WooCommerce Wishlist (High customization, fast setup,Free Elementor Wishlist, most features)


🚀 Supercharge your WooCommerce sales with the MoreConvert WooCommerce Wishlist plugin. How? Read on to find out!

Free Version:
WooCommerce Wishlist: Create wishlists easily.
– Beautiful icons in various positions + shortcodes
Elementor Widgets: Customize with Elementor
Over 100 integrations with plugins and themes.
– High customization and fast setup.

📚 DOCUMENTATION |✨ 23 Significant Update in 2023 |⚡ Swift and Attentive Support Team

Premium Version:
– Back-in-Stock Notifier: Alert when items return.
– Save Cart for later: Retain shopping carts.
– Advanced Analytics: Uncover user insights.
– Email Campaigns & Automation: Targeted emails, automated.
– And over 47 other cool and useful options.

🌟 TRY MC Woocommerce Wishlist PREMIUM For FREE

Free Version Details

  • Wishlist Buttons and Wishlist Page for Woocommerce
  • Wishlist counter similar to the WooCommerce mini cart.
  • Elementor widget for the Wishlist page, Add to Wishlist Button, and the counter/mini Wishlist.
  • WordPress widget for the counter.
  • Support for Woocommerce Variable products and integration with most addons.
  • Share the wishlist on social media, via link, or export it as a PDF.
  • Easily change all words without translator plugins.
  • Quick Wizard for fast configuration.
  • Login/signup invitation for unregistered users.
  • Full customization options for the front-end, including all sections of the Wishlist page, buttons, counters, icons, etc.
  • Change button text after adding a product to the wishlist.
  • Well-designed icons for the woocommerce wishlist plugin button.
  • Button type options: icon, text, or both.
  • Button tooltip for product pages and shop pages.
  • Customizable share icon color.
  • Enable/disable automatic removal of products from the woocommerce wishlist and moving them to the cart after purchase.
  • Enable/disable WooCommerce Wishlist functionality for unregistered users.
  • Choose the wishlist button action: either a popup or direct redirection to the wishlist page.
  • Customizable appearance for the wishlist redirecting pop-up, including text and image.
  • Handling of out-of-stock products in the wishlist button management.
  • Ability to add the entire wishlist to the cart.
  • Use shortcodes for desired button placement.
  • Simplified behavior for « remove from wishlist » action (removal on the second click).
  • Add to Menu functionality with a single click on the counter.
  • Four options for placing the counter number.
  • Shortcodes and widgets available for the counter.
  • Customizable counter (text, icon, color) for the add to menu feature.
  • Automation emails for wishlist: status updates and purchase invites.
  • Set conditions based on WooCommerce Wishlist status, products, or prices for email automation.
  • Schedule five customizable emails with different templates to boost sales.
  • Define automatic discount coupons with expiration dates and auto-deletion.
  • Email automation stops after coupon use and user’s purchase.
  • Personalize Notif and follow-up emails for users, allow unsubscribing.
  • Custom CSS styles.
  • Import and Export plugin settings.
  • Fast AJAX interaction for all frontend events.
  • Compatibility with popular themes and page builders such as Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Astra, Storefront, OceanWP, Flatsome, and more.
  • Over 100 integrations with plugins and themes.
  • Advanced cache-friendly functionality.
  • Translation-ready and compatible with all translation plugins.
  • Customize the wishlist table page to display product image, name, review, price, discount, stock status, quantity, date added, and variations.
  • Customizable appearance for the add to wishlist button, including options for different icons, text, color, size, border, and more.
  • Change WooCommerce Wishlist button position on product and shop pages.
  • Mini Wishlist for the counter and sidebar widget.

Premium Version Details

🔒 Advanced WooCommerce Wishlist features
Popup for sharing options.
Selectable list layouts by users (grid or list).
– Shortcode for User Counter on Wishlist on the product page
– Move Products between Lists
– Drag and Drop items among List
– Copy Products from other shared Lists to your List
– Toast Style Management
– Open New Tab For External Product Add To Cart for affiliate shops
– Total price with three style (classic, marketing, modern) and different position and style.

🔒 WooCommerce Unlimited lists (Bookmark system/or use as Bundle builder)
All Advanced and free WooCommerce Wishlist features plus:
Customize names and descriptions for each list.
Add or move products between multiple lists.
Choose whether to make lists public or private.
Attractive display in the WooCommerce My Account section.
Additional dedicated button to encourage user engagement and lead generation.
Sharing feature as popup or under the lists.
Dedicated counter with all customizable options and mini lists.

