Wordable – Export Google Docs to WordPress


Wordable helps you publish Google Docs to WordPress in 1-click.

  • Export in seconds (not hours)
  • Less VAs, interns, employees
  • Save 6-100+ hours/week

Individuals and teams save at least ~30-minutes per post, automating all the time-consuming HTML formatting fixes, optimizing content properly for SEO, and saving your recurring settings to publish all content consistently from now on.

“Since using Wordable, we’re able to publish more, publish quicker, and spend less time on the small things.” – Brett, portfolio site owner.

Who uses Wordable?

Wordable exports over 5,400+ posts every month for the following:

  • SaaS teams publish to their primary site, and then republish translated content to multilingual ones.
  • Publishers manage distributed writing teams while posting hundreds of times each month.
  • Agencies juggle multiple client sites and save each of their unique preferences.
  • Affiliates scale their content publishing with the same settings across multiple sites.

Here’s How Wordable Works:

Step #1. Write in Google Docs.

Write and collaborate with your team or writers inside Google Docs.

Wordable will automatically retain & format each HTML element for you, while stripping out all the SPAN and FONT tags, extra line breaks, spaces skipped, and other junk that messes up your content formatting and presentation.

Step #2. Optimize Posts and Pages to rank & convert better.

Sync folders & docs in seconds, then you can optimize posts individually or in bulk, like:

  • Publish as different post types or pages
  • Set the post URL, category, byline, and more
  • Imports images into your Media Library
  • Compress images, set their filename, and alt text
  • Automatically set the featured image (per post, or the first image in each doc)
  • Auto-generate a Table of Contents from headers
  • Open links in a new tab and/or nofollow
  • Format YouTube URLs as embeds

Step #3. Instantly export publish-ready content.

When finished customizing, simply load up your export queue and publish as many documents as you’d like with 1-click (either as a draft or live post).

You can save recurring export settings as templates, and apply these by site, category, byline, post type, or whatever combination you want!

Get started today and start saving at least ~30-minutes every time you need to export a Google Doc to WordPress, uploading, formatting, optimizing, and publishing each post.

Why use Wordable?

Reason #1. Streamline your team’s publishing workflow.

  • View and import documents from team members’ Drives (and vice versa). Sidestep permission issues or just simplify your workflow so that you don’t have people waiting on each other.
  • Set a status on individual documents so everyone knows if something is ready to export, or if it still needs work or a review before publishing.
  • See what everyone has already exported. Avoid duplicating your team’s work, while also staying on top of the latest content each other has published.

Reason #2. Customize & optimize individual documents before exporting.

  • Have full control over individual document elements, like the post title, slug or URL, and featured images.
  • Edit and optimize images prior to publishing. Automatically pull in image filenames and alt text from Google Docs, or customize these elements inside Wordable before publishing.
  • Arm your team with a more efficient process, quickly editing the key elements of individual documents before exporting them all at the same time in bulk.

Reason #3. Automate your recurring, tedious, time-consuming tasks.

  • Consistently apply the same export settings to all documents, organized by site, author or byline, category, post type, and more.
  • Setup your preferences once, and then export as many documents as you’d like in 1-click from them on.
  • Never manually set another featured image, create a Table of Contents by hand, edit links individually to nofollow or open in a new tab, and lots more.

Popular Publishing Tutorials


  1. Upload wordable.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to plugin settings to connect to Wordable.io


What is Wordable?

Wordable is a tool that instantly exports Google Doc files to a WordPress, HubSpot, or Medium post or page. We transform document elements into clean, fast HTML. We import, compress, and optimize images. We even work with tables and other special formatting. Wordable allows you to write in your favorite app and export it to your CMS as-is, without spending hours reformatting in clunky editors.

Why was Wordable created?

Wordable was created out of personal frustration spending hours copy & pasting from Google Docs into WordPress and manually uploading all those images, cleaning HTML, and more. We also believed there was a better way to export, format, and optimize content than spending thousands of dollars each month on people (read: manual labor) to do these tedious, soul-sucking, and recurring tasks.

Who is Wordable for?

We’re honest. Wordable isn’t for everyone. If you only publish 1-2 articles per month, you probably don’t need us. If you publish more than 5 pieces per month, or publish across multiple sites, or work with a team of writers, then Wordable will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

How does Wordable save me time and money?

Wordable will save you roughly ~30-60 minutes per article. (Assuming you’re properly cleaning HTML, optimizing and compressing images, and optimizing content like we do.) Wordable is also automating work that you or hired employees will need to do. So take the number of articles you’re publishing, times the number of hours saved, times the effective hourly rate, and you’ll quickly see a GIANT ROI. Here’s how to calculate your own ROI.

