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Really Simple Under Construction Page


Add a really simple version of a Under Construction page to your website by enable this plugin. Use IP to restrict all users except the whitelisted addresses.

Go to the settings page in Settings > Really Simple Under Construction. Enable by checking the checkbox. The Under Construction site is only visible if not logged in. Optionally you can set three things:
1. Customize the Under Construction site by adding plain HTML that will be displayed.
2. Set the secret key to be able to by-pass the Under Construction page.
3. Set for how long the by-pass should work.
4. Add IP addresses for whitelisting a users or services.

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  • This is the admin page of Really Simple Construction Page


19 mars 2024
Simple as the title suggests, love the minimalistic approach, and especially the URL parameter to bypass it without having to login!
1 mars 2024
Do what it says. Quick way to close access and in the same time give it easy to ones who needed. Thank you.
16 décembre 2023
At last a plugin to create just a simple, basic ‘under construction / maintenance page’ without tons of unnecessary options. Thanks!
1 septembre 2023 1 réponse
Really Simple Under Construction Page does what it says on the box. It’s a basic and developer oriented plugin, without all the weird bells and whistles and annoying ads and upselling found in other bloated plugins. I just want to Block visitors from accidentally accessing a demo website, thinking it’s the real thing. Whitelist my IP-address, so I can continue working on the website. Create a URL with a password that I can send to someone who needs temporary access to the test site. Enable/disable the block with a click This plugin, does that, and that’s it. Plain and simple. And that’s what makes it stand out from the crowds. 👍 Tested August ’23 on WP 6.3 and PHP 8.1
30 juin 2023 2 réponses
as well /admin – /wp-admin is « under construction » horrible pugin – – keep your hand away from this This means – I have to reinstall everything — Support was fast 🙂
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  • Bugfix, not working for startpage since 1.4.5.


  • Minor code cleanup


  • Improved handling of login page


  • Added setting to make WordPress static Homepage to be visible, the plugin still restricts all other pages.


  • Ignore if call to webhook wp-json


  • Bugfix WordPress login blocked


  • Ignore if call to webhook wc-api


  • Minor bugfixes


  • Add your IP to textfield link added.


  • Whitelisting with IP address added. Settings layout updated. Refactored code.


  • Settings link added in plugins list. Author information updated.


  • Bugfix, not working for startpage in some set ups.


  • Language support added. sv_SE and en_US in first version.


  • Fix to ignore « Under Construction » page if current page is wp-admin or wp-login.php. Handles custom URLs.


  • First commit.