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WhatsApp Chat for WordPress allows your customers to click a button and open a conversation from your website directly to your « WhatsApp » or « WhatsApp Business » phone number. This plugin includes a Whatsapp button where you can include a pre-set message, which will be automatically be the first message in the conversation.

Anciennement WhatsApp Chat

This plugin was formerly known as « WhatsApp Chat ». WordPress forced us on August 8, 2019 to change the name of the plugin due to use of the « WhatsApp » word in the name. We apologize for the problems that the downtime may have caused to you.

Pourquoi WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is these days, the most popular instant messaging application in the world. Is available in more than 100 countries and supporting more than 50 languages.
This means most of our users use WhatsApp as their main contact method, and they probably have been using it for years. Therefore, offering easy access from our website is a good way to convert those visitors into customers.
Generating leads is the key to every business success, and the Social Chat button can help you to increase your overall sales and reach this goal.

Bouton WhatsApp

With the Social Chat button, your visitors will be allowed to send a message directly to your phone number. To start configuring it, you have to go to the button tab inside the Social Chat section that you can find in your admin dashboard.
Inside the button tab, you wil be able to switch between two different layouts, and to define if you want to include rounded edges, also the position where you want to show the WhatsApp button, the text to be displayed inside, the WhatsApp phone number and the default user message.

Social Chat Box

Social Chat also allows you to include a box to show some contact information and a personalized message. This box can be activated through the Box tab inside the Social Chat section, and there also you can define the header and footer message, contact name, phone, work, and an avatar.

Social Chat Features

  • Bouton WhatsApp
  • BoĂźte de contact WhatsApp
  • Couleurs du bouton et de la boĂźte WhatsApp
  • Ajouter une icĂŽne personnalisĂ©e au bouton WhatsApp
  • Mise en page Ă  deux boutons
  • Masquer le bouton en fonction des types de publication et des taxonomies
  • Ajouter des bordures arrondies ou carrĂ©es
  • Position verticale et horizontale
  • Texte de bouton personnalisĂ©
  • Message utilisateur personnalisĂ©

WhatsApp Message Dynamic Variables

Synce version 5.0.6 you’re able use variables in your WhatsApp Button or contact messages.

{SITE_TITLE} ➡ Is replaced by the current site title
{SITE_URL} ➡ Is replaced by the current site url
{SITE_EMAIL} ➡ Is replaced by the current site email
{CURRENT_TITLE} ➡ Is replaced by the current page title
{CURRENT_URL} ➡ Is replaced by the current page url

🎁 New!! WooCommerce WhatsApp

Since version 6.0.1 you can include a WooCommerce WhatsApp button in the Single product pages to allows your users to prompt a custom message to your WhatsApp App.

The WhatsApp Button can be included directly on your WooCoomerce product pages next to the “Add to cart” button.

Also you can include WooCommerce WhatsApp button in the next actions:

  • Before « Add To Cart » form
  • Before « Add To Cart » button
  • After « Add To Cart » button
  • After « Add To Cart » form
  • After « Additional information »

WhatsApp Premium

The premium version of the Social Chat plugin allows you to include multiple team member agents, distinguishing their names and labels inside. The contact box helps to provide direct contacts to the different support areas of your site.
A new option to display a chatbox for each agent is included. This box will be displayed when the user clicks on the WhatsApp contact, and you can define custom message to be shown from each contact. Your users will be able to type the message that will be sent to the WhatsApp contact phone.
Finally, we’ve included an option that allows you to select between more than fourteen icons to be included at WhatsApp button, and allowa full integration with the WordPress live customizer.

Social Chat Premium Features

  • Multiple WhatsApp phone numbers
  • Chatbox interface for each WhatsApp phone number
  • Customize each WhatsApp contact welcome message
  • Allow users to send the first message to your WhatsApp
  • Display WhatsApp button based on custom post types and taxonomies
  • Display WhatsApp Button business hours
  • Display WhatsApp Contacts business hours
  • Google Analytics v3 events
  • Google Analytics v4 events
  • WhatsApp group support

WhatsApp Button Installation

  1. Allez au menu « Extensions » de WordPress
  2. Search for « Social Chat WP »
  3. Cliquez sur « Installer »
  4. Cliquez sur « Activation »
  5. Go to the Social Chat options in the dashboard

WhatsApp Button Shortcodes

Our WhatsApp plugin support shortcodes to add WhatsApp button or box inside any post or widget.
You can change the shortcode attributes to customize the WhatsApp phone number, styles or welcome message.

WhatsApp Shortcodes

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OĂč puis-je obtenir du support ?

Vous pouvez nous contacter via ces canaux

Forum de support | Ticket de support | Chat de support

Puis-je utiliser plus d’un numĂ©ro WhatsApp ?

Oui, cette option est disponible sur notre version premium

Social Chat Premium

Social Chat is GDPR compatible?

Yes, Social Chat WP don’t save any personal data and don’t use cookies.

Mon numéro WhatsApp sera-t-il visible de mes utilisateurs ?

Oui, chaque utilisateur de votre site web pourra voir le numéro WhatsApp que vous utilisez. Pour cette raison, nous vous conseillons de ne pas utiliser un numéro WhatsApp que vous souhaitez garder privé.

Qu’est-ce qu’un numĂ©ro de tĂ©lĂ©phone complet dans le format international ?

Omettez les zĂ©ros, parenthĂšses ou tirets lorsque vous ajoutez le numĂ©ro de tĂ©lĂ©phone au format international, y compris l’indicatif de votre pays, votre rĂ©gion et votre numĂ©ro de tĂ©lĂ©phone habituel.

Utilisez : 15551234567
N’utilisez pas : +001-(555)1234567



17 septembre 2023 1 réponse
I don't rate many plugins, but this one deserves it.
15 septembre 2023 1 réponse
I purchased the pro version of this plugin for the extra features advertised. However, I discovered 2 MAJOR functional flaws (which also pertain to the free version): Manually making contacts available/unavailable involves changing around 17 separate settings! Madness! The plugin will NOT work well with any sort of front end page caching (eg. Litespeed Cache). So I raised a support ticket, whereupon... Quadlayers support staff simply tried to fob me off with bullshit responses. So, I provided Quadlayers support staff a working code mod to fix the first issue (1 above) - providing a REALLY useful 'manual' contact available/unavailable option. They said they'd ask devs to 'look at it' I asked if they could fix issue 2 (caching) simply by rendering the front end over AJAX, rather than inline HTML. They said they'd ask devs to 'look at it'. That was around a year ago. Heard back NOTHING since, and issues haven't been addressed at all in latest code version. To top it all, they DELETED my support ticket - as a PAID up subscriber. I welcome any response from Quadlayers here. Otherwise, caveat emptor people.
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