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UsersControl – Users Profile, Free or Paid Subscriptions, User Access Restriction & Members Directory

Cette extension n’a pas été testée avec plus de trois mises à jour majeures de WordPress. Elle peut ne plus être maintenue ou supportée et peut avoir des problèmes de compatibilité lorsqu’elle est utilisée avec des versions de WordPress plus récentes.

UsersControl – Users Profile, Free or Paid Subscriptions, User Access Restriction & Members Directory


UsersControl is a users management plugin which allows you to earn with your subscribers. Creating subscription plans is easy and you can protect your posts, pages or any kind of content from your free and paid users.

UsersControl is by far the most complete solution to manage members on WordPress. The setup is really easy and you will be able to start selling subscriptions in a few minutes. Certainly, this is the right choice if you wish to create a user community within your website.

This WordPress plugin allows you to restrict content, accept member subscriptions with recurring payments.

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👉 Custom Registration Forms.
👉 Drag & Drop Fields Builder.
👉 Users Directory.
👉 Custom Login Form.
👉 Advanced Users Directory with custom filters.
👉 Multiple Registration Forms.
👉 Content Protection (Logged in Based).


Registration Forms:

Users Directory:

User Profile:

Photo Galleries: (PRO)

Member Showcase:

Check all features here.

🎉 What Can I Do with the Free Version?

The free version of this plugin is very powerful and you can charge your members by using PayPal integration. However, we have created a Pro version which includes other great fetures to make your subscriptions website even better.

Please check the free vs pro table.


Although the free version offers a wide range of features to protect your website content we have a premium version to empower your subscriptions website. Below there is a breakdown of the main features available on UsersControl Pro version.

User Profiles

Having the capability to create elegant user profiles is essential when you are building a user community. Your members will love an outstanding profile where they can display their photos, posts and any kind of personal information.

Advanced Content Protection:

The content protection module is very flexible and helps you to protect content in four different ways.

👉 – Protect entire posts and pages. You can set a custom message to display when the members try to access the protected post. Also, you can set a custom title and even hide the entire post from the website.

👉 – Logged in Members Protection. This method will make either posts or pages visible to logged in members only.

👉 – Membership Protection. You can make posts and pages visible to only certain subscription plans. For example: Platinum Members will be able to see Post A and Post B. Gold Members can see Post F and Post D.

👉 – Partial Content Protection. This allows you to hide just part of a post’s content. This is useful to let your members access to just a small section of your content without hiding the whole post.

Recurring Payments:

You’ll be able to track how many subscribers you have, when they’re being billed, and how much revenue you’re generating from the recurring payments — which means you’ll always know how much revenue your subscription website can count on as you continue to grow.

Recurring Subscriptions:

Start receiving recurring payments for your subscribers easily. The plugin allows you to create subscription plans and start receiving payments through PayPal. User Control has a flexible subscriptions module. Monetize your site selling unlimited memberships, single payment or recurring paid subscriptions.

Multiple Subscriptions per user:

Sometimes you might need to allow your members to purchase multiple subscription plans. The premium version of UsersControl allows users to purchase more than one membership plan and get access to different content of your website.

Role Based Content Protection:

WordPress has a flexible Role Management module which determines what the user can do and see in your website. We have developed a module within UsersControl that assigns Roles to your users based on the subscription plan they purchase. This means that you can protect posts and pages based on the User’s Role.

Membership Based protection:

UsersControl is a powerful plugin that helps you to protect the content of your whole website, by installing the pro version you can protect the content of your website based on your member subscriptions. You can show Post A and Post B to only Gold Members. This makes the plugin very flexible and adaptable to any subscription WordPress site.

Unlimited Registration Forms:

Displaying a clear and easy to understand registration form to your user is the key to sell paid subscriptions on your website. UsersControl comes with a drag & drop form builder which allows you to create custom registration forms. Also, you can have multiple registration forms with different fields, you can make available different forms in different sections of your website.

Besides, the registration forms are fully integrated with the WordPress Role system. Which means you can assign a custom Role to your subscribers right after the registration happens.

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  1. Upload users-control to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Do you offer free support?

Yes, https://support.userscontrol.com/

Can I protect content by installing the Free Version?

Yes, the free version allows you to protect content, you can protect entire posts, pages, custom post types and partial content via shortcode.

Please note, the content protection available on free version allows you to protect only from logged in users. Should you wish to protect content bassed on roles or membership plan, please consider upgrading your plugin, here

Can I build User Profiles with the Free version?

Yes, the list version of UsersControl comes with a module that allows your users to have a public profile where they can display personal information.

You can display all the custom fields you create by using the drag&drop fields builder in the user’s profile. Also, you can display the user’s posts as well. The user can upload a custom avatar as well a profile cover image.

Can I Create Subscription Packages with the Free Version?

Yes, you can create unlimited membership plans with the free version. The free version allows you to charge through PayPal. The PayPal on-time payment is totally free. However, if you want to receive recurring payments for the subscriptions you should consider upgrading your plugin here.

The premium version allows you to receive recurring payments from your members. You can set your custom periods, such as monthly, daily, yearly etc.

Is there an online documentation?

Yes, http://doc.userscontrol.com/

Do you offer a PRO version?

Yes, https://userscontrol.com/pricing


11 janvier 2023
I loved the user profile. It looks clear and my members can show their posts and photos. Also, I can charge a monthly fee to my premium members. The Post protection module is a great feature. Thanks for your great support. Even as a not paid user the support team helped me to setup the Membership Plans. Highly recommend
17 décembre 2022 1 réponse
Although, this is a very new plugin, I can certainly say it has tons of rich features to build a medium-large users community, the user profile and the registration form are very flexible. For now, I will keep using the lite version, it has more features than I need, if everything goes well I am thinking of upgrading just to support the developer. Good luck
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Improvements – Updates for new WP version.


Improvements – Stripe Payments tweaks


Tweak – Issue with PayPal payments fixed.


Tweak – We have fixed some layouts issues.
Fix -PHP warning messages fixed.


Improvements – We have improved the User Profile Backend.


New Feature – Capability to set a custom icon for each form fields.
Improvement – Set custom message when protecting content by Role and Membership Plan.


New Feature – We would like to introduce the new Member Showcase module.


New Feature – We have implemented the option to display custom fields, country and social media links in the users directory.


Improvement – Important Improvement on Custom Fields Builder module. Please update


New Feature – Photo Grid.


New Feature – Email Activation Method Implemented.
New Feature – Admin account activation implemented.
New Feature – Automatic activation implemented.


Improvements – Code Improvements.
Fix – We have fixed a bug on the registration form.


New Features – One-time Stripe Payments (PRO).


New Features – Photo Gallery on Users Profile.


Fixing – We have fixed a security issue. Please update


Improvements – We have improved some part of the coding.


Initial release.