins in a future version

Où puis-je obtenir de l’aide et discuter avec d’autres utilisateurs ?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the MANGOPAY Plugin Forum. Please supply as much information and detail as you can about your problem

Can I customise the design of the payment page?

Sure! Create a normal page with the shortcode [mangopay_payform] and then go to the WooCommerce settings page, and in the « Checkout » tab, choose « MANGOPAY » and then choose the page you just created for the « Use this page for payment template » setting. Note that there are several requirements for the page to be taken into account – see here for more info.

Using for your hosting?

Due to some strict caching on their side, you’ll need to manually request something to them in order for the plugin to function correctly. If you login to your WPEngine account and open up a live chat session (top right of the page), you should provide the install name or domain name and say you’re using the WooCommerce Mangopay payment plugin and need « a cache exclusion for the plugin file path /wp-content/uploads/mp_tmp/ and payment gateway call ^/wp-json followed by a config refresh ». These actions can only be done manually by their lovely support team, and are critical for the plugin to perform correctly.


juin 11, 2019
MANGOPAY was indispensable to us for the launch of our minimum viable product within just a few months thanks to a quick, customizable and efficient integration. The support team is very responsive, understands our business model and adapts to our every need!
septembre 3, 2016
Beau boulot, mais manque encore des fonctionnalités (paiement différé, ajout RIB commerçant). A venir je suppose
septembre 3, 2016
Easy to install and setup, it's a pretty simple way to get MANGOPAY within WooCommerce without being a super-crazy-ninja-developer. Recommended!
septembre 3, 2016
Unfortunately, only compatible whith WC vendor plugin and not otherS multi vendors plugins (yith multi vendors, an anoter major plugin per example). too bad. I would have been interested in this great plugin.
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Stable version 2.10 (updated PHP-SDK)
* Updated the MANGOPAY PHP-SDK to latest an did necessary adaptations in the plugin core
* Fixed a bug that caused a blank page ont theme edition in the wp-admin
* Fixed a missing French translation
* Ensured compatibility with WordPress up to version 5.2.2
* Ensured compatibility with WooCommerce plugin up to version 3.6.4
* Ensured compatibility with WC-Vendors Marketplace plugin up to version 2.1.12


Stable version 2.9 (compatibility release for WC-Vendors 2.1.10 and 2.1.11)
* Ensured compatibility with WC-Vendors Marketplace plugin up to version 2.1.11


Stable version 2.9 (with calendar widget fixed in user-edit and preparing for regulatory changes of September 2019)
* Fixed a bug with the calendar widget that caused malfunction of the user-edit screen in the wp-admin
* Important warning messages to prepare for regulatory changes of September 2019
* Added a company number id field in the vendor dashboards (will be mandatory for all business legal users starting 1st September 2019)
* Added health-checks to help for compliance with upcoming regulatory changes
* Added user compliance information in the users list of the wp-admin
* Ensured compatibility with WordPress up to version 5.2.1
* Ensured compatibility with WooCommerce plugin up to version 3.6.2
* Ensured compatibility with WC-Vendors Marketplace plugin up to version 2.1.9


Stable version 2.9 (with vendor bank account change fixed)
* Fixed a bug that prevented modifying vendor bank account information from the vendor front-end dashboard
* Fixed a bug that prevented modifying a user’s country when switching between mandatory and non-mandatory state countries
* Fixed a bug that prevented uploading of images in the vendor dashboard with WC-Vendors Pro
* Small code improvements for better health-checks and diagnostics
* Ensured compatibility with WordPress up to version 5.1.1
* Ensured compatibility with WooCommerce plugin up to version 3.5.7
* Ensured compatibility with WC-Vendors Marketplace plugin up to version 2.1.7


Stable version 2.9 (with SDK fixed)
* Fixed a bug in the SDK Oauth URLs that caused 404 Not Found errors on some setups
* Removed unused debug messages


Stable version 2.9

  • Improved card registration
  • Improved pre-authorized payments
  • Improved tracking and reporting of incoming webhooks
  • Improved incoming webhook management to avoid potential duplicate order processing
  • Improved French translation
  • Added support for partial-capture of pre-authorized payments (beta)
  • Added support for pre-authorized payment captures in vendors dashboard (beta)
  • Ensured compatibility with WordPress up to version 5.0.3
  • Ensured compatibility with WooCommerce plugin up to version 3.5.3
  • Ensured compatibility with WC-Vendors Marketplace plugin up to version 2.1.4