🔒 WooCommerce Waitlist options
All WooCommerce Wishlist Features
Dedicated Waitlist Button, Wishlist Page and Counter for Woocommerce
Email Notifier for Back in Stock, Limited Stock, Price Changes, and Special Sales
Email Automation with Five Follow-ups
Product-Specific Email Automation for Variable Products in All Modes (Back in Stock, Limited Stock, Price Change, Special Sale)
Create Combined Conditions for Email Campaigns and Automation based on User Behavior in Wishlist, Waitlist, Shopping Cart, and Multilist, and User Status and Purchase History.
Exclusive Out-of-Stock Product Box with Two Customizable Styles

🔒 Next purchase cart for save cart for later
– Secret Next Purchase Cart Button
– Add Next Purchase Cart under cart table or in Separate Tab
Pop-up Prevents Removal from Cart and Invites to Add to Next Shopping Cart
Hide Next Purchase Cart Button, Show on Removal Request
Customizable Buttons and Texts and Well-designed icons with Full Details
Support for Changing and Out-of-Stock Products
Invitation Button for Similar Products When Unavailable in Next Purchase Cart
Email Notifier with Automatic Follow-ups and Discount Code (Similar to Waitlist)
– Attractive and Professional Styles to Reduce Cart Removal
– Define for guests, users, or both
– Three styles to choose from for the save for later button position.
– Easily add products to cart with one click using « Save for Later » or remove them from the list.
– Option to include a prominent call-to-action bar with notification on top the list.
– Convenient « Add All to Cart » button on the cart page for added convenience.

🔒 Comprehensive analytics
Analyze Individual User Behavior
Filter, View and export Users based on Various Conditions (List

Status, List Ownership, User Status, Previous Purchases, Combined Conditions)
Save User Segments based on Categories
Send Email Campaigns to Users with Category-based Filtering
Check Users based on Lists and Previous Purchases
Add Notes to Users for CRM Purposes
View and Analyze List Indicators for Improved Sales
View Lists of Individual Users with Various Condition.
View Product Status in Each List and All Lists
Identify Users of Specific Products
Define Multiple Conditions for Analytics and Targeting High Sales Numbers without General Ads


🔒 Unlimited automated email sequences
Define dozens of automated emails based on conditions from lists, purchase history, and user status.
Create exclusive discount codes for each user with automatic deletion after purchase and customizable conditions.
Set up five automatic follow-up emails with specific timings and various appearance templates.
Generate automatic sales through email automation.
– View detailed click rate, open rate, and sales reports for each email automation.
Automatically send emails using the website’s SMTP with a system to reduce server pressure.
Personalize email content based on user characteristics and lists.
Allow users to unsubscribe from email automation.
Email automation stops after coupon use and user’s purchase.

🔒 One-shot Email campaign
Define dozens of one-time emails based on detailed conditions from lists, purchase history, and user status.
Create exclusive discount codes for each user with automatic deletion after purchase and customization options.
– Schedule and send bulk emails.
– View detailed click rate, open rate, and sales reports for each email campaign.
Automatically send emails using the website’s SMTP with a system to reduce server pressure.
Personalize email content based on user characteristics and lists.
Allow users to unsubscribe from email campaigns.

More advanced features in the premium version include:

  • Display all lists on one page using tabs or different pages.
  • Enhanced settings for email marketing.
  • Priority support and faster, comprehensive updates.
  • Compatible with a wider range of popular WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Optimized for seamless desktop and mobile viewing experiences.
  • Supports both simple and variable products.


Why is this one plugin better than all those plugins out there?

  • All these lists (waitlist, wishlist, multilist, save for later, etc.) have the same core, installing different plugins with disproportionate updates will slow down your site and cost and trouble increases you, we give you a much lighter plugin than the sum of those plugins, without conflicts with other plugins.
  • The styling and graphics of the plugin are very flexible, professional and correctly coded, and without a single line of coding, you can add several different buttons to the product, store, and shopping cart pages in exactly the way you want.
  • Other plugins store user data without any use, but we do not burden your database, but multiply the behavior of your users by analyzing this data professionally.
  • Monitor the user’s behavior on the store, products, and cart pages and give special offers to each user based on the user’s behavior, which will significantly increase your sales.
  • You don’t need more traffic, you need a higher conversion rate, with this plugin you can easily increase your sales without the need for expensive email marketing servers and dozens of different plugins.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty with personalized lists, encourage repeat visits, and repeat purchases.


So, you’re probably wondering why this plugin is so awesome and necessary, right? Let me break it down for you:

⚡ Get your customers excited about your products with a pre-launch waitlist or price drop alerts. It’s like giving them a backstage pass to exclusive deals, encouraging them to make purchases and feel like part of the inner circle.

⚡ Create a sense of urgency by notifying customers when a product is running low in stock. They won’t want to miss out on their favorite items, so they’ll be motivated to buy before it’s too late!

⚡ You can even offer price increase alerts, giving your customers a nudge to make timely purchases and avoid missing out on great prices.

⚡ Ever had customers asking when certain products will be back in stock? Well, our plugin takes care of that too! Your customers will receive notifications when specific or similar products are back on the shelves.

⚡ Say goodbye to complicated processes! Our plugin offers counter and mini lists options that make everything super simple and user-friendly.

⚡ Oh, and did I mention that you can customize the appearance, sharing, and counters of the lists and buttons? It’s like having your own personalized, stylish assistant to handle it all.

But wait, there’s more! This plugin brings a whole bunch of practical and useful benefits:

🛒 Increase sales with saved carts:
With the « Save Cart for Later » feature, your customers can conveniently save their favorite items for future purchases. The Next Purchase Cart ensures that they won’t forget the products they love, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

📊 Comprehensive Analytics for Informed Decision-Making:
Take your business intelligence to the next level with detailed analytics. Understand individual user behavior, segment users based on various conditions, and target high-sales opportunities without general ads. The plugin allows you to view product status in each list, identify users of specific products, and create multiple conditions for effective analytics.

