TargetBay Product and Site Reviews


  • Build SEO-friendly reviews that help you generate tons of organic traffic and trust.
  • Trigger exit intent pop-up to stop customers from leaving behind products in their cart.
  • Improve product discovery and promote cross-selling with personalized recommendations.

TargetBay makes eCommerce marketing simple by giving you access to personalization tools at an affordable cost. TargetBay extension offers four simple eCommerce products bundled in a single platform with an aim to improve your eCommerce store’s revenue through personalized marketing and recommendation. The core strength of TargetBay extension is its ability to map customer navigation to your audience better. With detailed analysis of customers’ preference, make intelligent customer segments and marketing messages to showcase the right message to customers at the right time for improved engagement and conversions.

TargetBay Reviews & QA

Make use of customer reviews to build your brand credibility needed for marketing and conversion.
Why Use TargetBay Reviews & QA?
* Automate review collection process by sending emails after every purchase and delivery.
* Send in-mail reviews, receipts and let customers directly send reviews through emails
* Moderate reviews to stop spammers and showcase only genuine user-generated content
* Google rich snippets to improve product and website credibility.
* In-line HTML lets you index your reviews and get visibility in all search engines.
* Build user trust and improve conversion by increasing user-generated content.
* Build forums and QA section to connect better with customers.
* TargetBay helps you collect tons of user-generated content that search engines love.
* Getting the shiny stars on Google search results through Google rich snippets is a definite way to get user’s attention.
* Improve your SERP click-through rate and also your website credibility through TargetBay Reviews And QA feature.
* Providing a question and answer module is the perfect way to encourage customers to voice out their doubts and concerns about the product.
* All content generated is indexable by Google and it helps improve your organic ranking as well as improve customer engagement.
* Build reviews and get awarded with TargetBay trust badges to instantly get your customer’s trust.
* Integrated reviews on Facebook to build the social trust is needed to build customer loyalty and trust. Reviews with other social platforms are also being integrated


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To view a live demo of a store using our widget, head to Demo Store
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Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.4 or greater
  • WooCommerce 4.4 or greater
  • PHP version 5.3 or greater


How much does TargetBay cost?

TargetBay is completely free and always will be.

Can I import my existing product reviews into TargetBay?

Yes, you can import your existing reviews to TargetBay.
We have made this process very easy for you by allowing you to export your existing reviews straight from within the TargetBay plugin. For more information on how to import your existing reviews within TargetBay.

How do I stop my reviews from automatically posting to my shop? I want to decide which reviews to publish and which to hide.

To turn off auto publishing, just log into, and click on the \ »Settings\ ».
On the \ »Settings\ » page just uncheck the \ »Website\ » box, and reviews will no longer be automatically published.
You\’ll be emailed each time you receive a new review, and be able to publish only the ones you\’d like published.

How can I hide or delete a review?

To hide unwanted reviews, just log into your dashboard at, and click on \ »Moderate\ » from the options up top.
Here you will be able to see all of your reviews.
To hide a review, just click on the globe button with the down-pointing arrow.
In addition, if you would like to delete reviews from your admin page, just click on the \ »archive\ » button.
This acts as a full delete button.


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