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WP Recipe Maker is the easy recipe plugin that everyone can use. An easy workflow allows you to add recipes to any post or page with automatic JSON-LD metadata for your recipes. This metadata will improve your SEO and get you more visitors!

Would you like to see the plugin in action before installing it? We have a WP Recipe Maker demo website showcasing all of the features!

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An overview of WP Recipe Maker features:

  • Compatible with both the Classic Editor and new Gutenberg editor
  • Includes an Elementor block and shortcode can be used in other page builders
  • Easy workflow to add recipes to any post or page
  • Uses schema.org/Recipe JSON-LD metadata optimised for Google Recipe search
  • Uses schema.org/How-to JSON-LD metadata optimised for non-food recipes and instructions
  • Supports both regular and Guided Recipes for Google metadata
  • Shoppable ingredients with Instacart, Walmart, Chicory, …
  • Google AMP compatible
  • Integrates recipe metadata with Yoast SEO and Rank Math schema graph
  • Option to disable metadata per recipe if you want to publish non-food or DIY recipes
  • Compatible with Pinterest Rich Pins and a setting to easily opt out
  • Outputs ItemList metadata for Recipe Roundup posts
  • Associate ingredients with instructions to have them show up exactly where needed
  • Keyboard accessible and AMP compatible ratings for comments
  • Interactive print recipe page with room for ads and optional credit to your website
  • Fallback recipe shows up when the plugin is disabled
  • Include a recipe video in the template and metadata
  • Add photos or videos to any step of the recipe
  • Print recipe and jump to recipe shortcodes
  • Temperature shortcode with oven symbols
  • This plugin is fully responsive, your recipes will look good on any device
  • Easily change the look and feel to fit your website in the Template Editor
  • Structure your ingredients and instructions in groups (e.g. icing and cake batter)
  • Full text search for your recipes
  • Access your recipes through the WordPress REST API
  • Built-in SEO check for your recipe metadata
  • Compatible with RTL languages
  • Import your recipes from other plugins (see below)

WP Recipe Maker Premium

Looking for some more advanced functionality? We also have the WP Recipe Maker Premium add-on available with the following features:

  • Use ingredient links for linking to products or other recipes
  • Adjustable servings make it easy for your visitors
  • Display all nutrition data in a nutrition label
  • User Ratings make it easier for visitors to vote
  • Add a mobile-friendly kitchen timer to your recipes
  • More Premium templates for a unique recipe template
  • Create custom recipe taxonomies like price level, difficulty, …
  • Use checkboxes for your ingredients and instructions
  • Import recipes from the Paprika app

Even more add-ons can add the following functionality:

  • Integration with a Nutrition API for automatic nutrition facts
  • Unit Conversion to reach an international audience with a different unit system
  • Have your users send in recipes through the Recipe Submission form
  • Give your visitors the power of Recipe Collections for favourites, meal planning and more

Import Options

Currently using another recipe plugin? No problem! You can easily migrate all your existing recipes to WP Recipe Maker if you’re using any of the following plugins:

  • Tasty Recipes
  • WP Delicious
  • Create by Mediavine
  • EasyRecipe
  • WP Ultimate Recipe
  • Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM
  • Meal Planner Pro
  • BigOven
  • ZipList and Zip Recipes
  • Yummly
  • Yumprint Recipe Card
  • FoodiePress
  • Cooked
  • Cookbook
  • Simple Recipe Pro
  • Purr Recipe Plugin
  • Recipes by Simmer
  • WordPress.com shortcode
  • JSON-LD HTML Script
  • Recipes Generator (JSON-LD embed code only)
  • Multi Rating (ratings only)
  • (Need anything else? Just ask!)

This plugin is in active development. Feel free to contact us with any feature requests or ideas.

Captures d’écran

  • Example recipe using the default Chic template.
  • Our Template Editor allows you to completely customize the look and feel.
  • A powerful manage pages gives you full control over your recipes.
  • The recipe input form.
  • Fully compatible with the Gutenberg Block Editor.
  • Fully compatible with the Classic Editor.


Cette extension fournit 9 blocs.

  • Jump to Video
  • WPRM Roundup List
  • Jump to Recipe
  • Recipe Snippet
  • WPRM Recipe
  • Recipe Part
  • Nutrition Label
  • WPRM Recipe Roundup Item
  • Print Recipe


  1. Upload the wp-recipe-maker directory (directory included) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add recipes using the « WP Recipe Maker » button when editing posts or pages


Where can I find a demo and some more documentation?

Check out the WP Recipe Maker sales site, demo website and WPRM documentation for more information on all of the features!

What’s the difference with WP Ultimate Recipe?

WP Ultimate Recipe is the popular recipe plugin that we released in 2013 and have been working on ever since. This gave us a great idea of what most food bloggers are looking for.

Why the new plugin? A few structural choices we made early on have caused WP Ultimate Recipe to be quite complex and not 100% compatible with all themes. With WP Recipe Maker we’re building the perfect recipe plugin from scratch, without all the baggage of years of development.

WP Ultimate Recipe is still in active development and will be maintained alongside this new alternative.

Do you offer any support?

Yes! We pride ourselves on offering awesome support and almost always answer support questions within 24 hours. Send us an email at support@bootstrapped.ventures whenever you have a question or suggestion!