📈 Unlimited Automated Email Sequences:
Engage your customers with personalized and automated email sequences. Define dozens of emails based on user lists, purchase history, and user status. Create exclusive discount codes, set up automatic follow-ups, and generate sales through targeted email campaigns. Monitor click rates, open rates, and sales reports for each email, ensuring a data-driven approach to your marketing strategy.

📧 One-Shot Email Campaigns:
For one-time promotions, the plugin enables you to define one-time emails based on specific conditions. Schedule and send bulk emails, view detailed campaign reports, and personalize content based on user characteristics and lists. It’s a powerful tool to run effective and targeted promotional campaigns.

🌐 Optimized for Desktop and Mobile:
Whether your customers are browsing on a desktop or a mobile device, the MoreConvert WooCommerce Wishlist plugin provides a seamless and optimized experience. The responsive design ensures that users can easily interact with wishlists, waitlists, and more, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

🌟 Why MoreConvert?
Lightweight Plugin: Combines multiple functionalities in a single, efficient plugin without slowing down your site.
Flexible Styling: Professional and flexible styling options without the need for coding.
Smart Data Handling: Analyze user behavior without burdening your database, providing actionable insights.
Increased Conversion: Boost sales with personalized lists, encouraging repeat visits and purchases.
Cost-Effective: A comprehensive solution that eliminates the need for multiple plugins and expensive email marketing servers.

Ready to supercharge your WooCommerce sales and provide an exceptional shopping experience for your customers? 🚀 Get the Premium Version Now!

🔥 Try the Free Demo of MC Wishlist Premium

Installation and use

  1. Upload smart-wishlist-for-more-convert.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Make sure to disable caching on your checkout and thank you steps
  4. Watch the Video below to learn how to use the Plugin

Captures d’écran

  • Design different wishlist button styles.
  • Place every location that you want.
  • Design a gorgeous & responsive Wishlist page.
  • Create a faster way to access Wishlist.
  • Groundbreaking Integration with Elementor Page builder.
  • Optimize your wishlist button easily without any hassle.
  • Customize everything on your wishlist page.
  • Change the wishlist counter and mini Wishlist display.
  • No need to pay for email marketing service for retargeting automation.
  • Includes social media sharing options.
  • MC Wishlist comes with speed optimization management.
  • Add different buttons to your product page with one plugin.
  • Customize popup share options and layouts.
  • Advanced "Save For Later" options.
  • Generate new customers with our advanced analytics.
  • Send seasonal one-shot campaigns to users based on advanced conditions.
  • Send automated emails based on conditions and increase sales.
  • WooCommerce advanced Waitlist (Restock, Price change, on sale, limited stock).


What marketing features can I utilize in this Plugin?

The MoreConvert WooCommerce Wishlist plugin enables you to increase sales by sending compelling email templates based on various user circumstances.

Can my customers share their Wishlists on social media?

Absolutely! Customers can share their wishlists on social media platforms. They can even customize the title of their link before posting, adding a personal touch to their sharing experience.

Does MC WooCommerce Wishlist plugin allow adding an « add to wishlist » button on the products on the shop page and archive pages?

Yes, you can showcase the « Add to Wishlist » button on various pages, including the shop page, category pages, product shortcodes, and product sliders. The flexibility extends to all locations where the WooCommerce products’ loop is utilized.

Can I customize the wishlist page?

A: Certainly! The wishlist page is a simple template that you can override by placing the file template « wishlist.php » inside the « woocommerce » folder of your theme.

Can I move the position of the « Add to wishlist » button?

A: Absolutely! You have the flexibility to move the « Add to Wishlist » button to another default position or use the shortcode within your theme code.

Can I change the style of the « Add to wishlist » button?

A: Yes, customization options abound. You can modify the background, text, and border colors or apply custom CSS. Additionally, you can choose between using a link or a button for the « Add to Wishlist » feature.

Wishlist page returns a 404 error. What should I do?

If you encounter a 404 error for the wishlist page, try regenerating the wishlist page from Settings -> Wishlist -> Wishlist page Tab -> change « Choose the Wishlist page » by simply saving them again.

Have you encountered anomalies after the plugin update that did not exist in the previous version?

Anomalies might arise if your theme overrides plugin templates. If you use a popular theme, inform us to establish new compatibility. Alternatively, test the plugin in the WordPress default theme to rule out potential influences.

Where can I find documentation?

Comprehensive documentation is available online. Refer to our online documentation for assistance with setup and configuration.

Where can I get support or talk to other users?

For support and discussions, visit the Plugin Forum or our help page on our website.


