Liste de clients par produit pour WooCommerce


Une extension qui affiche simplement une liste de clients qui ont acheté un produit spécifique au bas de la page d’édition du produit de WooCommerce. Vous pouvez également envoyer un e-mail à votre liste de clients, l’imprimer ou l’exporter en format CSV, PDF ou Excel. Requiert l’installation et l’activation de WooCommerce 2.2+

Great for sending out e-mails or getting a list of customers for courses, for shows or for product recalls.

Fonctionnalités :

  • Support pour les produits variables
  • Page d’options pour sélectionner les colonnes d’information à afficher
  • Displays customer name, email, phone number, address, order number, order date, shipping method, order total and quantity for each product
  • Shortcode to display orders in the front-end. You can select which information to display using attributes
  • Button to e-mail all customers for a specific product using your favorite e-mail client (b.c.c.)
  • Email selected customers
  • Exportation de la liste de clients en format CSV (parfait pour importer dans Mailchimp !)
  • Exportez la liste de clients vers Excel
  • Exporter la liste de clients au format PDF (choix de l’orientation et des dimensions de la page dans les paramètres)
  • Copiez la liste de clients au presse-papier
  • Imprimez la liste des clients
  • Recherche par une colonne dans la liste
  • Filtrer par une colonne dans la liste
  • Faire un glisser-déposer pour les réorganiser.
  • Internationalisé et compatible avec WPML et Polylang (fichier .pot inclus)
  • Traductions incluses: Français, Français (France), Français (Canada), Espagnol, Néerlandais, Néerlandais (Pays-Bas), Néerlandais (Belgique)
  • Toutes les fonctions sont extensibles
  • Orienté performance
  • Responsive
  • Multisite compatible
  • Support for custom statuses
  • Support for High Performance Order Storage (HPOS)

Premium version:

  • Support for Custom Fields
  • Support for User meta
  • Support for WooCommerce Custom Fields (RightPress)
  • Support for WooTours
  • Support for WooEvents
  • Support for YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons
  • Support for Conditional Woo Checkout Field Pro
  • Support for Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce (Themehigh)
  • Support for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (WooCommerce)
  • Support for WooCommerce Product Add-ons
  • Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions (WooCommerce)
  • Support for WooCommerce Product Bundles (WooCommerce)
  • Shortcode by variation ID
  • Datatables functionalities for the shortcode (export PDF, export CSV, print, email customers, search, paging, etc…).
  • Change default sorting column
  • Premium support
  • Premium updates
  • Much more coming soon!

To upgrade the plugin to the premium version, simply click on « upgrade » under the plugin title in the plugin list page, or purchase it here.


Please see documentation here.

Contributeurs :

, freemius
* Support for variable products: Alexandre Simard
* Dutch translation: pieterclaesen
* Portuguese (Brazil) translation: Marcello Ruoppolo

Captures d’écran

  • La liste de clients dans la page d’édition de produit.
  • La page des paramètres


  1. Télécharger les fichiers de l’extension dans le dossier /wp-content/plugins/wc-product-customer-list, ou installez directement l’extension par via la page des extensions WordPress.
  2. Activez l’extension sur la page « Extensions » dans WordPress
  3. Modifiez n’importe quel produit WooCommerce pour voir la liste des clients qui ont acheté ce dernier.
  4. Veuillez vous assurer que la boîte « Product Customer List for WooCommerce » est cochée dans les options d’écran.
  5. Access the settings page in WooCommerce / Settings / Products / Product Customer List


How do I use the shortcode?

Please see documentation here.

Pourquoi la liste de clients n’apparait pas lorsque je modifie un produit ?

Veuillez vous assurer que la boîte « Product Customer List for WooCommerce » est cochée dans les options d’écran.

Where can I select which columns to display

You can access the settings page under WooCommerce -> Product Customer List

Comment peut-on changer l’ordre des colonnes?

