Woocommerce Gift Wrapper


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  • Create a simple gift wrap option form on the cart and/or checkout page, or go all out with robust gift wrapping offerings
  • Set individual prices, descriptions, and images for wrapping types
  • Show or hide gift wrap images in cart/checkout
  • Static (slide-down) or modal view of gift wrap options on cart and checkout pages
  • Get notice of the customer’s intended gift wrap message by email order notification and on the order page – customer also receives confirmation
  • Fully CSS-tagged and templated for your customizing pleasure.
  • If you have suggestions for other features, find a bug, or have a translation, please get in touch.
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Russian translation by @Balya, 12/2016
Partial Portuguese translation by @Sotnas, 8/2017
German translation by @daDirtyD, 12/2017

Captures d’écran

  • Screenshot of the settings page (WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Gift Wrapping submenu)
  • Screenshot of a modal (a site using the Mystile WooCommerce theme)


To install plugin

  1. Upload the entire « woocommerce-gift-wrapper » folder to the « /wp-content/plugins/ » directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the « Plugins » menu in WordPress.
  3. Visit WooCommerce->Settings->Products tab to set your plugin preferences. Look for the « Gift Wrapping » sub tab link.
  4. Follow the instructions there and review the settings.

To remove plugin:

  1. Deactivate plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Delete plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. NOTE: Your settings will be deleted from your WP database when the plugin is deleted


It doesn’t seem to work

Things to check:

  1. Is the plugin activated?
  2. Is WooCommerce activated and configured, and are all the theme files current (check WooCommerce->System Status if unsure)
  3. Are you using WooCommerce version 2.4 or newer? Time to upgrade!
  4. Does the your-theme-or-child-theme/woocommerce/cart/cart.php file include the code

    (for checkout page)

If not, your theme is missing a crucial hook(s) to the functioning of this plugin. Try using a different location for the « Where to Show Gift Wrapping » in the plugin settings.

  1. Have you created at least one gift wrap product, saved it to a product category, and entered that product category in your Gift Wrapper settings?

Other problem? Please let me know before leaving negative feedback! I can usually reply to tickets within 24-48 hours.

Why isn’t gift wrapping added when I click the button in the cart?

Have you added a gift wrapping as a WooCommerce product? This plugin works by creating a product that virtually represents gift wrapping. It is up to you whether that product is visible in the catalog or not, and how fleshed-out you make the product description. But there needs to be a product, and it needs to be in a category whether or not you make more than one wrapping types. That product category is used in the Gift Wrapping settings.

Why make more than one type of wrapping?

Maybe you want to offer « Winter Holiday » wrapping and « Birthday » wrapping separately, or maybe you have other types of wrapping paper or boxes you use that may incur different prices or shipping rules. It’s up to you whether or not you make more than one wrapping product. You don’t have to.

How can I style the appearance?

I’ve added CSS tags to every aspect of the cart and checkout gift wrap forms so you can style away.

If you would like to change the HTML structure of gift wrap lists and modals, you can use the Gift Wrapper templating system to do that easily.

You will need to create a folder called woocommerce in your theme — or better yet — child theme folder. Inside that folder, create another folder called wcgwp. Move any overwritten plugin template files into this wp-content/theme/woocommerce/wcgwp folder, and your changes will be visible. Read more information on WooCommerce templating here.

Can I change the giftwrap thumbnail size?

Yes, use the ‘wcgiftwrap_change_thumbnail’ hook in your (child) theme functions.php file as follows:

function my_custom_thumbnail_size( $thumbnail ) {
    $thumbnail = 'medium';
    return $thumbnail;
add_filter( 'wcgiftwrap_change_thumbnail', 'my_custom_thumbnail_size', 10, 1 );

This is just an example. Change ‘medium’ to the size desired, using an existing WordPress image size slug.

I don’t want more than one wrapping added to the cart!

Yeah, that could be a problem, but rather than hard-code against that possibility I leave the settings to you, and for good reason. If you don’t want more than one wrapping possible, make sure to set your wrapping product to « sold individually » under Product Data->Inventory in your Product editor. If you do this make sure your customer has a way to remove the gift wrapping from the cart on small screens, as sometimes responsive CSS designs remove the « Remove from Cart » button from the cart table for small screens.

Gift wrapping seems to interfere with shipping costs

To prevent this happening, I recommend you set up your gift wrap products as WooCommerce « virtual » products (virtual but not downloadable). If setting them up as regular or variable products, make sure to arrange the shipping settings so they don’t incur surprise shipping costs.

I don’t want to show gift wrapping in my catalog

Visit your gift wrap product and set Catalog Visibility to « hidden » in the upper right corner near the blue update button. If you have more than one gift wrap product, do this for each one.

Can I make the plugin’s CSS/JavaScript load on the cart page only?