15 février 2024
Araştırmalarım ve birçok istek listesi eklentisini denedikten sonra kendinizi hiç yormadan bu eklentiyi tavsiye ediyorum. Mükemmel derecede iyi ve birçok özelliği tek bir eklentide sunması gerçekten şaşırtıcı. Ücretsiz versiyonunu sunması da harika. Gerçekten teşekkür ederim; destek ekibi çok iyi ve hızlı, gerçekten çok yardımcı oldular. Teşekkürler!
3 février 2024
Spiego la mia situazione: dopo aver impostato l'icona personalizzata, questa non mi appariva nella pagina dedicata. Dopo vari controlli, non sapevo più cosa fare e mi sono rivolto al loro grandissimo e prontissimo supporto. Con grande fiducia ho lasciato loro entrare nel mio sito, che dopo un'attenta analisi, ha capito che il problema era il mio file svg (quindi un problema causaro da me). Con tanta gentilezza l'operatore ha modificato alcuni parametri ed ora tutto funziona alla grande! Consiglierei di usare MoreConvert? Assolutamente si! L'utilità e la qualità dell'assistenza è veramente alta. Lo consiglio a tutti voi. Forse è l'unico plugin di questo tipo che offre un servizio così eccellente.
1 février 2024
I am very pleased to acknowledge the exemplary assistance I received from the developer of a WordPress plugin I think his name is Saeed, even without having the premium version. This plugin, not only it demonstrates a high level of functionality but also comes with an outstanding level of customer support. Despite not being a premium user, I encountered an issue with the plugin and sought help from the developer. Their responsiveness and willingness to address my concerns were commendable. They exhibited a deep understanding of the intricacies of their plugin and provided clear and concise guidance to resolve the issue promptly. This positive experience has undoubtedly enhanced my perception of the plugin and the developer behind it. It reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction and a dedication to supporting users, regardless of their subscription status. Such a level of service is not only indicative of a quality product but also establishes a sense of trust and reliability in the developer's work. In conclusion, I am grateful for the assistance received, and I highly recommend this plugin to others seeking a reliable and well-supported solution for their WordPress needs. The developer's commitment to customer satisfaction has left a lasting positive impression, and I believe their plugin deserves recognition for its functionality and the exceptional support provided.
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  • Tested: WC 8.7.0
  • Fixed: Reported bugs with jquery migrate.
  • Fixed: Reported bug with wishlist counter shortcode.
  • Added: Integrated with WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System plugin(Premium Version).
  • Fixed: Fix some reported bugs.


  • Tested: WP 6.5
  • Added: Css Print Method (Premium Version).
  • Improved: Reducing the size of js, css files in the free version.
  • Improved: Different Style file for rtl languages.
  • Improved: Change toast icons.
  • Fixed: Fix some reported bugs.


  • Tested: WC 8.6.1
  • Tested: WP 6.4.3
  • Added: Merged « Save Cart for Later » feature into the wishlist (Premium Version).
  • Added: Added the ability to merge multiple lists into the wishlist (Premium Version).
  • Added: Introduced a new ‘Text Management’ menu.
  • Improved: Updated the options framework to enhance user experience.
  • Improved: Added new controls and resolved some bugs in the Elementor modules.
  • Improved: Enhanced compatibility with WPML and String translation plugins.
  • Dev: Added a new Filter wlfmc_add_non_persistent_groups for including non-persistent groups.
  • Dev: Added a new Filter wlfmc_wishlist_show_actions_row for third-party plugins to add new buttons to the action bar.
  • Fixed: Resolved cache and nonce bugs.
  • Fixed: Resolved reported bugs in the options framework.
  • Fixed: Fixed issues with the SellKit plugin.
  • Fixed: Resolved integration issues with Woolentor.
  • Fixed: Resolved « Save for Later » bugs.
  • Fixed: Fixed bugs in share fields and labels.
  • Fixed: Resolved issues with privacy settings, pagination, and redirection.
  • Fixed: Resolved total price bugs.
  • Fixed: Resolved loader bugs.
  • Fixed: Fixed various reported bugs.


  • Added: WC 8.5.2 support
  • Fixed: Fixed reported bugs.


  • Added: WC 8.5.1 support
  • Added: New analytics preview functionality to enhance user experience and provide detailed insights.
  • Added: a global customize text link for total prices, offering users more customization options.
  • Fixed: An issue where an error occurred stating « Object of class WP_Comment could not be converted to string ».
  • Improved: Moved enable_share & multiList_enable_share to global settings for easier access and modification.
  • Improved: Increased full width of wishlist items from 430px to provide a better visual presentation.
  • Fixed: Fixed reported bugs with Flatsome.
  • Fixed: Fixed some security reported bugs.


  • Added: WC 8.4.0 support
  • Added: a feature to display the total price of all products in the lists below the lists tables. (Premium Version)
  • Added two new filters: wlfmc_login_url and wlfmc_signup_url to customize the login and signup URLs.
  • Improved: the UI by making the grid items full width on screens smaller than 360px.
  • Improved: the analytics and licensing by updating the Appsero SDK to the latest version.
  • Improved: the compatibility and performance by integrating with the Electro theme.
  • Fixed: some reported bugs related to JavaScript and style issues.
  • Fixed: a bug that caused the page cache to be disabled when using the plugin.


  • Added: WP 6.4.2 support
  • Added: WC 8.3.1 support
  • Added: the wlfmc_add_customer_email_verified filter for automatic verification without sending a confirmation email for subscribing to the waitlist.(Premium Version)
  • Added: the wlfmc_is_page_cache_enabled filter to disable caching on list pages.
  • Added: Added an « Out of Stock » button in the product loop.(Premium Version)
  • Improved: Updated TCPDF Library.
  • Improved: translation for certain texts.
  • Improved: Adjusted the product name format in emails.
  • Improved: wizard issues in three themes where position settings were being incorrectly modified.
  • Fixed: Fixed nonce.
  • Fixed: Several bug fixes.