You can reorder the columns by dragging them and dropping them in the order you want. The browser will remember your selection. You can press the « Reset column order » button at any time to reset the order to its initial state.

Available hooks and filters

Please see documentation here.


28 octobre 2023 1 réponse
Hi, the plugin is what I need, but an error occurred after installation.there is some information.Could you please suggest me how to solve this problem?WordPress 5.9.3 WooCommerce5.3.0 Product Customer List for WooCommerce 3.1.6 PHP 7.4.32 error message form wordpress==================file /home/guitaruser/webapps/app-guitar/wp-content/plugins/wc-product-customer-list/lib/Wpcl_Data_Compilation.php line 492 error (error type: E_ERROR)error message: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Automattic\WooCommerce\Utilities\OrderUtil’ not found in /home/guitaruser/webapps/app-guitar/wp-content/plugins/wc-product-customer-list/lib/Wpcl_Data_Compilation.php:492Stack trace:#0 /home/guitaruser/webapps/app-guitar/wp-content/plugins/wc-product-customer-list/lib/Wpcl_Display.php(44): Wpcl_Data_Compilation::gather_item_sales()#1 /home/guitaruser/webapps/app-guitar/wp-admin/includes/template.php(1395): Wpcl_Display->render_meta_box()#2 /home/guitaruser/webapps/app-guitar/wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php(688): do_meta_boxes()#3 /home/guitaruser/webapps/app-guitar/wp-admin/post.php(206): require(‘/home/guitaruse…’)#4 {main}  thrown
29 novembre 2022
This plug-in by its simplicity is perfect, it allows to manage the commands directly on the product. Now, I prefer version 2.9.3. (old 2021) simple and reliable (5 stars.) But since the updates 3.0.6 (2022-04) the code has become unnecessarily complicated, too many useless variables and too much inline CSS in the code, it bugs a lot in the display (3 stars)
12 octobre 2022
I’ve been using this plugin for about one year, and I’m very happy with it. It does exactly what I need, all their updates have been stable and their support has been amazing: I recently contacted them to suggest a new feature, and in less than one week they got it done!


23 septembre 2022
This plugin saved my life
7 avril 2022
This is a great little plugin that is backed by some of the best support in the industry. I’ve twice contacted the author over small issues and he went way out of his way to get things sorted. Truly impressed and thankful to experience such excellent customer service.
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  • Support for High Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
  • Fix missing closing html tag in settings page.


  • Updated freemius SDK


  • Updated freemius SDK
  • Added avatar column


  • Fixes for WooCommerce subscription
  • Bug fix: Removed echo in no customers function
  • Put Index column back for free users
  • Updated freemius SDK


  • WooCommerce Subscriptions: changed billing period for billing interval instead (premium only).
  • Fixed next payment error for WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce Product Bundles (premium only).
  • Added order tax total column.


  • Changed default value of order_status to wc-completed and wc-processing.
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce subscriptions (premium version only).


  • Added option to select either comma or semicolon for email list when emailing customers.
  • Updated freemius SDK.


  • Changed wording when there are no customers so that users know where to change their settings.
  • Added details on how to multiple select order statuses.


  • Fix for order number url in admin.


  • Display order number url in frontend if user has order edit capabilities.


  • Fix get_current_screen fatal error.
  • Add sorting functionalities to shortcode in free version.


  • Fix defaults for pro and free versions.
  • Fix issue with custom fields in premium version.
  • Performance optimisation.


  • Fix issue where shortcode defaults were ignored.


  • More performance optimisations.
  • Fix for order total quantity column settings.


  • Performance optimisation


  • Restored email and export  print capabilities for free users. Sorry guys!


