Send PDF for Contact Form 7


Cette extension ajoute une logique conditionnelle à [Contact Form 7].

Send the PDF for Contact Form plugin will allow you to recover the data yourself via your form to insert them into a PDF built and prepared by you.

This plugin requires the installation and activation of the plugin Contact Form 7.


Fichier send-pdf-for-contact-form-7.pot disponible


Vous pouvez contribuer avec du code, des questions et des idées sur le dépôt GitHub.

If you like it, a review is appreciated 🙂

Captures d’écran

  • Choix du formulaire Contact Form 7
  • Vue des réglages généraux
  • Vue de la préparation du votre PDF


  1. Upload the full directory into your ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin at the plugin administration page
  3. Open the plugin configuration page, which is located under ‘Contact->Send PDF with CF7’


Y a-t-il un tutoriel ?

Lire ici Tutoriel disponible (en français).

Cette extension est-elle gratuite ?

Oui, Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez soutenir ce projet ici :


8 novembre 2022
I've been using it for 4 years and I must say it has reached the perfect condition!! Thank you!!
8 novembre 2022
Very complete, useful and functional plugin. Well done interface, sorted in simple and precise sections. Does most of the things you'd like to be able to do by creating a pdf document via Wordpress's legendary Contact Form 7. It has a clear and detailed tutorial. Support is fast and kind. (Useful but not essential to know a little about HTML and CSS)
6 septembre 2022
This plugin is so easy to use, i would definitely recommend it! Easy layout and data manager, took me 10min to setup!!
16 juillet 2022
I tried two other "make PDF from Contact Form 7 Submission" and this one beats them hands down. I had a well-formatted email layout (html) that I simply pasted into the field for the body of text, and didn't change much else. Set up for both sender and recipient to receive the PDF, and even redirect to a Thank You page. Then tested with a BIG form that had images, plus had three file uploads to go as well. Clicked Submit. Voila! It all performed beautifully. PDF and uploaded files arrived quickly. I'm making a donation, because truly, this must have been a lot of work. PERFECT!
11 juillet 2022
Nice plugin, works as expected! There would be a big plus if you'll add a functionality to display link in the success message, so the customer could download pdf from the website
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  • Autorize ID tag in text editor
  • Bug Fonts Fixed
  • Bug checkbox fixed


  • Adding deleted all settings form option
  • Some Bug fixed
  • Barcode & QrCode are now compatible
  • Fixed bug import / export settings


  • Add the u modifier to make UTF-8 work


  • Autorize tags in text editor


  • Bug fixed Checkbox
  • Autorize colspans and rowspans in text editor
  • Bug fixed date in PDF name


  • Bug fixed CSV
  • Remove usage SESSIONS, use TRANSIENT instead


  • Bug fixed Conditional Fields PRO


  • Bug Safari open PDF fixed
  • Cleaner code, adding , , tags
  • Adding Font Awesome and Dashicons
  • Bug HTML footer fixed
  • Adding tag [avatar] for user avatar URL


  • Several security patches have been brought


  • Adding Choice of separator for checkboxes or radio buttons
  • Compatibility with Conditional Fields PRO


  • Bug fixed upload image
  • Bug fixed footer if is empty


  • Bug fixed PDF password


  • Adding Margin Left & Right


  • Adding fields for customs shortcodes
  • Adding ID tag from database
  • Bug fixed upload logo and background


  • Adding change separator for CSV option
  • Adding fields for margin auto top & bottom
  • Adding reset TMP folder
  • Upgrade mPDF v8.0.10
  • Adding filed for password with a TAG
  • Bug with SESSION password


  • Bug fixed with uploading files field


  • Bug fixed with the ‘wpcf7pdf_path_temp’ option, you can remove this option by disabling plugin
  • Adding disabling function for plugin : removed all options (not parameters)
  • Suppression des COOKIE et utilisation des SESSION


  • Bug résolu sur les COOKIES


  • Display Error Message if COOKIES are blocked
  • Bug fixed margin top & Header :
    • Adding « Margin Bottom Header » setting for header picture
    • Ajout du paramètre « Marges globales du PDF » pour le PDF
  • Bug résolu multiples cases à cocher
  • Bug résolu sur les cases radio cochées


  • Use capability of CF7
  • Bug corrigé sur la faute de frappe Download


  • Bug corrigé sur les COOKIES
  • Mise à jour de la librairie mPDF

  • Fixed bugs Header & Background Image
  • Rendre le texte filtrable

  • Bug corrigé sur codeEditor

  • Ajout de la personnalisation du CSS
  • Adding Background Image

  • Bug corrigé du répertoire TMP
  • Ajout des balises du formulaire dans le nom du PDF
  • Bugs mineurs corrigés

  • Supprimer SESSION et utilisation des COOKIE

  • Bug corrigé sur la session

  • Fixed bugs notice PHP


  • Bug corrigé sur la suppression des enregistrements


  • Changement CodeMirror
  • Add a CSS example for A4 page


  • Fixed bugs notice PHP
  • Adding PDF password length
  • Tags [reference], [pdf-password], [date] and [time] is possible in the subject email
  • Adding URL input for your stylesheet


  • Adding choosing font for your PDF file


  • Bug corrigé sur les cases à cocher
  • Bug corrigé sur le CSV