  • Added: WP 6.4.1 support
  • Added: WC 8.2.2 support
  • Added: advanced execution mode for all Wait-lists to improve product categorization for lists. (Premium Version)
  • Added: the ability to override WooCommerce settings for out of stock products. If they were on the waitlist, this WooCommerce setting will be overwritten. (Premium Version)
  • Added: the ability to update the premium version directly from within the WordPress dashboard and license manager for the plugin. (Premium Version)
  • Added: icons in flexbox for improved visual presentation.
  • Added: proper loading to enhance performance.
  • Added: settings for Toasts including warnings and messages in the corner of the website. (Premium Version)
  • Added: the option to open PDFs in a new tab for a better user experience.
  • Added: a copyable shortcode for the « save for later » button. (Premium Version)
  • Added: address the issue of displaying multi-lists and adding items to the list.(Premium Version)
  • Added: a feature to solve the problem of quantity not being added to the cart.
  • Added: an option to not display the counter if there is no product in the counter.
  • Fixed: Introduced no-indexing for shared links.
  • Fixed: UX problems in multilist for a smoother user experience. (Premium Version)
  • Fixed: the variable product bug related to sending email automation in the waitlist.(Premium Version)
  • Fixed: improved the wizard for better usability.
  • Fixed: issues related to default text for the default Waitlist email automations.
  • Added: RTL support for the email templates.
  • Improved: integration with WPML plugin.
  • Enhanced: import from the « Back in Stock Notifier » plugin.
  • Added: new icons in light, regular, and solid modes.
  • Added: email preview feature.(Premium Version)
  • Added: quick email sending feature for automation and campaigns.(Premium Version)
  • Added: inline icon fonts and SVG in Elementor.
  • Added: the ability to copy products in shared lists.
  • Improved: the user interface of the translations and texts section and further integration with WPML.
  • Improved: Enhanced user experience by adding default email automation and email campaign settings. This includes settings for the sender’s email, template name, social network information, and similar elements that are duplicated throughout the global and email sections.


  • Added: WP 6.3.2 support
  • Added: WC 8.2.1 support
  • Added: the ability to include product images in waitlist emails (Premium version).
  • Added: Product reports in Analytics: You can now view user statuses for each product under various conditions, such as the history of lists for that product, users actively subscribed to lists, and users with product automation (Premium version).
  • Added: the ability to display user counts for each product in their lists, for individual lists or all lists (Premium version). Learn more
  • Added: a filter ‘wlfmc_product_with_meta_add_to cart_link’ to change the product add-to-cart link.
  • Added: a filter ‘wlfmc_product_with_meta_add_to_cart_custom_attributes’ to add custom attributes to the add-to-cart button.
  • Added: the capability to translate email text in automation and campaigns using WPML (Premium version). Learn more
  • Added: Ability to open external product links in a new tab on all list pages (suitable for affiliate websites) (Premium version).
  • Improved: UX for global settings and better segmentation.
  • Improved: analytics queries.
  • Fixed: Removed plain text emails for better reporting.
  • Fixed: issues with importing from the Back in Stock Notifier.
  • Fixed: resolved issues with the WPML plugin and provided solutions for user input fields.
  • Fixed: resolved issues with both integrated data entry plugins (Back in Stock Notifier and Commerce Kit).


  • Fixed: Fixed width for the « added to list » column on the WooCommerce admin products page.
  • Added: Introducing the ability to easily moving items between Wishlist and Multi lists (Premium Version).
  • Added: Drag and drop functionality now available for all lists (Premium Version).
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where the icon in the counter element of Elementor was not linking correctly.
  • Improvement: Updated the settings panel for better user experience.


  • Added: Integrated with flexible product fields plugin enhancing product customization options.
  • Added: Integration with Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce PRO plugin.
  • Added: Integration with Woo Product Slider and Carousel with Category plugin.
  • Added: Integration with Product Video Gallery for Woocommerce plugin.
  • Added: Integration with YayCommerce plugins: YayMail – YaySwatches – YayExtra.
  • Added: Integrated with Pro theme.
  • Fixed: Fixed a JavaScript issue when popup is disabled with some templates, including Avada.
  • Fixed: Resolved the problem of responsive table display for sizes smaller than 360 pixels.
  • Fixed: Fixed Astra customization issues related to old version headers.
  • Improvement: Changed the display format of the coupon expiration date.
  • Improvement: Added a filter to change the display expiry date format in emails: wlfmc_coupon_expiry_date_format.
  • Improvement: Integrated counter with Neve theme.
  • Improvement: Integrated counter with Go theme.
  • Improvement: Integrated counter with GeneratePress theme.
  • Improvement: Integrated counter with OceanWP theme.


