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Accidentally published a WordPress post too early once too often, instead of saving it as a draft? This lightweight WordPress plugin implements an extra confirmation dialogue between your click on the Publish button and its actual processing. Simple and effective—never publish by accident again!

Once a post has been published, the confirmation dialogue will not appear anymore for that post.



  • Active development of this plugin is handled on GitHub.
  • Pull requests for documented bugs are highly appreciated.
  • If you think you’ve found a bug (e.g. you’re experiencing unexpected behavior), please post at the support forums first.
  • If you want to help us translate this plugin you can do so on WordPress Translate.



  • If you don’t know how to install a plugin for WordPress, here’s how.


  • WordPress 4.5 or greater, smaller versions maybe also possible, but untested.


Does *Publish Confirm* work for posts and pages?

Yes, it does.

And Custom Post Types?


Can I limit/extend the plugin’s functionality for a custom selection of post types?

Yes, you can, via PHP filter from a custom plugin or from your theme’s functions.php. By default, the plugin will consider all registered post types. As an example, you could only have a confirmation dialogue for public post types, excluding attachments, like this:

    function ( $post_types ) {

        $post_types = get_post_types( array( 'public' => true ) );

        if ( isset( $post_types[ 'attachment' ] ) ) {
            unset( $post_types[ 'attachment' ] );

        return $post_types;

Or you can exclude your particular custom post type from the confirmation dialogue like so:

    function ( $post_types ) {

        if ( isset( $post_types[ 'your_custom_post_type' ] ) ) {
            unset( $post_types[ 'your_custom_post_type' ] );

        return $post_types;
Is there any way to change the default dialogue message into something else?

The message text in the publishing dialogue can be changed via PHP filter from a custom plugin or your theme’s functions.php:

    function( $msg ) {
        return "You’re about to send this out into the world.\nHave you added a kitten pic?";


A real lifesaver!

Thank you for this plugin!

It works perfectly for me and, to be quite honest, I have absolutely no idea why a failsafe like this one isn’t included in core.

Thanks for putting it out there for us users who aren’t nearly as perfect as WordPress developers apparently think we are. 😉

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1.0.1 (2017-03-09)

  • Added Exception for ‘Schedule’ button.

1.0.0 (2016-12-16)


  • Code cleanup, props @bueltge
  • Filter translatable strings
  • Tested WordPress 4.6 compatibility
  • standardized text domain to include a dash instead of an underscore
  • added filter to manage which post types the plugin functionality will apply to
  • updated plugin authors


  • WordPress 4.2 support
  • Russian translation


  • No confirmation dialogue for scheduled posts


  • Publish confirmation for post drafts


  • Publish Confirm goes