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Appointment Booking Calendar — Simply Schedule Appointments Booking Plugin

Appointment Booking Calendar — Simply Schedule Appointments Booking Plugin


Simply Schedule Appointments® is an easy-to-use WordPress appointment booking plugin. It’s an appointment booking system loved by 30,000+ businesses, with a 5-star review average.

The Simply Schedule Appointments booking calendars are easy and fast to set up. And enjoyable for your customers and clients to book and schedule appointments. You can set up the appointment scheduling calendars to take your first booking in less than 5 minutes!

Booking System Features to Help You Schedule Business Meeting Appointments

Features included with the Simply Schedule Appointments Free Basic Edition for booking appointments:

  • Unlimited Booking Calendars and Customizable Notifications
  • Use Advanced Scheduling Options and Blackout Dates to highly tailor your schedule
  • Embed the appointment booking calendars using the Block editor, Elementor widgets, Beaver Builder modules, and Divi modules
  • Style and Customize the Booking Calendars to match your brand and website
  • Translation-ready – including Spanish, German, French, and more!
  • Deeply connected with WordPress including integrations for the The Events Calendar plugin, WP Fusion, and more!

Features included with the Simply Schedule Appointments Paid Premium Editions for booking appointments:

  • Group or class event booking – Book time slots up to a certain capacity
  • Booking Flows – Choose from a selection of booking steps and layouts.
  • Google Calendar Sync – Allow your site’s booking system to check your personal calendar for conflicts
  • Team booking – Allow your staff to receive bookings and customize their own schedules
  • Mailchimp – Automatically add users as new contacts to your audience from the booking form
  • Stripe and PayPal for Payments – Instantly get paid for your time and expertise
  • Twilio for SMS notifications and reminders
  • Gravity Forms and Formidable Forms Integration – Create complex booking forms
  • Zoom and Google Meet for virtual meetings
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager tracking enabled to count booking form conversions
  • Trigger Webhooks for appointment actions and connect to Zapier

Simply Schedule Appointments is perfect if you want to let your customers schedule phone calls, in-person or virtual video meetings, or coaching appointments. The perfect tool for business consultations, interviews, or scheduling services.

You can tame your schedule and easily manage when you’re available for appointments. And block off dates when you don’t want to be disturbed for bookings — no more phone calls or back-and-forth emails to find a meeting time that works. Simply let your WordPress booking system take care of it!

Easily limit how many daily appointments you schedule and set the minimum time between bookings. Automate your schedule while still maintaining control of your availability — manage your booking calendars, time slots, and appointments all in one place.

Offer different types of appointment calendars for your services. For example, you could allow new clients to schedule on an introduction call calendar or let established customers schedule a longer time slot with a separate calendar. And, forget about double-bookings, Simply Schedule Appointments is capable of preventing unexpected scheduling problems!

Are you looking to offer tutoring or remote teaching classes? Let your students quickly book times with you for lessons, reviews, or simple consultations. Localized time zones make meetings for distance learning and remote office hours a breeze to schedule.

Simply Schedule Appointments contains all the data from your appointments and customers within your WordPress site. Own your data to avoid GDPR complications and make it easier for your booking system to achieve HIPAA compliance.

Complete documentation to start booking appointments today is available on our website.

Getting Started with the WordPress Booking Calendars is Easy

Use the built-in Setup Wizard to create your first Appointment Type in under 5 minutes. Next, just embed the booking calendar on your site using our general booking shortcode [ssa_booking] or our native WordPress editor block:

Who This Booking System is For

Simply Schedule Appointments is ideal for anyone who needs to book appointments with clients and customers, including booking for:

  • Client Meeting Booking — Entrepreneurs, Web developers, Consultants, Personal and Business Coaches, Lawyers, Car Dealers, Real Estate, Agencies
  • Event Booking — Wedding coordinators, Dress Shops, Boutiques, Workshop Teachers, Food Truck Lots
  • Class Lessons or Tutor Scheduling — Personal trainers, Yoga studios, Exercise Studios, Language / ESL Tutors, Dance Studios, Fitness Professionals, Music Teacher, Instructors, Professors
  • Service Booking — Handyman Services, Contractors, Hair Salons, Barbershops, Photographers, Tattoo Shops, Notaries, Tax Preparations, Home Inspections
  • Visitor Booking — Bakeries, Restaurants, Museums, Retirement Homes, Curbside Pickup
  • Patient Booking — Nutritionists, Vaccination Appointments, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Pharmacy Prescription Pickups
  • Simple Reservations — Equipment Rentals, Room Reservations, Table Reservations for Restaurants, Office Reservations

Simply Schedule Appointments offers an excellent experience for your customers who need to book appointments. Our WordPress booking plugin has just the features you need without all the extra bloat and needless settings found in other appointment booking plugins. And our UI is snappy, highly responsive, and a joy to use.

Flexible, Fast, and Powerful Booking Calendars

Other appointment scheduling plugins are either too simple or too complicated. They lack the basic features you need and want to start booking, or, if they do have those features, as you grow and add services, staff, and locations, they become complex and confusing to use for booking.