  • WARNING: Please test throughly on a staging site before pushing live. This is a major version.
  • Re-wrote the shortcode system so it works with the same options as the admin version.
  • New shortcode parameters (see documentation)
  • New hooks (see documentation)
  • Updated freemius SDK – Security fix
  • Settings menu can now be found directly as a sub-item of the WooCommerce menu
  • New snazzy visuals
  • Updated .pot file


  • Updated freemius SDK


  • Fix BCC for emails


  • Fix for email all customers


  • Switched from REST to ajax
  • Fixed partial refunds option
  • Pro: Added User meta columns


  • Fixed broken PDF button
  • Added the IntersectionObserver API and a few extra class and method safety checks in PHP.


  • Updated the Freemius SDK to remove an error that was introduced in WordPress 5.2
  • Added missing PDFmake map file


  • Fix WPML issues


  • Fix quantity count
  • Variation cleanup


  • Fix missing e-mail button and total line
  • Visual fixes


  • Performance improvement: Orders on the backend now load using ajax
  • Fixed issue with multiple products in shortcode


  • Assets reupload


  • Updated Freemius SDK to fix PHP notice.
  • Removed CDN for chinese users
  • Premium: fixed checkout field display issue


  • Feature: Added option to add SKU to PDF titles


  • Fixed issue with Wootours/Wooevents (premium)
  • Fixed issue emailing all customers
  • Security fix


  • Fixed « Undefined variable: split_rows » PHP notice
  • Premium: Added an index column for shortcode (coming soon for admin page)


  • Fix for shortcode on WPML
  • Add support for RightPress
  • Add « split by row » option for RightPress


  • Updated datatables to latest version
  • Simplified the customer email selection
  • Updated .pot file
  • Updated freemius to the latest version
  • Added setting to select the default column to order by (Pro)
  • Added setting to enable/disable state save (Pro).


  • Fixed unicode character related errors.


  • Added customer_display_name in shortcode
  • Added table_title in shortcode
  • Added Customer display name column in admin
  • Updated .pot file
  • Premium: Added support for WooEvents
  • Premium: Fixed issue with custom fields in shortcode
  • Premium: Fixed issue with email_all in shortcode


  • Updated .pot file and re-uploaded french files
  • Freemius GDPR compliance
  • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons


  • Premium: Added function wpcl_product_sales($product, $status) to return actual sales.
  • Free: Fixed variable column


  • Fixed other bug with Freemius


  • Fixed bug with Freemius
  • Updated .pot file


  • Fixed issue with billing email in shortcode
  • Premium version: Added support for shortcode by variation ID.


  • Fixed issue with settings page (again)


  • Fixed issue with settings page


  • Added support for Preemius / licensing system


  • Added support for Pro version
  • Added multiple hooks and filters (documentation to come)
  • Added style for shortcode
  • Added variations settings for admin
  • Added variations settings for shortcode
  • Updated shortcode documentation


  • Fixed shameful PHP notice.


  • Fixed duplicate order_status option in shortcode (please use order_status_column to display the order status column.
  • Added a few more shortcode options (please see FAQ on how to use the shortcode).


  • Returning shortcode output instead of echo (thanks to aerobass)


  • Fixed rogue  » at the end of the shortcode (thanks to aerobass)


  • Added shortcode attributes for all columns


  • Fixed compatibility bug in PHP 7.1 (Thanks to mmagnani)


  • Added username column


  • Fixed partially refunded orders


  • Added billing company column
  • Added shipping company column
  • Added coupons used


  • Added compatibility with Avada theme and The events calendar plugin
  • Changed payment output to title instead of slug
  • Option ajoutée pour cacher les commandes partiellement remboursées


  • Fixed datatables related javascript errors
  • Added missing translation in settings page


  • Fixed bug where some variations wouldn’t display (again!)


  • Fixed bug where some variations wouldn’t display
  • Added row selection for emails
  • Added shipping method column
  • Updated screenshots


  • Ajout de la liste déroulante pour sélectionner la longueur de la liste


  • Added hook “wpcl_after_email_button” to display content after the email button.
  • Affichage de variation fixe.


  • Fixed issue where the email list would be incomplete.


