Printful Integration for WooCommerce


Partner with the #1 print-on-demand drop shipping plugin. Over 300,000 active customers and counting!

Avec Printful, vous pouvez vous concentrer sur votre boutique. Nous imprimons, traitons et expédions vos produits pour vous. Téléversez simplement votre design, ajoutez-le à votre boutique, et nous faisons le reste.

We offer more than 305+ products in various categories—apparel, home & living items, jewelry, accessories, and more! Once your orders start rolling in, we’ll fulfill and ship each one under your brand at our in-house and partner facilities, located globally.

Printful customers have already made more than $1 billion in sales, so start selling today!

Comment fonctionne Printful ?

When a customer buys something from your WooCommerce store, the order is automatically imported to Printful, where we fulfill and ship it to them under your brand. You can then see your order, revenue, and profit statistics on your WooCommerce dashboard.

We’re trusted to print over 1 million products monthly and we can’t wait to print yours!

Learn more about the WooCommerce + Printful integration here:

With WooCommerce + Printful, you get:

  • Contrôle de vos profits : nous vous facturons pour couvrir la production pendant que vous établissez votre prix de détail, et ce qui reste est votre profit
  • Automated tax settings and live shipping rates
  • Free design templates: Get creative with our Design Maker
  • Personnalisation de produits : Vendez des designs que vos clients peuvent personnaliser
  • Warehousing & Fulfillment services: Store your inventory at our warehouse, and we’ll fulfill all your orders
  • Stress-free shipping: Lost shipments are on us, and we offer shipping methods with tracking
  • Discounted samples: Order samples of your products with 20% off + free shipping to select destinations to ensure your customers are getting quality products.
  • 24/7 support: Get in touch with us using chat or email

Captures d’écran

  • Connecter à Printful
  • Tableau de bord Printful
  • Integration settings
  • Plugin status page
  • Page de support


  1. Téléversez « printful-shipping-for-woocommerce » dans le répertoire « /wp-content/plugins/ »
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click the « Connect » button or add your Printful API key manually to Printful->Settings tab
  4. Enable shipping rate calculation in WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping->Printful Shipping tab
  5. Pour calculer automatiquement les taxes, veuillez cocher « Activer les taxes et les calculs de taxes » sous Paramètres de taxes WooCommerce.
  6. Then go to Printful->Settings tab and check ‘Calculated for all products shipped to states where Printful applies sales tax’.


How do I get Printful API key?

Accédez à, sélectionnez votre boutique WooCommerce, cliquez sur « Modifier » puis sur « Activer accès ». Votre clé API sera générée et affichée là.


13 juin 2024 1 réponse
after having worked with printful for two years, and therefore inserted more than three hundred products, invested money and time, now it doesn’t work anymore, I don’t understand why they still allow you to use it. I’m closing my shop and moving to another more reliable company
12 juin 2024 1 réponse
Well I wanted to swich from another provider because they have great products But the integration really sucks, I can sync product… ehh like 40% of the timeAnd when it syncs in the background. I guess to also check up on stock it fails almost everytimeSo can’t use them sadly…Their support answered quickly but sadly mostly with « can you contact your host » anserws… And research on the net showcases this to extremes…. it’s definately their plugin having issuses, tried pretty much everything I can find…And they asked me to rollback woocommerce to 8.2.2, that was FORTY ONE updates back… OMGWell tried downgrading, disabling all plugins and resyncing many times and it’s failing half the times and succes half the times…. That is way to unsecure to be usuable
4 juin 2024 1 réponse
After using this for several months adding over 100 products it suddently stopped working and all products were gone! After weeks of discussions with support it’s still not working and I have to close my shop.What you have to know is that Printful ONLY support WooCommerce version 8.2.2 and WordPress version 6.4.3. If you have any other version they will tell you that unexpected behaviour may occur! So if you have any other plugins or themes (that are most likely) you are stucked with older versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. They have no plans for uodating the plugin. I really regret installing this plugin as it caused a lot of work and the end I’m stucked with a none working shop and lost products.
28 mai 2024 1 réponse
The reviews for this plugin are pretty bad, but it worked right away for me. This is my first time using Printful so it’s possible that regular users may notice more issues, but I had no problems so far. Connecting to my account took about 5 minutes, and by the time I had added 4 products they had all synced. I think the active installations number being at 50,000 is a fairly good indication that this is working for most people, most of the time?
28 mai 2024 1 réponse
I think the Printful team could be a little bit more helpful when trying to help someone troubleshoot or maybe the Printful documentation could be updated to include connection issues that may arise due to Cloudflare DNS proxy. Once I tried to connect in a staging environment and it worked I was then able to determine that it was my Cloudflare proxy causing the connection issue.
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  • Bugfixes


