Random Banner


Random Banner WordPress plugin provides users with high level of flexibility to show image banners, SWF banners and script ads randomly


  • Supported Banner types: Image, SWF, Script advertisements

  • Add individual link to Image and SWF banners.

  • Banners will be displayed randomly based on the number of banners uploaded in setting page.

  • Banner can be placed almost anywhere using shortcode or widget

  • Custom title can be added for the banner in widget title.

  • Categories the banners.

  • Show banner as slider in widget and shortcode

  • Banners can be added/disabled to each post.

  • Disable all Random Banner in Settings–>Others

  • Disable Random Banner to Logged in User ( Settings–>Others)

  • Show Banner Ads Through Popup ( Settings–>Popup)

  • Filter the ads by its category in « Add Banner location »

Scripts and Styles used

  • Bootstrap
  • SweetAlert
  • Momentjs
  • Owl


Random Banner Demo

Free Vs Pro

Free vs Pro version Limitations

How to add Shortcode?


<?php echo do_shortcode('[bc_random_banner]'); ?>

Inside the Posts


Options to use in the shortcode

[bc_random_banner category=category_name slider=no autoplay=true delay=3000 loop=false dots=false]

Values for options

  • category = default / any category
  • slider = No / Yes
  • autoplay = true / false
  • delay = 3000 (in Milli Seconds)
  • loop = false / true
  • dots = false / true

For Pro Version : Random Banner Pro Support

Captures d’écran

  • Add New Banner
  • Widget Page
  • Admin Category Page
  • Insert ads inside the Post
  • Admin Popup Settings
  • Autres Paramètres
  • Disable banner for particular page
  • Banner view on frontend pages


  1. Upload the « random-banner » directory to the plugins directory.
  2. Go to the plugins setting page and activate « Random Banner »
  3. Go to Random Banner and Upload banner by image or URL and add the link for each image
  4. Go to Appearance –> Widget –> Drag Random Banner Widget to appropriate location
  5. Add the custom title.
  6. Do save.

For more information : Random Banner Support


For detailed information

Visit => Random Banner FAQ

Now am using version below 1.3, how to update the plugin?

Answer: Yes you can update the plugin, but make sure that you have taken the previous version banners before uploading.

What will happen if I forgot to take the previous version banner backup?

Answer: No problem, Usually you should add the image as banner and it will be available in your media directory or you can get while uploading the banner in newer version. But the banner click url will be added manually. So its better to take click url.

What if I would buy?

Answer: If you would buy, you will get all pro and latest update of random banner. The login details will be send to your after Payment

What if I have already bought and get the next version?

Answer: Yes, you can do the remaining payment through (https://buffercode.com) your plugin page and then you can download from the login details you have already sent.

How to verify the plugin manually in Pro Version?

Answer: Yes, you can verify it in the support page by entering your Activation code.

How to add Shortcode?

Answer: You can add shortcode from version 3.4 onwards,


Inside the Posts


Options to use in the shortcode

[bc_random_banner category=category_name slider=no autoplay=true delay=3000 loop=false dots=false]

Values for options

  • category = default / any category
  • slider = No / Yes
  • autoplay = true / false
  • delay = 3000 (in Milli Seconds)
  • loop = false / true
  • dots = false / true


13 octobre 2021
I use this plugin to display random photos on a login page. It is very easy to use and works great. Thanks.
30 juin 2020
Too many issues not resolved. Not production grade. Problems: 1. Conflict with Rest API 2. Conflict with other plugins, must deactivate to update other plugins 3. No database management. I have table with over 1,000,000 rows 4. No export to csv support 5. No support for ads on mobile – try to display the same ad on large & mobile. 6. Poor use of session id, causing issues. 7. No clear link customer – campaign – appearance&clicks 8. Poor grade on Google – Layout shift I reported most of the above issues. After 10 days of help – support is gone. Worst of all, some issues were reported 2 years ago! Developer promised to fix it…
24 octobre 2019 1 réponse
This plugin only really works if you’re prepared to pay for the premium feature. It also is full of annoying popups that appear after every action telling you to upgrade. This is way too much and for that reason plus the fact that I was unable to do what I needed to do on the basic package, I uninstalled this within an hour of installing. I am now using Simple Banner which is honestly much better – it doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is and that’s a very effective rectangular banner plugin that has no annoying popups telling me to upgrade every time I use it.
1 octobre 2019 5 réponses
For one of our client (a magazine) which have a high-level traffic website, statistics cannot be displayed for a range of more 2 ou 3 days due to memory overflow (I guess the whole datas of displays and clicks are loaded in memory instead of beeing grouped and summed by mysql). Waiting for a solution for more than 6 monthes…. Website is on a dedicated with a memory limit of 512M Last thing : wa cannot update plug-ins if we don’t deactivate RB pro before. No solution either. Except that, the job is made.
30 juillet 2019
The plugin was just what I needed. There was a small issue when I upgraded but the developer responded instantly and worked until it was fixed, even though it was very late.
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v 4.2.8 (20240401)