21 mai 2024
Didn’t take me long to recognise the value and the quality in this plugin. It stood out for many reasons, and that it’s being well maintained and improved. There are so many features, it’s all put together very thoughtfully, and then when I needed a bit of support it was fast, thorough and very helpful. Can’t recommend WP Recipe Maker enough!
13 mai 2024
I’ve recently purchased the premium plugin and I love it for my recipes! I’ve gotten compliments from my readers about the change to my recipe cards as well!
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  • Fix: Fatal error in settings


  • Fix: Scheduling of recipes when their post type is public


  • Fix: Interpretation of thousands separator when using decimal comma


  • Feature: Shoppable Recipes with Chicory
  • Feature: Use image from Hubbub Pro for Pin Recipe button
  • Feature: Recipe Interactions Report
  • Fix: Prevent rest_invalid_json error when opening a recipe
  • Fix: Bulk printing recipes not using correct template
  • Fix: Issue printing recipes if no recipe name is set


  • Fix: Print button not always working


  • Improvement: Extra settings related to ratings
  • Improvement: Better compatibility with Akismet for ratings


  • Improvement: New rating related settings
  • Fix: Prevent memory issue with incorrect template setting


  • Feature: Shoppable Recipes with Walmart powered by eMeals
  • Feature: Import recipes from WP Delicious
  • Feature: Include reviews in recipe metadata
  • Feature: Use recipe slug in print URL
  • Feature: Change date when recipe post type is set to public
  • Feature: Optionally set pin button to pin any image on the page
  • Improvement: Recognize equipment amounts during import from text
  • Improvement: Allow text block with only header text set
  • Improvement: Better replacement of blocks imported from other plugins
  • Improvement: Ability to cache API requests by non-logged in users
  • Fix: Editing comment rating stars when editing comments
  • Fix: External recipe roundup image pinning setting affecting own posts
  • Fix: Assigning parent post when using Site Origin Page Builder
  • Fix: Sanitization of recipe roundup credit attribute
  • Fix: Prevent Rank Math sitemap generation from timing out


  • Improvement: Consistency of spacing in recipe notes
  • Fix: Prevent PHP error when using old versions of Yoast SEO
  • Fix: Better matching of YouTube URLs when using query paramaters
  • Fix: Importing of deprecated mv_recipe shortcode from Create
  • Fix: Prevent long URLs when doing a search on the comments page


  • Feature: Patterns for the Template Editor
  • Feature: Expandable block for the Template Editor
  • Feature: Layout element blocks for the Template Editor
  • Feature: Import ratings from All In One Schema Rich Snippets
  • Improvement: Create Recipe link in admin bar
  • Improvement: Set Open Graph type to recipe when using Yoast SEO
  • Fix: Video metadata not found for some Youtube Shorts URLs
  • Fix: Sanitization of video embeds for non-administrators
  • Fix: Timeout issues when converting a lot of Create Reviews
  • Fix: Make sure all custom API endpoints use a WP_REST_Response object
  • Fix: Prevent unstyled submission number in admin bar


  • Fix: Make sure modal color settings work in all environments
  • Fix: Error when saving Customizer


  • Feature: Changelog for tracking backend recipe changes with optional email notification
  • Improvement: Include rating summary in REST API get recipe call
  • Improvement: Allow URL to be used for recipe image when using REST API
  • Improvement: Better accessibility for tooltips
  • Improvement: Setting to open custom author link in same tab
  • Fix: Print going blank in Safari
  • Fix: Block validation error when post is saved without changes to the post content
  • Fix: Prevent HTML comments from breaking rich editor
  • Fix: Allow any user rating if comment rating is not possible
  • Fix: Alternative image not working for « other » roundup post
  • Fix: Improved authorization for authenticated users to prevent security issues
  • Fix: Make sure correct image thumbnail is used when using force size option


  • Fix: Error caused by Yoast SEO suddenly removing constant


  • Fix: Make sure nofollow and new tab attributes import correctly for roundup lists from Create
  • Fix: Comment form overflow problem in some themes
  • Fix: Prevent potential misuse of tag attribute in shortcodes
  • Fix: Prevent potential misuse of icon_color attribute in shortcodes
  • Fix: Prevent directory traversal with icon shortcode attribute
  • Fix: Only allow script tags in recipe notes when author has unfiltered_html capability
  • Fix: Prevent potential misuse of referer header on print pages


  • Feature: Select different image to use for recipe roundup item
  • Feature: Shortcode generator without going through template
  • Feature: Clone glossary term on manage page
  • Feature: Setting to disable display of days for recipe times
  • Improvement: Allow the use of / in recipe slug setting
  • Improvement: Prevent images from being clickable in Gutenberg Preview
  • Improvement: Settings for default nofollow or newtab for roundup items
  • Fix: Loading of HTML code in the rich text editor
  • Fix: Quotes when adding inline ingredients
  • Fix: « Only show published posts » for regular posts roundup item
  • Fix: Glossary term tooltip breaking ingredients into multiple lines
  • Fix: Prevent PHP warning on some print pages
  • Fix: Searching by date on manage pages
  • Fix: HTML and shortcodes in Roundup List text field
  • Fix: Only track approved comments in analytics feature
  • Fix: No Pin setting for external roundup items not always working
  • Other: Remove everything related to « My Emissions » because of shut down


  • Fix: Template properties not editable when cloning default template


  • Feature: Easier Roundup List management
  • Feature: New Roundup Item template
  • Feature: Import Roundup Lists from MV Create Lists
  • Feature: Internal link to non-recipe posts in roundup list
  • Feature: Photo Credit field for recipe roundup items
  • Feature: Taxonomy term conditions for Template Editor
  • Feature: Ability to force image to a specific size in the Template Editor
  • Improvement: Overview of « Add Blocks » in Template Editor
  • Improvement: Access Template Editor through menu
  • Improvement: Trim video embed code to make sure embed URLs show up
  • Fix: Adding inline ingredients that use the [adjustable] shortcode
  • Fix: Incorrect CSS
  • Fix: Recipe roundup admin modal scroll problem
  • Fix: Elementor not always associating correct parent post
  • Fix: Prevent admin CSS from changing comment rating stars when logged in with admin bar feature

Earlier versions

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