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26 juillet 2017
I’ve had to delete this plugin. it seems to work well but displays a link at the bottom of the Flash image which links to a dubious pharmaceutical site. Not exactly something I want people who come to my site to see.
5 mars 2017 1 réponse
The plugin itself works, I could show some flash in the frontend. Bad is: The Plugin always shows below the flash a commercial ad, this is against the wordpress-rules and should be stopped. I changed the sourcecode, so it works for me. The sizes for the flash in the admin-menu does not work. The flash uses allways the complete available space of the div-container. I need the plugin to show without title. If I delete the title, always the plugin-title is shown. This problem I solved width some little changings in the plugin-source.
3 septembre 2016
Text ad appears under your SWF graphic, no way to link graphic itself to a URL, otherwise the swf graphic works
3 septembre 2016
It was an impeccable plugin for what I required, that was to possess one supply of my very own sites on my server. In spite of the fact that the documentation doesn’t recommend this should be possible, it works effortlessly enough.
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