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Our mission is to empower web designers like you with an end-to-end solution for building stunning websites.

We aim to simplify the website creation process by providing a versatile toolkit within a single plugin, eliminating the need to install multiple plugins for various functionalities.

With Spectra, we strive to make it extremely easy to use for beginners and feature-rich for experienced designers.

Spectra equips designers with a wide range of pre-designed templates, allowing them to effortlessly create professional websites tailored to their unique requirements.

Beyond just aesthetics, we are committed to optimizing website performance. Spectra offers efficient code and performance-focused features, ensuring that the websites built with our plugin are not only visually appealing but also deliver exceptional speed and smooth functionality.

By providing an all-in-one solution for building websites, we aim to streamline their workflow and enhance their productivity. We continuously innovate and improve Spectra, integrating cutting-edge technologies and staying ahead of the evolving web design landscape. We empower our users to build websites that captivate, engage, and impress their clients or themselves.


Finally, a website builder which allows you to design beautiful and professional-looking websites using the power of the default block editor of WordPress.

With utmost attention, the developers have ensured that Spectra is easy to use and provides everything you need to design a fully functional website.

Guess what! 🤩
Users of page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder absolutely LOVE Spectra because of 3 reasons –

  • The code of Spectra is extremely optimized for performance and speed
  • Spectra designs and features make you look like an expert web designer
  • There’s zero learning curve as Spectra works on top of the default WordPress block editor.

Introducing Spectra – the ultimate solution to revolutionize your web design experience.

With Spectra, you can power up the block editor with advanced and powerful blocks that simplify the entire process. Say goodbye to the hassle of coding and say hello to effortless website creation.

Spectra provides a wide range of unique and creative blocks on top of the default WordPress page editor, enabling you to build and design pages or posts without writing a single line of code.

It offers an easy-to-use interface, customization options, and a library of pre-built Starter Templates to help you build awesome websites in minutes.

Whether you need to launch an online store or promote your services, Spectra empowers you to build pixel-perfect websites that captivate your audience.

Don’t let coding complexities hold you back – unlock the potential of block editor with Spectra and build faster, better-performing websites today!

Certaines fonctionnalités puissantes de Spectra 💪

  1. Layouts – Easily move, resize, and hide different sections, rows, columns, and blocks using convenient layout navigation to make your page designing process faster.
  2. Designs powered by Starter Templates – Get access to a wide range of predesigned websites, pages, and blocks that can be imported and customized to suit your needs. Spectra offers hundreds of designs to choose from.
  3. Wireframes – Before diving into the design process, it’s crucial to create a structure for your website. With Spectra’s Wireframe Blocks, you can quickly create page or website mockups, improving work efficiency and saving time.
  4. Block patterns – Import and customize pre-designed block patterns for various sections on your website. Spectra provides a collection of these patterns that can be easily tailored to your preferences.
  5. Advanced block presets – Not sure how to design blocks optimally? No worries! Our team of expert designers has created highly converting and visually appealing presets for you to use.
  6. Spectra Copy Paste – If you’ve customized a block with specific fonts, colors, spacings, borders, shadows, and animations, you can effortlessly replicate the same design on another block using Spectra Copy Paste feature.
  7. Container – Create stunning layouts using the Container block, powered by flexbox technology.
  8. Global styling support – Spectra allows you to set the default content width for your website with just a single click. You can also inherit button styles from your theme, maintain consistent container padding throughout your site, and set a default gap between rows and columns.
  9. Popup Builder – Grab your audience’s attention or share important notices by designing beautiful popups using our intuitive popup builder.
  10. Coming soon mode – Is your website still under construction? Not ready for public viewing yet? Enable the coming soon mode, and only the selected page will be visible to those not logged in.
  11. Animations – Add a touch of life and interactivity to your website with Spectra’s wide range of animations. Choose from fade, slide, zoom, flip, zoom in, zoom out, and more. Free users have access to a selection of animations that can be easily applied to any block.
  12. Load Google Fonts locally – Optimize your website’s speed and ensure GDPR compliance by enabling this option to download and save Google fonts on your server.

