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Online Lesson Booking





Online Lesson Booking system (OLB) was made in order to equip a web site with the reservation-form and scheduler for one-to-one online lesson.

Teacher (author) sets up a timetable using a scheduler, and member (subscriber) makes a reservation by clicking timetable.
Teacher and a member are informed by e-mail in the case of reservation and cancellation.

Visit The User’s Guide (ja)/(en) for more info.

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  • "Scheduler" page
  • "Daily schedule" page
  • "Weekly schedule" page
  • "Reservation form" page
  • "Plugin option" page


導入手順 (日本語)をご覧ください。
Visit Setup Guide (ja)/(en).



  1. 管理画面を開き「プラグイン:新規追加」にて « Online Lesson Booking » で検索します
  2. 「今すぐインストール」をクリックします
  3. プラグインを有効化します
  4. プラグインが有効化されたときに、一部の特別なページは自動的に作成されます
  5. ウィジェット「会員専用」「講師専用」「管理者専用」をウィジェット領域に追加します


  1. プラグインをダウンロードして解凍します
  2. « /wp-content/plugins/ » ディレクトリに、 »online-lesson-booking-system » フォルダをアップロードします
  3. プラグインを有効化します


  1. Open the admin-page, search in keyword « Online Lesson Booking » from « Add new » page in « Plugins » menu.
  2. Click “Install now”.
  3. Activate plug-in after install-package is downloaded.
  4. Some special pages are already created automatically, when the plug-in was activated.
  5. Add widgets « Members only » and « Teachers only » and « Admins only » to the widget-area.


  1. Donwload plugin file and unzip it.
  2. Upload « online-lesson-booking-system » folder to the « /wp-content/plugins/ » directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the « Plugins » menu in WordPress

Plugin set up


  1. 管理画面から「OLBsystem」メニューを開きます
  2. 「OLBsystem:全般」は、タイムテーブルや予約設定を行ないます
  3. 「OLBsystem:特別なページ」は、システムに必要なページの名前(スラッグ)を指定します
  4. 「OLBsystem:メール設定」は、通知メールの内容を編集します
  5. いくつかの特別なページは、プラグインを有効化したときにすでに作られています

Plugin set up:

  1. Open the WordPress admin panel, and go to the plugin option page « OLBsystem ».
  2. Menu « OLBsystem > General » is setup about reservation and a timetable.
  3. Menu « OLBsystem > Special pages » is setup of the name (slug) of a page indispensable to a system.
  4. Menu « OLBsystem > Mail » is Edit of the text of notice mail.
  5. Some special pages are already created, when the plug-in was activated.

Edit the schedule of teacher


  1. 講師としてユーザーを追加します。ユーザー権限は「投稿者」です
  2. 講師としてログインし、講師用スケジュール編集ページでスケジュールを編集します
  3. 各講師の紹介記事を投稿し、ショートコード [olb_weekly_schedule id= »xx »] を挿入します
  • « id » は講師のユーザーIDです。IDは、管理画面のユーザー一覧で確認できます

Scheduler for Teacher:

  1. Add some users as teacher. Teacher’s role is « author ».
  2. Log in as a teacher. Access the « editschedule » page and set a schedule.
  3. Make the information of each teacher as « post » (ex. with « teacher » category, etc.), and insert short cord [olb_weekly_schedule id= »xx »].
  • « id » is ID number of each teacher. ID number is confirmed with a list of users in admin-page.

Member registration


  1. 管理画面:一般設定で「メンバーシップ」(誰でもユーザー登録できるようにする)をチェックします
  2. 新規ユーザーのデフォルト権限グループは「購読者」にします
  3. 会員は自らユーザー登録をします。会員はSkype IDを入力します
  4. 管理者は、会員の「有効期限」を更新します(例えば、会費を支払った後などに)
  • Ver 0.4.0以降では「チケット制」を使うことができます

Member registration:

  1. Check the item of the « membership » (anyone can register) in the admin page of WordPress.
  2. A « new user’s default role » is « subscriber ».
  3. Members perform new user’s registration themselves. Member must set item « Skype ID ».
  4. Administrator update the item « term of validity » of member’s profile. (ex. after checking the payment from a member, etc.)
  • « Ticket system » can be chosen from version 0.4.0.


Visit The User’s Guide (ja)/(en) which covered all of features of this plugin.





How is reservation information saved?

An original table is created in a database, and it saves there.

Is a member controlling function included?

Not include. Please use the « membership » which is a standard function of WordPress, or compensate with other plug-in.


3 septembre 2016
There is a bug. When we change the time for before 10:00 the calendar disappears on the "Schedule for Teacher". If this bug is fixed I will be very thankful.
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Contributeurs & développeurs

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See Change log (ja)/(en).


  • Fixed an issue where the admin couldn’t canceled « pretending ».


  • Fixed cURL timeout issue.


  • Fixed a warning in « Ticket logs » page.


  • Fixed a vulnerability issue.


