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8 octobre 2016
This a really classy way to retire a plugin - thank you!!
3 septembre 2016
Viper's Video Quicktags was always the first plugin I would install on a fresh WP installation, a decade ago. Of course, a lot of those links are still on my 12-year-old blog, and I was always weary about removing Viper's Video Quicktags because I didn't want all the old pages to fail... One of the toughest thing to maintain on the Internet are long-lived websites and services. Everything is subject to 'bit rot' — things that stop working suddenly because they aren't supported any more. Most plugin/theme writers couldn't care less about supporting decade-old software. Viper, however, did a great job with this 'replacement', which will make sure that those ancient links will still work, but now with WP's built-in handling, which, in almost cases, is much superior to what a venerable, 10-year-old plugin can do. So we get the best of both worlds: modern file embedding and support for old links 🙂
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