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!Cette extension n’a pas été mise à jour depuis plus de 2 ans. Elle semble ne plus être maintenue et peut poser des problèmes de compatibilité si vous l’utilisez avec une version plus récente de WordPress.


Sentinote converts your notes into WordPress posts or pages. Keep using Evernote and when you’re ready to publish assign the “published” tag.

Sentinote provides a complete Evernote integration solution for WordPress. It allows you to quickly make changes to your website or blog by simply typing notes inside Evernote.

Note: Seeking contributor.


  • Easy publishing to your WordPress website using Evernote.
    • Create a blog post by tagging your note with “published”.
    • Create a page by tagging your note with “published” and “page”.
  • Your Evernote notes, thus your website, are always backed up by Evernote.
  • Extend your website features with WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Use plugin/theme shortcodes inside your Evernote notes.
  • Markdown and Markdown Extra support.
  • Collaborative reviewing by sharing your Evernote notebook.
  • Collaborative editing of your website by giving write access to your shared Evernote notebook (Evernote Premium Feature).
  • Sentinote updates will automatically show up in your WordPress dashboard (for valid license holders only).


  • An Evernote account.
  • A self-/hosted WordPress website (Not a WordPress.com website. They don’t support 3rd party plugins)
  • Evernote’s tools require that your website runs PHP 5.3 or higher. Most hosting providers meet this requirement although some hosts do not enable this by default. A simple support ticket to your provider will do the trick.


Sentinote documentation can be found at http://sentinote.com/documentation/

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Nécessite : 3.2 ou plus récent
Compatible jusqu’à : 3.9.15
Mise à jour : il y a 3 années
Installations actives : 300+


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