How do I connect Wordable to my site?

WordPress websites will use our plugin to connect, while HubSpot and Medium only require a few simple clicks! If you run into any troubles, our team is standing by and ready to jump in to help get you connected ASAP.

How many sites can I connect to?

There’s no limit! Srsly. Our larger plans can accommodate hundreds (if not thousands) of sites. If you fall into this category, reach out to us via support@wordable.io and we can set up a call to discuss your unique needs.

Do you work with Google Team Drives?

Yes! You can connect team members, import documents from each other’s Drives, and collaborate across departments.

Can I transfer my account to another email address?

Yes, no problem. Please email support@wordable.io and we’ll transfer it over for you.


12 mai 2023
Let me help save you an hour of research and testing. This plugin has the potential to be in every wordpress owners toolbox, but will never happen in its current model. Simple to install. Simple to connect. Useable dashboard & even has an affiliate marketing option for the plugin you can connect to in seconds. BUT They will insert a banner image of their logo with a backlink to their website on every blog post you publish through this plugin unless you pay a minimum of $50 a month. Plus they want access to view, edit and download every single google drive element you have. Simple workaround would be to create a seperate google drive account just for your blog and this plugin, but you’d still be held hostage to rep their brand on your blog on every blog post unless you pay them a minimum of $600 a year. Theres a reason there is only 1,000 active installations of this plugin out of the 200 million plus wordpress site owners. Because in an era of a billion dollar identity theft industry no one wants to give full blanket access to third parties, and no one wants to pay « ransomware » payments to a WP Plugin.
7 janvier 2023
Wordable charges $1 USD to transfer an article. It takes at the very most 4 minutes to copy and paste an article from google docs to WordPress and we pay $15 CAD (11.40 USD) an hour to our employees for this. So this app would actually cost us money – but their website states « Start saving $11,448.00 a year!**Assuming exporting manually takes 1h and costs $20/h. » In what world does it take an hour to copy and paste an article?! Also, their folder/mass export doesn’t even work.
9 août 2022
There is no faster way to push your articles live, if you are serious about building content at a much higher pace you should be using this software. If you are a small team in a competitive space, this is your secret weapon.
29 juin 2022
I publish a lot of content on WordPress from various writers and have used Wordable for a few weeks now. I like it and works well for my needs. The process is easy really. Link your Google docs account with Wordable and install the plugin. You can create custom templates inside Wordable which specify what should be imported. I want the H1 and H2 headers along with paragraph text only. Save the template and you are good to go. Get your writers to use Google docs and have them share the articles with you. Login into Wordable >> import article >> export to WordPress. Done. Customer service is also very good – very responsive, friendly and they understand publishers’ needs. If you only write a few articles a month then maybe it’s not worth the cost but for me, it saves me a ton of time on formatting.
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  • Updated WordPress directory description


  • Testing with WordPress latest version.


  • Setting Meta Description


  • Fixed Polluting Server Logs
  • Updating Attachment Meta when reusing it from previous exports.


  • Saving Attachment Meta to the Database


  • UI Fixes


  • UI Fixes


  • Set image captions and setting UI update


  • Re-structuring and minor bugs fixes


  • Allowing to update previously exported posts


  • Bugfix


  • Fetching authors, editors and admins as authors
  • Using author’s « display name » when available


  • Fetching only authors
  • Not using users to upload images
  • Set featured image


  • Bug fix when there’s too much data


  • Updated description and FAQ
  • Multi category hierarchy picker
  • Payloadless Connect
  • Bug fixes


  • Logos and description


  • Ability to add slug when publishing a post


  • Total restructuring
  • Bug Fixes
  • Security improvements


  • Fixed potential blank screen on plugin settings page


  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes


  • Updated UI


  • Updated UI & Bug Fixes


  • Send additional meta information when connecting


  • Miscellaneous code cleanup


  • Updates code to work with new Wordable API


  • Replaced VERSION variable with WORDABLE_VERSION


  • Transfers authors and categories after connecting, so that they can all come in, rather than only a partial amount
  • Keeps Wordable secret even if the plugin is deleted, so that you don’t have to reconnect.


  • Transfers all Authors to Wordable, instead of only Authors with at least 1 post


  • Changed to one global Secret for all users, instead of a Secret for each user
  • Resolved 414 Errors, by using much less data to connect


  • Added functionality to post as Publish or Draft
  • Post Types, Post Status, Categories, and all Author are now sent to Wordable App to be selectable when exporting


  • Fixed a security vulnerability


  • Fixed bug in reporting errors


  • Initial WordPress directory release