  • Code Refactor.

v 4.2.5 (20240316)

  • PHP 8 : Bug fix

v 4.2.3 (20231118)

  • Support PHP 8.2
  • Minor bug fixes

v 4.1.11 (20220704)

  • Correction de bugs

v 4.1.5 (20220116)

  • Correction de bugs

v 4.1.4 (20210318)

Session Bug fixes and jQuery enqueued.

v 4.1.3 (20210314)

Supports WordPress version 5.7

v 4.1.2 (20200613)

  • Correction de bugs

v 4.1 (20180116)

  • Correction de bugs

v 4.0 (20171208)

  • Updated UI for extensions

v (20171027)

  • Bug fixed in Slider for newer version of JQuery

v 3.9.8 (20171003)

  • Now user can customize the empty banner content in Random Banner | Settings | Others | Text for empty banner

v (20170720)

  • Added title for Script ads.

  • Minor bug fixed.

v (20170708)

  • Minor bug fixed.

v (20170611)

  • Translation updated ( new pot file generated ).

  • Minor bug fixed.

  • Supports WordPress 4.8

v (20170509)

  • Translation bug fixed. – Thanks for the translation file by @welmar

v (20170508)

  • Translation function added.

v (20170406)

  • Added: Cache functionality added for testing.
  • Added: now user can delete the random banner tables and its associated options in support page.
  • Updated: Adding Banner UI revamped.
  • Bug fixed: some times the tables are not installing properly

v (20170401)

  • Bug Fixed: Randomization not working and no ads to display after deleting the images.
  • Support page added for better connectivity

v (20170327)

  • Increased the banner upload to 10

v (20170322)

  • Few bug fixed

v (20161208)

  • Support WordPress 4.7 Version

v 3.9.6 (20161028)

  • Minor bug fixes and added support page for easy contact.

v 3.9.5 (20160929)

  • Filter the ads by its category in « Add Banner location » (New)

v 3.9.3 (20160630)

  • New feature, show/hide dots under the slider added with shortcode.

  • Few bug fixed.

v 3.9.2 (20160614)

  • Bug fixed on setting pages.

v 3.9.1 (20160613)

  • Few Bug fixed and Translation added.

v 3.9 (20160519)

  • Show Banner Ads through Popup

v 3.6.3 (20160510)

  • Disable Random Banner to Logged in User

v 3.6.2 (20160427)

  • New installation issue bug – Tables not properly install.

v 3.6.1 (20160416)

  • Disable all Random Banner in Settings –> Others

v 3.5.1 (20160406)

  • Image banner can be added through category to all individual post (new)

  • Disable the Image banner for particular post (new)

  • Correction de bugs

v 3.4.1 (20160322)

  • Bug fixes – When there is no ads to display and issue creating on multiple slider on single page

v 3.4 (20160321)

  • Short Code Added

  • Few alignment Bug fixes

v 3.2 (20160317)

  • Bug fixed

v 3.1 (20160310)

  • Bug fixed – No repetition of banners will be displayed until it shown all banners.

v 3.0.1 (20160305)

  • Correction de bugs

v 3.0 (20160304)

  • Show banner as slider in widget

v (20160226)

  • Correction de bugs

  • Categories the banner

v 2.1.1 (20160222)

  • Few style bug fixed

v 2.1 (20160221)

  • Now banner link can be opened in same or new window on Setting Page

v 2.0.2 (20160220)

  • Correction de bugs

v 2.0.1 (20160218)

  • Bug fixes [crash less than PHP 5.4 ]

v 2.0

  • New UI

  • User can add any number of image and script banners

v 1.3

  • Support 4.3

v 1.2

  • Missing title removed layout – Bug Fixes


  • Support WordPress 3.9

v 1.1.2

  • Bug fixes – Banner Aligned Center

v 1.0

  • Public release