WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click


This wp plugin protect the posts content from being copied by any other web site author , you dont want your content to spread without your permission!!
The plugin will keep your posts and home page protected by multiple techniques (JavaScript + CSS), this techniques does not found in any other wordpress plugin and you will own it for free with this plugin

Easy to Install:
Read the installation steps to find that this plugin does not need any coding or theme editing, just use your mouse..

Basic Features:

  • Protect your content from selection and copy. this plugin makes protecting
    your posts extremely simple without yelling at your readers
  • No one can save images from your site.
  • No right click or context menu.
  • Show alert message, Image Ad or HTML Ad on save images or right click.
  • Disable the following keys  CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X,CTRL+S or CTRL+V.
  • Advanced and easy to use control panel.
  • No one can right click images on your site if you want

The Pro Edition Features include:

  • Watermarking
  • Using htacsess rules
  • Support jquery overlay protection
  • Get full Control on Right click or context menu
  • Show alert messages, when user made right click on images, text boxes, links, plain text.. etc
  • Admin can exclude Home page Or Single posts from being copy protected
  • Admin can disable copy protection for admin users.
  • 3 protection layers (JavaScript protection, RightClick protection, CSS protection)
  • Aggressive image protection (its near impossible for expert users to steal your images !!)
  • compatible with all major theme frameworks
  • compatible with all major browsers
  • Tested in IE9, IE10, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera
  • Disables image drag and drop function
  • Works on smart phones and iphones – solved since 2-10-2015 & updated at 13-11-2015
  • Ability to set varying levels of protection per page or post.

Captures d’écran

  • WP Content Copy Protection premium admin page
  • Get ful control over context menue
  • Watermarking options
  • Watermarking samples


Installation steps

  • Download the package.
  • Extract the contents of WP-Content-Copy-Protection.zip to wp-content/plugins/ folder You should get a folder called WP-Content-Copy-Protection
  • Activate the Plugin in WP-Admin.
  • Goto Settings > **WP-Content-Copy-Protection** to configure options.
  • You will find **4 options** to protect your content,images,homepage and css protection. dont forget to **save** the changes before exit


No such thing as a « …killing server » plugin!

Cheers! Someone refered to this plugin as a "killing server" one. I honestly have to mention, that searching a lot in its category I think is the most reliable and guess what...lightweight plugin of all! I have the freemium version and I am very pleased. Let's hope that the developer will maintain this for the sake of us all. Best regards, L.

Server killing

Got the premium version. I have a very powerful dedicated server, fully optimized. WordPress load time with +100 plugins is just 1 second on this server (and that is when the caching plugins are deactivated. When they are active, the site score is 100 100 and unbelievably fast and optimized) With all that, when this plugin is active, even when the watermark is disabled, the site's load time will increase at least 8 seconds (sometimes up to 12 seconds) and 8 seconds will be just TTFB! 1 full day I tested with all +100 plugins to make sure there is no other conflict in between. But now pretty sure there is nothing wrong, but this plugin. The plugin is perfect, and it protects greatly. That deserves 5 stars for sure. But when you pay for it and you can't use it at all, so you get nothing. The developer is super slow responding to tickets, and that's very disappointing. As the plugin is very great, I'm always ready to change this review to 5 stars one, when I get a fix and be able to use it. For now, I only can say, if you don't have Facebook or Google's servers, don't touch this plugin, until you see a fix and you see an update on my review.


This plugin seemed to work once. Then it was all downhill to the point where there is protection available everywhere except where I want it, and despite what I'm doing with different configurations of the settings. I've excluded some URL's, which was the idea of getting it in the first place, yet they still fail the test. In other words, they remain protected. Settings of the plugin are miserable and badly explained, as is some of the spelling. PAID A LOT OF EURO's! DON'T LIKE IT! DUMPED IT!

Fast Refund

I really liked what this plugin could do and the user interface is excellent. It does what it claims it will do but sadly, it broke my website. I use images with CSS shadow effects as links on the landing page of the site I installed it on. Once installed, the CSS effect and the links on the images were disabled. However, the captions under the images would link and trigger the CSS - not good for users! On mobile, it was worse, as the image links were completely disabled. I still gave this a 3 star rating because it's not reasonable to expect a plugin to work with every mix of technology and the refund (claimed through PayPal) was fast. I had tried to get them to look at the problem but gave up after a few days and claimed the refund - maybe the problem was put into the 'too hard' box!. Sad really as I think it's very good in general and I wish the author well. If they ever fix these problems I'd trust them and buy it again.
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Contributeurs & développeurs

« WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click » est un logiciel libre. Les personnes suivantes ont contribué à cette extension.




  • Fix Fatal error: Cannot redeclare plugin_add_settings_link()


  • JQuery important hotfix
  • Sanetization for all input and output

  • Internet Explorer important hotfix
  • Testing on wordpress 4.4.2 new version

  • Auto remove image url’s
  • Fix javascript errors

  • Adding adminbar link and icon redirecting you to the plugin settings page
  • Adding settings link into the plugins list page

  • Adding isset() function to all variables
  • Improving alert message
  • Fixing CTRL + U issue
  • Fixing CSS tricks

  • Fixing error (Warning: join(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/retailmakeover/public_html/wp-includes/post-template.php on line 478)

  • Admin can disable copy protection for logged in/admin users
  • disable the possible shortcut keys for copying the Text
  • You can also choose where this Plugin should work like All Pages (including Home Page and all other Pages & Posts) or Home Page or Custom Pages/Posts using the Settings Page options.
  • Multiple Text and Image Protection methods
  • Advanced Image Protection using Responsive Lightbox
  • Protect your Text and Images by Disabling the Mouse Right Click and Possible Shortcut Keys for Cut (CTRL+x), Copy (CTRL+c), Paste (CTRL+v), Select All(CTRL+a), View Source (CTRL+u) etc.
  • control the protection to be on users only (if admin here dont protect)
  • Option to Display Alert Message on Mouse Right Click.
  • Enable Right Click on Hyperlink Option Added
  • Right click problem fixed on static pages
  • New flat interface


  • initial version
  • static pages bug fixed
  • home page problem fixed
  • Add new Style