Monitor Uptime Performance and PHP Errors – By WP Umbrella Monitoring for WordPress


WP Umbrella Monitor WordPress Websites Uptime, Performance and PHP errors to prevent and mitigate downtime. Increase safety, security and et notified when downtime and timeout happen. Prevent and troubleshoot PHP errors generated by theme and plugins. WP Umbrella also provides you with WordPress Health checks because you’re better safe than sorry! Our monitoring plugin is the most comprehensive solution to monitor WordPress Websites.


WP Umbrella vérifie votre temps de disponibilité toutes les 1 à 10 minutes. Vous pouvez accéder à l’historique de vos temps d’indisponibilité et à vos graphiques de performance directement dans votre tableau de bord WordPress.


From conflicts between WordPress plugins to poorly coded themes and mistakes in custom coding, several problems sound the alarm with website error codes and warnings. Even if you’re not sure what the warnings mean, you must fix them. WP Umbrella monitor PHP errors generated by theme and plugins and help you to fix them.


Our Monitor will monitor your PHP error logs display the messages from your PHP error log. It can also send you email notifications about newly logged errors. WP Umbrella monitors will automatically detects error log location and issues.


Monitor the performance of your WordPress Website and understand how to improve your PageSpeed and loading time with ergonomic charts and relevant data. WP Umbrella allows you to perfectly understand your ping, but is not a ping optimizer per se.

Safety and Security

Monitoring your PHP error logs will help you to keep your WordPress update safe and secure.


Les temps d’indisponibilité peuvent ruiner vos efforts en matière d’expérience utilisateur, de référencement naturel, et de commercialisation. Grâce à notre système fiable de notifications multiples, nous sommes en mesure de vous alerter et/ou d’alerter votre équipe technique. Les temps d’indisponibilité sont coûteux, ne perdez pas de temps grâce à WP Umbrella !


Better Safe than Sorry : we provide you with in-depth health check bout your WordPress : Version ; Site Language ; Timezone ; HOME URL ; Permalink Structure ; HTTPS ; Multisite ; Registration ; Indexability ; Comment status ; Environment type ; User count ; Communication with WordPress etc.


Looking for server status information? WP Umbrella displays all the relevant information about your server so you don’t have to struggle with your CPANEL: Server architecture; web server, PHP Version, PHP SAPI, PHP max input variables, PHP time limit, PHP Memory limit, Max input time, Upload max Filesize, PHP post max size, cURL version, Suhosin, Imagick library, etc.


Nous surveillons également les erreurs PHP générées par les thèmes et les extensions afin de vous aider à les dépanner. Ligne PHP, code d’erreur, message d’erreur, version de l’extension, etc. Si vous développez avec WordPress, vous allez adorer !


Register directly in the plugin or on WP Umbrella. Get your API Key and connect your website to our monitors. Once your WordPress connected, go to settings and configure your monitor(s). The robots need about 10 minutes to be fully operational.

By installing our plugin and registering to retrieve your API key you agree to accept our terms and conditions.


Les temps d’indisponibilité sont coûteux et peuvent ruiner tous vos efforts en matière d’expérience utilisateur, de référencement naturel et de commercialisation. Chaque milliseconde compte : en 2020, vos visiteurs s’attendent à un site web toujours plus rapide, avec un temps de chargement des pages de moins de deux secondes. Si les visiteurs n’obtiennent pas cela sur votre site, ils partiront. WP Umbrella vous aide à suivre toutes ces informations et vous alerte si quelque chose ne va pas sur votre site web afin que vous puissiez le corriger.


WP Umbrella’s core features are and will always be free. These include: uptime and performance monitoring, alerts system, performance charter, troubleshooting tips and many mores. We also have simple and affordable plans for professionals.


WP Umbrella propose également des offres simples et abordables pour les professionnels qui comprennent plusieurs surveillances, 90 jours d’historique de surveillance, un support prioritaire, un rapport hebdomadaire sur les performances, un tableau de bord de dépannage avancé et bien plus encore.

Support premium

Support is the key to success. We have are dedicated to promptly help our users when they have a question. Please feel free to contact us !

WP Umbrella and WooCommerce

WP Umbrella est optimisé pour les extensions d’e-commerce comme WooCommerce et MarketPress.

Plugins and hosting services compatibility list

WP Umbrella is compatible with every hosting service and plugin including : Featured Images, WooCommerce, NextGen Photo Gallery, Responsive , , Jetpack, bbPress, Gutenberg, Photo Gallery, FooGallery, Custom Post Type Images, ImageSEO, SEOPress, Yoast, WP Rocket, Imagify, Smush, Akismet, Elementor, Divi, Classic Editor, Jetpack, bbPress, Gutenberg, KINSTA, OVH, O2SWITCH, OS2, BLUEHOST, SITEGROUND, THEMECLOUD, FLYWHEEL, WP ENGINE, HOSTINGER, etc.

Captures d’écran


Minimum Requirements for WP Umbrella

  • WordPress 4.9 or greater
  • PHP version 7.2 or greater
  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-health directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.


What does WP Umbrella Monitor ?

WP Umbrella monitor can scan HTTP, HTTPS. SSL Certificate monitoring will be implemented in the future.

From where do you provide testing performance ?

We can monitor your performance from all over the world : Sweden, India, Brussels, France, Ireland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, USA (cleveland, Washington, Portland, San Francisco), Singapore, Sydney.

How does the troubleshooting system works?

