WooCommerce Multilingual : Permet the fonctionnement de WooCommerce Multilingual avec WPML


This ‘glue’ plugin makes it possible to run fully multilingual e-commerce sites using WooCommerce and WPML.

Fonctionnalités clés

  • Traduit tous les produits WooCommerce (simples, variables, groupés, externes)
  • Gestion de traduction aisée pour les produits, catégories et attributs
  • Conserve la même langue tout au long du processus de paiement
  • Envoie des messages électroniques aux clients et administrateurs dans leur langue
  • Allows inventory tracking without breaking products into languages
  • Enables running a single WooCommerce store with multiple currencies based either on a customer’s language or location
  • Allows enabling different payment gateways based on a customer’s location

Compatibilité avec les extensions WooCommerce

Presque chaque boutique WooCommerce a recours à des extensions. WooCommerce Multilingual est entièrement compatible avec les extensions les plus connues, y compris :

Looking for other extensions that are tested and compatible with WPML? See the complete list of WooCommerce extensions that are compatible with WPML.

Usage Instructions

For step by step instructions on setting up a multilingual shop, please go to WooCommerce Multilingual Manual page.

After installing, follow the steps of the setup wizard to translate the store pages, configure what attributes should be translated, enable the multi-currency mode and other settings.

Then, continue to the ‘Products’ and any categories, tags and attributes that you use.

When you need help, go to WooCommerce Multilingual support forum.


This version of WooCommerce Multilingual works with WooCommerce > 3.9.0

You will also need WPML, together with the String Translation and the Translation Management modules, which are part of the Multilingual CMS package.

Versions minimales pour WPML et les modules

WooCommerce Multilingual s’assure que les composants requis sont actifs et à jour.

Si la vérification échoue, WooCommerce Multilingual ne pourra pas fonctionner.

Captures d’écran

  • Écran de traduction des produits
  • Éditeur de traduction de produit
  • Traduction des attributs globaux
  • Devises multiples
  • Status Page
  • Écran de traduction des URL de boutique


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.7 ou version ultérieure
  • PHP 5.6 ou version ultérieure
  • MySQL 5.6 ou version ultérieure

  • WooCommerce 3.9.0 or later

  • WPML Multilingual CMS 4.3.7 ou version ultérieure
  • WPML String Translation 3.0.7 ou version ultérieure
  • WPML Translation Management 2.9.5 ou version ultérieure

Installation automatique de WordPress

In your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins section and click ‘Add new’.

Installateur WPML

If you’re already using WPML on your site, in your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins section, click ‘Add new’ and go to the ‘Commercial’ tab.

Installation manuelle

  1. Upload ‘woocommerce-multilingual’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activez-la via le menu Extensions dans l’admin WordPress


After installing the plugin either automatically or manually:

  1. Follow the steps of the setup wizard for the basic required configuration
  2. Translate existing content: products, attributes, permalink bases
  3. Ajoutez des devises supplémentaires facultatives

Mise à jour

Once you installer WooCommerce Multilingual, the built in Installer works together with the WordPress automatic update built in logic to make the updating process as easy as it can be.


Does this work with other e-commerce plugins?

No. This plugin is tailored for WooCommerce.

What do I need to do in my theme?

Make sure that your theme is not hard-coding any URL. Always use API calls to receive URLs to pages and you’ll be fine.

My checkout page displays in the same language

In order for the checkout and store pages to appear translated, you need to create several WordPress pages and insert the WooCommerce shortcodes into them. You’ll have to go over the documentation and see that you performed all steps on the way.

Can I have different URLs for the store in different languages?

Yes. You can translate the product permalink base, product category base, product tag base and the product attribute base on the Store URLs section.

Why do my product category pages return a 404 error?

In this case, you may need to translate the product category base. You can do that on the Store URLs section.

Can I set the prices in the secondary currencies?

By default, the prices in the secondary currencies are determined using the exchange rates that you fill in when you add or edit a currency. On individual products, however, you can override this and set prices manually for the secondary currencies.

Can I have separate currencies for each language?

Yes. By default, each currency will be available for all languages, but you can customize this and disable certain currencies on certain languages. You also have the option to display different currencies based on your customers’ locations instead.

Is this plugin compatible with other WooCommerce extensions?

WooCommerce Multilingual est compatible avec toutes les principales extensions WooCommerce. Nous travaillons sans relâche pour vérifier et maintenir la compatibilité et collaborons étroitement avec les auteurs de ces extensions.


1 octobre 2021
I first had an error "Unexpected end of JSON input" that disappeared as soon as I translated all product categories and all attributes.
9 septembre 2021
Its been two years and I am getting one issue in advance translation but even after many support tickets, they did not resolve my issue. I am disappointed because i am stuck now.
7 septembre 2021
Not getting better even after years of development. Most weired usability, if you are not an architect who knows everything after studying the 300 page docs... Works with basic infrastructure but gets very strange with advance Website. Using a huge amount of effort for the logic and the translation. WooCommerce with plugins forget it...
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