Workadu invoicing for WooCommerce


Through Workadu invoicing plugin, creating customers and invoices becomes one click away. Send invoices to Greek Tax System: MyData (Aade), to your customers.

Connecting your wordpess wooCommerce website with your workadu account, you have the sync of MyData one click away, as well as many more functionalities to suit your buisness (easy access to invoices, payments, customers etc.), plus many more to explore new fields you can grow your buisness.

All these in a personalised workspace and pricing model, saving you money, labor hours and creating a place where your buisness can thrive.

Note: A workadu account ( is required.

This plugin works with external calls to essentialy connecting your wordpress and workadu account to make your invoices
available to both platforms, taking the best of both.

You can take a look at workadu’s terms of use here:

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  1. Upload the entire workadu-invoicing folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen (Plugins > Installed Plugins).


Can I customize the payment types?

Payment types are fetched from WooCommerce settings. You can update them there.

I have a vat_number field but it doesn’t show up in the vat_number options?

The payment options include all the fields all of your orders have, so if you just created this field, for it to show up in the options, you first need to make an order using that field.

How do I add the vat_number field through Workadu invoicing plugin?

Unfortunately Workadu invoicing plugin doesn’t have that functionality yet. To send invoices to myData (Aade) you need to have created the field by other means (many free plugins available for example) and then map the field in the wooCommerce workadu settings.

Where can I find the invoices I created?

All the invoices that you have created, along with many more features, are in your business account in

Why is my preferred Series empty?

You have to put a valid API key first. If you already have an API key try refreshing the page.

How can I get my API key?

You can find your API key in your workadu account (, go to the buble bottom left -> settings -> users & API Keys -> api user.


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