  • The deprecated function « create_function » is deleted.


  • ‘Screen_icon’ on the admin-page has been deleted. And fixed some PHP ‘Notice’.


  • The action of saveRoomURL is executed not only when « post » is published but also on « page » too.


  • The short code can be used in the OLB widgets (Member only, Teacher only, Administrator only).


  • Fixed a bug in which « teacher » attribute is released when importing posts for teacher with CSV.


  • Fixed a bug where « teacher » attribute is released.
  • « olb_can_cancellation » filter added.


  • Fixed some notices and warnings displayed in « WP_DEBUG » mode.
  • Several variables available for notification have been added.


  • The bug by which the rest of a free lesson will be the negative value was corrected.


  • Option which send reservation notifications to also administrator was added.


  • Fixed a bug in the calendar.
    ( About the problem that occured when that will be specified the start day of the week )


  • Domain Path of locale folder was changed “/languages”.
  • The accessing to the cancellation URL for member by teacher is recirected to that for the teacher.
  • Bug fix in « canReport() » and « report() ».


  • Bug fix.
  • « front.js » is loaded with the « jQuery » by the « wp_enqueue_script() ».
  • Action hook « parse_request » was changed to « template_redirect ».


  • Correction of the bug in which reservation fails in WordPress 4.4.


  • The property « Teacher » is possible to set in a « Add New User » page.
    If « Teacher » property was checked, « Role » is changed to « Author » automatically.
    (It is so even in a « User Edit » page.)


  • Bug fix caused by abolition of « WPLANG ».


  • An incomplete file in Version 0.7.0 was complemented.


  • The option which invalidates a judgement of « Term of validity » was added into the plugin option page « OLBsystem:General ».



  • When the user opened a page which needs login, the user is returned to the page just after the login.
  • The word in timetable which indicates the reservation state (‘Open’, ‘closed’, etc.) were changed to gettext.
    Those can be translated.
  • Small change in HTML. Some classes were added.


  • The contents of a “Cancellation form for teacher” page and schedule list were changed a little.
  • A detail of reservation which cancellation request already closed were linked in schedule list.
  • Some filters were added.


  • The mail address format of the reservation notice for the user was changed to « user@example.com » from « User <user@example.com> ».
    Because a send error on wp_mail() occurs in several servers.


  • Record sorting of the « member’s schedule » was corrected to an ascending order of time. (from descending order.)
  • The default « width » of some tables (timetable, calendar, etc.) in « front.css » were changed.


  • The bug of the notice mail of « reservation/cancellation » was corrected.


  • The bug in the deadline time calculation which receives reservation and cancellation was corrected.
  • The variable which can be used in the notice mail of reservation was added.
    « %USER_TERM% » is the member’s term of validity.
    « %USER_TERM_REM% » is the remaining days of a member’s term of validity.
    « %USER_TICKETS% » is the number of tickets which the member owns.


  • The update process of a teacher’s profile item « website » was improved.
    The item will be updated by « bulk action (edit post) « , also by « Import ».


  • Profile edit by a teacher was changed a little.
  • Change of the term of validity by an administrator was changed a little.
  • New information feed from « olbsys.com » was added.


  • The bug in the case of the profile edit and display by teacher user was corrected.


  • The filter hooks was added. Those are the receiver’s addresses of the notice e-mail of reservation (or cancellation).


  • Malfunction was solved when used together with « Events Manager » etc.

    (The malfunction is 404 errors when the subpage below an « Events » page is accessed, for example.)


  • Small bug fix.


  • « Calendar » short code was added. On « Daily Schedule » pages, the date can be chosen from a calendar.
    The type of a calendar is two kinds. They are « monthly » or « weekly ».
    » About Daily schedule (ja)/(en).

  • The teacher’s self-portrait can be displayed on « Daily schedule ».
    Set a « Featured Image » in each « post » of teacher information.
    » About Teacher’s portrait (ja)/(en).


  • The message in a « Ticket-logs » was changed partially.
  • Bug fix


  • With the output of Short-code in contents, a translation file (.mo file) is read according to the value of current locale information (get_locale()).
    (For example, in the cases of multilingualization etc.)
    However, the translation files which are attached at present are only Japanese and English. Sorry.
  • Bug fix


  • Bug fix


  • Bug fix


  • The display style of « Ticket logs » was changed.
  • Also when the « Term of validity » is extended, it is displayed on « Ticket logs ».
  • Bug fix


  • The limit of the number of reservation per month can be specified.
  • « Ticket system » can be chosen. It is the system of giving each member tickets and making a reservation by consuming ticket. If tickets run short, the member has to purchase.
  • Administrator can see the page which they use pretending to be a member or a teacher.
  • Some special pages were added and changed.
  • Some short-code were added.
  • Bug fix


  • « Members info » page was added one of special page


  • Table structure and processing were changed
  • « Admin only » widget was added
  • Bug fix

  • Small bug fix


  • first release.