  • Added: WC 8.1.1 support
  • added: Added all counters to blocksy theme header builder.
  • added: Added wishlist counter to Divi, Shoptimizer, and Woostify theme customizer.
  • added: Added the possibility of choosing several menus to display the counter wish and wit and multi list.
  • added: Added wlfmc_counter_add_to_menu filter to exclude a specific menu from displaying the counter.
  • added: Added filter wlfmc_counter_menu_position to change the position of the menu item.
  • added: Added wlfmc_counter_menu_shortcode_atts filter to change shortcode properties.
  • added: Added filter wlfmc_counter_menu_link_class to add and change link class in menu.
  • added: Added filter wlfmc_counter_menu_container_class to add and change menu container class.
  • fixed: Removed the dropdown from the menu in the mobile browser.
  • fixed: Fixed an error when saving a menu to which a counter item was added and hiding the counters from being displayed in the admin lists section.
  • improved: Improved plugin performance and stability.


  • Added: Integrated the plugin with the Kadence theme.
  • Added: Added a default value for the global tabbed name.
  • Fixed: an issue with sharing on Telegram and WhatsApp on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: a bug with waitlist positions.
  • Fixed: email validation and required fields in the waitlist form.
  • Improvement: Added all counters to the header components in the Astra and Flatsome themes.
  • Fixed: Fixed reported bugs.


  • Added: WP 6.3.1 support
  • Added: WC 8.0.3 support
  • Fixed: Fixed reported bugs.


  • Added: support for WC version 8.0.2, ensuring compatibility with the latest WooCommerce version.
  • Added: functionality to display customized text for guest users upon adding a product to their list. An activation email is now sent to users. (Previously, only a generic status message was shown in the waitlist.(premium users)
  • Added: Integrated with « Back In Stock Notifier » to facilitate data import and synchronization. (premium users)
  • Added: Added support for « Variation Swatches for WooCommerce » plugin.
  • Added: Implemented guest registration within analytics. Guests no longer need to be converted to registered users post-verification, streamlining the process. This update also resolves interrelated issues. (premium users)
  • Improvement: Enhanced translation file management in the pro version. Texts present in the free version are no longer retranslated in the pro version.
  • Improvement: Verified compatibility and resolved compatibility issues with the WPML plugin. Users can now seamlessly interact with input fields and solutions have been provided for any issues.
  • Improvement: Refactored automation behavior when in trigger mode and set as default. Default trigger automations cannot be changed once triggered. Special activation status now correctly applies based on trigger and default conditions.
  • Fixed: Resolved PDF download issue.
  • Fixed: pagination problems in wishlists and other lists.
  • Fixed: Addressed issues with the « Add to Cart » functionality.
  • Fixed: Corrected reported bugs related to themes like Woostify, Flatsome, and Astra.
  • Fixed: redirection after « Add to Cart » action.
  • Fixed: Addressed reported bugs affecting Elementor widgets.
  • Fixed: Merging user and guest lists based on email after email verification.
  • Fixed: Corrected recipient and coupon calculations in campaigns.
  • Fixed: Ensured « Add to Cart » action works across all lists, even without AJAX enabled.
  • Fixed: Revised purchase verification system and resolved list-related bugs.


  • Fixed: Fixed reported bugs.


  • Added: Added the ability to import Wishlist from Commerce Kit for greater convenience.
  • Added: support for WP version 6.3.0, keeping the plugin up-to-date.
  • Added: support for WC version 7.9.0, ensuring compatibility with the latest WooCommerce version.
  • Fixed: several reported issues with Elementor.
  • Fixed: Addressed user-reported problems.
  • Fixed: Resolved the issue of language files not loading.
  • Fixed: Corrected the display of product images in some templates.
  • Fixed: Fixed the problem of custom fields for simple products not being added to the list when using Elementor.
  • Fixed: Removed the option to toggle grid and list view on mobile devices for a smoother experience.
  • Fixed: Fixed a JavaScript issue causing unexpected jumps to the top of the page when clicking on product components in lists.
  • Fixed: Addressed responsive issues with the Seo For Lead Filter table in some templates.
  • Fixed: Solved other responsive issues to enhance overall compatibility.
  • Fixed: Fixed reported problems with Elementor modules.
  • Fixed: Resolved reported issues in the Wishlist, Seo For Lead Filter, Multi-List, and Analytics sections.
  • Fixed: Resolved the issue of displaying the out-of-stock box for products that are available in the Pro version.
  • Fixed: the problem of not sending emails for available products, ensuring smoother communication.
  • Fixed: Resolved bugs and PHP errors in automations to improve stability.
  • Improvement: Improved pagination in the wishlist.
  • Improvement: Improved Cache settings are now enabled by default.
  • Improvement: Merged language files of the Pro and Free versions, removing redundant files.
  • Improvement: Enhanced the responsiveness of the grid and list views on mobile devices.
  • Improvement: Improved the process of creating pages for lists in the admin panel.
  • Improvement: Simplified the backend by removing the « is special » setting from automations, now managed automatically.


  • Fixed: Fixed a bug that was causing issues with Apple devices.
  • Fixed: Resolved the issue causing tooltips to freeze.
  • Fixed: Several reported issues with the Elementor module.
  • Fixed: Addressed various user-reported problems.
  • Fixed: Resolved reported issues with the Wishlist, Next Purchase Cart, Multi-list, and Analytics parts of premium version.
  • Fixed: Fixed reported bugs.