  • WordPress compatibility raised to 6.4.1
  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 8.2.2


  • OAuth migration updates
  • Added HPOS compatibility


  • Security fixes


  • Security fixes


  • OAuth migration process update


  • Bugfixes


  • OAuth support for Printful API


  • WordPress compatibility raised to 6.1.1
  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 7.5.1


  • License.txt update


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 6.7


  • Plugin version fix


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 6.5.1
  • WordPress compatibility raised to 6.0


  • Licence updated to GPLv3
  • WordPress compatibility raised to 5.9
  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 6.4


Additional billing setting check


  • WordPress compatibility raised to 5.8. Size guide bugfix


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 6.1


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 6.0
  • Size guide bug fix


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.9


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.5


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.4


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.3
  • Corrections de bugs mineurs


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.2


  • Advanced size guide translations fix


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 5.0


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.9


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.8


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.7


  • Woocommerce compatibility raised to 4.6


  • Fix translations


  • Advanced size guide feature


  • Support amélioré pour WooCommerce 4.3


  • Support amélioré pour WooCommerce 4.2


  • Support amélioré pour WooCommerce 4.1


  • Support amélioré pour WooCommerce 4.0 et autres corrections de bugs mineurs


  • Support amélioré pour WooCommerce 3.9 et autres corrections de bugs mineurs


  • Support amélioré pour WooCommerce 3.8 et autres corrections de bugs mineurs


  • Updated labels in plugin settings


  • Added the ability to change personalization popup title


  • Fixed issues with personalization tool and other minor improvements


  • Fixed an issue with personalized order submit


  • Fixed minor issue with site URL verification in plugin status page


  • Amélioration du support des thèmes pour les produits personnalisés et autres corrections de bugs mineurs


  • Support amélioré pour WooCommerce 3.6 et autres corrections de bugs mineurs


  • Personalization feature


  • Shipping & Tax information improvements


  • Corrections de bugs, améliorations de sécurité et support i18n amélioré


  • Amélioration du support pour WordPress 5.0 et résolution de divers problèmes mineurs


  • Améliorations apportées aux paramètres de transporteur Printful


  • Support amélioré pour les versions PHP plus anciennes
  • Autres corrections de bugs mineurs


  • Meilleure compatibilité avec WC 3.4.3
  • Support localisation WordPress
  • Corrections de bugs mineurs


  • Fixed incorrect webhook status indication since WC 3.3.0


  • Improved Printful connection status detection
  • Améliorations apportées au rapport du système
  • Show warning if attempting to connect from localhost


  • New major plugin version
  • Tout nouveau tableau de bord Printful
  • Connectez-vous à Printful en un clic
  • View your Printful profits and latest Printful product orders in WordPress admin
  • Modifiez vos transporteurs à partir du tableau de bord Printful
  • Amélioration de la compatibilité de la taxe de vente avec les taux de taxes existants
  • Nouvelle page de statut – vérifiez si votre intégration fonctionne normalement
  • New support page – all info about finding help in one place
  • Onglet Tableau des tailles – Lorsque vous ajoutez des produits de Printful, le tableau des tailles sera placé dans un onglet séparé
  • Improved logging of API requests coming to and from Printful


  • Fixed bug that caused tax rates to become invisible on checkout since WC 3.0


  • Do not calculate shipping rates for US addresses while ZIP or state is not entered


  • Include shipping rates in tax calculation for states that require that


  • Added option to allow Woocommerce default rates together with Printful rates for Printful products


  • Prevent virtual products from requiring shipping rate when bought together with Printful products


  • Fixed issue introduced in 1.2.2


  • Fixed PHP warning on Woocommerce 2.6 due to changed method signature
  • Fixed conflict with « Multiple Packages for WooCommerce » plugin


  • Fixed bug that could have show error message when calculating shipping rates


  • Support calculating shipping rates for both Printful and non-Printful products at the same time (non-Printful
    products will get default rates provided by Woocommerce)
  • Ajout de la mise en cache des taux de taxe
  • Compatibilité améliorée avec WooCommerce 2.6


  • Removed check for Curl extension (since we already used wp_remote_get and it is no longer necessary)


  • Ignore virtual and downloadable products when calculating shipping rates


  • Added option to calculate sales tax rates for locations where it is required for Printful orders
  • Added automatic conversion of shipping rates to the currency used by Woocommerce
  • Printful API client library updated to use WordPress internal wp_remote_get method instead of CURL directly
  • Changed plugin code structure for easier implementation of new features in the future


  • Added option to disable SSL for users that do not have a valid CA certificates in their PHP installation


  • Removed CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION that caused problems on some hosting environments
  • Added option to display reason status messages if the rate API request has failed


  • Première version