SpeechKit adds text-to-speech audio to your site in seconds, allowing your readers access your content on the move. Sign up on the website for a free access key.

Audio for Every Story

Reach your audience with the first all-in-one-toolkit for automated audio news publishing.

Better Access to Your Stories

In a world of disposable attention, SpeechKit helps journalists, bloggers and writers to better engage with audience through audio.

Instant Audio AI

In moments, the SpeechKit plugin connects your site to the latest in natural language programming technology with access to latest voices from Google WaveNet and Amazon Polly.

One Plugin, Multiple Platforms

Want to publish your content in audio to Smart Speakers or the Podcasts store? Log into SpeechKit to set up automated publishing to audio channels.

Free For Bloggers

Just want to play around and test out audio? SpeechKit is free for casual bloggers with powerful publishing features available to professional publishers.


Add audio in seconds picking from dozens of new voices. Check out a handy blog post for more help.

And don’t hesitate to get in touch at support@speechkit.io

Languages available:

Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Danish, Dutch, English (Australian), English (British), English (Indian), English (US), English (Welsh), French, French (Canadian), German, Icelandic, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Spanish (Castilian), Spanish (US), Swedish, Turkish, Welsh.


add_filter( ‘spk_posts_args_query’, ‘yourPrefix_limit_posts_by_date’, 10, 1 );
Example of function used to modify query arguments. This function will make speechkit process only posts published in this year.

function yourPrefix_limit_posts_by_date( $args ) {
$args[‘year’] = date( ‘Y’ );
return $args;

Captures d’écran


Installation takes less than 5 minutes. Just create an account on SpeechKit, create a WordPress project, select your voice and follow the 3-step interactive installation guide.


juin 2, 2019
Followed installation instructions. Published a test page. No widget shown. Uninstalled.
mars 26, 2019
Very happy with the support and the plugin! Enabling the ability to convert our articles to listenable has been well received by our audience. Another great benefit is becoming more ADA / WCAG compliant. Have integrated with Alexa as well and can't wait to do so with Google Home!
février 20, 2019
It is a great product, but I would like to upload my own audio. On your website, there is an Upload mp3 file button, but not matter what mp3 I choose, it fails after a couple of seconds. The status bar has a red vertical line on the left with the word Failed after it. I tried to send you and email and wrote on the forum, but you haven't responded.
février 18, 2019
Hi Speechkit, This is an amazing plugin for wordpress. But I have a case that Speechkit can be used perfectly. I'm an english teacher. Recently, I want to build an elearning website for my students to practice at home. But one of my needs is that student voice recognition after they learn words or sentences. I want to have a plugin that students can record their voice and the text appears in a text box, that they can see if their pronunciation is correct or not. Is there any chance that I could use Speechkit for that purpose? Thanks you!
décembre 18, 2018
South Africa is a country with a high illiteracy rate, extremely expensive data and the competition among online news platforms is fierce. Speechkit has helped UnCensored stand out by making it easy and faster for our readers to access our content through listening rather than reading. The figures speak for themselves. Audio engagement per article is way above average customers and grew 38% in October and grew an additional 16% in November. Average Listen Per article grew 23% in November to 3 minutes 29 seconds! Easy and useful.
octobre 25, 2018
The plugin is simple to use and adds great functionality to the site. Any support request is promptly and courteously dealt with. This is a fantastic plugin which allows people to listen to content whilst doing other things.
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Removed old cron task. Updated url for the install page. Minor updates


Added SpeechKit button to the editor toolbar for the mark text for generation audio.


Fixed issue with saving draft.


Fixed issue with empty content.


Fixed scheduled posts.


Updated support info.


Fixed REST API requests.


Added an option to hide « SpeechKit status » column. Minor updates of CSS.


Fixed issue with scheduled posts. Minor updates.


Added shortcodes for the select quote for generation audio. Updated dashboard link. Minor updates for styles and statuses of SpeechKit


Fixed styles for iframe.


Fixing bugs for Marfeel compatibility.


Added disable Auto-Publish setting.


Added setting Marfeel compatibility.


Fixed bug with frequent requests to Api.


Added a hook to modify query output for cron posts processing. This should help with performance issues for sites with large ammount of posts. Fixed cron for unprocessed posts.


Fixed bug with title not updated on private posts publish event.


Fixed AMP minor bugs.


Fixed AMP validation error, some other minor bugs and minor improvements.


Fixed compatibility issue with older php versions.


Fixing bugs and other minor improvements.


Added an option to process posts immediately on post publish. Fixed a bug with no audio update on title change.


Player will be shown a bit faster now. And some minor bugs were fixed.


Added support for WP Rocket and AMPforWP plugins support. Fix some minor bugs like sending requests while API key is not set yet.


Changed the way we store data, fixes for Classic and Gutenberg editor compatibility.


Add a check to process posts that were stuck in Error state.


Fix error on initial publish for some environments.


Minor update for Gutenberg editor compatibility.


Fixing typos in container class name.


Minor updates for Gutenberg editor compatibility.


Only retry creating articles for so many times.


A relaunch of the brand, dashboard and player!


Clear cache for GatorCache

1.4.2 & 1.4.3

Remove analytics from settings
Remove duplicate JS file loading when using iframes


Listen link now takes you to the mp3 version of the audio, instead of the transcoded version.


Update settings page to include custom post types
Upgrade UI slightly and apologize for the mess


Disable scrolling on player iframe


Fix some issues with how loading audio was done to work with more installations of WP.


Fix styling for iframes


Remove legacy code


Show player inside of an iframe to not collide with custom styles on page.


Fix issue where audio would get stuck in processing because of cache


Fix an issue for PHP < 5.4


We’ve added a new audio player option. The ’AudioBar player’ fits to the bottom of the browser window. It is less intrusive then the original audio player and more user friendly.


Updated styling for admin pages
Fix issues with reloading and caching


First version