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A free, fast and easy to use regenerate thumbnails plugin supported by ShortPixel 🙂

Regenerate Thumbnails Advanced (RTA) plugin comes in handy when you install a new WordPress theme on your site that has different image sizes. While the newly uploaded images will be cropped and resized to fit your new theme, the old thumbnails will remain unchanged. Using RTA you can regenerate the thumbnails for all your existing images.
It is also very useful when you have many not-used-anymore thumbnails and you want to remove them while making sure you have all the needed thumbnails generated.

Fonctionnalités :

  • Choose the quality of the regenerated thumbs.
  • Option to remove not-used-anymore thumbnails.
  • Remove metadata for missing images and thumbnails
  • Fully integrated with ShortPixel Image Optimizer.
  • Option to select the thumbnail size for featured and non-featured images.
  • Option pour ajouter facilement des tailles de miniatures supplémentaires dont vous avez besoin.
  • Interval selection (last day, week, month, all) for the thumbs that will be regenerated.
  • Interface très simple où vous avez un graphique de progression vous indiquant le pourcentage d’images régénérées.
  • Resume function – the regeneration process will continue from where it was left in case you accidentally close the processing tab in your browser.

For support please contact us here making sure you mention RTA plugin.

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Nothing special about the installation process, just visit « Plugins » section in your /wp-admin, search for « regenerate thumbnails advanced », install & activate the plugin and then from Settings section you can start using it.


Puis-je régénérer uniquement quelques images ?

Vous avez une option pour sélectionner : tous, jour précédent, semaines passées, mois passés.

Que se passe-t-il si je ferme la page pendant que le processus de régénération est en cours d’exécution ?

Le script s’arrête, mais il reprend dès que vous ouvrez à nouveau la page des réglages de l’extension.


28 septembre 2020
I really like your plugin! Being able to select which size and only create missing images.. it's awesome. Appreciate also the fact we can resume the action if it stop just by reloading the page. Thx!
28 juin 2020
I've found an other plugin more in relation with my purpose so I've deleted this plugin. In fact, I didn't use this plugin at all so I can't rate it. I would like to delete this review but I can't find how to do it.
9 avril 2020
5 estrellas para este plugin porque hace que el proceso de regenerar miniaturas sea fácil y transparente. Además tiene un plus dando la opción de poder seleccionar las imágenes que uno desee regenerar y permite crear nuevos tamaños de imágenes. FELICIDADES!!!.
28 décembre 2019
When trying to use it it drops an Invalid Nonce error and nothing happens. I even have the license for the ShortPixel plugin that continue to display stupid warnings if you use a plugin that actually works! ShortPixel Image Optimizer Warning The following plugins are not compatible with ShortPixel and may lead to unexpected results: Regenerate Thumbnails
30 septembre 2019
5 stars for this plugin that not only regenerates the thumbnails (which is what is supposed to do), but also lets you choose which ones you want to regenerate, which ones you want to delete, and it even lets you create new thumbnails!
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Release date: August 17th 2020
* Fix : Regenerate Period now calculates from time set in WordPress to respect timezone settting.


Release date: July 13th 2020
* Fix: PHP warning that was displayed on PHP 7.4.x.


Release date: 29th May 2020
* New system for queuing which should be more efficient;
* New – Added regenerate thumbnails button in edit-attachment screen;
* Fixed – Crash when regenerating image from edit media;
* Fixed – Queries for large amount of images should not timeout;
* Fixes for the responsiveness of the regeneration screen;
* Class loader moved to PSR-4.


Release date: 9th March 2020
* Reworked and improved the process interface
* Option in media library to regenerate just one image
* Will check for post_mime_type in posts and fix it when it’s empty.
* Cookie-based processing removed, now keeps progress as a server setting
* Internal processes optimized.
* Fixed – WordPress 5.3 image handling and scaled images
* Fixed – Metadata not being removed in some cases when « Delete Leftover Image Metadata » is checked.
* Fixed – Logger doesn’t call wp_upload_dir when not debugging


Release date: 7th June 2019
* Replace the two options Exact size for featured/non-featured images with one checkbox Only featured
* Button to stop the regeneration
* Make Keep existing be checked by default
* Change « Regenerate selected thumbnails » checklist to a settings selection
* ShortPixel Image Optimizer integration – call the ‘shortpixel-thumbnails-regenerated’ action passing only the changed sizes
* Fix: Security – Image sizes XSS exploit
* Fix: count(): Parameter must be an array


Release date: 17th April 2019
* Fix warnings related to corrupted metadata in some cases


Release date: 16th April 2019
* Plugin completely rewritten with additional features added:
* Add custom thumbnails
* Select which thumbnails to regenerate
* Regenerate thumbnails only for the featured images
* Rewrite the existing thumbnails or not depending on the selected options
* Integrate seamlessly with ShortPixel Image Optimizer
* Delete unused thumbnails from disk
* Remove metadata for missing images and thumbnails


  • please refer to the changelog.txt file inside the plugin archive for the versions before the 2.0.0 full rewrite.