Inclut 30+ blocs essentiels 🔥

  1. Core Blocks – Spectra offers essential blocks that every website and landing page needs. You’ll find blocks like Container, Heading, Image, Icon, Buttons, Info Box, Call To Action, and Countdown, which are crucial for crafting your pages.
  2. Creative Blocks – Unleash your creativity with Spectra’s creative blocks. These include Star Ratings, Countdown, Marketing Button, Icon List, Image Gallery, and even support for Lottie Animations. Let your imagination run wild and make your designs truly stand out.
  3. Content Blocks – Showcase your content beautifully with Spectra’s content blocks. From Sliders and Image blocks to Content Timelines, Google Maps, Inline Notices, Tabs, Taxonomy Lists, Price Lists, and more, these blocks offer diverse options to present your content in an engaging manner. And if you’re using Spectra Pro, you’ll even have access to the powerful Loop Builder.
  4. Post Blocks – Enhance your blog posts with Spectra’s Post Blocks. Add a Counter, Modal Popup, Post Carousel, Post Grid, or Post Timeline to make your blog visually appealing and user-friendly.
  5. Social Blocks – Spectra provides blocks that help you showcase your social status. You’ll find blocks like Instagram Feed, Blockquote, Social Share, Team, and Testimonials, which allow you to highlight social proof and engage with your audience effectively.
  6. Form Blocks – Create interactive forms easily with Spectra’s Form Blocks. Whether it’s a contact form, newsletter signup, or suggestion form, you can collect valuable leads. You can even enable reCAPTCHA to ensure form security. With Spectra Pro, you can even enable user registration or login forms.
  7. SEO Blocks – Boost your website’s search engine optimization with Spectra’s SEO Blocks. These blocks, such as FAQ, How-To, Review, and Table of Contents, are designed to improve your site’s visibility and enhance the user experience.
  8. Dynamic Content – Take control of your website’s archive feed with Spectra’s Dynamic Content blocks. You can customize the feed based on dynamic parameters like date, name, category, page, posts, and more, giving you flexibility and customization options.

Qui peut bénéficier de Spectra ? 📈

  • Web designers – Want to enhance your website-building process without getting stuck in coding? Spectra’s got your back! With its advanced blocks, you can create stunning layouts and customize elements like a pro, all without writing a single line of code.
  • Small business owners – Building a professional website for your business just got easier with Spectra. Choose from the pre-built Starter Templates and customize them to match your branding and content. Say goodbye to costly web development and hello to a beautiful online presence.
  • Bloggers – Spice up your blog posts with Spectra’s eye-catching elements. Add images, engaging call-to-actions, content timelines, and social sharing blocks to make your content pop. It’s time to captivate your readers and take your blog to the next level.
  • SEO Specialists – Spectra has schema markup blocks like FAQ, How-To, Review, and Table of Content to boost your website rankings and improve search engine representation. Plus, its lightweight and optimized code ensures your site performs at its best. Get ready to conquer the search results!
  • eCommerce store owners – Spectra helps you create visually stunning product listings, showcase star ratings and reviews, and display pricing information that will make your customers click that « buy » button. Get ready to take your online store to new heights.
  • Marketers – Spectra is your secret weapon for creating effective landing pages and promotional materials. Use attention-grabbing blocks like call-to-actions, marketing buttons, and testimonials to drive conversions and engage your target audience. Your campaigns just got a whole lot better.
  • Freelancers – We’ve got something special for you! Streamline your workflow and save time with Spectra. Quickly build websites for your clients using the pre-built Starter Templates and customize them to meet their requirements. It’s the ultimate toolkit for freelancers.
  • Podcasters and YouTubers – With Spectra, you can enhance your website or blog with ease. Add a podcast player, embed videos, showcase a content timeline, and create engaging content using the various blocks offered. Let your creativity flow and captivate your audience.
  • Non-profit organizations – Create visually appealing websites to showcase your cause, share inspiring success stories, and collect donations. Spectra’s image blocks, forms, testimonials, and social sharing options will help you engage your audience and promote your mission effectively.
  • Restaurant owners – Spectra’s ready-to-use Starter Templates cater specifically to restaurants. Show off your menus, feature customer testimonials, and even integrate a reservation form using the forms block. It’s the secret ingredient to a mouth-watering online presence.
  • Beginner WordPress users – Spectra’s user-friendly interface, pre-designed Starter Templates, and comprehensive tutorials make website creation a breeze. No coding skills are needed! You can create professional-looking websites and amaze everyone with your online presence.

Certains des thèmes & extensions de WordPress prennent en charge Spectra 🔗

Spectra fonctionne avec n’importe quel thème, y compris :

  • Spectra One
  • Astra
  • Blocksy
  • Flatsome
  • GeneratePress
  • Hestia
  • Kadence
  • Neve

Spectra est compatible avec toutes les extensions, y compris :

  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • FluentCRM
  • FluentForm
  • GiveWP
  • Gravity Forms
  • LearnDash
  • LifterLMS
  • MemberPress
  • PrestoPlayer
  • Restrict Content Pro
  • SureCart
  • SureMembers
  • The Events Calendar
  • TutorLMS
  • Membre de la liste de vœux
  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • And many more


Nous comprenons la nécessité d’un produit de qualité soutenu par un support dédié et attentionné. Nous sommes là pour écouter toutes vos requêtes et vous aider à tirer le meilleur parti de notre extension.

Need help? We are just a click away!

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Vous pouvez maintenant contribuer à l’extension sur Github : Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg sur Github


Our external packages use Rating Star Component that are distributed under the terms of the ISC. While Slick, Lottie and Striptags is distributed under the terms of the MIT.


Cette extension fournit 1 bloc.

