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Shortcodes finder helps you to find every shortcode present in your WordPress site posts, pages and custom type contents.
The plugin also provide a simple page for test your shortcodes, selecting one of the available ones and specifying its content and parameters. The page will show you the result, helping you to decide if insert it into a post.

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  • Search the shortcodes in your contents, filtering it by Post or Shortcode type. Plugin gives you a rapid access to the content.
  • Test your existing shortcode or provide a test on new shortcode before insert it into your content.
  • Find unused shortcodes remaining in your posts after plugins or themes deactivation.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Shortcodes Finder’
  3. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page.


  1. Download Shortcodes Finder zip file
  2. Unzip it
  3. Upload the unzipped directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  4. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page.


3 décembre 2019
Like the title says. I have dozens upon dozens of shortcodes nested within Custom Tabs and other tabbed meta data typed posts, and this plugin, however well built, does not index those, but only the regular post types (Page, Post, Product, Portfolio etc.). The solution by Digital Elite indexes literally entire database and lists all information about the type and whereabouts of the shortcodes in nice and detailed tables, even within meta data. Give it a try:
20 juin 2019
Ran into issues at the beginning, but the developer quickly worked through a few updates based on my feedback that fixed the initial issue, then took additional feedback I gave on functionality and rolled out an update promptly that worked even better! I have never had such quick implementation of fixes and feedback by any developer, ever. 🙂 Used this to find abandoned shortcodes from a couple legacy plugins for my client, so they could have a list of links to posts to go back and edit and replace those shortcodes with embeds or other things at their leisure. This was the perfect solution. Thank you!
19 juin 2019
I have started getting more serious about shortcodes and writing my own. It became a priority to find what posts i was using my older ones, so i could convert them to my newer ones. As i searched Web, i built a small list of the functionalities i needed, and scoping out how to write something ... and soo lucky, on one search this Shortcodes Finder showed up. Installed and tried it out, it is exactly what i need. Shortcodes Finder v.1.2.9 Using on ClassicPress v.1.0.1. Will be using on about 20 more WordPress and ClassicPress sites. Thank you for this!
13 juin 2019
Easily allowed me to find which blog pages were using a certain shortcode, so I could remove it. What a time saver! Thanks for making this. 🙂
5 juin 2019
I was looking for an easy way to search for CSS classes in shortcode attributes. E.g. [button css_class=".my-class"]Click me![/button] Unfortunately this plugin is not capable of searching for shortcode attributes and it's values (yet), but it was the closest I could find. I'm still rating this with five stars since it has nice basic functionality when dealing with shortcodes, just as the plugin description says. The biggest plus for me though is the active development and how the developer reacts on feedback. At first the plugin didn't detect shortcodes from the page builder we use (WPBakery Page Builder). This was fixed quickly after a short support request. Then I suggested to not list all found shortcodes by default, but provide a real search function for those who need more granular results. Within no-time an update was released that at least provides a filter to select a specific shortcode and get all infos only related to this one. This really helps if your website contains a lot of shortcodes, which is the case if all pages are built with a page builder that is based on shortcodes (like WPBakery or Visual Composer). The whole content basically consists of shortcodes then. Listing all shortcodes from all pages won't be as usefull in this case, especially if it's a multi language website which then consists of even more pages. The active development is promising to me and also makes it interesting for large projects. Some key features for me at the moment: * Get a quick overview of all shortcodes (names) that are in use on your website * Get info on where each shortcode is located (page/post). * See whole shortcode, including attributes, values and content for each occurence * Find text that might be a shortcode but has no function, like [blabla] (e.g. find unused shortcodes because of plugin deletion) * Simple preview of rendered shortcodes with any attributes and content I really hope this plugin will provide some real search functionality in the near future, like searching for shortcodes with specific attributes and values or shortcode content. Couldn't find a plugin which is capable of that at the moment. If anyone knows something like this please let me know. Another plus would be compatibility with multi language websites, to only show results for specific languages.
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  • Fix multi accordion for same shortcode in unused shortcodes tab
  • Fix copy to clipboard function


  • Ajax search for website with a lot of contents
  • Graphic improvements
  • Code refactoring


  • Search into contents for a specific shortcode
  • Minor changes


  • WordPress 5.2 compatibility
  • Visual Composer (WP Bakery page builder) compatibility
  • « Copy to clipboard » function for tested shortcodes
  • Italian language
  • Minor changes


  • WordPress 5.1 compatibility
  • Bugfixes
  • Minor changes


  • Recursivity to find many shortcode occurrences


  • WordPress 5.0 compatibility
  • Bugfixes


  • Security improvements


  • Graphic improvements
  • Minor changes


  • Added the Unused Shortcodes page
  • Shortcode counter
  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfixes


  • Custom post types shortcodes view
  • Trimmed long contents inside shortcode preview


  • Correction on parameters passing to test page
  • Textarea instead of input field for test content


  • First plugin version