  • Added: WP 6.2.2 support
  • Added: WC 7.8.2 support
  • Added: the data-e-disable-page-transition attribute to internal links to prevent interference when clicked with Elementor.
  • Added: Integrated with Shoplentor.
  • Added: the ability to automatically install the free version from the repository for the Pro version.
  • Added: the ability to add a waitlist for notifications of stock reductions, restocking of out-of-stock items, price changes, and sales for the Pro version.
  • Added: the ability to automatically send email automations for all products or each product, including five automated emails for the waitlist for the Pro version..
  • Added: the ability to define separate email automations for each product or its variations for waitlist to increase persuasive power.
  • Added: the ability to view analytics on the status of members for each list separately for the Pro version.
  • Added: Completely revamped and advanced the email automation section for the Pro version.
  • Added: Significantly improved the email campaign section with its conditions for the Pro version.
  • Added: Improved analytics and added tabs for products, users, and lists for the Pro version.
  • Added: a user profile for analytics, including reports of previous purchases, lists, and notes for use as CRM for the Pro version.
  • Fixed: Improved integration with Qi Addons For Elementor.
  • Fixed: Fixed reported bugs and issues with reporting.


  • Fixed: Fixed reported bugs.


  • Fixed: Fixed reported bugs with Flatsome and Woostify and Woodmart themes.



  • Added: Integrated with woo-variation-gallery.
  • Added: Integrated with filter everything plugin in WordPress.
  • Added:Introduced the rollback feature.
  • Added: nonce to all ajax requests for better security.
  • Improvement: Improved Woolementor integration.
  • Improvement: Modified menus and added a dashboard.
  • Improvement: Modified texts and settings for enhancing UX.
  • Fixed: the 403 error that was showed on saving lists
  • Fixed: Fixed reported bugs.


  • Added: WP 6.2 support
  • Added: WC 7.5.1 support
  • Added: Integrated with CoDesigner- Woolementor.
  • Added: custom CSS Options in general settings
  • Added: import/export settings
  • Added: unlimited wishlist (Multi-list) for premium users
  • Improvement: Completed Save for Later and integrations documentation
  • Improvement: Improved user experience
  • Fixed: « Add product to wishlist » bug
  • Fixed: Resolved reported bugs


  • Added: WC 7.4.1 support
  • Fixed: bug that prevented content and email footer from being saved in automation and campaign.
  • Fixed: PHP errors.
  • Fixed: issue with translation not working with Elementor.
  • Added: Integrated with Ultimate Elementor.
  • Added: a share subscription as a pop-up option for the wishlist (Premium feature).
  • Added: selectable layouts for the user to choose and save as a wishlist based on their selection (Premium feature).
  • Fixed: an issue with automation email (Premium feature).
  • Fixed: email sending and email text saving issues (Premium feature).
  • Improvement: Updated Wishlist, Meta values, and Composite , etc. style and design (Premium feature).
  • Fixed: Resolved reported issues and improved user interface (Free & Premium feature).


  • Fixed: some bugs.


  • Added: the ability to use shortcodes to display product tables within wishlists in automated emails and campaigns with the ability to add shortcodes
  • Added: setting to disable quantity field in wishlist
  • Added: the ability to use elementor shortcodes in pop-up editor, empty list, and notice
  • Added: Integration with DarkMySite Plugin
  • Added: setting to disable quantity field in wishlist
  • Improvement: Integration with Shop Engine (previously integrated but had some issues)
  • Improvement: Moved General Settings due to software development.
  • Fixed: right-to-left font issues, including Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, in PDF downloads
  • Fixed: dropdown wishlist submenu issue
  • Fixed: reported user issues
  • Fixed: social networks in emails sent with MC template
  • Fixed: linked counter icon in the elementor
  • Fixed: product status not showing in wishlist during ajax requests (e.g. filter or load more page)
  • Fixed: deleted products from wishlist database

1.4.7 – RELEASED ON 14 December 2022

  • Fixed: Some reported bugs


  • Added: integrated with blocksy theme
  • Fixed: Optimization the qty problem on the wishlist page (Botiga theme, etc.)
  • Fixed: the appsero reported problem
  • Fixed: Vertical center text alignment of the tooltip in the right and left positions
  • improvement: CSS and JS enhancement


  • Added: empty counter Mini Wishlist Text Editor
  • Fixed: appsero reported bugs
  • Fixed: Some reported bugs




  • Added: WC 6.9.4 support
  • Fixed: Solving the Email automation important problem
  • Fixed: Solving the price problem in Wishlist and analytics for 5-digit prices and upper
  • Fixed: Solving the problem of not Submitting the product in analytics
  • Fixed: Select one of the removal modes from the Wishlist in Quick Wizard


  • Added: WC 6.9.3 support
  • Added: WP 6.0.2 support
  • Added: Elementor Full inside editor
  • Added: Ability to Add a wishlist shortcode for places where there is no product page and no lists like sliders, images, boxes, and galleries with [wlfmc_add_to_wishlist product_id= » Your_product_id »]
  • Added: The Counter: font, icon size, position, color
  • Added: Cache integration with all caching plugins with a button on the advanced tab on settings
  • Added: Full responsiveness of popups and buttons
  • Added: Automatic Wishlist Refresh when storage changes in another tab
  • Added: Automatic Wishlist Refresh when the page is shown after the back button (safari).
  • Added: Premium users can use wishlist analytics
  • Fixed: Empty price for products without a price
  • Fixed: Improve integrity with OceanWP, Divi, Astra, FlatSome, Hello Elementor, Neve, and Storefront.
  • Fixed: Improve « Wishlist button settings » user experience
  • Fixed: Improve Widget Mini Wishlist for the sidebar
  • Fixed: Resolve some reported bugs