Once we have identified an issue we explain you how to fix it u with our in-depth guides and articles such as:
– How to chose the best hosting service for WordPress?
– How to decrease your page load times?
– How to reduce your bandwidth usage?
– How to implement stati files, like CSS and Javascript?
– How to use a content delivery network ?
– How to lazy load images for a better user experience?

What is a monitor?

A monitor is an instance that allows us to check the availability of your site at a regular interval.

How does WP Umbrella plugin integrates with WordPress?

We use an API Key to connect our software to your WordPress so you can track everything directly from your admin dashboard. No data is recovered without your permission.

Does WP Umbrella support Multi-Site installation?

Is WP UMBRELLA a Security plugin?

Yes of course and we will keep going in that direction! Our next updates will provide you with security tools and informations such as: active login users, inactive plugins, not updated plugins, etc.

What is included in the weekly performance report?

Every week, we provide our premium users with a Weekly Performance Report about their WordPress.

Slack and SMS Alerts?

We have just created WP Umbrella. Slack and SMS Alerts will be available for premium users in the coming patches.

What about Multiple Website Management?

WP Umbrella is ideal to manage several WordPress Websites: you can invite teammates to projects and manage all your websites from a single dashboard in our Web Application.

Broken link checker and broken image monitoring ?

WP Umbrella doesn’t provide a broken link checker or broken image monitoring yet.

Does WP Umbrella works with IPv6?

Of course it does!

Does WP Umbrella works with Nginx servers?

Of course it does!

Will WP Umbrella slow down my website?

No it won’t, we use an external application to check your uptime and performance.

Why is my WordPress down?

There are plenty of factors involved in why you’d have WordPress down. Read our in-depth article about HTTP Error Codes for WordPress

Do I need to install WP Umbrella if I already have an uptime monitoring service like UptimeRobot, PingDom, StatusCake, Hyperping, ManageWP, UpTrends, IthemeSecurity or JetPack?

Of course you do! Our plugin has been developed for WordPress users only and you will enjoy special features such as accessing all your data in your WordPress dashboard and PHP error tracking.

Where can I learn more about WordPress uptime monitoring ?

Check out our article about uptime monitoring for WordPress!uptime monitoring for WordPress


23 mars 2021
Great monitoring tool not only monitor the uptime but also monitor php error to keep you informed. Especially like the multi-location monitoring feature where you will able to get the site response time base on different locations like US, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, India, Australia, Korea etc. Fine plugin you don't want to miss.
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1.3.0 (03-21-2021)

  • Improved: UI / UX
  • New: Possibility to get the data of your WordPress in the application
  • Improved: Wording if you are user free
  • Bugfix: Deactivate intent

1.2.3 (02-23-2021)

  • Improved: Fixed several UI elements
  • Improved: Removal of the simple / advanced view for errors. We direct you to the application.

1.2.2 (02-23-2021)

  • Fix: correction of the list of healthcheck categories
  • Improved: healthcheck recommendations

1.2.1 (02-14-2021)

  • Improved: UI / UX
  • New: End of uptime support after 14 days.
  • New: Enable or disable monitoring

1.2.0 (01-22-2021)

  • Improved: Considerable improvement in the loading of graphics
  • Improved: UI
  • Bugfix: undefined variable

1.1.7 (11-24-2020)

  • Improved: Addition of new checks for the healthcheck
  • Multiple Wording
  • New restriction to 30min ping frequency for free users

1.1.6 (10-23-2020)

  • New: Tab dedicated to PHP errors
  • New: Added preset buttons to view the monitoring
  • Improved: Simplification of the « Overview » tab into a « Dashboard » with the addition of frequently asked questions.
  • Improved: UI

1.1.5 (10-14-2020)

  • New: Widget in the dashboard to get a summary of the uptime
  • Bugfix: Calculation of the average uptime
  • Improved: UI

1.1.4 (10-06-2020)

  • New: Webhook slack notification
  • New: Support request in plugin
  • Improved: UI and tips

1.1.3 (09-29-2020)

  • New: Prevention modal when the plugin is deactivated
  • Improved: UI and tips for your site’s health status
  • Bugfix: Navigation between the tabs of the health check

1.1.2 (09-07-2020)

  • Improved: Changing the URL for the external API
  • Improved: UI

1.1.1 (09-01-2020)

  • New: Plugin name change
  • New: Advanced issues view
  • Improved: security (Thanks to Julio Potier)
  • Improved: code quality

1.1.0 (08-23-2020)

  • New: Redesigning part of the interface.
  • Improved: PHP error handling
  • Improved: User interface with a single view on the monitor
  • Improved: Support for only one monitor

1.0.8 (07-28-2020)

  • Improved: Addition of an interval selector for monitor history
  • Imrpvoed: Managing email notifications

1.0.7 (07-23-2020)

  • Improved: Improved recovery of error notifications about plugins or themes.

1.0.6 (07-22-2020)

  • New: Addition of a site health check
  • New: Information and advice on the state of your health.
  • New: Ability to retrieve information about errors generated by plugins or your theme
  • Improved: UX enhancement for monitor creation

1.0.5 (07-13-2020)

  • New: Ability to add different email notifications
  • Improved response time graphs

1.0.4 (07-08-2020)

  • New: Interface redesigned for better use of monitors
  • Improved data storage

1.0.3 (06-26-2020)

  • Improved: Log in and register on app in WordPress

1.0.2 (06-25-2020)

  • Bugfix: register in WordPress

1.0.1 (06-23-2020)

  • Plugin stabilization
  • Prevention if there is a connection error

1.0.0 (06-12-2020)

  • Pre-release
  • Register in WordPress
  • Possibility to add monitors