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15 février 2021 1 réponse
I dont understant how can you write into your css a rule that change css off the whole site. in my case add a margin to all H1. You could add specific class to target H1 built through your module, add more selector. But your pluggin get this css: h1{ margin : 0 0.6em; } It's says "please change all margin of this website i don't care what the owner designed before". It tooks me a half day of work to understand why my site changed and what did it. That's very bad and unforgetable Waisted my time.
31 juillet 2020 1 réponse
I just bought plugin few days ago, and today install but it was not work at first. It was pretty disappointed, so i write to support. After few hours i get response and explain issue and guy could not fix. But i saw he gives best he can. So after spend almost 1 hour in trying to fix we both give up, and he told me that he will make whole new version and will send me, and that is happen! After 4 or 5 hours i got mail and we try it again, but it was not work again it was better then first time but it was not work. So he ask me to grant him access to site and i did. And he fund error in minute, there was one script that i use for google map zoom on_off. After he make change and set new script he explain me all and all work perfect! SO PLUGIN IS EXCELLENT LIGHT EASY TO USE AND SUPPORT IS EVEN BETTER, I CAN JUST SAY THANK YOU AND BEST WISHES!!! SO THIS IS ONE REAL OBJECTIVE REVIEW!!!!! FAULT WAS ON MY SIDE AND GUY SPEND ALL DAY JUST TO HELP ME!!!
7 septembre 2019 1 réponse
Bought the pro version. Several modules are broken. The support guy waited 3 months to reply to my mails... which surprisingly corresponds to the end of the period when refunds were allowed. Scam alert.
15 septembre 2018 1 réponse
this plugin it's very complete i really hope to see even more options in future and pls add a breadcrumb module!!!
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