Stable version 2.8

  • Bugfix: will no longer attempt to carry out « zero amount » commission transfer for free product orders
  • Bugfix: fixed triggering of automatic wallet transfers on virtual + downloadable products


Stable version 2.8

  • Improved support for card registration (beta)
  • Added support for pre-authorized payments (beta)
  • Fixed bug involving roles/capability checks with specific table prefixes (props @noobanooba and @oelita)
  • Improved hook priority avoiding potential problem with triggering of commission transfers (props @oelita)
  • Ensured compatibility with WordPress up to version 5.0-alpha-42606
  • Ensured official compatibility with WC-Vendors up to version 2.1.1


Stable version 2.7

  • Added support for card registration (beta)
  • Ensured compatibility with the new MANGOPAY dashboard (changed links in the admin)
  • Fixed bug that caused ‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_user_by()’ when first registering settings
  • Fixed plugin version recording in the options
  • Ensured official compatibility with WordPress up to version 4.9.8
  • Ensured official compatibility with WooCommerce up to version 3.4.5
  • Ensured official compatibility with WC-Vendors up to version 2.1.0


Stable version 2.6

  • Added support for correct dispatching of commissions when VAT is enabled
  • Added support for correct dispatching of commissions when shipping is enabled (incl. shipping fees with VAT)
  • Ensured that shipping cost is now correctly included and dispatched in payouts
  • Improved error management when an erroneous API login is provided
  • Improved handling of the API login to prevent invisible whitespace
  • Added mangopay_payment_available_card_types filter hook to allow customization of the checkout payment fields
  • Added mangopay_payment_available_directdebit filter hook to allow customization of the checkout payment fields
  • Added mangopay_payment_html filter hook to allow customization of the checkout payment fields
  • Ensured official compatibility with WordPress up to version 4.9.6
  • Ensured official compatibility with WooCommerce up to version 3.4.0
  • Ensured official compatibility with WC-Vendors up to version 2.0.6
  • Changed wording: « Passphrase » is now referred to as « API Key » to stay consistent with MANGOPAY documentation


Stable version 2.5

  • Added support for the Sofort direct web payin method
  • Added support for the Giropay direct web payin method
  • Ensured official compatibility with WordPress up to version 5.0-alpha
  • Ensured official compatibility with WooCommerce up to version 3.3.3
  • Ensured official compatibility with WC-Vendors up to version 1.9.14
  • Fixed notice for Undefined index: default_business_type due to misnamed default config value
  • Fixed « Error: wrong payment amount. » Shown Incorrectly (props Michael Compton)
  • Fixed integer conversion problems leading to wrongly rounded values (props Michael Compton)


Bugfix/compatibility release version 2.4.2

  • Ensured official compatibility with WordPress up to version 4.9.2
  • Ensured official compatibility with WooCommerce up to version 3.2.6
  • Ensured official compatibility with WC-Vendors up to version 1.9.13
  • Added mp_allowed_currencies filter hook applied inside the load_config() function in
  • Added mp_account_types filter hook applied inside the load_config() function in
  • Added mp_commission_due filter hook to the $total_due inside the vendor_payouts() function in
  • Added total_shipping field to values retrieved from the database when calculating vendor_payouts (passed in the mp_commission_due filter)
  • Added a new status check in the MP status dashboard to issue a warning when products are attributed to admins instead of vendors
  • Fixed admin dashboard being blocked when API calls to retrieve failed payouts and fayed KYCs crashed
  • Fixed WooCommerce 3.x deprecation warnings when directly accessing order properties
  • Fixed PHP 7.1 deprecation warnings: openssl_encrypt() will now be used instead of mcrypt when available
  • Improved error and logging of failed payment attempts when the proper user creation workflow was not respected (ie when users are missing mandatory info such as birthdate or nationality)


Bugfix release version 2.4.1

  • Fixed some warning messages related to WooCommerce version 3.x
  • Fixed some issues with images in the front-end dashboard with WC-Vendors Pro
  • Fixed some front-end styling/display issues with WC-Vendors Pro
  • Fixed js conflict issues with WC-Vendors Pro Pro and select2
  • Added versioning of CSS and JS scripts
  • Prevented rare fatal errors when API is not responding


Bugfix release version 2.4.0

  • Fixed region field not showing correctly on the bank account form
  • Fixed support for variable products created via the back-office WC admin
  • Reverted partial support of different currencies in the same marketplace