Yes. It’s a good idea to load scripts conditionally to keep page load times down. You only need the plugin scripts on the WooCommece cart page, so just add the following to your functions.php:

function wcgiftwrapper_manage_scripts() {
    if ( ! is_page( 'cart' ) && ! is_page( 'checkout' ) {
        wp_dequeue_script( 'wcgwp-bootstrap' );
        wp_dequeue_style( 'wcgiftwrap-css' );
        wp_dequeue_style( 'wcgiftwrap-modal-css' );
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'wcgiftwrapper_manage_scripts', 99 );
I don’t want to show something

This plugin is heavily CSS-tagged. If you don’t want to show a part of what Gift Wrapper displays, add custom CSS to your WordPress theme settings, WordPress theme css (usually style.css), or – better yet – WordPress child theme CSS file (style.css).

An example might be:

Let’s hide the gift note textarea/textbox. Add this CSS to your theme:

.wc_giftwrap_notes_container textarea {display:none}


.wc_giftwrap_notes {display:none}

Both would work. I cannot support all the requests for free custom theme help any longer! Please study up CSS or hire a developer to help you make custom theme and plugin modifications. Thank you for understanding.

To hide « Giftwrap Details, » you used to be able to just leave the setting blank (pre version 3.0.3). Now you can either use CSS or the ‘wcgwp_hide_details’ filter hook to hide it. To use the hook, add the following code to your functions.php file:

add_filter( 'wcgwp_hide_details', '__return_true' );

You can also adjust the HTML output using the template system (as of version 3.0).

The popup doesn’t work with my theme

If your theme uses a Bootstrap modal, there may be a conflict with this plugin. This is the case with Avada. Try dequeuing the Bootstrap JavaScript in the Gift Wrapper settings.

This plugin breaks my theme

I’m sorry I am not responsible nor for hire to make this plugin work with every theme out there. It works with most themes I’ve tried, both paid and free, and I offer it gratis and as is. If you have suggestions for how to make it work for your theme, I will consider hard-coding in your theme fixes. Thank you for understanding.

I would like this plugin in my language, or to say something different on screen

This plugin comes ready with a .POT file. If you aren’t already familiar with localisation (translation) of WordPress plugins and themes, you can learn more here. You can add .PO files to the /lang folder of this plugin to change it to your language, or even to just adjust the English currently used.

To change what this plugin says on screen, create PO/MO file(s) in your language. If your site is in English (US), then you would be creating a PO file called woocommerce-gift-wrapper-en_US.po and putting it in the /lang/ folder inside the WooCommerce Gift Wrapper plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-gift-wrapper/lang/). If your site is in French (France), your PO file would be /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-gift-wrapper/lang/woocommerce-gift-wrapper-fr_FR.po. Note in this case, you would be editing or overwriting the existing po file for French.

I recommend Poedit to get string translations done quickly and simply.

How can I hide gift wrapping when there are only virtual products in the cart?

Easy, add the following line of code to your (child) theme functions.php file:

add_filter( 'giftwrap_exclude_virtual_products', '__return_true' );

If you’re unfamiliar with how to edit the functions.php file, add this code using the WordPress Snippets plugin.

How can I remove the COD payment option if gift wrap in cart (purchase is probably a gift) ?

Easy, add the following line of code to your (child) theme functions.php file:

add_filter( 'wcgwp_remove_cod_gateway', '__return_true');
Why did the text inputs disappear in version 2.0?

While I understand that this made translation of the plugin easier for some people, it ultimately made the plugin untranslatable for most people. In order to make the plugin truly localizable, I had to re-write it. For those people who had already customized their text strings, I left those as they were. It is up to you to do a little clean up and upgrade your plugin install if you wish to change those strings now.

The following information is for folks who have been using the plugin since before version 2.0 and edited strings in the old WooCommerce Gift Wrapper settings panel. These instructions no longer apply for those using version 3.0 or newer of this plugin.

These strings can either be edited via SQL database in the wp_options table, or deleted. The options are:

  • giftwrap_header
  • giftwrap_button
  • giftwrap_text_label


To delete these options using SQL so you can use translations as mentioned above, run the following SQL command:

DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE ('giftwrap_details') OR option_name LIKE ('giftwrap_button') OR option_name LIKE ('giftwrap_text_label');

If you don’t use PHPMyAdmin, or know much SQL, you can use the WordPress plugin SQL Executioner to run this command. If you’ve changed your WP database table prefix, you may need to change wp_ for your own prefix (myprefix_ for example) where it says “wp_options” in the SQL command.

Removing these options frees you up to create translation files. For more on how to do that, read the previous question, above.