Simply Schedule Appointments is ready to grow with your business’ booking needs — without all the confusion and clutter of settings that don’t apply to you. It’s also highly compatible with WordPress and can be added to any theme and page layout on your site.

Simply Schedule Appointments offers fully responsive booking calendars and works efficiently on any device – even touch screens. Our WordPress booking plugin will work dependably and reliably, whether you’re managing your appointment availability from your tablet or your customer is booking an appointment from their smartphone.

User-Friendly and Accessible Booking System

Our WordPress booking calendar system was designed with people in mind, first and foremost. So we’re always thinking about how people will be using our appointment scheduling plugin, what they’ll expect, and what booking features they’ll want and need.

This WordPress booking calendar system is built with you and your customer in mind and is accessible for everyone. We believe appointment scheduling should be as clear and straightforward as possible while maintaining the flexibility and booking features our customers need.

We’ve made sure that everyone can use our appointment scheduling plugin, including people with auditory, visual, and physical disabilities.

Everyone deserves access to everything the web offers, so we built our WordPress booking calendar plugin with accessibility in mind. As a result, you’ll never have to worry that a customer will find themselves unable to schedule an appointment because of their abilities or the device they’re using.

Deep Integrations With All the Tools and WordPress Plugins You Love

Integrations included with the Simply Schedule Appointments Free Basic Edition for booking appointments:

Integrations included with the Simply Schedule Appointments Paid Premium Editions for booking appointments:

  • Calendrier Google
  • Mailchimp
  • Stripe and PayPal for Payments
  • Webhooks for Zapier
  • Twilio for SMS notifications
  • Gravity Forms
  • Formidable Forms
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • MemberPress
  • Zoom and Google Meet for virtual meetings
  • The Events Calendar
  • Project Panorama
  • LifterLMS
  • Webex
  • Facebook pixel

Useful Links to Help You Start Booking Appointments Today – 2024-06-04


  • Avoid calls to external APIs when country code is set
  • Fix Duplicate Blocks in Debug Logs
  • Support translating dates with Twig date filter
  • Stripe modal placement fix
  • Fixed deprecated twig date format function.
  • Holiday calendars not being checked for conflicts in Google Calendar

Features and Improvements

  • Updated the button styles for availability time picker option component.
  • Fixed availability button styles on Old Admin App. – 2024-05-28


  • Optimize how checkboxes are spaced when the text wraps
  • Fix date format in upcoming appointments module
  • Remove stuck error notice around Stripe web-hook setup being incorrect
  • Prevent double clicks on buttons where relevant
  • Not able to book after « Uh Oh » error – fix handling on new booking app not working – 2024-05-21


  • Fixed: Adjusted team schedule calculation with buffer periods and ‘any’ option.
  • Validate the access token using the API as a last resort, to confirm that it’s not expired
  • Ticket: Team Member ‘name’ passed as empty string to webhook – 2024-05-15


  • Fix fonts for mobile
  • Fixed logic to reference the most recent date for the twigs business_prev_start_date & customer_prev_start_date
  • Segment GCAL availability records by calendar ID only – staff and appointment types exclude the events by just the calendar IDs
  • Remove pending reminders corresponding to previous start dates of a rescheduled appointment
  • Better error handling when SSA fails to insert or update a Google Calendar event
  • Admin app – fix timezone conversion appointment start date
  • Ticket: start_date parameter omitted from postMessage in handleSaveAppointment()
  • New booking app – Improve text color on dark background
  • Fix Stored Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability reported by WordFence
  • Update start date notifications after rescheduling an appointment.
  • GCAL conflict-checking not working as expected
  • Quick Connect – Staff excluded calendars wiped out

Features and Improvements

  • Update minimum required PHP version to 7.4
  • Added korean translation. – 2024-04-23


  • Formidable Forms – fix builder settings not saving appointment types selection
  • Simplify the Webex agenda contents to only include title of appointment type, and home URL – avoid being incorrectly blocked by Webex spam detection
  • TEC issue with the New Booking App – availability end date included as an available start date
  • Tighten the conditions around parsing the short-code passed type as an INT
  • Defensive fix – avoid marking an appointment as abandoned if it has payments – 2024-04-16

For older changelog entries, please see the additional CHANGELOG.md file delivered with the plugin.

Captures d’écran

  • The Appointments Dashboard When You First Open the Plugin – Initialize the Setup Wizard.
  • Appointment Types Page – Manage Your Booking Calendars.
  • Appointments Page – View Your Upcoming Bookings.
  • Settings Page – Manage Notifications, Translations, Blackout Dates, Styles, and More!
  • Support Page – View Plugin Diagnostics and Easily Get in Touch With Our Support Team.
  • Display the Booking Calendars on your WordPress page or post.
  • View the Booking Calendar Availability using a Weekly View.
  • View the Booking Calendar Availability using a Monthly View.
  • Schedule an Appointment using the built-in Booking Form.
  • Final Confirmation on the Booking Form.


Cette extension fournit 2 blocs.