Bugfix release version 2.3.1

  • Fixed KYC doc upload form compatibility issues with WC-Vendors Pro version


Stable version 2.3:

  • Added KYC doc upload form
  • Made postal code optional for various countries
  • Fixed « User status is required » error in some contexts
  • Fixed currency issues with multilingual WooCommerce
  • Fixed multiple problems with the « State/County » field
  • Fixed some date translation issues with exotic multilingual support
  • Added an order note to indicate when in sandbox or production mode
  • Checked compatibility with WP 4.8, WC 3.0.7 and WV 1.9
  • Added compatibility with the BuddyPress subscription form


Bugfix release version 2.2.1

  • The « Business type » field can now be changed for existing users
  • The « User status » is now shown when creating a new user in the wp-admin
  • The « Business type » field is removed in the wp-admin for individual users
  • The « Business type » field is now correctly enforced in all cases when creating a new user, which will allow creation of the MP user
  • Vendor defaults are applied to pending vendors
  • User creation defaults have been clarified in all cases


Stable version 2.2:

  • Changed page shown when payments fail or are cancelled (now goes back to checkout)
  • Implemented WooCommerce native select2 fields for Country + County/State selectors
  • Enforced mandatory County/State data for specific coutries (US, MX, CA)
  • Fixed a bug with business type field not showing in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where custom payment pages were always used
  • Fixed a bug with dates containing accents
  • Fixed a bug with webhook verifications
  • Improved field validation error messages for bank account data
  • Internal code refactoring
  • Checked compatibility with WordPress 4.7.1, 4.7.2, 4.7.3 and 4.8


Stable version 2.1:

  • Support of Bankwire Direct payins
  • Support of incoming webhooks for Bankwire Direct
  • Automatic webhook management (setup / update)
  • Improved transaction ID handling
  • Improved internal storage of transaction references
  • Improved temporary file storage
  • Fixed minor PHP notices
  • Internal code refactoring
  • Checked compatibility with WC-Vendors 1.9.4
  • Checked compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.4
  • Checked compatibility with WordPress 4.7


Bugfix release version 2.0.1

  • Fixes a fatal error with set_commission_paid() when completing orders in the WooCommerce admin panel


Stable version 2:

  • Support of optional payment template URL
  • Support of the soletrader status
  • Fixed bug with unspecified legacy user nationality in the checkout form (will now correctly trigger an error)
  • Optimized front-end performance (admin code is no longer loaded when on the front)
  • Major code refactoring
  • Checked compatibility with WC-Vendors 1.9.3


Bugfix/compatibility release 3:

  • Fixed compatibility with WC Vendors Pro plugin (save bank account info in the front-end store dashboard)
  • Fixed potential compatibility issue with third-party plugins (when overriding checkout fields)


Bugfix release 2:

  • Fixed PHP7 issue with bank account data display


Bugfix release 1:

  • Fixed textual date format issues for localized installations that caused birthday date validation errors
  • Fixed vendor role detection on some specific setups that prevented the bank account fields to show up
  • Cleared PHP warning message for an unset variable when creating a bank account


Stable version 1:

  • Fixed birthday format validation
  • Complete localization of birth date format (now uses WordPress date format option)
  • Improved birthday date picker (default year + year drop-down)
  • Improved admin notices (more health checks)
  • Added support for WC Vendor’s « Instapay » feature (instant payment/auto-payouts)
  • Added a « failed payout » admin dashboard, with transaction ignore/retry features
  • Added a « refused KYC document » admin dashboard
  • Tested successfully up to WP 4.5.3, WC 2.6.1 and WC Vendors 1.9.1


Public beta v4:

  • Fixed bug that prevented MP user creation when WP users were created while the plugin was inactive
  • Fixed bug that caused card type value to be lost upon ajax update of the checkout page
  • Fixed bug that prevented wallet transfers to vendors to be performed with virtual/downloadable/bookable products
  • Improved synchronization of bank account data
  • Improved bank account data validation
  • Added a health-check to ensure at least one payment method is enabled
  • Improved credit card selection admin


Public beta v3:

  • Improved natural/legal user management
  • Vendors can now correctly manage their bank account data from their WC-Vendor shop settings page
  • Avoid crashes when an API connection problem occurs upon MANGOPAY user account creation


First bugfixes for beta version:

  • Avoid error 500 when WooCommerce plugin not activated
  • Gateway correctly enabled upon initial plugin activation
  • Updated admin notices when setup is incomplete


Full-featured public beta version.


Full-featured early beta version.