  • Added support for custom statuses


  • Fixed deprecation notices and bugs in variable products


  • Script optimizations


  • Fixed settings text mismatch


  • Fixed bug where current date would be show instead of the order date
  • Added plugin action links
  • Added order total column
  • Added translations for order statuses


  • WooCommerce 3.0+ compatibility
  • Script optimizations (thanks to Alexandre Simard)
  • Code optimization
  • Improved multisite compatibility
  • Updated .pot file


  • Added Customer ID column
  • Fixed wpdb notice (thanks to Michal Bluma)


  • Fixed multisite compatibility


  • Fixed compatibility issue with plugin “WooCommerce Amazon S3 storage”


  • Added multisite compatibility


  • Ajouter de l’option de l’activation de la ville dans les paramètres


  • Fixed bug where quantity would not show up in shortcode


  • Ajouté compatibilité avec WPML


  • Réparé dimensions et orientation des fichiers PDF
  • Ajout de la colonne et du paramètre de méthode de paiement


  • Ajout des paramètres pour l’orientation et les dimensions du format PDF


  • Fixed bug where refunds would appear in the list.
  • Retrait de vieux code inutilisé


  • Fixed trailing slash in scripts and stylesheet urls which could prevent them to load on certain servers.


  • Fixed bug where featured image uploader wouldn’t work when activated.
  • Mise à jour du scripte PDFMake à la dernière version (locale)


  • Added column reordering and state save
  • Fixed javascript localization handling (wp_localize_script)


  • Changed print and export system to reflect filters and order
  • Ajouté l’exportation en format excel
  • Ajouté l’exportation en format PDF
  • Ajouté la copie au presse-papier


  • Added all missing order statuses in settings


  • Fixed bug where shipping postal code wouldn’t be displayed in CSV export


  • Fixed bug where two extra columns would appear while printing
  • Fixed bug where there would be an error if you delete a variation after it is purchased


  • Ajout de la traduction Portugaise (Brésil) (merci à Marcello Ruoppolo)
  • Fixed alignment shortcode bug and added default product as current product


  • Ajout du support aux produits variables (merci à Alexandre Simard)
  • Bug fixes & optimisation


  • Fixed Urls for wordpress subdirectory installs


  • Fixed issue where columns would shift when printing


  • Added front-end shortcode
  • Correction du type de commande par défaut dans les paramètres.


  • Ajout de la colonne date
  • Ajout de la compatibilité avec WordPress 4.5
  • Fixed some bugs


  • Added settings tab section
  • Added support for horizontal scrolling
  • Loaded datatables CSS and JS via CDN


  • Fixed undefined object error when there are no customers
  • Fixed text domain to match plugin slug
  • Ajout de la traduction Néerlandaise (Belgique)


  • Fixed issue where the plugin would prevent WooCommerce from displaying or saving product attributes (price & stock)


  • Ajout de la pagination
  • Ajout de la recherche
  • Added sortable columns
  • Ajout de la traduction Néerlandaise (Pays-Bas) (merci à pieterclaesen)
  • Ajout de « row actions »
  • Fixed empty table notice
  • Nettoyé le code


  • Fixed other “cannot send session cache limiter” warning


  • Fixed bug where variations wouldn’t be added to the quantity column sum


  • Correction de l’avertissement “session_start(): Cannot send session cookie”
  • Correction de l’avertissement “session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter”


  • Correction du bug de quantité


  • Ajout du bouton d’export au format CSV
  • Ajout du bouton d’impression


  • Amélioration du style de la table
  • Ajout de la traduction espagnole
  • Optimisation du code: les fichiers sont maintenant plus légers!


  • Ajout de la colonne de quantité
  • Correction et optimisation de la vérification de l’extension WooCommerce
  • Amélioration de la lisibilité du code
  • Mise à jour des traductions


  • Correction du bouton courriel


  • Mise à jour des statuts de commande WooCommerce dépréciés
  • Ajout des fonctions extensibles
  • Optimisation du code


  • Première version stable