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This plugin provides fast and flexible way to add recommendations of different kind on a WordPress website pages, almost any place of the website . It provides Gutenberg block, Elementor widget, shortcode, WordPress widget and allows to insert suggestions almost any place of the website.

Main goal of the plugin is improvement of blog engagement. Usually each blog contains a series of related posts enclosing certain topics, so readers for sure will be glad to read more than just one post. Readers will be more satisfied and your blog positions in search are going to improve.

At the same time blogger can suggest products from own store WooCommerce or eBay store. Also our eBay extension allows to monetize the blog with eBay partner program recommending related products inside the blog posts.

Almost each blogger also have one or more YouTube channels and our plugin allows to recommend related YouTube videos inside the blog posts via YouTube extension.

You can find even more extensions available through the « Extensions » section of the plugin configuration. Some of them are free and some are available for a small fee. We constantly adding new extensions and improving existing ones.

We encourage you to purchase premium extensions, because this supports our work. However, feel free to suggest features and report bugs.

You can review key features of the plugin and features available through the extensions.

Key features

  • Responsive design.
  • Multiple layout styles (horizontal scrollable widget with thumbs, automatically extendable horizontal or vertical widget with thumbnails, horizontal or vertical widget with text only recommendations).
  • Individual style for each recommendations block.
  • Powerful and configurable cache via memcache or files.
  • Gutenberg suggestions block.
  • Suggestions shortcode.
  • Suggestions WordPress widget.
  • Elementor suggestions widget.
  • Include certain post IDs into suggestions.
  • Exclude certain post IDs from suggestions.
  • Configurable number of posts in widget.
  • Support of built-in WordPress search engine.
  • Support of Relevanssi search engine.
  • Support of SearchWP search engine.
  • Support of ElasticPress search engine.
  • Customizable HTML Templates for each post type. Read how to customize.
  • CSS styles are fully customizable and collected in a single css file. Read how to customize.

Additional features available via free and premium extensions

Relevant Related Posts – Advanced (Premium plugin)

  • Any post types in suggestions. For example WooCommerce products.
  • Automatically added suggestions to the posts of defined type.
  • Automatically generated suggestions keyword source configuration.
  • Inline suggestions in the post body after the certain number of abstracts.
  • Suggestions after the posts of certain types.
  • Popup suggestions after certain % of scroll-down.

Relevant Related Posts – Events (Premium plugin)

  • Exact period of time for each named rule set.
  • Rule keyword that will generate the recommendations.
  • Ability to select post types that will be recommended.
  • Include certain post IDs into recommendations.
  • Exclude certain post IDs from recommendations.
  • Configure % of replacement for each kind of suggestion set – custom widgets and blocks, inline suggestions (after a certain number of abstracts), suggestions after the post, popup suggestions.

Relevant Related Posts – YouTube (Free plugin)

  • Generates suggestions by keywords.
  • Opens video in a modal window by clicking on a video preview thumb.
  • Video suggestions from all YouTube videos.
  • Video suggestions from your own YouTube videos.
  • Live stream suggestions.

Relevant Related Posts – eBay (Premium plugin)

  • eBay product suggestions by keyword.
  • eBay partner program integration.
  • eBay site selection.
  • Recommend only from store, by store name.
  • Filters – authorized sellers only, best offers, charity only, featured only, min feedback score, free shipping, outlet seller only, top seller only.

Captures d’écran

  • Example of related posts and products block.
  • Gutenberg block of related posts settings.
  • Elementor suggestion block configuration.
  • WordPress widget configuration. Layout will be the same as any other type of block.
  • Settings for automatically added inline suggestion blocks.
  • Settings for automatically added suggestions right after the post.
  • Settings for automatically added pop-up suggestions.


Cette extension fournit 1 bloc.

  • Relevant Related Posts


  1. Download Relevant Related Posts plugin from the WordPress plugin directory.
  2. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/related-posts-with-relevanssi directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. Configure widget on widgets page.


How can I support Plugin development?

Best way to support our work is to purchase premium extensions, however you can make a donationdonation.

Where I can find Relevant Related Posts plugin extensions?

The most convenient way to review and install extensions is to do this from « extensions » section of our plugin config page. However you may visit Plugins page of our website and purchase required plugins.

How I can customize HTML templates & CSS styles of the plugin?

You can fund all plugin customization information in our Knowledge base.

Where I can find some documentation?

You can find answers and solutions in our Knowledge base.

Can I suggest a feature or report a bug?

Yes, you can submit your request on our Contact page.


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  • New hooks are added.
  • New extensions compatibility implemented.
  • Scrollable row of recommendations with thumbs layout is added.
  • Basic settings are extended by minimal thumbnail size, title words limit setting, font size & etc
  • Bug fixes & improvements.


  • Option to append suggestions by keywords with suggestions from the same category, if there is not enough suggestions by keyword.
  • Option to append suggestions by keywords with random suggestions, if there is not enough suggestions by keyword.
  • Extension repository
  • Bugfixes & improvements


  • Memcache & Memcached support improved.
  • Cache configuration added to admin area


  • Improved compatibility with standard WordPress search
  • Cache expiration time changes


  • Gutenberg block added
  • Short code added
  • Elementor widget added
  • Include & exclude posts settings
  • Cache improvements
  • Support of multiple search engines added


  • Release.