Media Cleaner : nettoyez votre WordPress !


Media Cleaner est une extension puissante qui vous aide à nettoyer votre médiathèque WordPress en supprimant les entrées et les fichiers inutilisés, ainsi qu’en réparant les entrées cassées. Grâce à une fonction de corbeille interne, vous pouvez prévisualiser et confirmer les changements avant de supprimer définitivement quoi que ce soit. De plus, Media Cleaner utilise une analyse intelligente pour assurer la compatibilité avec des extension et des thèmes spécifiques.

Utilisez-le avec Database Cleaner pour une expérience de nettoyage ultime.

Media Cleaner est comme un assassin ninja pour votre médiathèque – il éliminera furtivement tous les médias inutiles et les entrées brisées qui encombrent l’endroit. Assurez-vous simplement d’avoir mis en place une extension de sauvegarde efficace avant de laisser libre cours à ce mauvais garçon.

Pour en savoir plus sur la compatibilité, les fonctionnalités et la version Pro, consultez le tutoriel sur le site web officiel.


Cette extension est compatible avec tous les types de médias, y compris les versions retina et WebP. Il a été testé sur une large plage de versions de WordPress, y compris la dernière version avec Gutenberg, ainsi que sur divers thèmes avec une grande communauté d’utilisateurs/utilisatrices. Il prend également en charge WooCommerce. Pour les utilisateurs ayant des extensions plus complexes pour gérer le contenu de leur site web, la version Pro peut être nécessaire pour une compatibilité optimale. Nous travaillons constamment à l’amélioration de la compatibilité avec d’autres extensions.


Media Cleaner Pro ajoute des fonctionnalités supplémentaires à la version gratuite de Media Cleaner :

  • Analyse du système de fichiers : analyse le répertoire physique /uploads et le compare à la médiathèque.
  • Support supplémentaire pour les extensions complexes, tels que ACF, Metabox, Divi Builder, Fusion Builder (Avada), WPBakery Page Builder, Visual Composer, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy Builder, Oxygen Builder, Slider Revolution, Justified Image Grid, Avia Framework, et bien d’autres encore !
  • Live Site Scan : analyse la version en ligne de votre site web, ce qui peut améliorer la précision dans certains cas.
  • Support WP-CLI : vous permet d’exécuter l’extension à une vitesse plus élevée ou automatiquement avec un accès direct au serveur (via SSH).

Captures d’écran

  • Media -> Media Cleaner


  1. Téléversez l’extension dans WordPress.
  2. Activez l’extension dans le menu « Extensions » de WordPress.
  3. Allez sur Meow Apps -> Cleaner dans la colonne latérale et cochez les options appropriées.
  4. Allez à Media -> Cleaner.


12 juillet 2024
It worked great!It did fail with some images from a custom carousel, but that is expected – how the plugin can know how some random carousel stores the data about the images, and there are thousands of carousels.. Just re-uploaded the images back and that’s it – all clean and working!
4 juillet 2024
I have a hobby site that been running on WordPress for 10 years. Over time I’ve had multiple themes and plugins that have been ditched as WordPress evolved. I use two of Jordy’s tools to clean up the site:Meow Media Cleaner and Meow Database Cleaner. Both have allowed me to remove years of crud that have built up over time. Both are VERY powerful tools. Don’t take short-cuts. Read the tutorials. MOST IMPORTANT take (regular) back-up in case you delete something that is important and you need to roll-back. Having made the changes its also important to scroll though your site t discover if by accident you removed something that is important. My mantra in deleting – even if its suggested as something to be removed, If I don’t recognise it – I do not to delete and review it on the second or third pass.
4 juillet 2024
As a freelance web developer, I’ve used Media Cleaner on several client WordPress sites to help optimize their media libraries. Overall, it’s an extremely useful plugin that can save a ton of storage space and improve site performance. The scanning algorithm is quite good at detecting truly unused media files. I love how it checks not just posts and pages, but also widget areas, menus, and theme files. The ability to filter results and perform test runs before deleting anything permanently is also great. However, I do have to caution users to be very careful with this plugin. On one occasion, it flagged some images as unused that were actually dynamically loaded via a custom plugin. Luckily I caught this during the preview stage. So while Media Cleaner is powerful, you need to have a solid understanding of how your WordPress site utilizes media files before bulk deletion!
1 juillet 2024
I’ve used Media Cleaner a few times and find it quite useful. The only downside is that it will identify an image that is in use on a page. It’s no big deal, and it’s easy enough to replace the image, but irritating. Other than that, it’s easy enough to use, the UI is easy to understand, and it is quite rapid.
28 juin 2024
I’ve been using the Media Cleaner plugin, and I couldn’t be happier with it! Unlike other similar plugins, Media Cleaner not only works flawlessly but also checks different plugins to ensure everything is in order. I recently purchased the Pro version, and it has exceeded my expectations. Kudos to the dev team for creating such an excellent tool!
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6.7.7 (2024/06/28)