  • Spectra AI


Installez les Ultimate Addons pour Gutenberg via le répertoire des plugins WordPress ou en téléchargeant les fichiers sur votre serveur à l’adresse wp-content/plugins.

Vous pouvez consulter notre article premiers pas pour en savoir plus.

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez visiter notre Base de connaissances .


Qui devrait utiliser le Spectra ?

The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg est un ensemble complet de blocs uniques et créatifs qui aident à créer de belles pages et publications sur un site Web. C’est donc certainement un atout pour tous ceux qui aiment Gutenberg.

Quels sont les prérequis pour utiliser Spectra ?

Pour commencer, il vous suffit d’avoir la dernière version de WordPress sur votre site Web. The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg est essentiellement un module pour l’éditeur WordPress par défaut. Par conséquent, la dernière installation de WordPress avec un thème devrait suffire pour commencer.

Avec quels thèmes Spectra fonctionne-t’il ?

The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg est conçu pour fonctionner parfaitement avec tous les thèmes. Mais, Astra étant parmi les premiers à être prêt pour Gutenberg, nous vous recommandons d’essayer d’utiliser Astra car il est léger, rapide, simple et propose de nombreuses options.

Puis-je utiliser Spectra même si j’ai un autre constructeur de page ?

Le besoin de base des Ultimate Addons pour Gutenberg est la dernière version de WordPress. Nous l’avons également rendu compatible avec tous les principaux constructeurs de pages et, par conséquent, il n’interférera pas avec leur fonctionnement. Si vous avez besoin d’aide, vous pouvez contacter nous.

Puis-e utiliser Spectra sur le site des clients ?

Oui! Vous pouvez certainement utiliser les Ultimate Addons sur le vôtre ainsi que sur les sites Web de vos clients.

Est-ce que Spectra ralentira mon site ?

Absolument pas! The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg est conçu pour être simple et performant. Son architecture de module et son code épuré le rendent léger et rapide. Par conséquent, cela n’affectera en rien la vitesse et les performances de votre site Web.

Que puis je faire de plus avec Spectra ?

Lorsque vous utilisez les modules complémentaires Ultimate pour Gutenberg avec le thème gratuit Astra, vous obtenez une énorme bibliothèque de sites de démarrage prêts à l’emploi qui peuvent être importés et utilisés pour créer le vôtre. Lisez un article sur Sites de démarrage avec Gutenberg pour en savoir plus.


18 avril 2024 1 réponse
Fantastic add to already excellent Wordpress.
17 avril 2024 1 réponse
De problemen die ik had bij opstarten Spectra One zijn echt uitstekend opgelost door Support Brainstorm. Echt super. En ook nog heel snelle reacties. Nogmaals heb je WordPress stap over op thema en plugins van Spectra One en je kan een hele mooie site bouwen met ontzettend veel mogelijkheden. Support Brainstorm nogmaals bedankt
17 avril 2024 1 réponse
Even with my lack of designing chops the free version can get the job done quickly while looking stylish, can recommend. In terms of bloat it's on the lower end as it lets you configure how much of it you want.
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2.12.8 – Wednesday, 10th April 2024

  • Improvement: Google Maps – Added a toggle to switch between Roadmap View and Satellite View.
  • Improvement: Global – Improved the block-name identification for the default fallback attributes.
  • Improvement: Global – Added WPML compatibility to the ‘How To’, ‘Buttons’, ‘Forms’ and ‘Marketing Button’ blocks.
  • Fix: Container – Resolved an issue wherein the link control content and edit icon would overflow out-of-screen after entering lengthy URLs.
  • Fix: Counter – Resolved an issue wherein the total number resets to default on end number change.
  • Fix: Icon – Resolved an issue wherein a few icons would not load on the frontend.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved an issue that would cause block-styling to break when used for a custom archive template of specific post types in FSE themes.

2.12.7 – Tuesday, 2nd April 2024

  • Security Fix: Hardened the security of the plugin. Props: Wordfence.
  • Improvement: Added compatibility with WordPress v6.5.
  • Improvement: Buttons – Added an inherit-gap-from-theme option.
  • Fix: Container – Resolved an issue wherein the ‘open in new window’ option would not be available when Spectra Pro is actived.
  • Fix: Icon – Resolved an issue wherein icon links for ‘tel’ and ‘mailto’ would not work as intended.

2.12.6 – Tuesday, 19th March 2024

  • Improvement: Heading – Added an element type option.
  • Improvement: Global – Added a filter uagb_asset_version to update the asset version for cache busting purposes.
  • Fix: Google Maps – Resolved an issue in which the responsive height would not be correctly applied in the editor.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved an issue wherein the typography component would not use the values for tablet and mobile when in the customizer widget editor.
  • Fix: Global – Resolved an issue in the editor wherein a double border would appear on hover or focus of blocks used inside any block.

The full changelog is available here.