To simply change one of these options and call it a day for now, you can run the following SQL command:

UPDATE wp_options SET giftwrap_header = replace(giftwrap_header, 'Add Gift Wrap to your Order?', 'Add Gift Wrap?');

This SQL command would change the header to say « Add Gift Wrap? » To change what the button says, use something like:

UPDATE wp_options SET giftwrap_button = replace(giftwrap_button, 'Submit', 'Add Wrapping!');

This SQL command would make the button say « Add Wrapping! » Do you see the trend?

I hope this helps! The goal was to make this plugin as accessible to as many people around the world as possible. I apologize for the hiccup between 1.0 and 2.0, and hope you find the plugin useful!

Want to submit your language translation for this plugin?


18 juin 2017
I find this plugin very usefull presenting a gift wrapp option to my webshop. Support helped fixing some issues after update. Overall I'll recomend this plugin to others. Thanks
29 mai 2017
works, but there is a problem When I try to translate it, some words gets translated (for example the cancel button label) but the rest of the translation doesnt work (maybe there is a issue with the POT file, I dont know...??!) please make it ok. I will submit my translation to you and I know many will use this if this problem gets solved.
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1.0 October 29 2014

  • Version initiale

1.0.1 November 6 2014

  • Clarifications on settings page to help prevent users making the wrong category invisible; multi-select may need to be removed.

1.0.2 November 6 2014

  • Removed setting to hide gift wrap from catalog as it was potentially disruptive if category was set wrong

1.0.3 December 2 2014

  • Now compatible with versions of WC < 2.2.2
  • Minor CSS fix

1.1.0 January 13 2014

  • Finished l10n install
  • Added in copyright/fork notice for Gema75
  • Modal view in cart

1.2.0 August 12 2015

  • WordPress 4.3 ready
  • Fixed JS and modal issues (modal was clipped when page was scrolled, JS now loaded in footer)
  • JS dialog option when replacing wrapping already in cart
  • User notes added below Product name in cart for customer reassurance
  • Woocommerce version < 2.2.2 support removed
  • Spanish and French translations

1.2.1 November 8 2015

  • CSS fixes (remove Bootstrap general CSS)
  • Modal product listing fixes
  • Settings link from plugin page

1.2.2 December 6 2015

  • Frontend accessibility improvements

1.2.3 December 11 2015

  • Checks for WP 4.4
  • Option to add more than one gift wrap product to cart

1.2.4 December 21 2015

  • CSS fix for modal (pop-up) in cart – textarea label display

1.2.5 June 4 2016

  • Checks for compatibility with WP 4.5.2, WC 2.5.5

1.2.6 June 7 2016

  • Increased z-index on popup modal to help with theme/plugin conflicts

1.2.7 August 1 2016

  • Checks for compatibility with WP 4.6
  • Style and script changes for Divi theme
  • Update Bootstrap modal to version 3.3.7
  • Make modal accessible

1.2.8 August 5 2016

  • Further simple CSS fixes for Divi and Avada theme, others (future plans to fix Bootstrap conflict with Avada theme)

1.2.9 September 29 2016

  • Feature: Textarea MAXLENGTH setting
  • Fix: Modal compatibility with Avada theme (e.g. not load Bootstrap twice; still problems with DOM)

1.3.0 October 28 2016

  • Feature: Gift wrapping options now on Checkout page
  • Feature: Put gift wrapping prompts in one, or more than one place
  • Feature: More CSS tags for Cart page
  • Fix: CSS clear:both for textarea header
  • Full Avada compatability with a bootstrap modal form is near-impossible. Dropping support for now.

1.3.1 October 28 2016

  • Fix: Minor PHP error thrown

1.3.2 November 30 2016

  • Fix: Text domain use string not variable

1.3.3 January 3 2017

  • Feature: Russian translation by @Balya ( http://webkit.pro/ )
  • Feature: Added rough Spanish translation back in
  • Feature: Woocommerce 2.7 ready
  • Feature: Delete DB options on plugin uninstall
  • Fix: accessing Product object directly throws warnings (line 370 woocommerce-gift-wrapper.php)

1.4 March 16 2017

  • Fix: Omit open and closing <form> tags on modal and embedded gift wrap forms
  • Fix: only run JS console once if two gift wrap locations on page
  • Feature: Add gift wrap notes to WooCommerce Thank You page.
  • Tweak: Closer to Avada modals working (not complete)
  • Tweak: Move settings and admin functions into their own class files

2.0 March 31 2017

  • Feature: Woo 3.0 ready
  • Feature: move toward correct WP l18n, rather than user-created strings (plugin still accept/use strings saved in previous versions)
  • Fix:


form> tags for modal below cart
* Fix: Duplicate div IDs « wc-giftwrap » in cart
* Fix: Duplicate radio IDs in modals (if two used in cart)
* Tweak: Escaping and sanitizing code
* Tweak: Code revised/evolved, Gema75 copyright updated

2.0.1 March 31 2017

  • Fix: Correct text domain to match plugin slug for l18n

2.0.2 April 21 2017

  • Fix: Don’t access order properties directly in /classes/class-gift-wrapper-admin.php

2.0.3 April 27 2017

  • Fix: Provision for smart folks who don’t want to upgrade to Woo 3.0 yet

2.0.4 June 14 2017

  • Fix: Translation strings not translating when set within variable.
  • Feature: Readme.txt edited to further explain how to translate/edit plugin text strings.