  • Fix: Warnings with ACF.
  • Fix: Base folder for the Filesystem Scan.
  • Update: Cleaned the UI a bit more.

6.7.6 (2024/06/05)

  • Update: Better References section.
  • Add: Support for Bricks Builder.
  • Update: Refreshed the UI, updated to the latest common librairies.

6.7.5 (2024/05/24)

  • Fix: Logging system.
  • Info: We are working hard on Media Cleaner. If you want to share some love, write a simple and nice review here. Thank you so much! 💖

6.7.4 (2024/04/27)

  • Update: Updated description for OB cleaning to enhance clarity.
  • Add: Support for Breakdance Builder, extending compatibility.
  • Update: Added shortcode checking for Oxygen Builder.
  • Fix: Updated readme file to comply with the latest WordPress guidelines.

6.7.3 (2024/03/01)

  • Update: Better translations.
  • Update: Safer logs system.

6.7.2 (2024/02/02)

  • Add: « Create Batch » feature for Filesystem scans, streamlining the scanning process.
  • Add: « Delete Permanently » option in trash tab for targeted item management.
  • Add: Tooltip for repair mode to enhance user understanding and interaction.
  • Fix: Option to disable OB Cleaning.
  • Fix: Corrected dashboard media link functionality for subdirectories.
  • Fix: Resolved issues with backslash replacement on multiple occurrences for more accurate processing.

6.7.0 (2024/01/13)

  • Add: New ‘check-live’ argument for WP-CLI.
  • Add: Import and Export of the settings.

6.6.9 (2023/12/05)

  • Add: Expert Mode for advanced users.

6.6.8 (2023/11/18)

  • Add: Support for ACF File Field based on IDs.
  • Add: Repair Mode for Filesystem Scan (use this carefully, still in beta).
  • Update: Much better « References » section in the Dashboard, with additional filters.
  • Update: Various additional enhancements, maybe you’ll notice! 😊
  • Add: Support for Academy LMS.

6.6.7 (2023/09/21)

  • Update: Enhanced the get_references_for_post_id function.
  • Update: Code cleaning.

6.6.6 (2023/09/14)

  • Add: The get_reference_for_media_id and get_references_for_post_id functions are now accessible through the global $wpmc_core variable. Those functions will return where a specific media entry is used, or which media entries are used in a specific post.

6.6.5 (2023/07/25)

  • Update: Better checkboxes.
  • Update: Link to the posts in the References section.
  • Add: Support for Mailpoet.

6.6.4 (2023/05/30)

  • Update: Improved the UI and its elements.

6.6.3 (2023/04/09)

  • Add: New filter to see the found references. This will improve a lot.
  • Fix: Tiny fixes, retrieved the main dashboard, and lighter bundles.
  • Info: The new version of WordPress (6.2) came with what is seemingly a bug with the $wpdb->prepare. There are workaround, and I fixed an issue I was aware of. If you find any others, please kindly report it here.

6.6.0 (2023/02/21)

Fix: Avoid certain errors related to ACF and fields which were created with former versions.

6.5.8 (2023/02/09) =
* Update: Slightly cleaner UI (and it will get better and better).
* Update: Better support for Avada.

6.5.7 (2023/02/01)

  • Fix: Little issue with the nekoFetch.
  • Add: Timer on the Scan button.

6.5.6 (2023/01/30)

  • Update: Optimization and better handling of Divi.

6.5.5 (2023/01/09)

  • Add: Support for Uncode Theme.
  • Add: Reset settings button.
  • Update: Smaller package, better performance.