  • Appointment Booking Form
  • Upcoming Appointments


  1. Téléchargez les fichiers de l’extension dans le répertoire /wp-content/plugins/ ou installez-les directement via la page « Extensions » dans WordPress.
  2. Activer l’extension via la page « Extensions » dans WordPress
  3. Select the Appointments option in the WordPress Dashboard menu to set up and configure the plugin.

Installation manuelle

  1. Télécharger le dossier /simply-schedule-appointments dans le répertoire /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activez Simply Schedule Appointments via le menu « Extensions » de WordPress.

After Installing

  1. You’ll see a new item on the left-hand menu called ‘Appointments’. Click that to get started.
  2. Notre assistant de démarrage vous guidera à travers les paramètres de base et la configuration de votre premier type de rendez-vous.
  3. Vous pouvez utiliser le code court [ssa_booking] sur n’importe quelle publication ou page pour ajouter un formulaire de réservation de rendez-vous pour vos clients.

For more details, please see our detailed documentation.


Comment peut-on afficher le formulaire de réservation ?

To embed the Simply Schedule Appointments booking calendars on your WordPress pages or posts you can use a shortcode or a page builder module (ex. Elementor Appointment Booking module). You can paste the booking shortcode below using a text box to display all of your appointment types:


Guide on all the ways you can display the Appointment Type Booking Calendars on your site.

Où trouver de la documentation ?

The full documentation is available at our website.
Or, get started with our free Basic Edition guide.

Peut-on avoir une double réservation ?

Nope. Once a customer has booked an appointment time, that time is no longer available for booking. So you’ll never find yourself double-booked.

Additionally, we do some extra checks while a customer is booking an appointment just to be sure their selected time is still available. If someone else books their selected time while they’re in the process of booking, we’ll let them know and ask them to select another time.

We also offer Google Calendar syncing in our Plus, Pro, or Business Edition to make sure you never double-book appointments with your personal schedule.

Puis-je personnaliser l’apparence du formulaire de réservation ?

Yes, you can. We offer settings for color and font that will let you customize the form to blend seamlessly into any theme.

You can additionally add custom CSS to customize the form even further.

Are there limitations on the number of booking calendars or appointments I can make?

No! The free Basic Edition of Simply Schedule Appointments allows you to create an unlimited number of Appointment Types so that you can create a booking calendar for each of your business’ services.

And the booking plugin will never limit the number of appointments that you can book.

Can I test the Simply Schedule Appointments booking calendars before installation?

Yes, we have a variety of booking demos where you can book test appointments.

How can I upgrade to the Simply Schedule Appointments Plus, Professional, and Business Editions?

The Plus, Professional, and Business Editions are paid versions of the Simply Schedule Appointments booking plugin. Purchase and download the Premium Booking Editions.

I have a question or need help with the plugin, how do I contact your support team?

To contact our support team, submit your message through our WordPress support forum. Or, send us a message through the Contact support team button within the plugin. Lastly, you can also submit your message through our website’s Contact page.

How does Simply Schedule Appointments compare to Calendly?

We bring all of the great features that people are familiar with in the Calendly scheduling tool. But with the versatility and freedom that WordPress offers.

Compared to Calendly, customers who use Simply Schedule Appointments find that this plugin offers:
* A better range of styling options to match your website
* More ways to mesh the booking calendars into the website workflow through integrations, for example Gravity Forms and MemberPress.
* And, the package tiers are much less complicated — we don’t charge by number of team members or number of calendars, it’s all unlimited!

I’m not a developer, can I still set this up?

Yes of course! The majority of our customers are not developers — setup is really as simple as:
1. Activating the plugin on the site
2. Going through our setup wizard to create your first booking calendar
3. Embedding the calendar on any page or post of your choosing

See our guide on how to get started.


13 juin 2024
Sure I could use one of the may non-WordPress scheduling options, but it’s nice to use a plugin that is specifically geared toward compatibility and integration with WordPress sites. Streamlined, powerful but straightforward, Simply Schedule Appointments is a winner.
13 juin 2024
I´m a PRO user. The plugin is good…but the support is surprisingly amazing. These guys spend literally days trying to solve a conflict with another well known plugin…ending that SSA code was well coded (the other plugin was the problem)
1 juin 2024
It is not easy to find booking plugins that are still actively being developed. Our client needed something that would integrate well with Gravity Forms and we were really pleased to have found this plugin. It’s easy to set up and knowing that the team are releasing new features makes us confident that we’ll be using it on all our projects that require booking capability. I really hope that more people find out about it and that it continues to grow. Great job!
17 mai 2024
Simply Schedule Appointments has been a game-changer for my business. From the moment I integrated it, the tedious task of scheduling appointments became a breeze. It’s saved me time, reduced stress, and allowed me to focus on what I do best – serving my clients. Thank you SSA team
13 mai 2024 1 réponse
It’s super handy and easy to use for bookings. It has all of the features i need Team management, Multiple appointment creation and handling and allows for customizations. I really love this plugin. Thank you for this amazing plugin!!!
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