2.0.5 August 19 2017

  • Feature: Option to add gift wrap before cart added, thank you @Sotnas
  • Feature: Portuguese translation added

2.0.6 November 21 2017

  • Fix: Do not show out-of-stock gift wrap items
  • Fix: JS naming conflict between above cart and below checkout slide-out and modal where below checkout modal not working
  • Fix: WC sessions cleared after order complete

2.0.7 December 12 2017

  • Feature: ‘wcgiftwrap_change_thumbnail’ filter hook to change thumbnail image size in cart display

2.1 December 25 2017

  • Feature: German translation, thank you @daDirtyD

2.1.1 January 1 2018

  • Feature: Woocommerce version check support

2.2 March 21 2018

  • Feature: Provisional WPML support
  • .woocommerce-info box moved outside Gift Wrapper div for better theme compatibility
  • Plugin uninstall function moved to OOP and cleaned up

2.3 March 22 2018

  • Filter hook added to remove gift wrapping if cart full of virtual products only (‘giftwrap_exclude_virtual_products’)
  • Hide .woocommerce-info box if only one gift wrap allowed and it’s already in cart

2.3.1 April 25 2018

  • Fix: Allow more giftwrap to be added whenever there is no giftwrap in cart

2.4 October 19 2018

  • Tweak: discontinue use of WC sessions to determine if wrapping is in cart
  • Fix: preventDefault in JS to fix page scrolling on click of #
  • Fix: stripslashes() for gift wrapping notes
  • Feature: Allow different giftwraps with different customer notes in cart at same time

3.0 January 3 2019

  • Feature: Popup/modal now shows in all hooked locations, and with all themes
  • Feature: Customer note shows on order confirmation page and in order confirmation emails (confirming!)
  • Feature: Templating system to allow developers to further tweak Gift Wrap displays
  • Feature: When more than one giftwrap, allow user to set more than one note and not overwrite existing notes
  • Tweak: Bootstrap JS update, other JS split into templates and conditionally loaded

3.0.1 January 6 2019

  • Fix: wp option ‘giftwrap_product_link’ erroneously used instead of ‘giftwrap_link’ to reference giftwrap options
  • Fix: language file naming fix so translation will show, esp German; POT updated
  • Tweak: only pass 3 arguments (of 4) to add_cart_item_data for cross-plugin compatibility
  • Tweak: CSS improvements for slideouts and modals

3.0.2 January 10 2019

  • Fix: add english translation (en_US.po) files for WPML

3.0.3 February 22 2019

  • Tweak: fallback for difficult-to-translate « Giftwrap Details » string – now a string parseable by gettext if settings option left blank

3.0.4 February 22 2019

  • Fix: boolean filter hook (‘wcgwp_hide_details’) provision added for folks who may have left « Giftwrap Details » setting blank.

3.0.5 July 11 2019

  • Tweak: Also hide cart item product link for giftwrapping if linking turned off in Wrapper settings
  • Testing with WooCommerce 3.6.5

4.0 September 29 2019

  • Feature: ‘wcgwp_remove_cod_gateway’ boolean filter hook in case COD not wanted with wrap in cart/order
  • Feature: add « after checkout » location for gift wrap prompts
  • Fix: check if $terms before proceeding with foreach in check_item_for_giftwrap_cat method
  • Fix: if admin doesn’t want to show wrap link in cart, also don’t show it on order confirmation page
  • Tweak: If detect Bootstrap modal already, don’t load it again
  • Tweak: Remove redundant use of ‘woocommerce_add_cart_item_data’ hook
  • Tweak: Use new Woo action hooks to move wrap outside cart form, negating need for templates modal-coupon.php and modal-coupon-header.php
  • Tweak: Add sanitization (replacing _e with esc_html_e where appropriate) throughout
  • Tweak: add « none » selection for multiselect on cart/checkout settings page, as default (no location desired)
  • Tweak: error notice for if admin hasn’t set wrap category yet
  • Update translation files
  • Testing with WooCommerce 3.7

4.0.1 October 3 2019

  • Fix: After checkout positioned wrap not correctly added to cart d/t $_POST values not being caught
  • Fix: Slideout after checkout conflicting with before checkout position – ensure both work