  • Added: WC 6.7.0 support
  • Added: Speed Optimization management to increase Wishlist operation depends on your host and theme (Rest Api, WP Loaded hook, Admin-ajax.php)
  • Added: Ability to turn on or off the AJAX loader on Wishlist operation
  • Added: Ability to delete from Wishlist in three different statuses ( add to cart, purchasing in process, purchasing completed)
  • Added: Ability to place Counter with Elementor editor
  • Added: Add beautiful new icons for the Wishlist counter and buttons
  • Added: Ability to Personalize « add to Wishlist popups » with product price and name
  • Added: Email Automation reports are now available for each Email Automation
  • Added: Premium users can create more than one automation and have sounder sales now.
  • Fixed: Increase Mobile Devices compatibility
  • Fixed: Improve integrity with Divi, Astra, FlatSome, Hello Elementor, Neve, and Storefront.
  • Fixed: Improve « Wishlist button settings » user experience
  • Fixed: Resolve some reported bugs


« Pay attention: With the new update, you should define some settings again, but it is much easier this time! »

  • Added: WC 6.6.1 support
  • Added: Apply styling to pagination on the WishList page
  • Added: Ability to add a variable product with an attribute to the Wishlist
  • Added: Ability to define the login page and signup to Advanced settings
  • Added: Ability to define the number of emails sent
  • Added: Ability to enable fast and free support with online chat box support
  • Added: Added some settings gifs to guide you better
  • Added: Added the ability to delete products in the Mini-Wishlist
  • Fixed: Full redesign of the WishList button settings on the product page
  • Fixed: Full redesign of the WishList button settings in loops
  • Fixed: Full redesign of color and layout settings on the WishList page
  • Fixed: Modify and optimize Automate Add to cart from WishList page
  • Fixed: Improve UX settings for buttons and close buttons
  • Fixed: Improve integrity with Elementor page builder for MC Wishlist
  • Fixed: Improve integrity with Divi, Astra, FlatSome, Woodmart, Neve, and Storefront
  • Fixed: Modify the dynamic save button in the admin dashboard
  • Fixed: Modify settings and simplify settings of page wishlist buttons
  • Fixed: Improve the appearance of the WishList page and fix problems
  • Fixed: Fix the problem of not displaying the counter list for guest users
  • Fixed: Modify some translations and texts and complete them
  • Fixed: Document correction, clarification, and simplification
  • Fixed: Fix the problem of adding custom icons


  • Added: WC 6.5.1 support
  • Added: WP 6.0 support
  • Fixed: some bugs.


  • Added: WC 6.4.1 support
  • Added: Wishlist counter
  • Added: Wishlist widgets
  • Added: Wishlist page appearance settings
  • Added: Syncing with more top themes
  • Added: Improve wishlist page and its setting
  • Added: Pro version:
    email automation and campaigns
  • Added: Wishlist page 2 different appearance and adding full responsibility with mobile devices.
  • Added: « Redirect to the cart » options
  • Added: « Remove if Added to the cart » options
  • Added: unsubscribe link to the emails
  • Fixed: Wishlist button on product images and adding some new positions
  • Fixed: Tooltip positions


  • Added: WC 6.2.1 support
  • Added: Add New Tips to Sidebar to Increase Site Sales
  • Fixed: Fix bug after hitting no thanks
  • Fixed: Correcting RTL for the right RTL languages like Persian, Arabic Hebrew


  • Added: WP 5.9 support
  • Fixed: Fixed tooltip label


  • Added: change the wishlist page Slug from the WooCommerce settings section
  • Added: tooltip settings single product options
  • Update: Regularity and tabulation of button appearance settings
  • Update: Regular and tabular popup appearance settings
  • Fixed: Email template bug and clutter
  • Fixed: Pagination based on WooCommerce default for wishlist page
  • Fixed: Fixed some bugs


  • Added: Button and pop-up radius defined
  • Update: Compatibility with WC 6.1.0 and user my account
  • Update: Update settings panel
  • Fixed: Modify test email sending
  • Fixed: Modify Wishlist button default value
  • Fixed: Button style correction in text and text mode
  • Fixed: Color picker correction
  • Fixed: WC endpoint Update
  • Fixed: Modify the shop page default icon


  • Added: Wizard support
  • Added: WP 5.8.3 support
  • Added: WC 6.0.0 support
  • Added: Gutenberg support
  • Added: Reset all settings
  • Added: Remove the product from the Wishlist on the second click
  • Added: Show login notice for guests on the wishlist page
  • Added: « Add To Wishlist » button predefined And custom icons
  • Added: Predefined Templates For automaton emails
  • Update: Complete redesign of UI
  • Fixed: Email Automation Sample text
  • Fixed: Only text button styled better


  • Fixed: Resolve …