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Simple Photon Photos


Please Note: This plugin is considered an alpha release and should be used with caution. We’ll be actively updating it when we can, so please report any bugs here or in the support forums.


With the release of the Photon API in Jetpack v2.0, we noticed that there wasn’t a simple way to use the GET query arguments supplied in the API documentation. We set out to change this.

Introducing Simple Photon Photos, the simplest and easiest way to add JetPack Photon API effects to photos on your WordPress website. This plugin adds a control panel to the Add Media Panel when inserting an image into a post. It utilizes jQuery UI Slider Widgets to give you control over the effects you’d like to add to your images.

This plugin requires Jetpack by WordPress.com.

Known Bugs/Issues

  1. When multiple images are selected (WordPress 3.5), Simple Photon Photos options are still displayed but are displayed as default values even though values may have already been changed.


Simple Photon Photos allows you to add or modify the following features using the Photon API:

Captures d’écran

  • Simple Photon Photos as seen in Add Media Panel (3.5)

  • More Simple Photon Photos options as seen in Add Media Panel (3.5)


  1. Upload Simple Photon Photos to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Simple Photon API features will be added to the Add Media Panel when inserting images into a post


I cant get this plugin to activate. Can you please help?

We don’t want your website to violate the WordPress TOS. Here’s a rundown of exactly what this plugin checks for during activation and why you may be having trouble activating it.

  1. Simple Photon Photos first checks to see if Jetpack WordPress.com is installed. If it is not found, activation will fail.
  2. After finding Jetpack, Simple Photon Photos checks to see if it is activated. If Jetpack is not activated, activation will fail.
  3. If Jetpack is activated, Simple Photon Photos will check to see if you have >= 2.0 (Photon API was introduced in v2.0). If your version of Jetpack is less than 2.0, activation will fail.
  4. Once we’ve verified that you have at least Jetpack v2.0, Simple Photon Photos will check to see if the Photon API Module is active. If it is not, activation will fail.
  5. If all of the above pass, activation will succeed. Enjoy.
Can I preview my photos before inserting them into a post?

Not at this time, but we’re actively working on this feature. Expect this functionality to be included in future releases.

I’ve selected multiple images in >= WordPress 3.5 and Simple Photon Photo settings are displayed as default values even though I’ve changed them. Is this functionality correct?

At this time it is, however we’ll most likely be updating this in a future release. Please stay tuned for updates.


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  • Initial Public Release
  • Enhancement: Added colorize, smooth, and zoom GET query parameters to media modal
  • Enhancement: Better sanity checks on client and server side for custom post meta
  • Bug Fix (UX Enhancement): Prevented alpha characters in input boxes on client side
  • Bug Fix: Ensured that resize and fit query parameters are sanitized properly and values are added to query in the proper format
  • UX Enhancement: Removed controls from Attachment Editor in all versions of WordPress (for now)


  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where custom post meta was not saved due to « change » event not being triggered on input boxes
  • Enhancement: Added resize, fit, ulb, and filter GET query parameters to media modal
  • Enhancement (JS): Sanity checks on width/height input boxes
  • Bug Fix: Added conditonal to check if post meta existed (fixes issue where image was not inserted into editor)


  • Enhancement: Added functionality to modify image source upon « image_send_to_editor » filter to append test GET queries


  • Enhancement: Added custom jQuery UI stylesheet
  • Enhancement: Added JS for media modal
  • Enhancement: Created custom fields (« attachment_fields_to_edit ») for width and height GET queries


  • Initial Private Release